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Smoke and Angst

So to explain where this one is going...
The original pic states that this is indeed a GIRL who is playing the part of a young man in a play - so I figured I'd punch up the masculine side :) gender bending is one of my favorite things (surprise surprise lol) so this was truly fun to create.

MODEL by ~volpi-stock

**I hope Valerie doesn't mind the five o'clock shadow ;)**

Texture by `exchanged-stock

Backdrop Foliage purchased on
VENDOR: 4udreamcatcher

Cigarette Stock from stock.xchng
LINK 2 PIC : [link]

Smoking Brushes by :iconfalln-brushes:

Hair Render purchased on
VENDOR: ilona

© S.Szauter 2007
Any useage of my completed artwork without written consent is forbidden - please respect copyright laws.
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A :trophy: for your creativity!!
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*puts on the music*
:music:Bad girls, bad girls, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you?:music:
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I think this is the whole point of having fun with photo-manipping! :lol:
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wowww you did a GOOD job on this one.
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LOOOVE IT! It's pretty cool that you're so passionate about the gender bending thing, I love seeing your pieces with your man/woman 'n' that you love him/her no matter who he is on any given day, and it's sweet to see you carrying that over into your other artwork.
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I like to keep things interesting - both in life and in my art too LOL! :hug: I thank you for the compliment! - I think we all get a bit carried away with stereotypes/age discrimination/sexism/yadda yadda....why can't we all just say f*ck it? ;)
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I agree completely. It's refreshing to see others feel the same way 'n' not be afraid to express it.
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love the feel of this, Have you read a comic called How lothesome? It really good I think you would like it.

But this is great such a other world feel to it.
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wow what a dark manip! reminds me of one of charles dickens' young heroes!
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wow this rocks. I luuuurrrrvvvvve it!!!! Yah the background is awesome
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I like the concept of this,and to be honest many a female has a masculine quality if only we look a little closer.. The harsh abstract together with the soft fantasy Shrooms leaves one to suspect chaos between deciding between the two. :heart:
cool textures Sandi, not sure about the gender bending though lol.
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I'm back!!!!

And I love it. Beautiful idea love.
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Oooh, I like it, it has a lot of motion to it :D
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nicely done. good colours and an intirguing background setting
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Looks awesome!
Love the color contrast!
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love the grungy touch! :clap:
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Very cool Sandi! :hug:
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