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waiting for morning...

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Heres my story of the first time I played MINECRAFT:

So I know that you need to find coal to basically survive you're first night. Well, what happened... I spawned in like a forever. TREES BEYOND THE I CAN SEE, and I couldn't find a LICK of coal. I was searching around frantically and when the sun started to set, I was legit FREAKING OUT. I ended up falling into a huge like ...ditch in the ground / mini-cave, and first thing I did was just BUILD A DIRT COFFIN. I heard skeletons and zombies like RIGHT IN MY FACE, and a spider was creeping above it. I shit bricks for that good 7 minutes of night time.

What happens too like a few minutes in. a creeper BLOWS UP IN MY FACE. I quickly rebuilt the dirt coffin, and another one did too. At morning, I quickly jumped out to higher ground and when I got to ground level, what was waiting for me, BUT AN AWESOME SPIDER. I punched it to death, and I was left with 1-2 hearts. How did I die that day?
I fell off a high tree. #fml

:bulletblue: NAH but I love minecraft. Its like seriously one of the most awesome games, where you're not so SO addicted to it, but you're like ...HEY lemme play, then ok im bored, then LEMME PLAY lol. yeahhh.

ALSO for some reason. Whenever I dig a ditch or a home...a chicken just somehow always jumps in to keep me company <3
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OMG XD i love it!

I love the LIL chicken and steve's tears XD
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This is me on my first night playing minecraft xD
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This is me very time i play Minecraft...
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ZeroStasProfessional Digital Artist
so true
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misterymorgaHobbyist Digital Artist
i love that chicken :´D
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shrewtamerHobbyist General Artist
He better not stand up or he'll light on fire too. XD
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ClanWarriorHobbyist Writer
That happened to me long ago when i first started playing minecraft.i knew the Spider won't go away cause kept hearing it right above me ALL NIGHT.....dont wanna go THERE again!
But honestly,Spiders are lovable during the day :3
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the chiken is a spy :iconspyplz:
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MsAnimalLoverStudent General Artist
And thatsssssss why i play creative
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PuppiesanddogsruleHobbyist Digital Artist
buk buk
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Sea-Salt-ChildHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconmccreeperplz: :iconsaysplz: Morning comessssss? No problem, I will wait for you <3

(( Ceepers love matinal walks...too bad I love them too, my house looks like a swiss cheese by now XD)
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dylrocks95Hobbyist Artist
Awww, the spider is adorable! :D :heart:
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kururukekeke12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If only you knew of charcoal lol XD Great picture!
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I stopped playing Minecraft when I started hearing Cave Noises IRL. They freak me out so bad. D:
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ohmonahProfessional Filmographer
dude. play minecraft for like 5 months intensely, then go to the city. EVERYTHING IS BLOCKS : 3 ;
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I've had that, too. >.< Not just for cities though. I had a Lego obsession when I was younger, so MineCraft made me see EVERYTHING blocky. Like making pixel-art of everything. There is no cure! I still see it! x-x
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MsPastelHobbyist Interface Designer
Minecraft doesn't have curves. xD Awesome pic btw~
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FoxlyTailsHobbyist Digital Artist
I remember the first time i play... i didnt knew that creapy creatures were coming up.... the worst thing is that i didnt hide under earth..i stay in the beach fighting with a block of wood. (of corse i die like 19124 times) but then i appear next to my stuff. it was the most funny thing that happend to me in monecraft XD
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MilkcubusHobbyist Digital Artist
Too cute <3
Those chickens. Always. Always find a way in.
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ohmonahProfessional Filmographer
i swear to god, those chickens can teleport
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LadyKittyKidHobbyist Digital Artist
Your creeper face is pure love <3
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Ayemae Digital Artist
This is absolutely adorable, Sara. :XD: I love your colors! :heart:
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ohmonahProfessional Filmographer
LOL thanks man
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