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Kitsune : March

finished picture for March page in calendar
enjoy :D
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*gasp* It's gorgeous!! wow
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PERFECT!!!!! *_*
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Even in the face i can see something that reminds me to foxes *_* it's beautiful!
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Такая сложная работа! Классно!
I like your artwork
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beautiful!! You are a very talented lady!!!
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this is absolutely beautiful!
i love the way you portrayed the movement by bluring the picture at the bottom.
she is very pretty and the jewels suit the picture so well.

let me just say.. this entire picture is spectacular!
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This is my Birthday Month and I have a friend with the last name of Fox she will get a kick out of this! Lovely Lovely work!
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absulutely beautiful ^_^
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Интересное у нее выражение лица: она вроде улыбается, а глаза такие, как будто ей больно...

Очень нравится по цветам и динамике - этот снегопад сакуры и вихрь волос ;)
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Where i can get your calender . I like your style so much.
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Ahhh, I love the colours and the way his hair and ears meet. I kind of wish it was less blurry in places, but it's neat how it looks like motion blur from taking a picture or something. It's really beautiful, and so detailed. Love the way you've done the fur too! :love:
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Интересное лицо, с индивидуальностью
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Interesting character. :)
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у него что кошачие уши?????
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у НЕЕ лисьи, а не кошачьи - кошачьи чутка другие по форме
да и китсуне - всетаки лисицы-оборотни =)
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ЛИСЬИ!!!!!!Мда не думала что у меня так плохо с зоосадом.....ну ладно лисьи так лисьи!!....
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Какая замечательная картина!
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