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A huge thankyou to everyone who has sent in entries to the Harpley Hunt's second meeting, I'm so pleased to see how many of you wanted to enter, and with just how many great pictures we've got!
As with the Boxing Day Hunt I ran at the end of last year, this was not a competition or asking for efforts to outdo one another, but I have had a few secret categories in mind and will be leaving little surprise awards by the drawings which really captured certain aspects of hunting and horses. Each mini rosette links back to its own post in my Scrapbook, if you'd like to save a copy as a souvenir, or edit it in to your picture's caption :)

So, time to see the compilation of art! Every thumbnail clicks through to the artist's own post, so do go and have a look at them full size, and show your appreciation for the ones which catch your eye :)

Here are my own contributions, featuring hunt staff and the members and regular riders of the Harpley Hunt in my cast of characters. I drew the huntsman and MFH last time, so for this meeting I decided to draw up a portrait of Whipper-in Valentine Wyatt, to fill out the ranks of hunt servants with at least one more named character!
St George's Day Hunt - Valentine and Woodlark by oingy-boingy
His big roan horse Woodlark seems to have been a hit, it's nice to introduce a new character to an immediately enthusiastic reception!

St George's Day Hunt - Amyas and Horatio by oingy-boingy
Amyas and Horatio, taking an absolutely huge leap over the first hedge of the day!

St George's Day Hunt - Samson and Valiant by oingy-boingy
Samson and Valiant, jumping with a little less style but still plenty of upwards spring.

St George's Day Hunt - Iris and Firebird by oingy-boingy
Iris on her homebred mare Firebird, showing the chaps the cool and seemingly effortless way it should be done.

St George's Day Hunt - Wil and King Henry by oingy-boingy
And finally, Wil, taking Henry on the long slow walk home after a less than successful ride!

Now, on to the gorgeous art sent in by everyone else. I'm amazed by how many entries we've had this time, it's brilliant and I thank every last one of you for taking part :)

Hunt Day by apodidae
'Hunt Day' by apodidae
A very full scene of multiple horses, riders, and hounds - note the neat little clips to keep the hunters cool.

The Harpley Hunt - St George's Day Meet by CapNRCubey
'the Harpley Hunt- St George's Day Meet' by CapNRCubey
A bright and colourful scene including a very happy-looking hound!

The Chase by ElkCreek
'The Chase' by ElkCreek
Sleek stylised lines give this a very neat feel, and what a fine leap by that bay horse!

Harpley Hunt - Easter Meet by ElreniaGreenleaf Rosettes Seasonalscenery by oingy-boingy
'Harpley Hunt - Easter Meet' by ElreniaGreenleaf
Simply stunning background and bordering here, this charming scene wins an award for the most seasonal scenery :D

The Abbot of Unreason - Harpley Hunt by ElreniaGreenleaf
'The Abbot of Unreason - Harpley Hunt' by ElreniaGreenleaf
Another entry from EAE's cast of characters, bravely tacking a tricky head-on angle and filling the background with added interest of other riders in the field.

The Harpley Hunt - St George's Day Meet - Mitchell by ElreniaGreenleaf
'The Harpley Hunt- St George's Day Meet - Mitchell' by ElreniaGreenleaf
Mitchell going boldly across this different country, in a richly coloured and textured drawing with perfect scenery and a lovely feel. 

It feels as if I'm living in the past.... by Louvan
'It feels as if I'm living in the past...' by Louvan
Making the most of the Harpley Hunt's long history to send along a character from the 1970s, a great idea from our resident cartoonist, and a very happy pair who get to join in!

Mudlark by Louvan
'Mudlark' by Louvan
An amusing appearance by the famous (or should that be infamous!) Meredith, and his frustrated rider Gareth, from Havillands.

Harpley Hunt - St. George's Day by MistyofSunrise
'Harpley Hunt - St George's Day' by MistyofSunrise
A gorgeous hand-drawn entry packed full of detail, just look at that practical plaited mane, and the gorgeous background including some of Wil's farm's sheep!

St George's Day - Harpley Hunt by Ohdotar Rosette - Best Turned Out by oingy-boingy
'St George's Day' - Harpley Hunt by Ohdotar
A beautiful painted style with distinctive outlining, this entry is just beautiful to look at, and takes the prize for Best Turned Out thanks to that neat and formal traditional look.

Winter Hunt - Mother and Son by TheForeverKnight Rosettes Boldestjump by oingy-boingy
'Mother and Son' by TheForeverKnight
You've got to love those tough little ponies who can easily keep up with the larger horses and don't have to take the easy option of gaps and opened gates - this lad definitely takes after his mother in fearless cross country riding, and so, while both of them are jumping well, I'm handing the rosette for Boldest Jump to young Faraji.

Winter Hunt - Oddities by TheForeverKnight
'Oddities' by TheForeverKnight
Two beautiful unusual coat colours here, both making a striking sight over a jump, and both riders seemingly loving their day out with the Harpley!

Winter Hunt - Ride with the Pack by TheForeverKnight Rosettes Besthounds by oingy-boingy
'Ride with the Pack' by TheForeverKnight
A third stunning entry, horses full of character and expression and some great dramatic and atmospheric colouring. This picture gets our surprise award for the best hounds, really nicely done :)

The Harpley Hunt - St George's Day Meet by sobreiros Rosettes Awesomeangle by oingy-boingy
'The Harpley Hunt - St George's Day Meet' by sobreiros
Richly coloured and textured, a really gorgeous scene here, which really captures the thrill of riding out at speed in company. A deserving winner of the Awesome Angle rosette, for such an innovative viewpoint!

