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TDCI Ep 7: Dare to Spare Your Despair (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 7: Dare to Spare Your Despair (Part 1)
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! Our contestants became the HUNTER and the HUNTED! What's more is the the taggers are only allowed to tag their PREVIOUS teammates! Maggie's on a roll in hunting the MALE Hoodlums! Cooper played his TACTICAL mind in the field! Tohru BLASTED her pervert away! Rudy UNLEASHED his fury on Carlo! Roy was a WIMP! And Trishna?! ... Well MOVING ON!
While the TEAM SWAP was baffling enough, the cast had to DEAL with the CRAZIES! Mitch STOPPED Zachary with a PUNCH! Marty EMANCIPATED his sister! Sarge’s Fan's STILL Sarge Fan! ... Odd but sweet kid. And Rita's having a MENTAL breakdown from her interactions with Carlo! What's more is the ROMANCE factor amongst them! Chuck MADE OUT with an intern ALL DAY! Penny found this out causing her to DISTRUST him AND Alberto! Connor FELL for Trishna who, in turn, FELL for James! ... I can't blame her though. He IS hot!
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Whiff Armstrong - Ultimate Bodybuilder by Ohjo18 Whiff Armstrong - Ultimate Bodybuilder :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 3 3
Mature content
TDCI Ep6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt3) :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 2
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 2)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, HOODLUMS CABIN___ The guy's side of the cabin is neat and tidy. All of the previous litter has been swept. The blankets and mattresses are properly folded and arranged in their respective beds. It's the spitting image of CLEANLINESS... If you would exclude Chuck who is somehow STILL making out with the intern...
(Chuck STILL looks like as if he's hypnotized as he makes out with the intern. He’s now SHIRTLESS but he looks a bit dehydrated though. He sweats profusely. The HEAT is on!)
(The INTERN, still fully clothed, doesn't seem to mind AT ALL. Why? Because she's KISSING some random HUNK! For almost THREE HOURS… She does feel the dry sensation in his mouth though... again. She gets a bit worried, should she stop making out with him? ...)
(… NOT EXACTLY! The female intern procures a bottle of water. She stops making out with Chuck… then SHOVES the opened water bott
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TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice,and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 1)
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! It was a RAUNCHY Wild West challenge as EACH and everyone of them are tested for what they have, or what they DON'T HAVE! (Chuckles) Roy got pierced by NEEDLES, Radlynn made a DOLL made out of HAY, Prudence got help from her trusty pet PICKLE, Mitch DEVOURED his meal in SECONDS, ALBERTO SHOWED OFF HIS MUSCLES, (Ivy makes some… sounds...) Willow's a SHARPSHOOTER, Connor GOT OWNED by a horse, James had his KIWIS PULVERIZED, Rita ENJOYED her time with Carlo AND, of course, Chuck OWNED the dance floor! (More sounds... It’s becoming unnerving...)

