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[C-K] Chiaki

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Saw the volleyball group and screamed. Finally a chance for me to revive my old derpy volleyball son :iconpapmingplz:
I still gotta edit the writing portion //wheezes// :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:

"Don't worry, I can handle this!"

✪ P r o f i l e :

Name: Chiaki Ise
Nicknames: Chi-chan, ChiChi, The Oni (feel free to throw some at him LOL)
Age: 15
D.O.B: September 7th (Virgo)
Gender: Male

✪ S t a t s :

School: Nekoma
Year: First
Number: --
Position: Libero
Power: 1
Jump: 2
Stamina: 4
Strategy: 3
Technique: 2
Speed: 4

✪ P e r s o n a l i t y :

( + ) Friendly; Diligent; Passionate; Caring; Earnest
( / ) Pure
( - ) Reserved; Insecure; Awkward; Clumsy; Crybaby

↪ From just a look at Chiaki, the first impression would be that he’s a delinquent. It’s not a surprise since because of his sharp and narrow eyes (which seems to have a dark shadow cast over them for some reason), and creepy 'smile' or more like natural frown on his face. He is often misunderstood because of the intimidating face he was unfortunately born with. It doesn't help that he tends to get into small accidents due to his clumsiness, earning him scratches/cuts or bruises here and there. Most people assume he got all those wounds from fist fights - like the typical delinquent - but really it’s just him crashing into poles and equipment, getting hit in the face by a ball, all from volleyball matches/practice. If it’s not injuries from sports, then it’s from cooking, chores, or sewing at home.

Being the eldest child in the family of three Chiaki is a dutiful boy that often has to take on the role as the guardian when his parents were busy working and he has to take care of his eight year old sister Chiyo. He is very much reliable  when it comes to protecting his sister, because people of bullies will steer clear and stay away from his sister whenever Chiaki is around. Or more like they just scamper away after seeing Chiaki’s face, so really he doesn’t have to do much. This boy cares too much about everything, enough to be a low-key doting mom. He is also way too friendly and selfless for his own good. Chiaki may look like a delinquent but is extremely diligent in everything that he does and is surprisingly good with his studies/grades. As for volleyball, he is fiercely passionate about it so if he messes up on a toss, he will practice non-stop until he gets it right. Despite his overall rough appearance, Chiaki is one of the purest and earnest boys that wears his heart on his sleeve.

Even as someone who looks as tough as a jagged rock on the outside, Chiaki has a delicate heart and is rather insecure especially when it comes to himself. He is after all and awkward guy that cries easily (the type that has tears and nasty snot streaming down his straight or frowning face). Although, he maybe be used to people running away or being scared of him, it doesn’t really make him happy. In fact, he makes him a little sad every time someone runs away or talks about how terrifying his face is whenever he’s within earshot. Chiaki is reserved to begin with, so he tends to keeps most things like his negative feelings inside himself. His demonic face is also deceiving, since he looks like he could kick some butt but in fact he’d actually be one getting his butt kicked because he’s such a coward.

✪ H i s t o r y :

TL;DR: Chiaki grew up in Miyagi with his single mother and baby sister, so he had learned to become independent at a young age. On top of that, he was born with the oni's face so he didn't really have an friends to play with. However, he was first introduced to volleyball (and friendship) during his childhood when he played at the park and met his childhood idol there. Even if he often caught the ball with his face rather than his arms/body, he still found volleyball to be very fun and enjoyable with friends to play with. Chiaki tried other sports throughout his school year, but ended up sticking with volleyball because you know. . . ball is life. He was supposed to go to Karasuno but ended up going to Nekoma because his mother's new husband lived in Tokyo. However, nothing shall stop him from pursing that ball dream the volleyball career.

For his upbringing, Chiaki grew up in Miyagi and hadn't been anywhere else. At a young age, he had learned to become independent because he only lived with his single mother and baby sister. His mom would usually be out working at the bar while he stayed at home to cook, clean, do homework, babysit or anything by himself. So whenever he did get the free time (and his sister had someone to look after her), Chiaki would go to the park nearby to play alone or with other people’s dogs and to get some fresh air. Unfortunately, he didn't have many friends to play with because most kids thought he looked too scary and unapproachable.

On another note, the park in their neighborhood was special - not because it was near the beach - but because it had a small volleyball court. There was always a small group of older kids who played there and Chiaki would often watch from the swing set or bench. For some reason, watching them play always left him breathless and clenching tightly onto the swing handles. Chiaki would want to try it, but he was too shy to ask. There was one of the players in particular - he was everywhere on the court and saving the ball from touching the sand. Chiaki would be thinking about how amazing that guy was, and that he wanted to be just as dependable as him when he was older. Those older kids were also using a real volleyball rather than a beach volleyball, and it was just his sheer luck to get hit right in the face one day when he was too busy admiring the players. However, it might have been a good thing, since that led the older kids to come running over to apologize and ask if he was okay. It made his bloody nose worth it because after that day, the kids and that 'amazing guy' started teaching him and letting him play volleyball with them. Albeit, it still didn't seem to stop his face from becoming a volleyball magnet.

Middle school was the year Chiaki went to try out other things, such as various sports besides volleyball. He still hadn't given up his passion for volleyball, but his mother wanted him to try out other things to see if volleyball really was the sport he wanted to stick with in the future. Ultimately, he decided that other sports that dealt with balls (no pun intended) were a little too... dangerous for someone who was accident prone like himself. The other balls were too hard when his face caught them. So that was it. Volleyball really was what he wanted in the end and it even became a long term goal of his to go to the nationals one day. After the endless practice and training, he finally joined the volleyball team. And when he joined he had no trouble picking his position. Ever since he was small, Chiaki had always wanted to become someone people can rely or depend on; and even if he wasn't courageous or brave enough to stand up to people on his own, he wanted to be able to watch his teammates' back and help them when they needed it. Not to mention, his childhood idol from the park was also a libero (as he later on discovered), so the desired position came naturally to him.

