Ohu Dogs Lineart Use Guidelines
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I'd just like to go over the rules on this that are stated in our Terms of Service.

Can you post Ohu Dogs art outside of the site?
Yes you can! It is a click site after all, so post your dogs around. You are also welcome to post images up on DeviantArt or other sites, as long as a link is given back to ohudogs.com. The click code for your dogs already includes it linking back to the site, so you're covered! If posting on DA for example, a simple "Art by OhuDogs.com" will suffice!

Can I sell adoptables using the Ohu Dogs lineart/dog creator?
Yes, if not for profit. You must still give credit back to ohudogs.com. You can sell adoptables for virtual pet site currency. You cannot sell adoptables for a virtual currency that can be exchanged for real currency (such as DeviantArt points). Obviously, you also can't sell adoptables for real currency.

What if I just use the lineart?
Same rules as above (credit us for the lineart, but credit the coloring to you).

What about creditting Deebat?
You must credit Ohu Dogs, but if you want to credit Anttu for the lines as well, feel free! Anttu was kind enough to donate the lines to us, but they are only available through us. Anttu has some other non-Ohu Dogs lineart here (be sure to follow their rules!)

What if I find someone breaking these rules?
Please report it to this group or in the Ohu Dogs modbox and do not confront yourself.

Feel free to ask any questions or for clarification of these rules!
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