In the end, Penny had chosen CHUCK, thereby ANGERING Alberto because Chuck had broken their agreement! That's not ALL, sweet little Penny OPPOSED Maggie for her apparent insensitivity.HOW will Chuck FIX this situation?! How would Penny react? Will Clover FINALLY learn her lesson? How will Carlo HANDLE a
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Mature content
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 3) :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses (Part 2)
___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ Everyone’s gathered before the HUMONGOUS crate in the middle of the clearing. Ivy moves over to the side of a crate where a rope hanging from the top of it.
Ivy: You all might wanna step back!
(Ivy pulls the rope with all her might. The front of the crate comes loose. The cast runs away before the wooden board CRUSHES them)
Ivy: Here is your FIRST CHALLENGE!
(The cast glowers over the contents of the crate)
Penny: ... ... THAT... Is a CONSPICUOUS mound of HAY!
(The mound of hay is HUGE. It's about the size of FIFTY hay bales)
Ivy: It's pretty OBVIOUS what the first task is, the "Needle on a Haystack" challenge BUT we're AMPING it up by changing it to finding the GOLDEN marble in this "Hay AND Needle-stack"! (She looks at the three lists) And by the looks of it, it would be ROY, SARGE FAN, and NINJOY to battle for the marble!
(The two boys gulp. Ninjoy's motionless)
==Challenge #
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TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses [Part 1]
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! The cast had a BLAST in their time as they compete in SCOOTER'S CHALLENGE, the most DREADED challenge our cast has ever faced! Seriously, we had a MULTITUDE of incapacitated and hospitalized contestants namely: Robby, Clover, Cooper, Prudence, Sarge Fan, Mitch, Chuck, Utah, Marty, Trishna, and, sadly, our very own Bombshell Cowgirl, Peggy! That's a total of ELEVEN out of TWENTY-SEVEN characters!
Will Clover finally get the note that Robby DESPISES her existence?! How are things handling within the Carlo, Rita and Rudy fiasco? Do you think Penny and Chuck will HAPPEN?! What about Alberto?! Will we finally see Maggie and James clash?! What will happen to Utah?! How about the Connor and Roy alliance?! WHAT will be in store for the Cretins now that their ONLY hope in winning is OUT of the game?! Not that they have EVER won! And WHAT is the pesky ninja girl DOING in this island?
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Mature content
TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 3) :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 4: Parkour Paradise (Part 2)
___CALYPSO BEACH, DIVING CLIFF___ The pairs are running to the top of the cliff. They're all struggling because they're bound to each other...
(Peggy runs at her TOP speed. Trishna's lagging behind, in fact, she is getting DRAGGED up hill)
(Peggy's TOO focused on running to even focus on Trishna. They're bolting their way up... one way or another. The other racers CRINGE)
Alberto: ... That has got to HURT! Poor girl.
(Alberto is running as fast as James. They’re moving perfectly in synch)
Alberto: Good thing we got to do this smoothly in tandem! (James just nods) Say, what held you back a while ago? We were counting on YOU dude! YOU'RE Leader-Dude! YOU make the shots!
James: (Smirks) Social experiment...
(Alberto raises an eyebrow but he drops the subject in favor of the race. They GREATLY surpass Rudy and Rita)
(Rita and Rudy are clearly struggling while running)
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TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 4: Parkour Paradise (Part 1)
WARNING: Contains detailed physical description but nothing more than that.
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island, the teams are sent to the dense Calypso Forest in search for a 'POSSIBLE' remedy for their terminally DYING' teammates who we, I repeat, DID NOT poison them on purpose! They SHOULD HAD DODGED that dart. It's their OWN fault for their carelessness, not ours! (Smiles) With OUR goodwill and initiative, we have allowed one helper for the disabled members per team, however, it seems that these so called "helpers" had dealt more harm than good!
Anyway, as the others search deeper into the forest to obtain their designated ingredients, their tolerance for each other diminishes by each minute! James felt left out, Maggie is STILL a femi-nazi, Connor's been manipulating poor Roy into submission, Clover's crushing her brother AND Robby, literally, Rita's outraged by Rudy's alleged actions against Carlo, Trish
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Zaxel Tribute by Ohjo18 Zaxel Tribute :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep3: Pick Your Poison (Pt. 3)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 3)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, OPEN LAKE___ The lake is peaceful and serene. Trishna's in one end. Penny and Utah are by the shore. Carly and Clover are by the reeds.
(Trishna's just looking at the sand, doing nothing productive)
Trishna: EUGH! Why are this challenge SO HARD! WHERE are the hermit crabs?!
(Trishna KICKS her foot in the sand revealing a handful of hermit crabs)
Trishna: THERE YOU ARE! (The crabs glares at her) OH, So you think you can play this game?!
(Trishna LEERS at them but one of the crabs PINCHES her nose)
(All the other crabs LUNGES at her. She RUNS away screaming. Peggy reemerges and sees this)
Peggy: (Tips her soaked hat) A'right! Way ta be go der Trishie!
(Peggy gets up and chases Trishna)
(Meanwhile, Maggie reemerges with a poor octopus constrained by one of its tentacles)
Maggie: (Pridefully) THE VICTORY IS OURS! (Swims up to Penny and Utah)
Utah: Uhh, do yo
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TDCI Ep 3: Pick Your Poison (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 2)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The poisoned cast are gathered in the dining hall. They each occupy a single table along with their helpers. Zachary sits on their buffet table. Prudence and Cooper sits on the next table, applying gauze all over him. Willow and Mindy are on the last one. Mindy's inspecting her hair.
(Prudence is bandaging Cooper like a mummy)
Cooper: Prudence, I think you're putting way too much gauze on me! Basic first aid only requires gauze to be wrapped around the infected area after rinsing it with water, applying anti bacterial cream and cleansing it with alcoho-
Cooper: Poison USUALLY have side effects such as swelling of a body part, severe itchiness, changing of the epidermal pigment, hallucination, changing of body temperature, diarrhea, fever, temporary blindness and or speawrickli
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TDCI Ep 3: Pick Your Poison (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 1)
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island, it was a BATTLEFIELD of exceedingly gorgeous hunks and beauties including and especially MOA, battling on a challenge heavily inspired by the very first victim of the Rocket of Shame! There were tons of impressive maneuvers, display of high stamina, amazing reflexes, very PAINFUL “BULLSEYES” (Laughs), superb strategies, not-so-superb strategies, and of course, the EXPLOSION of maximum ATTRACTIVENESS just to score major points for their teams! In the end, it was the mysterious rain of baseball BOMBS, presumably rigged by NICK, proven wrong by Prudence and her dog, and uncared nonetheless by Scooter topped them all! So, what's in store for the cast today?! And what would Nick have in his sleeve?! SERIOUSLY, WHAT can he do?! (Laughs wholeheartedly) Well, if you really want to find out, you better stay tuned for the third and super exciting episode here on Total Drama C
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TDCI Ep 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Pt 3)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Part 3)
___ROUND THREE: HOODLUMS VS CRETIN BATTERS___ Everyone's intently spectating the game. They’re all miffed from their recent assault. Connor & Maggie have already taken their positions.
Ivy: Alright, ready to begin?! And this time, please DO NOT show off your bodies and hijack the show! We have wasted enough footage from these VERY AMUSING follies but were now running behind, M’KAY?!
(The cast is still miffed with Ivy. She shrugs)
Ivy: ANYWAY, since the Cloaked Cretins are short of a player, either Scooter or Peggy will have to participate as a batter for their team!
(Peggy is still knocked out)
Ivy: Scooter it is! (Scooter shrugs) Alright who's the first batter who would mark their way to make a point for the Cretins?!
*NICK: [The equipment that we’re gonna use MIGHT be DANGEROUS! As the HEAD of the Junior League Safety Patroller’s Union, it is a MUST for the LEADER to reassure SAFETY f
:iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0


