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Why Your female TF2 OC is dumb

By OhSadface
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If you get mad at me I’m sorry these are just things I noticed and wanted to have fun, and I did. Next I’m sort if it’s hard to read just download if you have problems I’m sorry it’s so big there was no other way of uploading it.

Now another thing, I am opposed to most oc’s..not just female ones not just tf2 ones.. I don’t like the bishonen wimpy guys that people create and I don’t like the furry ones. So really no one is safe XDD but there are some I really like, like :iconchemicalalia: s stuff is well thought out and rendered, :iconi-french-fry: did a brilliant break down of making an engineer counterpart [link] she captured every element and it’s just fantastic.

Trust me there are pinup style female tf2 characters all over the internet that I just love XDDD I’m a confusing person. There are some exceptions trust me there are plenty of tf2 fan works I do enjoy and some that I really don’t *coughnerfnow!coughahemcuogh*

These are just sort of guidelines I’m giving you to try and optimize your characters. I know a lot of people base their characters on themselves cause they have hard-ons for the characters and that’s…creepy XD but they still can’t carry a gun! So try again! Don’t add tit to your character to make her hotter add more guns!! As in muscle!! Otherwise this will happen [link] and I will laugh at you..

Characters/text © Valve
Images © me

I have a feeling i just made like 300 enemys but 5,000 friends

EDIT: Holy crap I didn't think it would be this popular this fast! it's already on the front page D: (if you have it set to last 8 hours XD) Well i'm happy people like it XD

Edit again: I don't know if it was clear but I don't discourage just for fun pinups. This is for fan characters and counterparts.
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ForryGamingHobbyist Digital Artist

I love it. So true. Even if it is old I think this is so accurate.

Good to know my OC's are perfect then XD

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RollerqueHobbyist General Artist
I think my oc hits all the right marks heck, I made a whole new class (pilot) for good measure!
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not everything has to be 100% realistic

and you act like 27 year olds are still babies --

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OhSadfaceProfessional Digital Artist
I made this 10 years ago. things have changed. Also, I stated in the original comments "THIS IS ALL OPINION AND ME JUST HAVING FUN!" so like. it's to be taken with a grain of salt.
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AlanaDaMoonDemon15Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll keep all that in mind XD
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Fanni9998Hobbyist Digital Artist
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deviantart is the fucked up website because heres why

1. sexy
2. fat
3. big freaking tits
4. thicc ass

do i need say more of this or what
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Another point about the age thing, WHY THE FUCK IS ANYONE under the age of 18 bare minimum on the battlefield in the first place? Sure, my OC is barely able to be called a Merc, but he's got the strength to wear Demo's armor and carry an assault rifle (seriously? Shotguns only for most of them?) Yes, he suffers for aiming from recoil, but he's more or less a Recruit for them, learning from the other 9 classes
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VyreenStudent General Artist
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CyanideCiderHobbyist General Artist
so true.
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Yes, perfect 
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I love this to the moon and back! As someone who is a military vet (Navy, to be exact, but knows the basics of weaponry and uniform regulations...and firefighting), I know for a damn fact I couldn't be a Pyro or Heavy. Their weapons are far too heavy, despite me being decently strong. I can survive a fire and know how to put it out/escape, but that's about it there.

Sniper? I'm far too fidgety to stay in one spot for very long and before anyone sneers "But you didn't snipe!" No, I didn't. I did something much more taxing; I stood watch...and let me tell you, standing in one spot for literally 5-6 hours at a time, is torture.

Engineer? Not me, but I DO have a good amount of buddies that ARE Engies (Damage Controlmen, Electrical Technician, Gunnar's Mates, to name a few~)

Scout? Well...kinda? My attitude and over-all basics of him I've got down, but I do get winded easily, so yeah. But I AM addicted to sugary drinks and energy boosts.

Soldier? Nope, that's a Gunner's Mate to me! That Rocket Launcher will launch me right off my ship if I fired it!

Demo-Man? Not drunk enough...amazingly enough, I'm not an alcoholic sailor~ But I do have his sick sense of humor and do find explosives fascinating.

Spy? Well, I am slick enough and quiet enough to get up behind someone and knife 'em in the back. Easy~ Sadly, if someone goes wrong, my anxiety will make me panic and I would get exposed somehow.

Medic? I do know basic first aid (and played as an amputee in a drill for others to 'save' different kinds of wounds. My right hand was blown off and I remember yelling/crying at my superior 'Tell me the truth, CS1!? Will I ever write again?! Or play video games?!' He looked at me and said, 'Not likely, CB...' his bedside manner needed work, but he knew me and my sense of humor, so it was too funny to not break character.) And hell, when these drills would test everyone, I was first on scene and saving 'lives'. Sadly, I still can't thread a needle worth a damn and am not a licensed medic. My brother is!! And I was best friends with my medics! 

Sorry, I kinda went off on a thing here, but with all of that being said, I thank my military experience to know what it takes to be a TF2 member. Before the Navy, I remember having an OC that was...err...a bit off. Not exactly Mary-Sueish, but wasn't good either. Afterward, oh Lord, I shaped her into a sick hybrid badass with a decent backstory. And this little PSA (I know it's not exactly that, but it's the only word coming to me) is flat-out funny and right at the same time!

