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Kira: Bluelight

another color ver. of
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hey Oione, i just saw this on imgur just before, and I had to find the original, it was simply amazing!
its a very good drawing.
also heres the link to the imgur post with your image.

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Oh wow! This is beautiful! I admire the techniques that you used!
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There needs to be a print of this. I love it. :D
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I've had this as my background for sometime wondering who be the artist to this lovely art piece. I have found ya! I adore this piece, I figured you would like to know that it is also one of the few pieces out there that are my absolute favorites.
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This is very beautiful :heart:
I love the color, the lights and shadows ^^
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OMG ... *in love* Amazing solors...So dark&shiny, so mystical...

T___T I'm so jealous! xD
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awsome colors Loving it!
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Incredible work, the detail is exceptional
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Потрясающие цвета. Так завораживает и манит :)
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Oh wow. So YOU'RE the one!
I know that makes little sense without context, so here goes.
I was looking at some videos on YouTube and I came across one of those ones with a still picture that plays music. And the picture was of this right here. It was so good that I clicked it to just see what it was about. The song was Wind Queen by Two Steps From Hell.

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of work.
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Looks so cold, and beautiful at the same time..
Reminds me of a raven, hunting for prey.
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danm you got skills
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this one is ma another fav character in ur gallery cause he is somewhat similar to ma Fav character from berserk anime :D
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Stunning image! :D the vibrant colors and use of wispy lines makes for an interesting piece. :)
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Невероятная красота! *______* Потрясающе! :heart:
В один ряд с Heise
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breathe taking colors!
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=O beatiful !!
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класно )
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