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my first oil work  Melissa by 0rli  
Is this group still alive?
Dark Angel with Power Axe by K4nK4n   Freeblade (2) by K4nK4n   Tangle and Springtrap (13 April 2022) by K4nK4n   Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath (painting) by K4nK4n   Shovel Warrior by K4nK4n   
I will be glad to hear your opinion.
Portrait of a man by Iracliuss   Self-portrait by Iracliuss  
Thank you for allowing me to show my paintings on Oil-Painters
I want to contribute part of my works. If you like, I will contribute more if I am admitted.

The Doubt of the Fallen by EricThunderStriker

The Pearl Box. by EricThunderStriker

Celtic Renaissance by EricThunderStriker

War Face by EricThunderStriker

The Battle of the Black Fire Pass by EricThunderStriker
Thank you for letting me join. I hope to learn a lot and make some friends!
Thanks for the accept