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Published: April 26, 2018
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When I watched InuYasha for the first time which was when I was 15... now I'm 28 so, long time ago, my OTP was of course InuxKag. It never occurred to me to ship characters out of the canon because the options were comfortable enough for me. It was after some years later that I discovered :iconyoukaiyume: awesomeness and my horizons were stretched A LOT. SessxKag ended up being my favorite ship over the canon because of the possibilities it offered. The clash between the two characters, the beautiful dynamic that could've been and it was something I saw while I read Forthright's fanfics too; IT WAS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL.

The relationship between Kagome and InuYasha seemed to be after some years very toxic; always fighting, always feeling jealous and never addressing that as a problem. Fanfiction became a haven after several re-watchs because I was just too disappointed by what I just mentioned, and also by the problematic behavior Miroku had. My points of view were shaped over the years in such a way that InuYasha became something very special to me on a bigger scale thanks to other people's fanwork, on its own... to be quite honest, I don't really like it anymore. So weird, huh? 

Anyways; something polyamorous because, why not (not incest implied tho, I'm not into that kinda stuff).
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ViridianDenial Digital Artist
Aaaa yessss inuyasha fanart!!
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
<3 <3 <3
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I bet whoever made this watches Inuyasha
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
Well, yeah? 
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FtMidnight101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Two Dogs one Woman 😂
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stormhelenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Relly nice sketch! I like that you can see that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are brothers. You can see some similarities (as you usually do with siblings). Good job! Clap 

I couldn't agree with you more. Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship is really toxic. And she is quite stupid that she put up with all the crap.  SessKag 4 ever! KissKissKagKissKissSess2  

And Sesshomaru character is quite interesting and could be developed MUCH more!
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
Thank you! I tried to make them look similar but not the same (which is something I struggle with; all my drawings end up looking with the same face). I always pictured InuYasha having more of a square face; more rough in a way since I feel he resembles his father more than Sesshomaru does. I feel Sesshomaru on the other hand has a more elongated face but not so much that he's delicate; while I like depictions of him where he is more feminine and with fragile gestures and such, I don't know, I do think that while he's very similar to his mom, he should have a bit of that toughness Inu no Taisho had. 

And yep, yep, yep. Opportunities were huge; Sesshomaru on his own is a very interesting character with a lot to offer. I have a thing for anti heroes and I loved the way he developed in the anime. I wish there was more of him though T-T  
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You have a very interesting style! :D
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
Thanks a lot <3 <3 
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ShadeThatDemonCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oof their facial expressions tho
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
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Quite possibly the manliest Inuyasha I have ever seen. (Actually same goes for Sess, anime him is usually pretty femme)

Funny how the fanfic culture can take on a life of it's own that you appreciate more than the original "thing."  Sometimes I think it's easier to fall in love with the setting over the actual story, Star Wars is getting like that for me.
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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
Haha, thanks I guess? That was my goal. The style in which they are originally drawn is too cute for my taste at this point. 

And yes, I agree; I've felt more compelled towards fanwork more at this point than the original series. To me authors and visual artists have made it so much better and took the best that could've been taken from the TV show to create fantastic stuff. Sometimes I feel that we, as fans, have been digging way too much into something that's actually not that great... InuYasha to me seems incomplete like we're filling in gaps that were left not because it was planned but out of poor writing. 

I'm not very into Star Wars, not because I don't like it, but because I've seen the movies just a few times so I'm not very familiar with it. But yeah, seems like that happens when things are just unsolved, it's a way to cope; I get what you're saying. Like the setting has so much potential and sometimes we as observers see that potential and want to use it in some way and it's frustrating when the original piece is not using those resources and opportunities for the betterment of the story and development. 
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Yeah, kind of a reversal of the bad sequel syndrome.  On rare occasions it does work out though.  I read a while back that Big Trouble In Little China was actually supposed to be a sequel to Buckaroo Banzai.  I love them both (much to my wife's chagrin...she doesn't like BTLC).  But usually it doesn't.  I really like the movie Streets of Fire, but the unofficial sequel bites.
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MisuiyaHobbyist General Artist
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Sesshomaru ends up looking hot in any art lol
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Inuyasha looks like a lenny face.
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kitsunefire7Hobbyist General Artist
Oh My Emote George Takei Star Trek Sulu oh myyyyy XD lol

and I thought the exact SAME as you did watching Inuyasha!  At first as a teen you think the ship is cute, but as the episodes went on and you got older you began to see things that made the ship very unhealthy. And honestly wish sessxkag happened instead because of all the potential that could have happened. And the moments (way later on in the series obviously) where Sesshomaru and Kagome did interact I saw potential.

