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Boiling from inside

tutorial request #2

you can add more requests here [link]
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Great tutorial!
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Thank you! Never knew there was blue stage *__*
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A color theory of hot and cold. That's pretty cool!
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I like how I know all this is basic stuff you should know by just thinking of it, but it's simplified in an awesome way and the tutorial is easy to understand.
Thank you for the upload n_n
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Wow this is an awesome tutorial!!! I don't exactly own photoshop yet but it's good to at least keep these tuts when I do need them

This awesome!!!! :heart:
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°K power !!
Nice memo and examples thanks
Alabazter's avatar
thank you. really useful
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nice explanation :) thanks
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I've seen metal so hot it burns purple. You might add that to this tutorial?
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Man! It took forever to find this again, but now that I have I am going to FAVE THIS THING 'cause the advice is pretty awesome!
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Ok.... so where is the tutorial. All I see is how it works. Nothing on how to create this wonderful brush. I would love to learn how to do this for my eye manipulations.
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Thaaank's for it! Really helped me with this one [link]
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Ooohh, very handy!
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Thanks to Share it.....!
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nice - useful one - thanks for sharing :)
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hi! splendid tutorial, very well prepared ^^
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I find this interesting... I can think of a few ways I could use this for illustrations of black holes (Or, to be more accurate, the accretion discs around black holes.)
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