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Tue Jul 7, 2015, 7:44 PM
Just a rules update! Please ask if you have any questions!

★ We do not accept fancharacters. No Naruto, no Bleach, no MLP, no anything like this. Your OCs should be totally original, with no base on other people's creation.
★ We do not accept commissions you've bought from other artists of your OCs.
★ We do not accept drawings of other people's OCs. The submission must be your art of your OC.
★ We do not accept drawings of real people, either a famous one or your acquaintance or boyfriend.
★ We do not accept drawings of chibis or apparent females on Colored Illustrations and Characters or Monochrome folder.
★ We do not accept comic pages.
★ We do not accept WIPs.
★ We do not accept adoptables on sale.
★ We do not accept drawings in which there's no description or only tags, or nothing stating it's your original creation.

If you keep that in mind, then everything will be easier and your drawings will be really easily accepted.
Please refer to the rulebook and if you have any questions, just comment!

Thank you for your attention!

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Behind the scenes - meet the ★OMTMB crew!







To affiliate, your group:
# must have at least 85+ members
# can not be a fan-art related/based group

Group Info

For folders explanation please refer to the complete rulebook

★ ★ ★

Your OC must be human!
Your character has to be human, resemble a person.

Accepted: anthro add-ons (ears, tail, wings, horns), elves, different skin colour
Not accepted: mer-boys, centaurs, furries, nagas, alienized creatures (extra extremities, paws, claws, half animal body), modified face that doesn't remind a human (a beak, an animals face).

1. What can you submit.
You can submit only own male original characters or illustrations with male characters. You must choose the appropriate folder, otherwise your artwork will be declined. If you are not sure where to submit, note us first.
Girls are allowed, but only with a male character as the focus in the picture.
Accepted: illustrations, drawings, profile sheets.
Not accepted: linearts, comic/manga pages, strips, memes, sketches, unfinished drawings, floating heads. (Doodles we consider unfinished!)

2. Folders are very important!
There are specific folders for each type of work. Make sure you put your works in the right place. Otherwise it's just headache for our crew to comment on every mis-lead piece [there's a bunch in one day, actually!].

3. Fanart and fan-based artworks are not allowed!
Characters that are based on an existing fandom, for example, Pokemon, Naruto, Twilight - must not be submitted!

4.You can submit 2 deviations per month.
Only 2 deviations can be submitted to the group gallery per month, so add just your best artworks! :]
We will announce if this changes!

5. About the featured section.
The featured section is managed by the admins choosing some inspirational works by some fantastic artists here in our group. The featured artist is showcased on the front page with the chosen artwork for one month.

6. No commissions, adoptables, art trades, collaborations!
Let's keep this group only for artworks with our own characters and ideas. Don't add if it only has a character of your friend or similar. This also includes adoptables you're selling - the moment you sell them, then they are not yours anymore!

7. Quality demand.
We are a big group and we have people saying they would like more good artworks, not lazy sketches or bad quality. Please, take notice and don't be offended if your piece get's declined - work harder and prove that you totally can do better!

8. No photography, manipulations
This place is only for digital and traditional art, or both mixed.

9. Drawings on bases are not allowed.
Please only entirely done by you pieces.

10. Mature content, gore, sensitive material.
Those are allowed, if the mature content filter is ''on''. No porn!

11. Remember to state that it's your OC in the artists comments!
If you don't, your submission will be declined. It's too troublesome to do research because of our long line. A simple 'character © me' is enough for us.

★ Affiliating with us.
If you want to affiliate your group with our's, it must have at least 85+ members and it can not be a fanart group.

★ ★ ★

Girly boys
And what about my girly boy, can I submit him in the group?
Answer: Of course you can, it's a boy after all! Yes for flamboyant, manly, geeky or any other kind!

I have some furry characters. Are they allowed in this group as well?
Answer: No. Please read the first paragraph in the rules section, it explains this matter.

I don't draw, I'm a writer actually. Am I allowed to post my written works here in the group?
Answer: I'm sorry, but this is a visual-only art group.

I have a female character but I made her in a male version, can I submit it?
Answer: No. Only real boys can be submitted.

My character is a ftm transgender. Can I submit him? Does he have to be submitted to transition surgery to be accepted?
Answer: Wow, absolutely no need for the surgery. If your character refers himself as a boy, that's enough for us. (that doesn't mean tomboy girls are accepted! Only real ftm trans!)

Adoptables bought by you
I have some OCs that are based on a previously bought adoptable design from another person. Can I submit them?
Answer: Yes, you can. Since you bought the design for your own OC, it's perfectly acceptable. The drawing must be done by you, though.

Deviation still not accepted!
Answer: Well. The line is long, some get to wait more then 2 or 3 weeks, because of the ginourmous amount of entries being submitted every day.

Expired deviation
OMG! My deviation has expired! How could you ignore it?
Answer: Sorry, this happens if huge amounts of deviations are being submitted and your piece drops down to the last pages. Sometimes we don't get in time to save them [expires after 1 month]. But do resubmit again, please. We will try to track it next time!

★ ★ ★
Other things

Reporting fanart: Sometimes we can't tell if fanart is submitted, `cause it's impossible to know every character there is out there! Right? :] So, if you spot fanart pieces in any of the galleries, note us telling in which gallery and link to the picture. We would really appreciate that.
More questions/suggestions/complaints?
Note us! We are really friendly, actually.

Upgraded rules and folder explanations added on January 5th, 2015.</sub>
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Jan 22, 2010


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