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Mommy's DD's by ChaoticGoddess
Just a quick blurb to explain what the ODDs are about so folks understand. I am featuring your artwork for many reasons - the most obvious one being that I like it or I find it inspiring. There are tons of things I can post here to explain why I do what I do on dA - but I think most of you already know why. I love art. And I love this site. If folks hate dA - or administrators - or features - please keep it to yourself and just politely ask that your images be removed if I have featured them in a way you don't appreciate or approve of.


:sherlock: CONTEST TIME!!! :sherlock:
Here are the revised rules/dates and prize packs for my "Create an Icon" contest.

- You may use ANY of my artwork on my :iconoibyrd:`oibyrd account or on my stock account :iconoibyrd-stock:~oibyrd-stock
- You may also use any of my artwork in this gallery - though it is quite small ;)
- Feel free to include pictures of me, my daughter or Delon (all the "Dee pics" that are the reason I'm needing a new icon are taken down in my accounts so I'm not worried about seeing any Dee pics in the icons you guys create ;))
- Contest entries MUST BE SUBMITTED by Saturday June 27th at 12pm EST. Any entries after that time will NOT be valid.


3 Month Subscription Courtesy of :iconradiopooh:
Journal Features from :iconoibyrd::iconoibyrd-stock::iconoibyrdsdds::icondwalker1047:

Custom Manip by :iconoibyrd: (me) or fractal - your choice :)!
Custom Fractal by :icondwalker1047: :)!

2ND and 3rd PLACE:
Journal Features from :iconoibyrd::iconoibyrd-stock::iconoibyrdsdds::icondwalker1047:
Custom Fractal by :icondwalker1047: :)!

:love: MY AWESOME JUDGES :love:

:love: ENTRIES SHALL GO HERE! :love:

:thumb122957453::thumb80108255::thumb125599575: OibyrdsDDs Icon contest by Hallonnie avatar for oibyrdsdds v1 by kwncy:thumb126199261: avatar for oibyrdsdds by kwncy:thumb126344546::thumb127080488::thumb127198856:

:heart: EXTRA HELP? :heart:
Is there anyone out there that knows how to do resizing if an entry is too big to use or goes over the max. size allowance? If so please let me know! Thx! xoxo
:sherlock: NEWSLETTER IS AT THE LINK BELOW! :sherlock:


:wave:PLEASE NOTE:wave:
- these are just favorites of mine - personal taste and all that - so no complaining ;)

Love to all of you - I thank you for sharing your work with us!
Sandi oxox
Be a Source by Lilyas:thumb58200634: .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo Open your Mind Stamp by quazo Think before you type stamp by andaria The Gallery Stamp by Busiris HA I'm Copyright Protected by de-Mote Stop Animal Abuse Stamp by pillze69
© 2009 - 2021 OibyrdsDDs
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I made this for the competition !!
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:trophy: Great entries so far! :judge:
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here is my entry: [link]

hope you like it! its for you.
i used two of your beautiful arts and the other is your picture.

and i really hope you will like it.
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thanks so much :D
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its my pleasure.
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Hi, i want to join, can i submit more than one entry?
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kwncy's avatar

have you seen the other one?
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yep just posted it ;)
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okay, thank you.
i hope i win.
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can you please re-explain the contest for me I don't get it
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I need an icon to replace the one I have now on this account. All I ask is that the icon folks create have oibyrd or oibyrdsdds in it someplace - you can use any of my work to create it from my `oibyrd account or my ~oibyrd-stock account - contest ends June 27th :) Just post your entry in your scraps or your gallery and I will add it to the entries page :)
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ohh ok well, I suck
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LOL no you don't ;)
MayModelStock's avatar
ahhh really??

thanks so much! ^^;
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To let you know that i've promoted your contest in my last monthly news article : [link]
If you like this news fave it, it will give more expozure for your contest!

Your contest will also be promoted in my journal until the deadline : [link]

Hope it will bring you more participations!
I wish you success with your contest!

:kiss: Kare.

| deviantART en Français! |
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I wish I could make icons!! I'm so bad at anything small, fun, and flashy like those though. :meditation: Must keep practicing! :D
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
I wish I could figure them out myself - I have tried - and failed ;)
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I can "resize" any entry if necessary :nod: ;) ~ it just boils down to the maximum color usages and the option to "optimize to size" and using the 15 kb maximum as the choice:nod:
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I added the link to the article on my front page. I have some other things to work on then I'll work on a new avatar. I am going to replace an avatar I made for you from another contest so that 1) I can delete it since it has Dee in it and 2) so I can reuse a spot in the gallery :nod:
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Heya Sandi....don't forget to put me in for a fractal as well...for all the winners. :nod:
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you are awesome - I totally forgot :ohmygod: will add it now!
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