Since he was living in Miyagi, it was natural for Chiaki to aim for Karasuno after graduating middle school. Or at least that was supposed to be what he expected. . . at least until his mother told him she was getting remarried and they would be moving in with their new father who lived in Tokyo. It was hard at first for Chiaki, especially since he had such a hard time making friends but he actually got really close to a few people at his current school. Especially Jirou who he met at the same school and volleyball club, the pair had played and practiced together despite all the mishaps and derping ever since then. So to suddenly be parted from Jirou and his friends was difficult for him. In the end he promised to meet them they would meet again - whether it be at a high school match or at the nations. That was the only thing that stopped Chiaki from crying like an alien baby any further and popping out his plastic package of tissues. Nonetheless, it wasn't the end of the world and his life wasn't going to stop there. After hearing that Nekoma would be one of the choices for him to apply to, everything didn't sound so bad after all. Nekoma was well known for their volleyball club, so this was perfect for Chiaki. The only problem was that he would have to try harder to make friends again. That awkward derp potato OTL.

But regardless of any school, Chiaki still wanted to join the volleyball club purely because he enjoyed the sport itself and it would immensely help his pursuit in becoming a national volleyball player one day. His end goal was to become someone that despite his appearance, he would still be known as, ‘that one really cool libero’ that would make people look up to him/become inspired by him just like his childhood idol.

✪ R e l a t i o n s h i p s :

[NPC] Ise, Chiyo: Chiaki’s eight year old baby sister. He’s super protective of her, as she is also very clingy to him (despite trying not to show it).
Yoshi, Jirou: They're childhood friends that shared a passion for volleyball. On top of that, Chiaki's little sister Chiyo and Jirou's sister Juri are best friends.

✪ L i k e s / D i s l i k e s :

☑ Cooking and making things (small plushies, accessories, etc)
☑ Chick flick movies
☑ Collecting colorful bandages
☑ Classical music
☑ Bunnies and cute/fluffy things

☒ Bees
☒ Being misunderstood
☒ How scary his face looks
☒ “Why can’t I smile or wink properly?”
☒ Getting blood on his clothes (so hard to get off!)

✪ A d d i t i o n a l :

Height: 5’6” || Weight: 132 lbs
His voice claim: Takahiro Sakurai @ [ 0:27-1:09 ]
✽ He has two ear piercings on the left, and three on the right
✽ Carries a pink handkerchief (yes he sewed the bunny on it) with him wherever he goes
✽ His mother likes to make jewelry on her free time, so Chiaki has a small collection of accessories got from her. He mostly wears the simple anklet his mother made though
✽ He collects: colorful (new) band aids, small stuffed animals, and phone charms
✽ Chiaki is surprisingly not bad at academics even if he looks like a delinquent
✽ Got stung by a bee once when he was kid (he thought he was gonna die), and is now forever terrified of them
✽ He wears a frilly apron with a cartoon bunny when he cooks. waifu material, whut  //coughs violently//
✽ Chiaki is nearsighted, so he wears his contacts at school or during volleyball matches. At home, he would be wearing his glasses.
✽ He is one of those people who carries a mini sewing kit with him everywhere he goes

✪  R O L E P L A Y   M E T H O D S :

★ Please don't be shy to talk or roleplay/headcanon with me because I am shy too ; v ; <3 and I am also very lonely //ugly laughs//
★ Paragraph/Semi-Literate or Script (Script if you want faster replies from me)
★ Timezone:  PST (Pacific Standard Time) UTC/GMT -8 hours
★ Comfort zone: [ RP Comfort Meme ].
★ Notes > Discord > Email > Google Docs  
★ Please be aware that I might be a little slow with replies, since I have a full time job and I work almost every day //craiis//. So please be patient with me.

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Look at this bean
Got me weak and in love //weeps
He's afraid of bees too! A common fear both him and Shouhei can run from together //smacked
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//screeches// your son is so preciousss~
omg, they're gonna die together then. LOL
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//whispers this sweet boy i missed him 
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dlfhgkfcjhk I miss you too :icontouchedplz:

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//SCREECHES// of course! :iconweepplz: I'd never forget you bby! As you can see, I still have your art featured on my pages from all these yeeeaaarss-- //chokes//

Same, adulting sucks. I miss being a kid and having less responsibility + actually have more rest and free time orz
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IT MADE MY HEART SWELL UGH i can't believe it's still there >:'u

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:icontouchedplz: Of courseee, I'm 5ever in love with that piece you drew <3

Same and that's why I'm months behind on commissions and art stuff I owe OTL //craiis//

The only free time I have for is watching anime, soooooometimes reading mangas, and of roleplaying/headcanoning lol

Oh yeaaah.
The adopts community isn't as great as it used to be either //sighs//

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oh no worries bb~! 
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Ahaha omgg
yeaah, rl is eating up all our free time :iconlazypoolplz:

but you can always send me a message on discord too, i'm always down for chatting, rping and hcing
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Now I kinda want to make a volleyball kiddo. Lol
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OMGG... I wanna join to this group but I don't speak English ;; geez

He's so cuteee ><
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D'awwww! It's okay.
I don't think they have a 'strict English' rule? :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:

but thank youuu <3
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Oh, Is not that. Is just that I don't know how to join ywy
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The group seems pretty casual from reading their rules
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