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The crow is tired of being lonely
But tied to being lonely.
She painted white her black feathers
And washed the blood from her claws
To fly with the doves
But the rain came and her colors showed
And they shunned her,
They all left.
She's tired of flying
In the shadow of the eagles
And stealing shiny things from strangers, worthless things.
Collecting trash that are collecting dust. But collecting, nonetheless, that she should have something to her name.
She was tired of the cold kill
And waiting for small vermin
She was hungry
But she looked at her small claws,
Sharp yet weak
She deserves what she's able to make for herself... and nothing more.
Matted feathers of dried blood and dirt
She stood at the birdbath of a rose garden,
For the pigeons
How out of place she was,
But she dove right in
And when the gardener came, he scared her away
Like she was some omen of demons.
Oh she could've gouged out his eyes
But he had a scythe
And again she flew away
Regretful at another battle lost,
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 9 1
The Impossible Door
Confidence is key, they say
But I don't even have the lock.
This impossible door won't budge an inch
And I can hear him on the other side.
I knocked on it softly,
But God, I wanted to break it down.
I clawed at it, threw punches, until my hands can't feel themselves
I did my best, really, for the only visitor I invited in.
There must be some way, I thought
So I unhinged the sides and it opened
in a very awkward way.
He stood there expectantly,
my visitor looked bored.
Apparently the wait was too long.
I must've scared him trying, loudly pounding on the door.
The door that I loved, the door that kept me safe all these years,
Loved too much I didn't even imagine ever opening it.
So I didn't try.
A door I didn't want gone, until he came along.
Funny, I don't even blame him for not coming in.
After all, how hard was it to open a damned door?
He'll never know.
So I hid my bloodied hands, smiled and bid him goodbye.
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 13 6
Cold Fire
Cold Fire
Eyes fierce, ablaze
Under your gaze,
Fires awaken
My fears rise
Captive, taken
By your eyes.
Be you the dark
Be the light
Be you so stark
Still, be mine…
Yearnings just so
Inside me
Love I now know,
Ignite me.
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 14 15
Let me go, make me stay
Don’t let go, turn away
You won’t know what I’ll say
Even so, make my day
I say no, but maybe yes
I won’t show, so baby, guess
I’m feeling low, I’m such a mess
Even though I’m very blessed
To have you here with me, though I won’t say it loud
The time that you give me, boy you make me proud
You still believe me, though my head’s in the clouds
“I’m afraid that you’ll leave me…” are the words I enshroud
Within my head, I won’t come clean
But then instead, they won’t be seen
Those words of dread, the words that I screen
That if ever I said… you’d know what they mean
Should I just say it? Do I keep playing blind?
Do I admit it? Should I let you find…?
Would I regret it? Would you still be mine?
Would you still believe it, when I changed my mind?
Long ago, we left it there
We let it go, into the open air…
When you said you loved me…
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 14 17
Finite Ride
Finite Ride
I kissed them goodbye
My parents and my sleeping little sister
Forgetting to pray but not my allowance
With which I bought a ticket to life
I sat by the window
After careful thought
On which side the sun won’t hit me
Because I’d hate to draw the blinds
Afraid to miss all those beautiful things outside…
I loved the fields and the man-made fish ponds especially,
The glass panel was so big…
But it’s a tour bus, so that’s normal
I didn’t think I’m going on a tour though, I have a destination.
I was wrong
As I always was
Thinking where I was headed to meant my happiness
School, the city, the future, where all my dreams would be.
A heavy backpack on my lap
In there’s my paper for the term
My laptop, phone and my uniform
My shoulders have become stiff carrying them around for years but I can’t put them down yet.
