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By OibyrdsDDs
Mommy's DD's by ChaoticGoddess
Just a quick blurb to explain what the ODDs are about so folks understand. I am featuring your artwork for many reasons - the most obvious one being that I like it or I find it inspiring. There are tons of things I can post here to explain why I do what I do on dA - but I think most of you already know why. I love art. And I love this site. If folks hate dA - or administrators - or features - please keep it to yourself and just politely ask that your images be removed if I have featured them in a way you don't appreciate or approve of.

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After many many weeks - I have finally come back to my ODD page to pay tribute to my top 50 deviant artists of 2008. Some are old timers - some are noobs - all are wonderful :heart: Please visit their galleries and tell them how awesome it is to have them on dA! :clap:

**PLEASE NOTE - these deviants are chosen by me for various reasons and ONLY to tell them I love them and they're wonderful/talented etc etc - this particular year contains many senior members and a few staff/volunteers - I don't want to hear ANY complaints. Anyone complaining about not being on this list will be ignored and/or beaten in the head with some festive turkey bits! thanks in advance for being happy and supportive deviants! :D xoxo***

1. :iconcosfrog:cosfrog

Mature Content

Devi plays Demi by cosfrog

Mature Content

Twas the night before.... by cosfrog
..not a creature was stirring. by cosfrog

2. :iconjenepooh:jenepooh
Spring Love by jenepooh 2009 Fractal Calendar by jenepooh Winter Love by jenepooh

3. :iconunicornreality:UnicornReality
:thumb104424001: Redemption by UnicornReality More outsideness 2 by UnicornReality

4. :iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13
Duet by Moonbeam13 A Letter of Thanks by Moonbeam13 Turn on the Red Light by Moonbeam13

5. :iconboxedphotos:boxedphotos

6. :iconkariannlax:KariAnnLax

7. :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel
True Blood by kuschelirmel Photomanip Calendar 2018 by kuschelirmel Stop Swimming by kuschelirmel

8. :iconkmyechan:KmyeChan
Lovebait by KmyeChan Petite Musique Mecanique by KmyeChan DevID Red Corset by KmyeChan

9. :iconstraightfromcamera:straightfromcamera
Point of interest.. by straightfromcamera Red Jade:  Back in time.. by straightfromcamera You keep on knocking.. by straightfromcamera

10. :iconpelicanh:Pelicanh

11. :iconradiopooh:radioPooh

12. :iconshoofly58:Shoofly58

13. :iconelandria:Elandria
Winter Green 23 by Elandria S w e e t D r e a m s... by Elandria Resonance 14 by Elandria

14. :iconthelma1:Thelma1
Golden Highlights by Thelma1 I'll wait for You by Thelma1 Hanging Around by Thelma1

15. :iconjameskaya:Jameskaya

16. :iconphotosbykev:Photosbykev

17. :iconanotherjamesdean:AnotherJamesDean

18. :iconfairiegoodmother:FairieGoodMother
Cherub Water Fountain Stock by FairieGoodMother Under The Sea -New Version- by FairieGoodMother The Grinch 2 by FairieGoodMother

19. :iconmmebuterfly:mmebuterfly
Caroline by mmebuterfly Wallpaper II by mmebuterfly Announcing the dusk by mmebuterfly

20. :iconmelgama:MelGama
I am still alive by MelGama Fragile Dreams by MelGama

21. :iconlady-dementia:Lady-Dementia

22. :iconsnowmask:snowmask
Panda Tree Tiem by snowmask

Mature Content

Cease, before and after by snowmask

23. :iconarachnid15:arachnid15

24. :iconcausticstock:CausticStock

25. :iconzilla774:zilla774
Little Kingdom II by zilla774 bloodlust by zilla774 like fire by zilla774

26. :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva
:: puffball :: by hellfirediva : beetle chess : by hellfirediva : Take Off : by hellfirediva

27. :iconmarziiporn:marziiporn

28. :iconsophquest:Sophquest
Designer Bronze by Sophquest Think Pink 2008 by Sophquest Japanese by Sophquest

29. :iconmisseraty:misseraty

Mature Content

Nothings Gonna Stop by misseraty

Mature Content

Mind Over Matter by misseraty
MULTI LINERS by misseraty

30. :icongloryangel:GloryAngel
marble by GloryAngel doll- new glory aeturneus by GloryAngel mars by GloryAngel

31. :iconoriginalkitten:originalkitten
How snowglobes get their snow by originalkitten A Little Bit Pink by originalkitten Staying Safe In His Hands by originalkitten

32. :iconlaurasue:LauraSue

33. :iconrl-brushes:rL-Brushes
Land of the Dead by rL-Brushes Pixie Dust Trails 2 by rL-Brushes:thumb22105157:

34. :iconjustamom:justamom
Christmas quilt by justamom What a guy by justamom Cat Pose by justamom

35. :iconlockstock:lockstock
Dark Drapery preview 2 by lockstock Sheet Music Pack by lockstock 1920s preview by lockstock

36. :iconelectronicrainbow:ElectronicRainbow
catch a shooting star by ElectronicRainbow Zombielove by ElectronicRainbow Without you my heart dies by ElectronicRainbow

37. :iconfangedfem:fangedfem
-you lookin' at me? by fangedfem -storm flower- by fangedfem -yummy holidays- by fangedfem

38. :icondella-stock:Della-Stock
Think Pink Balloon Stock by Della-Stock Cyborg Rage by Della-Stock SW FL Orca by Della-Stock

39. :icononixa:onixa
Dark Memories I by onixa :: EYE :: by onixa Fragile Elements II by onixa

40. :iconmeihua:meihua
Elang Bondol by meihua DRAGONFLY ON A TWIG by meihua Nom nom delicious watermelonz by meihua

