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[DL] Gameworks OC (V.1)



Brief History:
This a OC that I made from scratch by using the "Pony Creator" and by watching SRicK91 tutorial on Youtube on how to make your own OC, so some credit goes towards him for that help, but most credit is to myself for creating mine. So after a couple of hours using VTFEdit and Adobe Photoshop i got finally got it to be working, yay! But it's not perfect than others and I don't mind that, im just happy that I finally made my first OC for the First time. So I converted and copy the files into a "Rar achieve" with a picture so, people who enjoy this model can have it be part of their Pictures as well! So Enjoy!I am a dummy! 

Make sure you place the folder/ files in the right place if you want it to work. 

REMEMBER!: that in order to download this file is by clicking that "Download" button on the top right
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Hey man, I've had some trouble converting my OC to SFM, Milkshape hates me and that's the only thing I know how to use to compile models from SMD.

If you could help me do that it would be awesome and you'll be mentioned on my page for helping me with it

Thanks, and HAVE A GREAT DAY!  :D