The music in my ears is a screaming man
Whose voice sounded so nice
Some of what he said I got, the others bl
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 9 8
Eli's Grave
Eli’s Grave
I hold you in my hands
Cold and rough under my fingertips
Maybe the rain made you like this
I’m sorry I couldn’t afford a roof
I’m sorry I couldn’t be a dependable wife
I’m sorry for all the things that I’ve done wrong
For all the things I could’ve done…
I would’ve done…
And could’ve done sooner…
I should’ve made you smile everyday
But I was too busy smiling and being loved by you
Maybe now I’m making you laugh
Talking to your name engraved on stone
Talking to myself…
I should’ve shown what I really felt
But I was fine being assured by you of your love
Now that I’m letting you see my feelings
I doubt they would make you happy
Because I remember you cry for no reason
When you see someone crying…
I should’ve given you more of me
But I was too selfish to always rely on you
I’m trying to be thoughtful just now
Because I thought women needn’t b
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 8 13
So damn worthless
The words don’t match the feel
So damn weightless
Clichéd but never real
This unkindness
My muse ran out of zeal
Kept in the darkness
It would take time to heal
Its hateful
Nothing fateful
I'm feeling so ungrateful
Escape this great ordeal...
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 22 16
Words Of Art Remade This Heart
Words Of Art Remade This Heart
I feel like crying
But I write instead
As the tears bleed with my pen
And my heart runs out of ink
I feel so empty
But I write instead
As the words erase the blankness
And my heart fills up the paper
I feel confused
But I write instead
As the muse whispers the feelings
And my heart places the lines
I feel alone
But I write instead
As the silence tells me a story
And my heart speaks you the words
I feel so broken
But I write instead
As the images start to breathe life
And my heart restored her hope
I feel discouraged
But I write instead
As the flow gives me continuity
And my heart carries on dreaming
I feel unworthy
But I write instead
As the idea builds me a new world
And my heart blossoms with pride
I feel forgotten
But I write instead
As the beats bestow me heartbeats
And my heart remembers love
I feel deserted
But I write instead
As the words belong with rhymes
And my heart now finds her home
I feel regret
But I write instead
As the form made new the l
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 34 14
Life and a Lady
Life and a Lady
A little girl,
With pastel stains on her cheeks
I remember so vaguely
But she walked home that day
With a star in her hands
And chocolate milk on her mind
A little lady,
With confetti littered in her cheeks
I remember, though barely
But she walked home that day
With a medal in her hands
And the promised computer in mind
A teenage girl,
With tears on her cheeks
I remember somewhat clearly
But she walked home that day
With a toga in hand
And college in her mind
A grown-up lady,
With make-up on her cheeks
I remember lucidly
And she walked home that day
With a diploma in hand
And success in her mind
A woman,
With blush on her cheeks
I remember so vividly
And she walked home that day
With a ring in her hand
And a man in her mind
A bride,
With bloom on her cheeks
I’ll remember infinitely
Walked to a new home that day
With a hand in her hand
And eternity in her mind
A mother,
With small hands on her cheeks
I’ll remember joyfully
And she walked home that day
With a
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 185 127
Our Battlecry, Emblazoned In The Sky
Our Battlecry, Emblazoned In The Sky
Deny not my wings,
Defy him, your king
Defiled but we sing
For the land that never flourished
“Revive them”, the fallen
Replies the one sullen
Reviled, curse-befallen
In this land by wicked nourished
The sins will never fade
Disease devours, degrades
We see this masquerade
But this Hell will never perish  
Unless we move, awaken
Undress the masked, mistaken
And bless us, the forsaken
As we light this fire of garish
Revel in the sky
Rebels that cannot fly
Ravel tailless kites
And dive to the land we boorish
Overturn this peace
Covered, mourned, displeased
Hover, burn, release
A sleepless land nightmarish
The fire burns in the sky
Desire born in their eyes
So dire the people’s cries
A fuel none can extinguish
We blaze up not explosives
To chase freedom elusive
Emblaze the sky obtrusive
Our battle cry relinquished…
To fireworks that light the hearts of the thousands who see this rebellion of hope.
