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Preview - PAINTING: workshop [The Market Place] by oione Preview - PAINTING: workshop [The Market Place] by oione
I'm really bad about promoting myself ... partially because I'm really shy and extremely introverted T_T 
Plus never could keep a track of all blogs (which is why I still bounce between just couple of them) heh ...
However, I have over almost 10 years of experience as an artist working in industry to offer - I worked in many different roles =) 

So the workshops I'm doing are more heavily directed on basics and structure then the sequence of layers. I'd like to encourage people to create their own drawing styles!
And here's a preview for one of them. I'm not making videos because it's easier to depict in written form with examples all the main structural parts.
Workshop is made in English and the package consist of:


♥ PSD 
♥ high resolution pictures
♥ progress steps 
♥ workshop in PDF

All already issued workshops are available on 

For new workshops and additional tutorials attached to all rewards - check my Patreon page

Thanks a lot for your time :) 
The Light Hunter by oione Lanterns by oione Market place by oione Light Hunter Closeup Portrait by oione Contact :3 by oione Jelly by oione
MattehPotato Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmmmm the ♥ in both links kinda broke the link btw c;
just saying!

awesome tutorials btw <3
oione Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
just fixed ... but now it gives random text size to links even though I didn't give it any parameters for that :D ... heh... web technologies just hate me ))
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