41. :icondj-iso:dj-iso
Dead Rail by dj-iso The Big Apple.. err Golf Ball? by dj-iso Wrong side of the fence by dj-iso

42. :iconclayscence:clayscence

43. :iconredlillith:redLillith
Her Embrace choker by redLillith Gothic Burlesque choker v2 by redLillith Mooncrown by redLillith

44. :iconaltergromit:altergromit
Pizza Time by altergromit

Mature Content

Drag Queen by altergromit
The Secret Court by altergromit

45. :icon12monthsofwinter:12monthsOFwinter
Stormfront by 12monthsOFwinter Black On Gold by 12monthsOFwinter White by 12monthsOFwinter

46. :iconcosmosue:cosmosue
Halloween Exchange by cosmosue Enchanted Fairies Calendar by cosmosue Bridal Commission by cosmosue

47. :iconlawrencededark:LawrenceDeDark

48. :iconflordelys:flordelys

49. :iconbryan-cuttance:bryan-cuttance
the silence by bryan-cuttance rock, hudson by bryan-cuttance:thumb97259046:

50. :iconmonicamarinho:MonicaMarinho
Happy Reindeer by MonicaMarinho Happy Santa by MonicaMarinho

NOW Then - these are in no specific order. I will be doing the BEST OF THE BEST lists in the next few weeks - this means I will be choosing short fav lists of each genre and features of those artists. That way - no genre feels left out - my BEST OF THE BEST often features artists that are NOT on my top 50 list - so feel free to make any suggestions for specific genres (ie digital art paintings, fractals, trad art etc) ;) Thanks for all the inspiration folks! I love ya to pieces - but you all know this already :blowkiss:!

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PsychoticChibiiUsa's avatar
Sext features :D I especially enjoyed the Sailor Mars piccie! :boogie: Gorgeous art as always :D
flordelys's avatar
OMG :faint: :wow:
Is this for real? I am at a complete and total loss for words..
Thank you so much honey, what an honor
:: speechless ::

fangedfem's avatar
What a wonderful feature - I found some new artists :aww: And thank you for including me! I am honored :hug:
Thelma1's avatar
Wheeee, I am so happy, I've just put a link to this journal into MY journal :):):)
Thelma1's avatar
Hehe, I was so excited just now, I forgot to wish you and your family Happy Holidays :giggle::giggle:
And may you all have the most wonderful New Year too :heart::heart:
Thelma1's avatar
Oh my god Sandi, how fantastic that I'm in your Top 50 !!! :wow:
I've been offline for ages, just came back yesterday, so this is one fabulous surprise, thank you SO SO much, you have made me a VERY happy bunny today :D :heart: :faint: :excited: :glomp: :giggle: :wow: :hug:

Luvu loads :heart: Thelma :heart:

Lady-Dementia's avatar
I'm really flattered, thank you very much. :heart: :xmas: :cookie: and Happy Holidays! all the best, xox
KariAnnLax's avatar
MAD LOVE! :glomp:

:smooch: smiles, hugs and glomps to you.

Happy Friday! and thank you again :)
MelGama's avatar
Ohhhhhhhhhh you´re a lovely friend, Sandi! :faint: Thank you sooooooooo much! :glomp: :hug:
KmyeChan's avatar
Thank you very much, dear! :hug:
Your support through all these years, through good and bad, is very very important to me!
And I'm very honored to be included amongst all these great artists!
LawrenceDeDark's avatar
Thanks very much Sandi :smooch:
Shoofly58's avatar
WOW WOW WOW! Sandi I am speechless... Thank you so much for being a great friend and choosing me along with these great artists! You made my day! :heart:........:hug:
SeductiveByatch's avatar
A great group of wonderful deviants!
Della-Stock's avatar
You have some amazing artists on this list that I've known for a long time, and some new ones that I am going to have to look up! Thanks for including me, I'm so excited! I always find it funny to see the stocks that people chose to feature. It shows me that ones that I don't think are the greatest touch other people!
oibyrd's avatar
this is the exact same feeling I get with my wallpaper "Fruitcake" that got the DD. It took VERY little time to create - but everyone went crazy. And the works that I stress over for months - get very little attention at all ;)!

damn that "less is more" theory :shakefist:!
Della-Stock's avatar
Wolfkazzy's avatar
Very well chosen features and I've got new watches now :dance: many thanks..and looking forward to your next features. The only suggestion I can possibly think of is to seperate the 3D catergory (modellers and content manipulators i.e. Poser/DazStudio users) if you can catch my drift. That way neither gets left out... :hug:
oibyrd's avatar
I will be :nod: that was what I was reffering to in the last paragraph :)

glad you enjoyed them!
Wolfkazzy's avatar
I did read the last paragraph but so many people lump the two divisions of 3D in one category so I didn't know if you knew that there was an "invisible" division :D Thanks for noticing!! I probably should have kept my mouth shut as usual but I was a little bit concerned...sorry! :hug:
oibyrd's avatar
:rofl: oh gosh no - I appreciate input - I always do the 3D art seperate from other works because I have so many devpals in that particular genre ;) they're all on their own LOL.

I am still putting it together (the seperate lists) so you can let me know what you think (or note me if you want to suggest somebody who deserves some attention ;))!
Sophquest's avatar
:santa: What a wonderful surprise! I'm so honored! :glomp:
Thanks a million :aww: I wish you a very Merry Christmas! :rudolph:
Thelma1's avatar
Hiya Sophie, just wanted to tell you that I've put a link to this journal into MY journal, mentioning that you and I are both in this fabulous tribute :excited: :D

Heehee, I think I'm a little over-excited today, just happy to be back here I guess :):)
Sophquest's avatar
:aww: Congratulations to you too, Thelma! :w00t:
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009 to you. :santa:

:rudolph: Soph
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