Flipline Future - Robby by FlippingOcFanatic Flipline Future - Robby :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 3 0 Danganronpa - Maid Kirumi by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa - Maid Kirumi :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 4 0 Thanksgiving Day by Mannievelous Thanksgiving Day :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 49 7 Danganronpa: Survival Foretold - Cover by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa: Survival Foretold - Cover :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 3 0 Wylan Bombolony by Mannievelous Wylan Bombolony :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 45 10 Danganronpa - Anthropologist Korekiyo by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa - Anthropologist Korekiyo :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 8 5 Danganronpa - Astronaut Kaito by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa - Astronaut Kaito :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 8 7
RT:Hoenn - It's To Dive For - Pt3
HOENN HAVOC - Episode 13
MINNIE (Fighting) - NIGHTSHADE (Poison) - KALI (Bug) - AMAR (Ground) - OLLIE (Ghost) - LUDWIG (Steel) - MISHAL (Fire) - SKY (Fairy)
=== Elimination - Sootopolis Gym === (The interior of the Sootopolis Gym. The gym is comprised of a series of bridges with cracked ice platforms supported by concrete pillars that stem diagonally from the rocks below)
(Beneath these platforms is a large circular open area filled with water. Around the water are rocky ledges blooming with flowers and grass. There are waterfalls cascading from the rocks and into the lake)
(The center of the lake is shallow enough to walk on. There’s a wooden bridge leading to a grassy ravine between two waterfalls where the exit lies)
(Wallace and Popova face the cast. Mishal, Sky, Kali, Ollie, Minnie, Nightshade, Amar and Ludwig are the final eight of the season, and all stand in the water with their shoes and socks getting absolutely soaked)
Mishal: We couldn’t just stand on the bri
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 4 14
Danganronpa OC - 95th Class - A by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa OC - 95th Class - A :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 4 0 Mannie's Inktober2018 Artwork Summary by Mannievelous Mannie's Inktober2018 Artwork Summary :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 31 4 Danganronpa - Little Himiko by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa - Little Himiko :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 8 4 Flipline - Halloween Fright by FlippingOcFanatic Flipline - Halloween Fright :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 6 2 DEMON'S SUMMON CEREMONY by Mannievelous DEMON'S SUMMON CEREMONY :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 43 11 Danganronpa - Sweet on the outside by FlippingOcFanatic Danganronpa - Sweet on the outside :iconflippingocfanatic:FlippingOcFanatic 6 5 Human Mystery by Mannievelous Human Mystery :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 120 15 Hellbent by Mannievelous Hellbent :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 264 25


Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 7: Dare to Spare Your Despair (Part 1)

Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! Our contestants became the HUNTER and the HUNTED! What's more is the the taggers are only allowed to tag their PREVIOUS teammates! Maggie's on a roll in hunting the MALE Hoodlums! Cooper played his TACTICAL mind in the field! Tohru BLASTED her pervert away! Rudy UNLEASHED his fury on Carlo! Roy was a WIMP! And Trishna?! ... Well MOVING ON!
While the TEAM SWAP was baffling enough, the cast had to DEAL with the CRAZIES! Mitch STOPPED Zachary with a PUNCH! Marty EMANCIPATED his sister! Sarge’s Fan's STILL Sarge Fan! ... Odd but sweet kid. And Rita's having a MENTAL breakdown from her interactions with Carlo! What's more is the ROMANCE factor amongst them! Chuck MADE OUT with an intern ALL DAY! Penny found this out causing her to DISTRUST him AND Alberto! Connor FELL for Trishna who, in turn, FELL for James! ... I can't blame her though. He IS hot!

(Ivy SWOONS but she immediately stops. Gotta abide by the contract)

Ivy: While these are amusing, what SHOCKED everyone was Utah and Mindy, A.K.A. the skull-faced maiden! Their conflict somehow got them BOTH eliminated! Poor girls... Anyway, will CARLO straighten Rita out? Will CLOVER finally RESPECT her brother? Will the love triangle EVER get RESOLVED? Find WHAT is in store for the cast RIGHT NOW on Total Drama Calypso Island!

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN, BOYS' SIDE___ It's the middle of the night. The guys are sleeping and snoring right now. Since Rudy just switched out, Cooper takes his bunk under Zachary's. Cooper is sleeping soundly. Zachary's hugging his body pillow as if-... Umm, the important feature is that he is laying on the pillow. His head and hands pokes out from the edge of the bed. He’s wearing his goggles in his sleep…

(… A shadow looms over Cooper... The figure pulls out... a piece of paper...)

(The figure's cheshire like grin gleams over the moonlight. It's voice sounds... feminine)

???: So you like puzzles huh... (Places the note under Cooper's pillow) Take a crack at it...

(The figure then smirks and looks at Zachary... She KISSES his cheek. Her kiss leaves a purplish pink kiss mark)

???: (Whispers) Be more persistent my love..

(Zachary shifts in his sleep. The figure smirks. She turns around and leaves)

(… Zachary grins CREEPILY. He smells the air in delight)

Zachary: Ah... (Unnervingly) Tohru...

*ZACHARY: [(Rubs his hands maniacally with his, of course, CREEPY GRIN) So THAT's why she's ACTING so dismissively, she's playing HARD TO GET! I LOVE it when BABES do so, WE have SOMETHING in COMMON: GETTING HARD! (Chuckles CREEPILY. Oh boy...)]

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN, BOYS' SIDE___ James, Rudy and Alberto are inside. James, being the morning person he is, wakes up EARLY. He has already spiffed up the place. He approaches Rudy, the newcomer, bunked underneath him, which is basically where Roy used to bunk. Rudy's awake but unmoving...

JAMES: [I have to reassess my team from what happened yesterday. The team swap excluded Maggie and Roy and included Trishna and Rudy to the team. (With a tinge of disappointment) We lost Utah AND Mindy from our first loss in this competition. I have already come to fruition what were our faults and weaknesses: (Turns more serious) it’s vendettas. (Straight faced) I will have to handle this issue more delicately for the best of our interests.]

James: (Straight faced) ... We need to talk... (Rudy looks at James) While it was not your fault on what happened between Utah and Mindy, your personal affairs would had cost us the challenge anyway.