The Harpley Hunt - Rory and Friedrich by sobreiros
'The Harpley Hunt - Rory and Friedrich' by sobreiros
Another beautifully drawn scene full to the brim with detail. Nothing sums up a good tough hunter like the ability to plough through a hedge and keep on going, neither horse nor rider seem daunted by this little mishap.

Harpley Hunt St. George's Meet 2016 by Spotted-Tabby-Cat Rosettes Historicaldetail by oingy-boingy
'Harpley Hunt St George's Meet' by Spotted-Tabby-Cat
Another historical entry, it's so nice to see various periods being brought together in an event like this. A much-deserved Historical Detail rosette, awarded for a meticulously researched character from the Napoleonic era, dressed and kitted out correctly and riding just the way he would've done.

Again, a very grateful thank you to everyone who sent in a picture, and I hope you had as much fun drawing all these scenes as I did running it! Next meeting of the Harpley Hunt will be in the autumn :)
© 2016 - 2021 oingy-boingy
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Louvan's avatar
Sorry I didn't get to send along the happy ray of sunshine that is George Henby, I ran out of time with Late meetings at work, marking, etc. I do still have to draw Gareth and Meredith and what happened next though!
oingy-boingy's avatar
That's perfectly fine, as I said there will be more hunt events so there's always another chance to send people along.
sobreiros's avatar
Aaah, so many wonderful entries! I'm so glad so many people participated. Thank you for the rosette, too, it's a beautiful one. :D
oingy-boingy's avatar
It's so nice seeing them all like that, isn't it! Over thirty horses in the field this time :D 

Glad you like the rosette, I made up a basic one with two layers for the two different colours, then just played with the colour balance to make nice combinations which looked good together. I've got quite a collection of them in my scrapbook now cos I made up different categories for prizes this time than the time before, and will probably have more ideas next time as well, heh
sobreiros's avatar
It's such a good idea though, having more than the standard 1st through 3rd place rosettes. It does encourage creativity!
oingy-boingy's avatar
I also really like the idea of not telling people what the prizes will be in each hunt, so nobody has any idea what rosettes will be awarded and can't try deliberately hard to outdo other artists and try to win certain awards. I want people to draw exactly what they feel like and enjoy, rather than feeling obliged to try for prizes - plus then they get nice surprises when they do win something, rather than disappointment if their pic didn't get chosen for whatever they'd especially aimed at :)
sobreiros's avatar
Yes, exactly! That's a brilliant way to go about it :D I might actually do it for a show I'm planning, as it's a bit like Fox hunting in that there are no clear winners, like in show jumping or dressage.
oingy-boingy's avatar
That sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye out incase it's anything any of mine could take part in.
Ohdotar's avatar
Thank you for the great event! It's lovely to see all these entries together like this.
I'm really looking forward to the autumn season :-D
oingy-boingy's avatar
It's so nice to know people actually welcomed this and were so happy to join in! There's so much on here with competitive sports which I know is really very popular, but not so much which is just about picking an activity and all just drawing it - hunting perfectly suits my own era, too, there's not too much else I could host. Showing, perhaps, with a schedule from a 1910s agricultural show? Show Jumping was only just coming in, and most of it was done by the military without civilian entries (and besides, everyone with modern horse-and-rider characters would struggle with having the tack in keeping with my era, hunt turnout has stayed traditional while showjumping is all about the innovations and fashions and gimmicks, heh)
Racing of course existed then, but is a bit too specialised as I don't have a racecourse in my storyline to lay claim to holding a meet there, the way I can use my big country estate to host a hunt! I suppose a Steeplechase in the old style before they got turned into track-based races, where they were basically a cross country gallop with jumps marked out - the right places to jump various hedges and fences were flagged up with signs to make sure everyone did the same distance, but there were no running rails like in racing, or string fences and cut grass like they use for marking the course on modern XC, so it was all a bit more open and hunting-like (and most of the 'jockeys' were just the local hunting community who knew the terrain anyway).
Ohdotar's avatar
These hunts are lovely, they give a nice change to the usual disciplines and suit all kinds of horses and ponies alright.
An old-timey show for a few different types of horses (and other farm animals) sounds really nice, too, even if I'm not really familiar with how things were done in the early 19th century. I would certainly be interested in joining if you ever decide to hold somethibg like that!
And I think I might also have a thoroughbred or two to enter a little steeplechase thing with. ;)
oingy-boingy's avatar
In-hand showing really hasn't changed a great deal, the horses are still shown the same way for the judge, and because the rules ask for particular kinds of tack and outfit for different breeds, the modern show turnout is quite similar to old photographs (apart from a few new bits and slight changes to the cut of clothes). All I'd have to do is specify traditional turnout for all entries and maybe link to a website which lists what's correct for the different types/breeds so people can look up whatever ones they have. I had to do the same thing when I took my real life shetland pony to a show and wanted to check what sort of tack was right for her :)
Ohdotar's avatar
I'd definitely be interested in that, too :>
MistyofSunrise's avatar
Wow, what a great turnout! Over 30 horses and riders I think? Thank you for throwing this lovely event. :D
oingy-boingy's avatar
Yes, I'm so happy with how many we got! The first one was fun but the turnout was even better this time, it was a pleasure seeing them all come in as the deadline approached :D
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