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 12 23
Beats and Heartbeats
Beats and Heartbeats
His growls, lazy lion
Ego of a champion
Spit flow with precision
Eliciting reaction
Freedom is his mouth
Prowess of the clout
Words be going south
He wouldn't care about
Wings of words
Rhyme like birds
Flow absurd
Out of this world
Warrior of speech
Speeds won’t reach
Lines unbreached
So slickly preached
Blizzard beats
Tempo cheats
Tongue of the streets
Faster than your feet
Raining pitter-patter
Lexis that would matter
A poet gone madhatter
His pace that could shatter
Shatter pride
Them, tongue-tied
Vocab’s wide
Often snide
Spitting fire
Verses mired
His mind so dire
I still admire
Hidden I watch
A man unmatched
Our rhymes attached
But by worlds detached
I close my eyes
Now with beats I vie
My heart’s own sigh
And his words so sly
I am inspired
Though my words are tired
My heart blooms one briar
With his thorns acquired
Together, I hear
Two beats loud and clear
But my heart it tears
To dreams I adhere
To reach him I could never,
To catch up, woul
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 8 10
A King Just A Man
A King Just A Man
Once a child, by reign defiled
I vaguely knew this land I styled
By power’s guile, of thousand isles
Still a child by guilt reviled…
Once so long, I’m not as strong
As I claim I’m now among soldiers’ throng
All along, by fate prolonged
This cruel life my strength belonged…
Once before, I ran through doors
But people never knelt on floors
Now ahorse, and leading wars
My respect for self is but my remorse…
Once sometime, I spent but dimes
Now I bathe in gold that I claim as mine
In my prime, in a throne sublime
Emitting grace but committing crimes…
Once my life, like the sky was rife
Now I run on just battlefield’s strife
Others’ wives, I play like fifes
Under justice I hid a knife…
Once so sure, and once so pure
By newfound rule into sin was lured
Sin left spoors, left me insecure
Into a broken man even wealth can’t cure…
Once I dreamed, with ideals teemed
But now I can just be advised
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 8 49
Aletheia and Maneo
Aletheia and Maneo
I will live
Will believe
With my life to you I give
I will, love
I will try
To never cry
My dear, I would even die
For you, love
This is love
This is pain
From above I’ll kiss the rain
If it’s you, love
For your laugh
I will cry
It’s enough to call you mine
Gentle love
I will smile
Through remorse
It’s worthwhile just to be yours
You’re my love
With this fate
I will race
I’ll have faith in your embrace
My true love
Even death
I will defy
For your breath I’ll tinge the sky
With red, love
I’m alive
I am crazed
I will strive to be unfazed
By you love
You are fire
I am ice
But I desire for your brown eyes
Lovely love
I am bound
I am saved
By your voice I am enslaved
My great love
You are there
So close to touch
I just stare at you and clutch
My heart, love
In my head
You’re alive
But you’re dead and never thrived
They say, love
But my soul sings
And my heart beats
You’re my wings and living heat
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 3 25
Leaves shed, petals bloom
A blaze of glory by the moon
A million flowers, a thousand roots
But a lonely tree that bears no fruit.
In golden years, borne no son
In the dark her hopes now gone
A taste of Summer but gave no wine
An endless Winter her fears define.
When the snow will fall, she can never say
But she’ll forever dread that final day
When her body’s frozen but heart still warm
But to never hold a child in her arms.
And when snow falls and tears descend
She’ll keep on praying until life ends
Because as heavens shower rains in Spring
God rains mercy to who believes in Him.
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 13 21
Another Lonely Poem
Another Lonely Poem
She makes you happy
I make you cry,
I’m half as lovely,
She doesn’t even try.
But you say I’m beautiful
I shake my head when you lie,
Why am I this pitiful?
Why can’t I just say goodbye?
She wipes your tears,
I do only your sweat,
I gave you fears,
And too much regret.
But you say I’m worth it,
Tears fell when you smiled,
You loved me and you said it
I felt just like a child.
She gave you what I can’t,
I give you only thoughts,
I do know what you want,
Yet she’s the one who bought.
But you say I have something
That your lady doesn’t have,
You say you need that one thing,
You need my humble love.
She loves you truly,
I give you only strife,
I love you, though not surely,
She’d love you all her life.
What do I have against that?
What can I offer you, my friend?
I can’t give what I ain’t got
But I’ll be here until the end.
She’s too perfect
I’m too stupid
In every aspect,
She’s ju
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 9 50
Moon and the City Lights
Moon and the City Lights
The lights shine, far down there
The moon hides from open air
When the brightness it won’t share
Creates dark for lights to fare
So as the stars keep falling down
In the sky, none to be found
Placid hearts they will astound
Cause they still shine from the ground
There’s an abyss up the clouds
The cosmos’ glowing it will shroud
Swallows even towers proud
So take these cries I shout aloud
Why can’t the city lights
Shine when stars are shining bright?
