LAST DAY 2 VOTE/ODDS for March 9th 2006
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Always take a few minutes when you visit dA to give at least ONE person a really serious look at and then comment! It's what keeps all of us inspired! :)

PLZ VOTE!!! The Blue Theme Top 10 have been chosen. Thanks to my judges for helping me through these VERY difficult choices.
Click the link below to place your vote :…
:wave:Hello there! Welcome to the ODDS (oibyrd daily deviations)! I find that far too often artists that are a real talent don't get the credit they deserve. It's easy to get lost in the crowd of artists here on dA: so my mission is to turn a
:spotlight-left: spotlight :spotlight-right:on those people to give them some more exposure. :clap: PLEASE NOTE - some artists I feature simply because they are bloody brilliant. So pointing out their thousands of fav's will have no effect on me;) just enjoy them...okay? okay :D
184 Artist Features for 2006 and counting :clap:
7,908 Deviations Featured for 2006
620 Deviants Watch the ODDS :clap:!
:winner: congrats guys!! Keep up the fabulous work and I shall keep on pimpin' ;)
DISCLAIMER: My features may contain nudity and/or mature content. Please be advised. If you are offended by such images, do NOT watch my features! Thank you kindly!:)
(just fer you Sun-Seeker :blowkiss:!)

sunseeker's ODD Selection for today's theme:
:thumb9823439: by :iconsoulm4n:soulm4n
:trophy: phenomenal choice :clap:!

Glisten... by CommanderDex bent tree by Impassive:thumb30092220::thumb30091501:
Water Hazard by reedmon29:thumb30089933::thumb30088762: Footprints by paisteguy
:thumb3808870: Le Gardien des Larmes by kil1k My Dream of Silent Afternoon by sigpras sunflower down by PhantomPorks
Fog and Sun by zerous Foggy Birch Forest by snader Cold on the Inside by raun Welcome to Nowhere by dchui

Twilight's Choreography by Ninjagecko Amok1 by jrsaldana:thumb22752683: Adorare 2 by jrsaldana
:thumb24411848: Windmill by crafaldar:thumb19621342::thumb5837392:

old boat by rdf:thumb30057815: Cain City Day by ShyMagical Square St-Louis, hopeless by Enzoda
autumn evening by Keldain The moon by Isondil Sun Rise by phan4tom The Fool on the Hill by Scuotivento

Winter landscape by paintertk Mountain Blue by Leoneer gate by magic-ravioli Mountains and Hills by chihiro39
Colour by Saihei Waters of Sulis by kinstler Aspen Hills by Rheyna La ville magnifique by Bonduelle
High-rise Stones by warmsepia

Mature Content

Farol by cat7
Serene by ronnietucker Pink Orchards Garden by Landscapist

:thumb30065058::thumb30064688: beefstockpic0042 by beefstock:thumb30050291:
alps through columns by welder-stock:thumb7035817: stone henge by tuna:thumb17174426:
:thumb8796037: Gotham city by foureyestock:thumb11879621: Woods by ecstasia-stock
:winner:ARTIST OF THE DAY:winner: !!
Kangaroo Valley by Sun-Seeker Unrabbitproof Fence by Sun-Seeker Burraneer Bay by Sun-Seeker:thumb26151177:
:heart:PRINT OF THE DAY:heart: !!
by :icontrue-reflexion:True-RefleXion

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THX for creating it vyletcrush (go see her if you want a specific stamp of your own!) EDIT: The twisty oibyrd one is by the luverly :iconchaoticgoddess: who also makes some pretty badass stamps :clap: YAY!
:thumb26511638: Support Oibyrds Accounts stamp by ChaoticGoddess:thumb26494986:
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Thanks for the ODD award! ^__^
Yukine's avatar
Woah, my picture XD..

Really amazing photos there.

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randthuntleyHobbyist General Artist
awesome feature:hug:
QueepyFreak's avatar
QueepyFreakHobbyist Photographer
Wonderful choices...
Rheyna's avatar
Rheyna Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the feature! I love all of your other choices as well!
crafaldar's avatar
Thaaank you so much! :D

Excellent thingy you've got going here!, really congratulations, and thanks again!! :D
LinkD3's avatar
Wow! im honored! :) thank you so much for featuring my work !!! :D
Bonduelle's avatar
Oh, I'm here, I'm here *gets excited* It's really stimulating to be in such good company. Really great choice!
kinstler's avatar
kinstler Traditional Artist
oOOOOOOoo!!! thank you VERY much! :D :hug:
bloodyslash's avatar
really nice selection today!
especially the photography is nice!
j-asha's avatar
Today beautiful selections! :clap:
ogiGamedev's avatar
Woah :0. Really cool selections up there =). I love landscape/nature pics, especially if they have a fantasy or sci-fi flair to them =D.
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
ohhh yes...the 3D landscapes more often than not are kinda sci-fi freaky.
I love it too ;)

Here's a link to one of my fav wallpapers...maybe you'd like to use it too :heart:
ogiGamedev's avatar
:nod: :nod: :nod: Thank you! :D
True-RefleXion's avatar
Thank you very much :hug:

Alot of nice features here :thumbsup:

Glad that you like mhy works :D
PsychoticChibiiUsa's avatar
PsychoticChibiiUsaHobbyist Photographer
Mmm you overwhelm me with sunsets! :drool: :faint: :XD:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
:giggle: yepyep, found lots of goodies last night ;)
PsychoticChibiiUsa's avatar
PsychoticChibiiUsaHobbyist Photographer
I know! :D *commenting like the coment whore she is* XD
Impassive's avatar
thank you for the ODD :D
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
my pleasure :)
MirandaRose-Stock's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my stock!! :glomp:

Have a great week - at least what is left of it! :D
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
thanks hon, you too! :hug:
PhantomPorks's avatar
i'd like to thank my parents, my pet goldfish bubbles, and my first grade teacher for teaching me about life, the universe, and everything.

And most of all, thanks to Sandi S for the feature!!! :hug:
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
:lmao: I'm honored to feature you ;)! cheers luv :hug:!
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