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final I guess ... but I'm still not satisfied looking on itT_T
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Featured your work here: [link]
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i'd like it for a summer home, but do i have to swim to the door/gate? .j. (its REALLY hot here in the summer.)
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gorgeous and creepy at the same time, its like its wrapped in mystery, like you have through the monsters to get to the palace, something like that, its awesome regardless, lol :squee:
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I sort of like the WIP better, the WIP seems like there's more mystery to this picture.
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:wow: paisaje fantastico,excelente dibujo!
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I think you need a few contrasting colors. Right now it is very monotone.
Don't get me wrong, this is a terrific piece, WELL DONE.
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you say you missed something, maybe having blue (cold) flames in the eye holes would look nice?
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This is just freaking amazing!
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beautiful details!
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Your not satisfied?!? Well, I can relay to that! I mean it looks awfull right?... NOT! :D
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I like the name of this.. It sounds like "EEES COLD GOD!"
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Это очень и очень круто!
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Thats really amazing!!
Are you crazy, not satisfied!? i would give so much, if i could draw like that :O, how do you get inspired to do those things, and what program?

you got on my deviantwatch :D and this, i fav. this ^^
you are unbelievable
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really nice pic
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OMG! fucking brutal!
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