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My Family Rocks

and I'm damn proud of it.

Photography by :iconboxedphotos:
Post edit by me :)
Models are my husband Delon, my daughter Izzy and me :)
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LOVE This and you !!
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we love you too hon :hug:!
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Freaking lovely
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Indeed, it does.
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:D thanks very much!
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look at how cute you guys all are!
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:giggle::hug: awe - thanks!!!
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sweet sweet sweet! and very cute!

I'm so glad to see you are still posting photos of your beautiful family. You always make me go "awwww"
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aww. wow she is growing up so fast!
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She scares me LOL! :giggle: she's SO big now - and her hair is so long I was actually shocked at recent pics that were taken :wow:! You don't notice it when you look at them every day ya know?
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You are welcome.
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Love this picture. So, your family is ok with the ones you've posted recently?
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Well the only one who visited was my sister - because she found some identifying info on my nephew through a google search. I just took the others down for fear of any that I'm clear on how she felt I am slowly posting my family pics. These ones can be appreciated by them without worry of offending anybody :)
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she's my boo :love:!
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Cute and I just love Izzy's curls and eyes:) adorable
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thankchu :hug: her hair is still crazy :) I hope the curl stays!
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What an adorable family! :hug:
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