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part 1 -- .Interference. [link]
part 2 -- .Auditions. [link]

part 4 -- .Alliance. [link]
part 5 -- .Failure. [link]


PART 3 has arrived!! woooo :boogie:

ok, well now that i have the program i can start whipping 'em out much faster! i'm so excited. :D

- - - - -

this is part 3 of my twxcomics. and i'm still there...haha.
i suppose this is a pretty accurate depiction of what i'd do if i ever actually saw Edward Cullen.
(yes i know there's not way i could wrestle a vampire into a net. thank you.)
so, you've seen Bella, Jacob, Edward, and me of course.
and now i've included ALICE! yay!

- - - - -


Stephenie Meyer owns Bella, Edward, Jake, Alice, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and so on and so forth...
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lmao.. thats so my video. my friend jessica always call's me a stalker, cause im always staring at the sexiest [as i think] two guys in my school. and why does that chic jacob's talking to, seem paralzed or something? i was thinking, you know how in the series, practically after everything someone says, its like, a page of her thoughts. so, it made me thuink, shes standing there, with a million thoughts going throughj her head, whil jacob is patiently waiting.