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right arm

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new tattoo
if you want to know what is says, find someone who can read latin
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yo llevo tres tatoo y me encantan
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Too bad I failed Latin.
Ill tattoos.
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ok just read both this translation and the one for the other arm and I have to say I like them both. While I will never get a tatoo i think if I had to make a choice I would probably go with a word tat, much like one of these.
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i'll pass along your comment to the model
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cool tattoo you have there, I love text tattoos !

well I know latin so I can translate for the other users, I hope ohnostock you don't mind.. also by no way I'm native in latin XD so maybe the translation is not the best, yet not inaccurate enough to be entirely wrong:

"Come, so we (will?) both enjoy the goods that exist, and associate with the servant, just as if (we are) momentarily in youth. With the precious wine and the balms we satisfy ourselves and our temporal flower does not pass by."

that 'associate with the servant' was the most difficult part for me x.x
there's no latin word goautamur, so I guessed most likely it's composition with 'goa' (still there's no such word) + 'utamur' that basically means 'we associate' with people and 'use' with objects. I picked servant for the translation of 'creaturam' (it can also mean..creature) thinking it might refer to a sex servant since the whole thing is for indulgences XD

oh and lastly, I'm positive there's no word 'celenter', so the closest I think is 'celeriter' (=rapidly, fast etc.). maybe there was a typo or something since 'n' can pass easily as a ligature of 'ri', but that's why the i was a dot above..

well anyways I don't want to seem a chatterbox XD
so bye

p.s. latin owns you! :)
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it is old bible text from The Book of Wisdom (and maybe the tattoo artist messed up)

Come, therefore, and let us enjoy the good things that are present, and let us speedily use the creatures as in youth. Let us fill ourselves with costly wine, and ointments: and let not the flower of the time pass by us.
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apparently I'm wrong about celenter >.>
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That looks cool, though I wish i knew what it said :)
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read the comments
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