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there are a lot of pseudo-camwhore accounts out there. these aren't ladies eager to show off their bodies on the internet, but lousy trolls who attempt to garner attention by taking photos from online models or amateur stolen pictures and post them as self-portraits. some guys are trying to promote their website or project, others are trying to scam money, others are pathethic losers desperate for attention, and others are simply doing it for the lulz.

so how to tell if it's a camwhore or a troll account? look for the tell tale clues!

:pointr: Photos in low resolution
:pointr: No attempt at doing anything even remotely aesthetic
:pointr: No EXIFF data
:pointr: No faces shown anywhere
:pointr: Blurred watermarks
:pointr: Journals, descriptions and replies are always playful and sexy

of course, this doesn't mean that a gallery with one or more of these elements must be a troll, but it's pretty damn likely.

there are over 40 active troll camwhore accounts right now. forty is as many as four tens. and that's terrible :(

if you stumble upon a gallery like this, forget you have a cock and think, motherfucker, think. report the gallery and tell that troll to go steal photos from "yo momma" or something like that.

it might not seem like much, but you can contribute at making this site just a little bit better. if you don't want to contribute, then YOU WILL BE EAT BY GOBLINS

now you know, and knowing is half the battle! :iconimhappyplz:
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Ah 2011....back when the biggest problem on DeviantART was "Cam whores" apparently...
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wow former account ur such a tattle-tale
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and your point can be stupid sometimes

not all plz accounts like that make dirty journals, comments, etc.
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i tinx ur a troll.
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