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Hurricane - artbook cover

hi folks =)
I have lots of news and art since my last visit, but I need to wait just a bit till I can tel them withou hurt to my current projects. But I can show one of them =)

This is extended vwrsion of one of my latest pictures

it was selected as cover art for one artbook (incoming next month <3)
hope you like it =)

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Such rich colors lovely work. :love: :thumbsup:
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I love this piece of yours!
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simply AMAZING!!!!Love 
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This is too gorgeous I don't even know what to say... I feel so many things, wonderful mysterious things, when I look at this painting. <3
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Why isn't this a DD yet?? WHY???
Such a magnificent piece of art!!
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Aaaaaah... This work is fantastic..

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Absolutely stunning.
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I love a lot !.. Great
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This is stunning, I love the colors!! *D
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this is very beautiful
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Unreal! This is absolutely gorgeous! Great work :)
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This is so beautiful! Especially love the peaceful face, it looks like it's glowing :wow:
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this is: OH MY GOD! Love it!! It's just amazing!!
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Вот это цвет!!! Шикарно!
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I must say I love the contrast of blue and red. Those butterfly's are pulling my eyes all over the painting.
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:clap: Enchanting... :love: :heart: :)
Oh the colors!!!! O.O
...can't stop staring at this
ooohh this is so pretty.
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