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It's not unusual

I was gonna do a valentine pinup but then i took a lazy to the knee.
So you get Sadface the soldier saluting to his unusual taste in love.

Please feel free to print this out and use it! Just don't go around saying you drew it cause then that would make you a big fat fibber.

Image (c) Me
Soldier (c) Valve

Oh and PS [link]
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I love the heart-shaped grenades!
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Hearts Exquisite Rack
Fancy Dress Uniform
Clan Pride


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lol close but mine is a Gentlemann service medal.
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Very awsome man, good job looks just like a card you would buy!
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Oh snap, did you submit this to the DA Valentines thing? [link] If you put it in the Community-> Holiday ->2012 ->Valenine's Exchange category, people can send this to other deviants! I was gon send this one to some peeps XD
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It is now! lol
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I giggled. I did.
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I'd give this to someone, but she'd not understand it.
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Also, having to explain the antlers are called The Exquisite Rack would be awkward too.
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XDDDDD yeaaaaah
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This is really creative :meow:
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You can cap my point any day sir.
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Ha, that's clever <3
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I want heart grenades!! To throw...Love the background dot effect. :O I am trying my very hardest to do some lame-ass WoW valentines but I am sick as fuck right's hard to sketch when snotwaterfalls happen. :[
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I DO TO! And yeah those half tones are my favorite cheat XD

Also stop snotting you bubble nose. I forced my ass to do this so this weekend i can like work on the 300 other things I have been planning.
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Yeah I got sick out of cousin has it too I like...can't even really look at this sketch straight. I'm doing four and I have 2.75 sketches done. XD I can do it especially if I call out of work tomorrow which is looking more and more likely considering I can't really do anything more than sit upright. :[
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