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Dream House

By oilcorner
More of my worth1000 work
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Whoa! Is this a real building?
It looks dangerous, I wouldn't want to go near it! 
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This is very very Wonderful:o (Eek) 
Lukaerd's avatar
More like, about to fall over house, I do not envy the person living there.
ZTheDocMain's avatar
how dafuq did they do that?
SongOfSolomon's avatar
... I'd like to see their basement ...
Well, on the upside, minimal lawn maintenance ...
irrenderNarr42's avatar
i'm kinda sad that it's not real thing, because i would totally wanna live there
BeakBonk's avatar
Y,know before it falls over and kills everyone inside
irrenderNarr42's avatar
if it stood long enough for them tu build this Manor on it, it will last to the end of my life aswell.
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"Great Fake of 2017" :)
New-Clouds's avatar
Poor postman 😂
DancingWithMyDemons's avatar
Hahahaha, that one is great. :D
jasonjonre's avatar
now that's not a very "safe" dream
Hassan-Draws's avatar
Doesn't seem very stable... 
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I had a dream almost like your work
MABthefairyqueen's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING!!! :noes3d: Noes 3D 50x50 derp Beautiful! 
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Really love it and same interest here. I really love these kind of castles. Specifically the castle in Rene Mageritte's painting "The castle in pyrenees" inspired me to make a castle on a rock and use it in my sculpture here:…
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Brilliant work!! - Phil :)
I have used this on this link [link]
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