(Rudy averts his gaze and looks up. He looks off put when James is practically blaming him)

James: However, such incident would have been prevented if your affairs were to be resolved. I am not asking you to immediately discard your vendettas, instead, I am humbly requesting you to temporary put them on hold during the challenges. Challenges create pressure. Pressure then blurs the line between righteousness and vengeance.

(Rudy scrunches his face without looking at James)

James: Though I may not know the gravity of your grudge, I encourage you to act upon them in a delicate manner once the pressure has faded. You can think much more rationally at that state and you might eventually find some release.

(Rudy’s face neutralizes)

James: Lastly, if you ever needed someone to fall back on (Gentler tone) then you are always welcome to consult with me. (Straight faced) Granted that you aspire your actions to remain objective.

(… Rudy rises up and sits on his bed. He faces James with a stoic face of his own. It’s a STARING contest!)

Rudy: … I don’t need your support… (Stares blankly) … … but I’ll try to put my grudges aside… during challenges...

James: (Smiles) Thank you. (Extends his arm) I am Jameson Allen, the leader of the Hidden Hoodlums. I would much prefer if you would address me as James.

Rudy: … (Stands up to shake his arm) Rudolf Cardwell. Rudy.

James: (Nods) I look forward to working alongside you on achieving our goals as a team. (Rudy nods)

*RUDY: [(Stoic) … James’ as transparent as he’s  objective… (Light smirk) The chap’s fine…]

James: Now, as unconventional as this might sound, (Straight faced) I would like to request for you to restrain myself once the other person in this room wakes up. I assure you that this is just a precautionary action to prevent an undesirable action that might transpire momentarily.

(Rudy stares blankly at James. He wants him to… restrain him? James’ seriousness is imminent. Momentarily, a yawn can be heard… and James IMMEDIATELY turns around)

(Alberto has just woke up…)

(James projects a DEATH GLARE that’s SO SCARY that you WISH you NEVER woke up this morning)

James: YOU F***ING B*****D!!! YOU HAVE A SH**-L*** OF SH** TO F***ING EXPLAIN!

(Alberto’s STUNNED by James’ NIGHTMARISH face and HARSH vocabulary. It doesn’t help when James takes a STEP forward. Luckily for him, RUDY immediately heeds to James’ previous request and restrains him in the arms, all while being comedically stoic)

James: (DEATH GLARES) You have FIVE F***ING MINUTES to F****ING explain before I can f****ing WRESTLE myself OUT from Rudy’s RESTRAINTS!

(James tries to WALK towards Alberto but Rudy sturdily prevents him. However, due to James sheer force, he manages to inch his way to Alberto by each passing moment. This MOTIVATES Alberto to talk)

Alberto: (Stutters) I-I-I-I-I-I- (GRASPS his face. Exclaims) I MESSED UP OKAY!?!!!!

(Alberto eyes are startling to get glossy. His mouth is curled. He gnashes his teeth in his own self frustration)

Alberto: (Guilt stricken) I DIDN’T WANT for her to BREAK DOWN like that! I just want her to SEE who that ESCORT really is NOW so she WON’T get hurt in the FUTURE!

(Alberto scrunches up his face and then rubs his head in frustration. A few tears are now gliding across his face…)

Alberto: (Sobs) I MESSED UP alright! It’s ALL MY FAULT!

(Alberto places his palms before his face and just… cries. His anguish resonates the guilt that he’s feeling right now…)

(James, throughout Alberto’s explanation, neutralizes…)

James: (Authoritatively) Rudy, please release me.

(Rudy takes a few seconds before complying. James turns to him, bearing his normal straight face)

James: (Tips his head) Thank you for cooperating with my request.

(Rudy just shrugs and sits down on his bunk. James turns around and approaches Alberto… … …)

(He outright HUGS him)

James: (Gently) I am sorry for my harsh words but I need to make sure that you understand where your fault lies and where his fault lies. It is important to realize where you went wrong so you can make it right. I am proud of you for admitting that.

(James breaks the hug. Alberto’s eyes continue to overflow with tears but his sobs are getting more controlled. James faces Alberto eye to eye)

James: Do you want to absolve everything with Penny and Chuck?

(Alberto pauses… then eventually nods. James nods back)

James: Alright, I will help you. (Brotherly) Take a moment to calm yourself then take a shower. We will talk once again after you have calmed down. Are you alright with that? (Alberto... slowly nods) That is good. (Smiles then pats Alberto’s back firmly)

*RUDY: [(Stoic) … I wish I had a bruv like ‘em. … (Grimly) Things would had been different back in England… … (Turns less grim) … The chap’s precision strike f*** bombs are on point, innit? … (Lightly smirks)]

*JAMES: [Jonathan always does that to myself, although I got beaten up to a pulp and his intimidation tactics involved his numerous collection of axes. (Shrugs nonchalantly) I nearly lost my right hand in one intervention. (… WHAT THE HECK JAMES?!)]

*ALBERTO: [… … … Leader-Dude reminded me of my brother... (Lightly smiles)]

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN, GIRLS' SIDE___ Instead of sleeping in her new team's cabin, Maggie opted to stay by Penny's side, helping her to overcome the grief inadvertently caused by the people she once called friends. She looks... sullen... Meanwhile, Trishna's browsing through her dresses...

Maggie: (Comforting Penny) There, there, Penny. What happened yesterday was FAIRLY predictable. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, I just want to express to you such DIFFICULTIES on interacting with the masculine race! Don't worry, (Firmly) I will always be here for you.

Penny: (Devoid) I thought... he was a really nice guy... that he was different from what you said... (Sighs in melancholy) I guess you were right...

