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Bird in Hand

Background: frozenstocks
Model: faestock
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Very intense color. The drape goes nicely with the background.

The pose itself is very nice -- fluid, dramatic, fantasical and suggestive.

At first glance this is wonderful, and since many won't study it in depth, it will be wonderful to them.

The first thing that caught my eye as that's-not-right is her pose relative to the background. The background is tilted as if she is on a fairly steep hill. On a steep hill, she would be leaning forward some. In this position in reality she would be in the process of falling backwards.

When you look at the feet and the bottom of the drape, the fact she was added in just screams at me. Realistically working the drape and feet into the background will take some serious work. A foreground graphic might work to make the illusion easier. Alternately, you might consider shortening the drape and posing her so she does look like she is flying or levitating.

I am guessing that you did some airbrush work on her hair, since the drape shows no signs of being windblown. It adds to the fantastical element of the image, but conflicts with the apparently static drape. A real fan in the studio might be an alternate solution.
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Thank you, I agree with you regarding the feet and drape, I did rush it a little. To me the hill is evened out where she's standing. Take a look at the link to the model, she is bending backwards, I straightened her out a little using puppet warp, so her hair looks like its blown, I did touch it up at the ends though. I shouldn't rush when I'm almost done as far as blending her into the scene. I hope to fix it. Thanks :) (Smile) 
Okay, i can see the flatness of her perch.  Guess the floating feet distracted me from further thoughts of center-of-gravity and shadows -- which I had intended to mention.  A bit of shadowing once you get her feet securely on the ground would enhance the illusion.
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I just did a little editing if you'd like to see the difference
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