No long hair. Heaven help you if your hair is past your collar...if you're lucky to grow it out, it must be in a neat bun.

No facial hair (yes, that was a rule on my ship, especially if you were a CS aka cook).

Uniform must be fitting, but not tight. If anything, go up one size to max movement and comfort.

BRAS ARE MADATORY...but seriously, all the women on that ship would start a fight with you if you said "No makeup..." They were a nightmare to deal with, except for a select few.

EVERYONE IS AGED 18 OR UP!! No one (not even officers who are literally baby-faced fresh college students, no joke) is underaged. Everyone is a tried hard adult...but drinking underage was still an issue...

Boots are required for a reason; high heels on those thin, no-joking-half-a-foot steps (called Ladderwells) WILL result in a busted ankle and a shattered leg. Even I couldn't escape that horror; I slipped a few times, but I always managed to catch myself on the railing while suffering a mini heart attack. In terms of Scout, we are required to have PT gear (yellow polyester shirt, blue sweat shorts, and running shoes) at all times.

Also, Scout, TUCK YOUR DOG TAGS INTO YOUR SHIRT!! Sorry, had it yell that. That's a legit rule; dog tags are required to be inside your shirt so they don't jingle or swing.

So...yeah~ Hope you enjoyed a little inside on the Navy's rules and how I would suck as being a TF2 member~
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PinkZ64Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh my god I love this comment ! It's just like documentary but even better !

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Awww, thank you! I totally forgot I wrote this (2 years ago and all), but I'm glad you love it! Having my writing about my experiences being called a documentary but better is an amazing compliment! Thank you, this made my day!
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PinkZ64Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hehehe, you're welcome ! x3

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leighahornerHobbyist Artist
Is my OC good?:
Name: Leah M. Horner
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Ethnicity: British, Irish, French, German
Hair: Let down, but sometimes up in a pony tail. It is a light brown.
Eyes: Bluish greenish brown
Skin type: White
Clothes: A long sleeve button up plain white shirt that sometimes has the sleeves rolled up, sneakers, and dark blue kind tight jeans.
Class: Sniper
Team: BLU
Extra info: Has a bit of a British accent. She is in no relationships with any of the mercenaries and doesn't have a crush on any of them. She is good friends with the pyro. She is a bit insane sometimes, shooting the dead corpse of any dead body multiple times or having dark thoughts. Even though she is not attracted to any of the mercenaries, she has a bit of a dirty mind, but it's nothing to bad. She cherishes her job as a mercenary.
How she became a mercenary: So according to skyrim slash, a canon idea on how respawn works is that their is a machine that brings back a person from the dead if they die in the radius of the machine. So after the events of Meet the Spy, the BLU sniper died and did not come back, either because he died outside of the radius or the machine glitched a bit when he died, each way causing him to not come back, making him officially dead. So Leah saw the opening for the job. She knew she wouldn't be able to get in if she told the truth about how she had never been in a war or shot a gun before on her application, so she lied. Surprisingly, it worked. So when she got to the BLU team base on her first day, engineer was showing her around explaining to her what work would be like. While they were in the Intel room, the RED spy attacked them and ran with the Intel. He knocked over a bunch of crates to keep the two from getting to him so he would have more time to get back to the RED Intel room. A sniper rifle fell out of one of those crates and Leah picked it up and shot he red spy with it, saving the Intel. She was sort of a natural at using the sniper rifle.
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*audience clapping intensifies* *Seinfeld theme plays*
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AshofthewilliamsStudent General Artist
Cancer begets cancer.
I guess this is why TF2 went to shit.
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Kritzel-crazyHobbyist Digital Artist
this is the most petty shit ive ever seen and i love it
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NigrarumHobbyist Traditional Artist
i just wanted to say: thanks for making this post. this helped me a lot in developing my own character and guide myself into not making the same mistakes as other artists
and also, i wanted to show you the character i made inspired by this post, i hope you like her, i spent a whole month into developing her :,)
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JuvinileBardStudent Traditional Artist
ok, so i made a dredded 10th class oc, the tactician. she was pretty much a slower, more stealthy scout that could plant landmines and stuff. shit description i know but i don't wanna flesh it out here. I made her fairly young, 19 to be precise, with a crush on snipes but more in like an adoration way than a head-over-heels-the-way-people-look-at-like-ryan-gosling-way( like she respects him and knows it will never happen and is perfectly A ok with that and would rather just be his friend). I haven't really come up with a background for her other than she is jewish-hungarian and lived in Portland, Oregon for most of her life with her dad and two brothers. I feel like, because the class I made is more focused on strategy and stealth rather than being a surgeon or engineer her age is ok? it's the only thing that really feels cringy about her ( at least to me). I think that having her be a certain age a bit closer to mine (she would be 2 years my senior) i can write her better rather than trying to write someone in their late 30's early 40's.  

anyways I LOve this. and tbh i feel like a hypocrite bc i make fun of other's ocs literally all the time but here i am sitting in the trash as well lol.
like all my OCs are trash, but it's fun. 
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Rocket launchers don't have recoil.
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Minigun would though.
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Endy001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah... Even while mounted, a minigun is inaccurate. The XM556 was made so that the thing would be carryable.
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