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Billy's battle with Global Spectrum rages on - AM640 radio and other media have taken a stand and gotten involved. Things are moving forward and will continue to do so until a resolution is made that fits Billy and his dad as an adequate one.

In the meantime.
Feel free to watch the videos/read the news articles. If you feel Billy was wronged - by all means - post this in your journals.




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What a weird thing to happen. It's obvious the celibrity didn't mind being talked to. It would be different if he'd asked the Billy to stop and been ignored. What are people supposed do if a celebrity talks to them first? Run away with their hands over their ears?
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Hey, hon... :heart: I added this to my journal. I hope it helps!
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thank you sweetie -I am sorry I didn't add your eBay stuff yet - I've been HORRIBLY sick this week (just updated my journal to tell everyone). I promise when this crap is over I will rangle up some features/buyers :)
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Oh, it's OK!!! :rose: It's totally alright to take a rest if you're sick! I don't mind. I know life gets busy and sick sometimes. No worries!! You're fabulous!
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His dad is suing the company for future wage loss of $100,000CND is wrong- the story indicates he's suing because his son's sign was torn up.
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indeed :nod: but it IS a conglomerate of these things - the sign, the future wage loss and I'm not entirely certain but I think the human rights issue also comes into play with the lawsuit.

Does it really matter though? The money really isn't what I wanted people to focus on out of this - especially since he is donating the entire pot to the animal shelter. The important part is that they are harrassing Billy at games and let him go for a rule that isn't even written down - for being polite and saying hi. The whole thing is total bs.

The money is a non issue to me. Bill is using it to prove a point - and by donating anything he receives - I think that speaks volumes.
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The facts of the matter is what matter most.
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um. okay :? why are you being so harsh luv?
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I'm saying people should read the story in full- sent you a note btw. :)
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I've never heard of Don Cherry referred to as "beloved." That's gotta be a typo. ;)
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:rofl: opinions vary - but he's still a popular dude ;)
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He's a very very caritative man, I can bet that there are not many people in this world who would give the entire money to help others, animals in this case. There's a " say " in my country that goes like " no hay mal que por bien no venga " which means something like nothing bad happens if there's not going to be something good out of it. sorry my really bad english . I don't know billy, but he is a role model
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:hug: I understood you completely - and thank you :)
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Hi there. I spread the word in my journal here: [link]
Hope Billy's plight is resolved. This sort of injustice is what makes this world an evil and dirty place to live in. God bless America? Hell no. God bless people who go through hardship and those who bring them out of it. Billy, we are all here for you and the world will hear ya.

Blessings and peace to all xxxxx
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you are a peach :hug:
I was surprised to see the company was American - instead of here in Canada. Their home base is in Philadelphia I think...

I really do appreciate the support. Thanks again :heart:!
I will do whatever it takes, you know how tenacious I am . I got my grandfathers purple heart 65 years after the fact I will note you on that one. I will contact the press and I have a good friend whose grandfather was prime minister of CANADA do some poking around. Love you.

(He is so cute dad did good job, he looks a little like Justin Timberlake.:D)
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you are a force to be reckoned with my dear :glomp: this is why I'm so glad I know you!
I love you Sandi!!!
You kick ass! LOL :matrixfight:

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Whata great story hun I wish him the best of luck and many happy moments in his life :heart: :hug:
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thankchu luv :hug: I shall send on the well wishes to him :)
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Amazing, very good. :D
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