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maybe colors are too bright - I need to change my monitor T_T

some more shots there
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The colors look all right to me...She looks beautiful!!!
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I love the way you do mermaids and Water characters
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Stunning work its so dreamy and i love how her necklace is little fishies. I used your art on my tumblr (see my profile) and I hope you don't mind. If you do please let me know how I can fix it <3
HunHuntheMermaid's avatar
I like it! She's beautiful! May I use her for role play? Please?
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hi i'm making a trading card game and i was wondering if i could use this drawing for a card i will give credit where it is deserved and plus its a easy way to spread your art plus you can still use them for your project the card game is called Paragon Galaxy the concept is a galaxy built where all these worlds exist for the perfect galaxy . The galaxy will grow and grow until this perfection is formed sorry in advance if this is a rude question to ask
MadCupcake911's avatar
the colors r amazing!!! :D
SingingStorm39's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely stunning!!
LadyWinter's avatar
Beautifully done! I really like the softness to it. Doesn't look too bright on mine - looks great!!
Art will be shared on tumblr. <3 Love your art. :)
UnsureGirl's avatar
this is a masterpiece
Those colors blow my mind!!! (x_x)
B-G-C-Art's avatar
... Luscious
Princess-Pastels's avatar
WOW! Simply amazing
LostGryphin's avatar
Love the colors and the scale textures - the added fish is a interesting splash of color!
sandcastler's avatar
Wow!! She looks absolutely fantastic!!! I love her vibrant tropical colors! But, I especially like her exotic aquatic features such as her translucent fingerwebbing, and underarm!! They look great!!
norngirl's avatar
Very beutifull,yet very creative too ^^
Looks quite neat,as it look semi-realistic and so vibrant with the colors,very lovely :love: !!
I can't help but think a bit that she would be a mixture of Shiva from FF8,
along with princess ruto from zelda (but then again,I allways thought of ruto when I saw FF8's Shiva version ) as she has the colors of Shiva and the aquaticness and the face..
But sometime I think even FF8's Shiva's face looked a bit as adult ruto,ah well.
All in all - a very beutifull mermaid creature indeed!

Btwn:If you have no clue who those are and curious what Im comparing with,
here you go:
(Final Fantasy 8 - GuardianForce Shiva,
here is a image of her:

And Princess Ruto of the zoras from Legend Of Zelda (Ocarina of time)

But if you know allready,ah well,then you may know what I mean.
I do not expect you to reply to this anyhow,but I just added that there anyway XD
FETALeyeSTIRFRY's avatar
a combination of Shiva and Ruto?
i can totally see this in the picture...
all of my interwebs to you!!!!
norngirl's avatar
haha yeah - and what a beutifull combo it makes of those two : D
haha no prob,it's beutifull :3
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Hi :wave:

Your beautiful work is the 3rd place winner of our weekly digital art poll. As a result you are also receiving this journal feature: [link]
Congratulations :clap:

High Quality Feminine Art
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Wow ive never seen anything like this!!
Azzeria's avatar
Hello :wave:

Your beautiful work has gotten selected to our weekly digital art poll (What goes into our feature folder. + the top 2 winners every week gets to participate in best of the month)
You can find the poll here: [link]

Have a wonderful day!

High Quality Feminine Art
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The colours are perfect. The brightness makes it realistic
OrlinaSun's avatar
The colors are fine. I think the problem would be on the each person's monitor =D
Wonderful art by the way ^^
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