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TTGL: Viral

here he comes finaly ^_^

all who said that he need wallpaper - take it here =)

:rudolph: 1440x900 :rudolph: -> [link]

:rudolph: 1680x1050 :rudolph: -> [link]
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Thank you for allowing us to have this picture on display at How-I-Like-My-Men. We hope to see your artwork again soon :D
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Viral drawn by a Final Fantasy artist, lol
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Here via QualityFanArt. Wow! Just Wow!
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*swoons* He's so SMEXY!!! *Drools* I wanna huggles him!!! *fangirls* Omg!!! This picture is epic! *has a fangirl overload and dies* <3!!!!!
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Потрясающий Вирал.
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He looks too pretty in a realistic style. *A*
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Awesome piece.
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HOLY GEEZ this is SO my new wallpaper @__@
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Absolutely my favorite fanart of him! I especially love his hair and face. :heart:
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I love that he's channeling Captain Harlock.
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whoa he looks freakin' awesome!!! D8 it's so epic I'm out of words mrablarghasdfghj
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Holy Sh*t, this is awesome!
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A-Amazing ;u;!! Viral looks so siiiick in your style. You color beautifully!
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Holy **** ... this is ... this is ... beautiful!!
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This is so amazing, I shat a brick.

Then that brick jizzed at all the win
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aw, thats cool
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this is absurdely amazing
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oh wow :drool:
I love how wispy you made it.
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Ох, красавчик..боже, он прелестен :iconpervplz:
:+favlove:, однозначно!
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