Sesshomaru saved Kagome from the poison gas guy in the band of seven when he did not have to.
Sesshomaru kept Naraku's demons from devouring Kagome when she was knocked out, THEN even gave her a lift on his fluffy tail thing and help with saving Inuyasha from himself.
When Kagome calls Sesshomaru 'big brother' and he gives her that irked look, I like to think it's him thinking how he wanted to be something ELSE to Kagome.

And once again I think of all the potential and character development that could have been done, and the IRONY of Sessh falling for a human like his father did, etc. Rin doesn't count cause I see father-daughter relationship -,- and no one can change my mind.

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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
YES. YES. Those moments in the manga and anime were like, so important to me. Especially with the demons that he asks her something like "Did my brother do that?" regarding Kagome's bruise on her arm which, if I remember correctly he was right because InuYasha went on one of his "full-demon" rampages I think; can't remember well. And yeah, I agree. I used to like SessxRin, obviously in a setting where she's older etc. but now I feel that there's nothing more there other than a father-daughter thing like you just said. But yeah, at the end he seemed protective towards her and I don't know if it was out of appreciation for her and only her or the fact that he earned some level of respect for his brother and knew how important she was to him. 

For me it's the same; it's about the potential, about that precise irony too that made Sesshomaru kind of lose respect for his father in some way. Although Rin did change him in a way that made him open to care for others and that's where I feel there's that latent potential. That heart opening ready to let someone else in. In some way, she would've been healed too. It always seemed unfair to me that she was really a second choice, no matter how much IY said she wasn't; Kikyo literally had to die for him to finally let go and love Kagome completely; that's what it felt like to me. Like, ok, I understand polyamorous relationships and it's possible to love more than one person at the same time (been there) but to me it didn't seem like that. It always felt like he was in it to have the two of them but wasn't in a position to let Kagome be with anyone else. He was extremely jealous and that I don't appreciate; when I was younger and impressionable it seemed cute because I thought "Aw, he wants her to be for himself, he loves her" etc., but the more I started to mature the more that just seemed off and bad, very bad. There was always this hostility around them that just... just no. 
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kitsunefire7Hobbyist General Artist

There were times I absolutely hated Inuyasha's character, especially when he considered having both of them. (unfortunately, like his father who had Inukimi and Izayoi!)  Thus I can understand Sesshomaru's hatred of Inuyasha to a degree. And most of the time I just saw a lot of bickering/sitting/ angst between Inuyasha and Kagome, thus I abandoned the ship pretty fast.

The few times we did see Sesshomaru he took impressive leaps in character development, and there is still so much we don't know about him!

From I will kill you half breed
to save human child cause I feel like it
than preventing Inuyasha's blood from taking over
then there are the few times he's rescued/saved almost every member of Inuyasha's group including Kohaku in one way or another
and finally get his arm back with a new badass sword cause he FINALLY let go of his want for Tensaiga and aids Inuyasha's group to take down Naraku
Freakin brings kimonos for Rin who he left in Kaede's village cause he knew it was the best place for her to grow up and would visit.

And there is still so much more in-between! Like his concern for Kaguya as she was dying, and that one lady who loved Sesshomaru and sold her freakin soul to demons just so she could tell him how she felt and at the end he freed her. The time he punched Inuyasha in the face cause he messed up their father's corpse/grave showing how much he still respected/cared for their father even after his death. Etc. So much potential wasted.

That's, why I love the fanfics to help, ease my salty mood about this lol. They really make up for all the show/manga. Heck, I even enjoy shipping Inukag in well-written fanfictions, but still lean more towards Sesshomaruxkagome :3 he cool and I find WAY more interesting Sesskag fanfics then I do Inukag fics. I can't take Inuyasha seriously with ears like those. (though they still look like cat ears to me to this day!)

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ohparapraxiaStudent General Artist
Yep! I lean more towards SessKag because of the potential we saw in the anime in those moments you mentioned. I do like a good InuKag BUT only in fanfics. I think things could've been developed better and there were some moments when I felt hopeful for InuYasha but it just faded eventually because of something stupid he said or did. Sesshomaru was one if not the only character with true development and it's sad because he was not even a secondary character but that's something that happens in Rumiko Takashi's work A LOT. At least in Ranma 1/2 the dynamics between the main characters are pretty much the same; gary stu and mary stu fighting all the time, unwilling to be nice to each other because FEELINGS RIGHT? And I really believe that things like that make people believe that jealousy in relationships is something normal and an actual goal? Like "if your partner gets jealous that means they really love you"... mh, no. 
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