Maggie: (Places a hand on Penny's shoulder) You were TRULLY valiant for interacting with such a DESPICABLE object. But, at the end of the day, those were the facts, guys are JERKS! They'll break your heart!

(Maggie faces Penny face to face. Penny faces her back)

Maggie: (Firmly) I want this to be a lesson to you, Penny. I want you to be STRONG! I want you to FIGHT for YOUR RIGHTS, to STAND UP when STRICKEN. (Emphasizes) I want YOU to BELIEVE in YOURSELF like how I believed in your potential. I want you to BE INDEPENDENT!

(With Maggie's encouraging words, she manages to encourage Penny.)

Penny: (Smiles lightly) Thank you Maggie, for everything. Even though I pushed you away just recently… you’re never gave up on me. I was… (Frowns) FOOLISH. (Breathes in) But enough of that. (Grabs Maggie’s hands. Smiles appreciatively) Thank you Maggie.

PENNY: [… (Sighs) I really thought he was nice. There were no other indications that tipped me off otherwise… (Her face scrunches up a bit. She clasps her knuckles) But in the end it was all just a façade… He was just a pretty face… (Furrows her brow) A TWO timer… (Clenches her fists tightly) A dirty MANIPULATOR! (Faces the camera then scowls) I was REALLY looking forward for a pure relationship but HE. MESSED. ME. UP! (Raises her fists) If he EVER comes near me then he’ll have to KISS MY FIST!!! ... ... ... (Sighs) That's not me... (Hugs her knees) I'd just rather not talk to him again...]

*MAGGIE: [(Sighs in relief) I REALLY thought I lost dear Penny. (Groans) We already lost dear Utah and Mindy yesterday and THAT is UNACCEPTABLE! Is it just me or are the LADIES getting ELIMINATED EARLY in this competition?! The GUYS must be RIGGING THIS GAME! (Breathes in) The only thing we can do is to AVENGE their memory! (Scowls then clenches her fists) And I’ll start by ELIMINATING JAMES AND THAT SL**!]

Penny: I guess I'd need to freshen up.

(Maggie nods. Penny lightly smiles. She fixes her things then heads to the washroom. Maggie approaches Trishna, who's brushing her hair)

Maggie: SALUTATIONS fellow respectable competitor! I hope that you would have a pleasant time in the midst of your (With hostility) absolutely DETESTABLE masculine teammates!

(Maggie notices Trishna’s… HAPPY demeanor. It’s as if she’s walking on cloud nine… It’s as weird as Connor’s own demeanor. Maggie smiles while putting her hands on her hips)

Maggie: (Smiles) What has transpired to put you in a very good mood this morning?!

Trishna: (Cheery mood) Isn't it obvious? I think I have found my one true love (Sighs romantically) Prince JAMES!

(Maggie GASPS in absolute shock. JAMES?! Her MORTAL ENEMY?!)

Maggie: J-JAMES? MY SWORN ENEMY?! This is INCONCEIVABLE! (Exclaims) I would NOT let this happen!

Trishna: (Returns to her coy nature) Relax girl. I'll admit, I'm VERY MUCH attracted to him... (Smirks) but I am gonna make him FALL head over heels OVER ME!

(The lighting, for some reason, becomes ominously DARKER. Trishna is maniacally clutching her fingers)

Trishna: I'm gonna control EVERY part of that HOT MUSCULAR BODY! His ACTIONS are going to be RESTRAINED! His WILL is going to be SUBVERTED! I am going to MOLD him so that HE will be HELPLESS but to serve ME, FOREVER!

(Trishna's face DARKENS… cuz she’s being ominous and stuff)

Trishna: AHA! AHA! (Maliciously) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Trishna revers back to normal after a minute of her wicked laughter)

Trishna: So yeah, that's my plan. He'll be MINE! (GRINS)

Maggie: ... (Begins to applaud Trishna) I am SO PROUD of YOU Trishna! Once it's ENTWINED, it's DOWNFALL shall COMMENCE! EXCELLENT!

*MAGGIE: [(Smiles) Trishna has NEVER failed to impress me! She's using her unique traits to SUBDUE such FILTHY THINGS! (Smirks) Perfect! (Maliciously smiles) Trishna is going to WRECK James from the INSIDE!!! … (Pauses. She then GLARES) Get that FILTHY thing out of your minds you FILTHY MEN!]

TRISHNA: [(Coyly) What can I say, I'm such a strategist! Once that PEASANT was gone, I get the FULL REIGN of my DIVINE BEAUTY! (Smirks coyly) And it FEELS GOOD to be BEAUTIFUL!]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN, GIRLS' SIDE___ Carly is currently managing her wardrobe. She seems to be stressed out. Wonder knows why. Anyway, on the left side, she has a massive crush on Carlo and currently bawling in tears, it's Rita. On the right side, she has sibling problems and currently sulking and depressed, it's Clover.

Rita: (Bawls) WAAAH! (Reaches for the sky) CARLO! My love, PLEASE, COME BACK TO ME! I, AM, NOTHING WITHOUT YOU! WAAAAH!

Clover: (Sulks) I am worthless... I've done NOTHING right... I don't deserve to be in here anymore... this competition... I-I just want to be happy! (Scrunches up more)

(Carly's standing on the middle of the room. She watching Rita and Clover SUFFERING in different wavelengths)

Carly: (Sighs) My friends…

CARLY: [I am currently in a problematic fix as of the moment. Rita has been crying her heart ALL night out over CARLO'S "rejection" and Clover has been letting herself get WASTED ALL night, from what I heard, over MARTY'S "emancipation"! (Sighs restlessly) This is not healthy for them and... I couldn't do ANYTHING to help them alleviate their PAIN! I'm supposed to be their friend but I'm too helpless... on my own… (Sighs)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The dining hall is currently dimmer than usual. Giggling sounds are heard in the background. Uhh... What's happening?

