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I'm returning for a while to my "Raven hold" project.
First totaly finished character i guest - "dust crow" Kira
enjoy :D

hope some new characters will be done soon

----------------------Raven Hold Legion-----------------------------
Kira Crow - Meet Kira [link]
Kira Crow - Awaken [link]
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Love it - has a lot of character!
wow! I love it! Can I use it for an rpg forum! I promise, no money made on it or related to it. It's just for a character's avatar.
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I love her clothes, a very different character from the usually scantily clad :D
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i WOULD (my Chair in my manga im trying to make ) would love to fight her. xD

tho i did make him over powered for who and what he is... but risen y i made his own world where he would fit in to even b feared by.. xD.... immortal with power that can more then rival gods.. xD

i really love how u made this wonderfuly mad thanks for showing it.
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Just...Perfect o.O
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It looks like from a movie!
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omg. Im in love
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she look extremely powerful ... beautiful illustration...!!!
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fantastic work :)
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You have been featured in news article: Picture-Editing Excellence
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Просто готовая обложка - причем какого-нибудь крутого западного городского фэнтези :nod:

Просто удивительно, как мало у ваших работ фавов! Не понимаю...
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This is absolutely gorgeous and intense! I just love it! Such movement!
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Awesome!Great to find your artwork around here too:clap:
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You create an amaizing woman!
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looks freakin powerful :D
amazing <333
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Wow that turned out great! I love the pose. Nice background as well. =D
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Yeah! Now thats my kind of girl. ;) jk I dont swing that way. BUT! The art is lovely. <3
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