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A Perfect Circle

By oibyrd
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Fractal Created in Ultra Fractal 4
Cloud brushes by :iconlarafairie:
Sparkles by :iconrl-brushes:
Crescent Moons by :iconmichmellow:
I am so f*&king happy with this one :excited: I've been wanting to do something APC related for awhile.
This exceeded my expectations on how I originally pictured it :clap: YAY! Dontcha LOVE it when that happens? :):) !!
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Nienna-Z's avatar
Gorgeous,very nice
jacquelinekaychan's avatar
Beautiful!!! I LOVE APC! :heart:
Xerces's avatar
awesome job! and i thought i recognised the symbol. very well re-created!
Silhouette-Stock's avatar
Oh beautiful.. I love the composition!
skittles52's avatar
"that's a damn good fan picture" says my boyfriend. apparently i'm not the only fan of your work in this house.
Ms-Typo's avatar
I wish it happened to me!!!
This is wonderful girl!
mindbodygraphics's avatar
:D You should listen to Goon Moon! :D
Beautiful job!!! I love the band "A Perfect Circle" too!!!
oibyrd's avatar
thanks so much :hug: Maynard rocks :love:!
JunkbyJen's avatar
I recieved my print today! I loveeeeee it and thank you so much for sending it to me! :hug: I placed it on my front page so all could see :D Love ya, Sandi.
oibyrd's avatar
awe I'm so glad you like it :hug:!
Midnite-Angel-101's avatar
I really really like this one =) Since I like APC (well
I've been meaning to ask you how you get the person's little picture to come up in the description. Is it Html? (cuz Im to lazy for that) or is there a button I dont see... Im so confused =S
Anyways Great Job
oibyrd's avatar
nope ya just type the code in - if you see on the top righthand corner of your comment box "Emoticon Legend" it'll give ya a list of how to post smileys and such :) xo

And thanks very much - I love Maynard :love:!
Midnite-Angel-101's avatar
Oh no, I know the smileys I meant the user ID things, like when you credit someone -.-' lol

oibyrd's avatar
ohhh lol my bad - to credit someone you type : iconinserttheirnamehere : without the space at the front and end of the : 's! or to do a deviant name link like this one ^oibyrd just replace "icon" with "dev"

:) I hope that helps!
Ariades's avatar
I've just looked trough your gallery, and you're to know - you're fantastic!

It's all fantastic, and I found great joy in looking at such wonders (: Especially this picture made me stop for a second and think - such a great ode to A Perfect Circle! A great band with even greater music! Keep the wonders coming =)
oibyrd's avatar
:blushes::hug: that is always a flattering thing to hear! thank you :) xoxo
Ariades's avatar
You're very welcome! ^_^ If I remember to do, I'll leave behind some more comments (:
KenSaunders's avatar
I've been through your whole gallery before and I must've missed this one.
Really nice work on it.
lullacrie's avatar
fantastic hun xxx the centre piece is mezmerizing
oibyrd's avatar
I'm glad you like it :glomp:! It is one of those devs that I am truly proud of. I imagine your recent DD will be one of yours ;) xoxo
lullacrie's avatar
yeah. you should be proud... :) great job again. take care xxx
Eugina's avatar
I like very much the collors :), well done!
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