Why those beauties take the blight
Of moonshine’s splendor every night?
Why can’t two lights shine as one
Why must there a light be gone?
Why must the show of lights be done
When the night has just begun?
Must you take two lovely hearts?
When they’re not yours from the start?
Why must you tear them both apart
Must you break the finest art?
The art of love, the art they made
Over years the costs they’ve paid
For a hope they cannot trade
A goodbye neither has bade
And nev
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 12 24
Let's go poetry!!!


Fan art of a fan art by sweetangel-babycakes Fan art of a fan art :iconsweetangel-babycakes:sweetangel-babycakes 90 3 Paris Watercolor by nicolasjolly Paris Watercolor :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 1,376 47 Above the Lights by yuumei Above the Lights :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,418 702 in the air of night by NanFe in the air of night :iconnanfe:NanFe 2,434 56 Maleficent-Jolie2 by Precia-T Maleficent-Jolie2 :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,472 52
i met a girl today
who was not golden-haired or blue-eyed,
who was not straight-nosed or full-lipped,
who was not long-legged or slender.
instead i met a girl
who sang full-bodied notes in both soprano and alto,
who spoke like a king and walked like a queen,
who had a body curved like the moon.
and that was okay.
i met a boy today
who was not muscular or broad-shouldered,
who was not charming or charismatic,
who was not tall or dark or handsome.
instead i met a boy
who had a memory like an elephant,
who wrote like an angel and drew like Monet,
who could churn out sums like a calculator.
and that was okay.
so now,
take a good look in the mirror:
and remember that what you see—
the imperfections and perfections;
the roll of love around your stomach;
the diverging forks at the ends of your hair;
the delicate sprinkles on the bridge of your nose
—is only one layer of who you are,
and that
all of it
(all of you)
is okay, too.
:iconsophiemarin:sophiemarin 460 125
Into The Storm by yuumei Into The Storm :iconyuumei:yuumei 20,107 572 Effie and Haymitch by itsMarikko Effie and Haymitch :iconitsmarikko:itsMarikko 35 10 Field of Dreams by yuumei Field of Dreams :iconyuumei:yuumei 30,206 1,113 OH GOD WHERE IS MY GUN by alexiuss OH GOD WHERE IS MY GUN :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 10,753 761 CoCo Complete Brush Download! by CGCookie CoCo Complete Brush Download! :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 2,674 57
It's okay to be imperfect
The moon
has craters
and look
how bright
it shines,
even in
the darkest
of times.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 402 182
Axent Wear Prototype One by yuumei Axent Wear Prototype One :iconyuumei:yuumei 14,502 2,122 Disney-like Princess wardrobe by Precia-T Disney-like Princess wardrobe :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 942 28 Maleficent by Kattvalk Maleficent :iconkattvalk:Kattvalk 918 72 Little Black Riding Hood by JonasDeRo Little Black Riding Hood :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 5,574 166

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:bademoticon: Tears of joy. :bademoticon:  
For the very warm reception of my poem "Life and a Lady".
For the sincere comments.
For telling me I'm doing good at free verse, even though I think I'm still lacking.

Really, it had to be my most popular poem to date... I submit it last night and didn't expect for anything to happen. 
But when I woke up today, the number of views and faves surprised me. 
Now, it has more or less 800 views, and a hundred and one favorites!
But that was just a half of the whole happiness package!
What I loved the most was the nice comments I received... 
Words of appreciation, words of approval, words of how my poem touched them.

Some even said that they almost cried, I wanted to cry too.
This is a memorable day for me.
I will be better in free verse and over all, poetry.
Thanks for always supporting me, and those who have pushed me to writing poetry, rhymed and free verse.
I love DA, I love you all. I have no regrets in putting my efforts up here.
REALLY? FOR ME? cries :bademoticon:  

I'm so happy. 
So happy.
Sugar flavored tears coming through. 


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