ODDS for May 30th 2006

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Always take a few minutes when you visit dA to give at least ONE person a really serious look at and then comment! It's what keeps all of us inspired! :)

:wave:Hello there! Welcome to the ODDS (oibyrd daily deviations)! I find that far too often artists that are a real talent don't get the credit they deserve. It's easy to get lost in the crowd of artists here on dA: so my mission is to turn a
:spotlight-left: spotlight :spotlight-right:on those people to give them some more exposure. :clap:

:bulletred:PLEASE NOTE - some artists I feature simply because they are bloody brilliant. So pointing out their thousands of fav's will have no effect on me;) just enjoy them...okay? okay :D
We now have an affiliate to help me with my ODD features! iheartpirates has graciously offered to feature the writers on dA! Be sure to check her features!

Hey gang. Do me a favor and click over to delSHARK or DivineError's pages and read their journals. They're doing a shoutout for help. I just snatched up two of their prints and I KNOW that you people love their artwork. Maybe they can do the same for you? Send them a note. But read the journals first!!
Delya's journal -->  delya.deviantart.com/journal/8…
Devine Error's journal --> divineerror.deviantart.com/jou…

GOOD LUCK GUYS! I'm rooting for ya :w00t:!
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DISCLAIMER - NO COMPLAINTS ABOUt NUDITY OR MATURE CONTENT DAMMIT!!!!: My features may contain nudity and/or mature content. Please be advised. If you are offended by such images, do NOT watch my features! Thank you kindly!:)
Sorry guys, I am having a hard time keeping track of things. Give me a few weeks and I'll get things up and running again. (Most of the contests that I have been advertising are on my art account journal anyway ;) You can find them there! :iconoibyrd: :D)

I was told to remove the disclaimer about showing off my artwork for my art gallery. I thank all of you for taking a peek at my work :) xxoo

:thumb33976929: Shut Out From Reality by oibyrd Starfruit Angel by oibyrd
:bulletred: ODDS for MAY 30th 2006 :bulletred:

:thumb33981464::thumb33981440: Extreme Close Up by Wivelrod:thumb33981439: waiting for the bus 03 by coffeeanimal Autre chrysomele ? by pourquoipas:thumb33981474: Fashion Snapshot 1 by illuminium-foil a simple building by Boxing-Murals apocalyptica concert 2 by CrimsonStigmata2501:thumb33981324: a mill by Birdman1990:thumb33981281: Too late by Kalii klavier by trashanatomy:thumb33981098::thumb33981083:

:thumb33981415: Frank Iero by pissyP ... sucks. by smashthefukkinstate:thumb33980532::thumb33980159: miyavi rocks by temujinxcossack:thumb33980007::thumb33980010::thumb33979981: Frangipani fun by DiabeticChocoholic:thumb33979950::thumb33979926::thumb33979853::thumb33979825::thumb33979770::thumb33979740: pop-in-a-can by frank1e:thumb33979505: come in by dharanishv

Alien Skull by psion005:thumb33981418: HappyDragonfly by berenika the warden's tool by metzebul Resting Among the Roses by itsurdestiny Fable I by zapzoum Tree of pain by Washyourhandsman:thumb33980770::thumb33980766::thumb33980740::thumb33980703: Witch Hunter: Dorothy by deboahan Skeletor Hand Me Down 'Color' by Arice1995 Green Explosion by XxJokerxX:thumb33980599: Gir by Danial79 Petals- AGAIN by eoka -Effin time effin finished- by BrandonSwanArt

TUTORIALS (This category was requested by a number of you! Enjoy!)
Simple Colouring For PSP 9 by lil-tiger-2005:thumb33907738: Tutorial: Line-Weights by yasashiiko The Fangtastic Tutorial by wycked Echo's Super-Easy Space Tut by Echo104b Cinema4D Tags : The Basics by MDesigns walkthru backgrnd and frames by WicasaWakan CEL SHADING part 2 by LadyMac Make pictures blink in GIMP by Megantheechidna Basic Photo Corrections by Harry-Paraskeva header tutorial by fanzi SeperateLayer Lineart Tutorial by Feimi

heart brushes by chokingonstatic Icon Brush Pack01 ImagePack by bibamus Street Tagger Version 6 by Hextacy antiquities by AutumnsGoddess-stox:thumb34002262::thumb34000103: One word text brushes by whatdorosesmean Abcs-ABSTRACT BRUSHES by DOuNOtheABCS:thumb32301814: CS2-set02 by egg9700 Pixie Dust Trails 2 by rL-Brushes CS2-Butterfly by egg9700 Hand Prints Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes Roxstock_blood by RoxStock Sea brushes by victoriaely Pretty Wings by WitsResources PS7 star 8 by egg9700 DAC Brush SEt 14 by DacManiac
:winner: ARTIST OF THE DAY! :winner:
Sasha On Patrol by ladynightseduction Fflur by ladynightseduction In Her Element by ladynightseduction Geist At Night by ladynightseduction
:love: PRINT OF THE DAY! :love:
:thumb34004527: by :iconjillauville:JillAuville

Like What you see? Feel free to use my stamps in your journal ;)
Courtesy of vyletcrush, ChaoticGoddess, Scully7491 and jstles. Thanks guys!
:thumb26494986::thumb26511638: Unban OibyrdsDDs by ChaoticGoddess Oibyrd Stamp by ChaoticGoddess
Izzy Light Stamp by ChaoticGoddess Support Oibyrds Accounts stamp by ChaoticGoddess I Support Oibyrd Stamp by ChaoticGoddess
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PsychoticChibiiUsa's avatar
Yay you put Sailor Moon in there! :glomp:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
;) just fer you my dear. :) I always think of you when I do anime features :D!
PsychoticChibiiUsa's avatar
Aww I feel speeeeeeeshul :D :D :D :glomp: :heart:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
well you should feel special :glomp:! all the time that is;)
thanks for adding us man :D
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
you are very welcome :) :hug:!
slayerchick303's avatar
I love the Grrr pick! Grrr is stinkin' awesome!
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
:giggle: I lurve Gir.

Ahhh made it mahhhself! :lmao:
slayerchick303's avatar
HEHEHE :giggle: I love how he says "Okay!" It is so CUTE! I LOVE it! :aww:
slowly-falling-apart's avatar
Love the one of the mother and baby :) Brilliant picks as usual :)
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
Thank you honey :hug: always happy to hear folks enjoyed them!
victoriaely's avatar
Thank you very much for the ODD :thanks:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
you're very welcome :) :hug:!
XxJokerxX's avatar
OMG! I look at your journals all the time! It's an awesome Idea and I never thought I'd be recognized with the millions of people on DA! Thank you sooooo much! :hug: you have made my day even better for this aspirng young Graphic/Video Game Designer! I'm honored!
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
awe :hug: I am happy to feature you :)
You definitely have a unique style :nod: which (I am sure you have already noticed) is rare around here ;)
Hextacy's avatar
I'm honored to be in this! Thanks alot :) :hug:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
you're very welcome :) :hug:!
aerinl's avatar
Now that I am somewhere that the internet works, I think this is great. The range of stunning artists you have here is amazing, I'm very glad you put in all this time to bring such brilliant artists into the spotlight :>
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
:glomp: you just made my day!
aerinl's avatar
Well, it's in return for making mine ;P
cosfrog's avatar
Little tame for me this time =D but I like 'shame' and the bee =)
Silecia's avatar
thanx a lot for the feature :blowkiss:

I hightly appritiate it :heart:
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