(Prudence opens the door from the outside leaving the dining room exposed to a few rays of the sun)

Prudence: Hey guys, come inside! Come in!

(Carlo, Willow, Tohru and Roy walks inside with Prudence)

Tohru: So, um, (Nervous tone) What are we doing inside the dining room exactly?!

Roy: (Looks around) A-And why is this place so D-DARK?!

(Prudence shuts the door with a LOUD THUD. The four, except for Willow, got startled)

(The lights instantaneously illuminates the room)


(The original Cretins are welcoming their new recruits. Mitch, Radlynn, and Sarge Fan are wearing party hats. Their table is filled with a decent amount of food. There is also a "WELCOME" banner dangling on the ceiling)

(Carlo, Tohru and Roy are shocked. Willow, meh. Prudence ushers the four to the table for them to sit. Prudence gives them each a party hat)

Radlynn: (Cheerfully) Welcome our NEW friends! We have prepared you a party to fully acknowledge you all! Yay!

Prudence: (Smiles) YES indeed! We have spared NO EXPENSE to make you feel like a part of this team, OUR team to be precise! (Pickle barks happily)

Sarge Fan: JUST PREPARE for the GOOD TIDINGS that Sarge Fan, Radlynn, Clarisse, Mitch, Prudence, Pickle, Tohru, Carlo, Willow, and Roy are going to experience! Yes, TALLY HO!

Carlo: (Surprised) Oh my, I couldn't help but ADMIRE how HOSPITABLE this team is! (Smiles) Well, I'm happy to be on a team of such FRIENDLY faces!

Mitch: I'm just glad that our new recruits are just as friendly and engaging as WE are! I'd like to make a TOAST for a fruitful future! (Raises a cup) To our NEWLY IMPROVED team! (The rest of the Cretins join in)


*MITCH: [I'm getting a hang on this LEADERSHIP thing! I'm just so glad that everyone's so engaging! (Smirks) ESPECIALLY now that TRISHNA'S gone! ... (Sighs somberly) But Cooper's gone too... (Smiles) but hey, at least he's still around!]

*CARLO: [(Smiles meekly) I'm glad that we're all getting along! But... (Sighs somberly) I am concerned about my affiliations with my previous team. Well, what I mean is that, I'm sort of their leader figure. And I failed them... all of them... (Sighs) I kinda envy Mitch's leadership strength right now...]

*TOHRU: [(Smiles) I REALLY like this new team of ours. Sure, we had some oddballs like Sarge Fan and Radlynn but they're NOWHERE as GROSS and CREEPY as ZACHARY! (Groans) Ugh! That stupid hentai! (Smiles) It's GREAT that I switched, I feel so PROTECTED!]

*WILLOW: [(Monotone) One never cared if one got switched or not... Although one is relieved that the stylist got her bitter end... However, there is still something that bothers one... No, not something... Rather, it is SOMEONE... She had an accomplice... (Shrugs nonchalantly) Another mystery to solve...]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, WASHROOMS___ Marty is using one of the sinks. He had just finished taking a shower. His hair is undone, casting a gloomy shadow on his face. The faucet's on but he's not moving an inch, letting the water flow down the sink. He's just, standing there. There are two showers that are currently occupied...

Marty: ... … … … (Sigh) stupid... ...

(One of the showers immediately ceases and the shower door instantaneously opens. The one showering uses the sink next to the one Marty's using. Marty lazily tilts his head to the person... … Marty’s eyes IMMEDIATELY WIDENS)

Marty: W-WHAT THE H***?! (covers his eyes) AUGH!

(The other person is revealed to be Robby. Most importantly, he is BUCK NAKED. CENSORED! This guy’s getting censors all over.)

Marty: (Covers his eyes) AUGH! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!

Robby: Nope. (Turns the faucet on to wash his face) I don't have an inch of care if ANYONE peeps on me. Well, cept maybe to your b**** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) of a sister.

(Marty FREEZES at the mention of his sister)

Robby: Hey, speaking of which, how was she?! (Rolls his eyes) NOT that I care but after you ROASTED HER yesterday, b**** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) was PETRIFIED! (Robby can't help but laugh) I’d give you some ALE if there’s any in this island.

(Marty reverts back to his gloomy state. Robby notices)

Robby: Come on, you gotta say she had it COMING! (Marty is still glum) Well, just think of it this way, you just SAVED my bacon from the b****’s (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) GRABBY hands. I owe my LIFE to you!

Marty: I-I'm... (Guilt-stricken) I was so C-CRUEL to her! I CAN'T BELIEVE that I just told her off! She's ALREADY hurting! (Grasps his hair) I'm a TERRIBLE brother.

Robby: (FINALLY dresses himself with a towel) No, you're a RESPONSIBLE brother. You laid the law and STOPPED her before that B**** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) can do more harm!

*ROBBY: [That B****’S (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) DESPAIR is the ONLY thing that compensates Rudy's abrupt team switch. The b****’s (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) brother should be PROUD of himself!]

*MARTY: [(Palms on his face) I was MEAN to Clov! What kind of BROTHER am I?! But if I didn't, Robby would have been a goner! … (Sighs) … I just want her to come back... She wasn’t like this before she came to the island… … What… happened?]

(Robby tows Marty out of the washrooms)

(… Moments later, Penny arrives)

Penny: A nice shower should help me forget... (Shakes her head dismissively) Just don't think about him and you'll be fine.

