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fire squad officer Hella-chan :D
picture for fun anime contest asked by friends - just to take part

trying to scetcing in anime-like way
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This looks amazing!

Your handling of the flames is impressive, but the overall lighting is very well done.
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Wow, this is really cool:3
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I like the colros of it :)
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lovely firey bits :)
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That is awesome...
I love the chains and spike things
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extremely fantastic...!!!
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coolness! I like the character and the fire
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Oooooo, fire, I like! Great job on this.
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That fiery light is just stunning!
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she looks "hot".
Serious, really great work
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Your wonderful work has been featured here! [link]
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Классное освещение!
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ОО огонек, здорово )
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сменила синий на красный =)))
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good but the left arm (her right one) is just... wrong. it shouldn't be coming out at such an angle or maybe should bend more at the elbow
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Крута. @@ Но ток на аниме маловато похоже++ Не, эт конеш не плохо...Просто это моё имхо Оо
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русско-корейский переводняк )))
я собственно никогда манга-артистом то и не была и особо в это ввязываться не хочу, ато перестану рисовать в своем стиле
меня легко заманить на "темную сторону силы" :D
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У нас есть печеньки.*.*
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