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landscape speedpaint tutorial

ok i tried to do my best on explaining this tutorial :rudolph: (for [link])
mb some mistakes ^^; - just gt continue working ))
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Thank you so much

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Part of this helped out when I was working on Spring 21'

Thanks so much for this 🌸

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Painted this using your tutorial. Thanks so much!
Misty valley - landscape practice by NetRaptor
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really helpful tutorial! & i decided to start learning how to paint landscapes today :)
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this is so gorgeous!! thank you ♥
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This one's great! You make it sound so easy to create backgrounds. Thanks!
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I was looking for perspective editing in MS5 for the longest time! Then, when you said to hold in ctrl on Photoshop to create perspective, i tried it on MS5 and it worked! Thanks so much :D
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Very helpful tutorial, thank you!
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Better than reality :3
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I can't wait to try this, thank you!
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May I ask, where did you get those brushes you used to create trees in step 3? For some reason I can't find any suitable ones .__.
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going to try this out ^^ thanks alot^^
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You're very talented! :D
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all people r talented...most of them don't use their talents well..cuz our creator(That means god) Gave us same Talents u know what i said most people don't use it well
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It is very sad to believe that you have a predefined potential given by a deity. A year later: if you still believe this, I hope that it is at least not holding you back from believing you can do something. I'm a programmer who's making art out of necessity and I am not an artist, but I am still doing well on my artistic journey.
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Id love to do something like this! Do you have anymore tutorials, or anymore simpler ones?
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Thank you for this!
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Great tutorial, got to try this x)
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Thats so usefull!!!
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Very nice thank you !
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It's a good tuto ^^
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Awesome tutorial!
Do you create the brushes you use or they are from DA?:)
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You've been featured :) [link]
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