Better Late than Never!

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Yikes! Just realized I hadn't entered anything new since July - time flies during the summer doesn't it? Sorry I've been neglecting my page. I actually came to dig through my old WP favorites. My desktop is sporting the same old same old for weeks and months on end...I get bored. Every so often my daughter will post a drawing of hers that makes me giggle for a few days but then the bright colors hurt my old lady eyes and I gotta find something different lol. ;)

That being said - here are a few and old. Plus my own 'cause...well...the first one was my crowning glory on dA LOL!

S. xoxo


Wallpaper HerrHildezart 2 by hoschie  moo. by smashmethod  Seven Oracles by zilla774    April.Showers.WP by zilla774 Doctor's Eleven Desktop by Magmakensuke

:heart: Izzy Approved! :heart:

Dreams - wallpaper by marii85 <da:thumb id="297305450"/> <da:thumb id="114382309"/>  Rainbow Dash Emblem Wallpaper by InternationalTCK  sweet nightmare paper by Apofiss  The Sleeping Panda Club by mree

:dance: My own creations :dance:

Fruitcake by oibyrd  George Clinton Type Dreads Mon by oibyrd  The Beauty of Autumn by oibyrd  The Visual for Earth Angels by oibyrd
Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles WP by oibyrd  Lucky in Life WP by oibyrd  Vintage Pearl Mosaic by oibyrd  The Color of My Love by oibyrd
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Izzy must be a teenager by now! Do like looking for wallpapers on DeviantART.... wallpapers were one of the reasons I was drawn to the site in the first place ;)