(As she goes to prepare the shower, CHUCK arrives on the scene. … There is an air of awkwardness in the air…)

(Chuck sheepishly smiles and waves his hand in a friendly manner. He takes a step forward)

Penny: STOP! (Chuck gets startled) G-GET AWAY!

Chuck: P-Penny! C-can you please let me explai-

(Penny THROWS one of her sandals to him. It CLONKS him on the face)

Chuck: P-Penny! (Takes another step forward)

Penny: AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH! (She immediately locks herself in a stall) J-JUST GET AWAY FROM ME YOU JERK!

(Chuck walks to the stall door. The camera splits into two. Penny’s in the brink crying from the other side…)

Chuck: (With a hint of despair) P-Please! Look, I didn't mea-

Penny: NO! Everything you've just told me is a FILTHY LIE! How could you do this to me! (Lip quivers) I thought we had SOMETHING! (Stutters) Y-You B-BETRAYED m-me! (Starts anxiously holding herself)

Chuck: (Stutters) I-I-I SCREWED UP OKAY!

(Penny jolts in shock. She bites her lip and tilts her head away)

Chuck: Y-You have EVERY right to be angry to me... but could you please let me explain? I mean… (Turns sullen) I owe it to you right... You can disregard me after but... you have the right to know everything... R-Right?

(Penny tilts her head where her hair casts a shadow on her eyes)

Penny: (Sullen) What explanation could you EVER provide to make me feel better…

Chuck: (Sighs) Since the very first challenge, the one where Bert saved you, I saw a spark. It was clearly written on your eyes that you LIKE him. (Penny shifts) Afterward, I also found out that Bert has hots for YOU.

(Penny jolts in place. She decides to hear Chuck’s story in a more meticulous manner)

Chuck: (Continues) I talked to him and we later had an agreement, that I would be his wingman. Then I tried to know you more so I could help him find the perfect approach to court you…

(Penny jolts in place again… Her arms are starting to shake)

Chuck: … (Sighs) But it missed me that you are growing fonder of me. And when you kissed me back then, Bert got FURIOUS at me. It’s just, w-well… (Shifts) It’s kinda hard to say this to you but… (Sighs) I didn’t exactly… reciprocated your kiss…

(Penny FREEZES in place. Her action meant… n-nothing?)

Chuck: (Sighs. Turns sullen) I act like that when someone kisses me… My body just moves in autopilot and as I try to give the best one they can ever receive… (Short laugh) I had been kissed by hundreds of people that… I can barely tell the difference… I can barely-


(Penny KICKS the stall door open. Chuck lands on the floor, a few feet away from the stall. He was startled by the sudden commotion... but he was COMPLETELY startled by Penny’s expression… Pure anger…)


(Chuck stutters. He tries his best to answer buy Penny DOESN’T give him the chance)

Penny: (Furious) You ONLY took interest in ME because of my initial interest in ALBERTO?! (Clenches her fists. Advances) You NEVER really wanted to BE FRIENDS with me in the FIRST PLACE?! (Her eyes start to water. Advances) And my FIRST KISS to a boy NEVER made IMPACT to (HARSHLY points her finger at Chuck) YOU!!!

(Chuck has grown VULNERABLE during Penny’s spiel. His eyes have SHRUNK and his BREATHING have change. He’s genuinely AFRAID of Penny akin to his fear to Alberto)

(While it’s fair to assume that Penny’s now reduced into a blubbering mess… her tears NEVER escaped her eyes. She FURIOUSLY glaring at Chuck. The nice girl we once knew... is now CORNERING a nice boy we once knew…)

Penny: (Angry) Maggie was right… you ARE a- a- (Exclaims) A DIRTY PERSON!

(Even though Penny’s being hostile right now, she still can’t bring herself to say some offensive dirty words. That’s a good indication that her anger is not due to blind fury. She’s still herself… only STRONGER)

(Penny calms down a cinch. Her anger is still imminent but it’s more controlled. She’s GLARING at Chuck)

Penny: (Sharply) Don’t you EVER address to me again… (Her eyes turns ICY. Coldly) You are dead to me…

(Chuck felt a JOLT in his spine after Penny utters those words. Chuck FREEZES in place… Penny’s still coldly glaring at him…)

Ivy: {Attention to all campers! The NEXT challenge will start very soon! I want you in the dining room in fifteen minutes! Let's get this rolling!}

(… Penny averts her gaze and exits the room. She leaves Chuck alone…)

*PENNY: [(Glares coldly) I have already cried out my tears yesterday and I will NOT shed more tears for… (Firmly) it. I just have to be STRONG like what Maggie said! (Softens) But also caring to those people that I TRULLY cherish. (Sighs) I should NEVER had left Utah by herself… (Clenches her fists a bit) It’s partially my fault… (Glares) and partially ITS fault! (Her eyes shine with determination)]

*CHUCK: [(Frozen in place… Starts to stutter) I-I-I’ve n-never e-exper-rienced a-an u-unsati-tisf-fied c-customer b-before… (His eyes grow WIDE) I NEED to FIX this. (With a bit of frenzy) I NEED to fix this NOW! … … … (Turns sullen)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ Fifteen minutes later, everyone's settled within their tables. The Cloaked Cretins have already cleaned up their table from their welcome party. Maggie has divided the Secret Schmucks by gender. She is glaring the at the guys. James has arranged the Hidden Hoodlums orderly...

Ivy: Alright everyone, let's start the FIRST PHASE of today's challenge! Since we had a very UNEXPECTED double elimination yesterday, (Penny sighs. Maggie groans) we've decided to focus on the Mindy elements for today. Do not worry for one bit, Utah's challenge is set for tomorrow.
Anyway, we've taken up Mindy's GOSSIP factors and her DARING personality to make TODAY'S challenge a TRUTH OR DARE challenge! (Some of them gasps) HOWEVER, past seasons have already used this challenge so we're MIXING it up today, just like how Mindy does! We're ONLY going to FOCUS on the DARES! And that's not all, YOU'RE going to supply the DARES!

