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I've decided to re-write this little tutorial for those who are interested in a more "Mac Feel" on the gnome Desktop.

First, open terminal and write:
apt-get source nautilus
sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus

The build-dep command will install all the build dependencies for nautilus.

In nautilus sorce folder you just downloaded, navigate to: src\file-manager.
Find the file named: fm-desktop-icon-view.c

Open with your favorite Text Editor and find the line:
real_supports_labels_beside_icons (FMIconView *view)

Below it you'd see this line: return FALSE;
Change it to:
return TRUE;

On GNOME3 and Nautilus 3.x+ search for the file: /src/nautilus-desktop-icon-view.c in the directory you just downloaded.
And look for this line: "supports-labels-beside-icons", FALSE,
Change FALSE to TRUE

Save the file.

Now start to compile Nautilus.
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
killall nautilus

Choose Text Beside Icons in the Preferences.
Nautilus now should draw Text beside icons on the desktop.

You can also tell Nautilus to count the items in each folder, to do this go to: Edit>Preferences>Display Tab > Under It choose 'size' in the first box. Or whatever option you'd like.

If you'd like to change the color of the 'Items count' or whatever, It's part of the gtkrc in the theme itself. Every theme differs, so you have to look for the color settings yourself, in mine It was:



The second line is responsible for the color on the desktop and the first one on color in the file-manager.

But in most themes It should be under: style "desktop-icon"
And look like this:

NautilusIconContainer::normal_alpha = 0
text[NORMAL] = "#000000"
NautilusIconContainer::frame_text = 1
class "GtkWidget" style "desktop-icon"

Should work on both GNOME2 and GNOME3.