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A Critique of Breaking Dawn



this is a visual representation of my feelings about Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight "Saga" by Stephenie Meyer.
the book sucked.
it was as if they asked some random person to read the first three books and then write the crappiest fan-fiction they could possibly come up with as the fourth one.

a few of the many reasons it sucked: ((SPOILERS))
1) everyone was out of character.
2) the plot was stupid and weirdly sci-fi. (what with the mutant vampire baby slowly sucking the life out of its mother)
3) Meyer clearly stated that vampires have NO bodily fluid except venom (i.e. no sperm! she's breaking her own rules)
4) Edward turning into a psycho wimp during Bella's pregnancy.
5) Bella suddenly becoming this mature, motherly saint.
6) Ridiculous sex. I repeat. Ridiculous sex.
7) Jacob imprinting on the baby?!?! WTF?
8) "Renesme"....Nothing further is needed here.
9) Meyer always makes it out to seem like everyone's going to die.........and no one important ever dies.
10) "my brother, my son" o_o
11) REALLY anit-climactic climax.
12) cheesey, everybody's happy ending.


deviant Kitsoa has mentioned a few things that i'd like to add to the list-o-reasons:
---how perfectly sue-ish Bella was as a vamp
---I got a serious \"Demonic-and-perfect-child-that's-gonna-turn-on-everyone-and-take-over-the-world\"--vibe with that stupid and sickening baby just because of how alluring she was to everyone
---the horrible simple-sentence writing
---unnecessary characters
---Meyer took a serious turn away from her theme and message completely.
---the special things about the romance between the two was completely lost.
---there was no sacrifice for that stupid happy ending (struggle and sacrifice are two different things)

don't tell me you liked it because i don't care that you liked it. as far as i'm concerned, anyone who liked it has terrible taste in literature and apparently didn't read the first three books in the series.
sorry to be harsh. don't take it personally.

---UPDATE 2---

at the time that i made this animation, and wrote all of the above comments, i was still under the impression that the other books in Meyer's series were good.
that opinion has since changed. thank you.


Stephenie Meyer owns Breaking Dawn. and she can keep it.
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I instantly fav this when I read UPDATE 2!!.. Sorry for my english...