(Everyone gasps and looks at their peers. Ever since yesterday, this cast had been ZANY and borderline CRAZY. Yup, this WON’T end well…)

*RADLYNN: [WE are going to supply the DARES?! (Smirks DEVILISHLY) Oh, THIS... is going to be FUN! (Suddenly CHEERFUL) I LOVE fun things!]

*ROY: [(Nervously) W-WE?! D-DARES?! (He begins to shake) I DON’T have the HEART to make one let alone the GUTS to PARTICIPATE in one! (He shivers)]

Ivy: YES! I'm giving you all fifteen minutes to think up some dares! The dares are to be inflicted to a RANDOM person from the other team! There are a few qualifications to follow though. These dares should BE DARING. Absolutely NOTHING SEXUAL. You CANNOT make a dare that would necessitate ANY form MUTILATION. These dares should also be LEGAL.
Anyway, they can be instantaneous OR, if it requires endurance, should only be performed continuously for one minute. Additionally, you must submit TWO dares, a moderate one and an extreme one. Pointing system would be explained later. The actual challenge would start by NOON so don't be late alright? GO!


(There's a bunch of pens and a pile of papers on the table. Maggie calls her new teammates’ attention first)

Maggie: My HUMBLE womenfolk, I would like to APOLOGIZE for abstaining to BE WITH your presence regarding the previous night. My dear friend in my previous team needed my support for her to overcome a (With DISGUST) THORN (Normal) in her stay here. Nevertheless, let us amalgamate our STRENGTHS in ORDER for us to (Dramatically) ERADICATE THE MASCULINE RACE! (Calmly) SO, now, shall we begin?!

(Rita has been burying her face in her hands. She's obviously sobbing. Clover is incredibly fidgety. She tries her best to ignore Marty who is trying to ignore her as well. Robby's softly glaring at her, watching her every move)

(For some reason, Cooper's EXTREMELY nervous at the moment. Carly is trying to tend BOTH Clover and Rita at the same time. Zachary is not even looking at the table. He's currently eyeing someone else...)

*MAGGIE: [Okay, WHAT is going on with MY team right now?! (Rolls her eyes) Like I even CARE for the guys BUT... (Sympathetic) What is wrong with my girls? Well, on a positive note, I'M HERE! (Reels in disgust) I have my bets that it's the GUYS' FAULT! (Growls) I'm going to GET to the BOTTOM of this! Be prepared my ladies, INDEPENDENCE will come ESPECIALLY when the guys on my team are WORTHLESS!]

*ROBBY: [I've heard what Liberty is capable of. (Smirks) I'm not scared of her. I have, like, one hundred and forty two adoptive sisters back at the ship. Believe me when I say that I've seen EVERYTHING they can emotionally offer. She's like Peg-Leg Pipper and Seasalt Suzanne mashed together.]


(Prudence has just passed everyone a pen and a paper)

Roy: Uh… (Nervously) D-Do we HAVE to?! I don't want to HURT ANYBODY!

Prudence: Unfortunately, we HAVE to. I am also kinda opposed to this. (Sighs) This is BAD for my SWEET Pickle! I think I am sitting her out for this trial...

Carlo: Hmm... For those weak of heart, maybe we could put in something we're COMFORTABLE with but not so much for the others.

Sarge Fan: (Instantly agrees) Sarge Fan AGREES with that! Sarge Fan can READ it now! Sarge Fan's DARE shall be to VINE SWING!

(Sarge Fan excitedly draws his dare... It's not that good though. Radlynn is silently writing her dare. She's consulting Clarisse every now and then. Willow's staring at her paper, she is drawing a blank)

(Tohru is trying to think but then, she notices someone... ZACHARY. Zachary's eyeing her in a rather lustful manner. It INSTANTLY sends shivers down her spine)

Tohru: (Softly) W-what is he planning to do to me?!

Mitch: (Notices the difference in her behavior) Hey Tohru! (Tohru looks at him) What's wrong?!

(Mitch notices Zachary from the other table. He puts the pieces together)

Mitch: Huh, so it's about ZACHARY right?! (Tohru nods nervously) Don’t worry Tohru, you're under our team's PROTECTION!

*MITCH: [Tohru's a Cretin now so whenever she's in trouble, it's MY job, as a leader, to help her out in any way I can! (Thoughtfully) I guess I need to talk to Zachary then.]

*TOHRU: [Y-Yeah, I KNOW that the Cretins have my back but I ALSO KNOW that that hentai WON'T stop his advances for me! (Sighs restlessly)]


(All of them are quietly minding their own business. Trishna is coyly smirking while writing. James and Rudy stoically writes theirs. Connor writes his with a dopey smile)

(Penny, Alberto, and Chuck are struggling to think of something. Their encounter was still fresh and they could not think properly…)

(Chuck, who’s innately social, decides to with interact his teammates to try to get some input)

Chuck: ... So, uhh...

(Rudy, Penny, and James GLARES at his direction. Alberto tries his best to ignore him)

Chuck: ...  (Shrinks back then sighs)

(Anticipating that things could go wrong, James stands up and sits beside Chuck. They talk in private)

James: (Straight faced) I want to help you in your situation but, unfortunately, you have already dug your grave six feet deep. (Gently places a hand on Chuck’s shoulder) My advice for you is to not do any more irrational things or you will get in between the crossfires. Let the wounds you have directly caused to heal first.

(James firmly pats Chuck’s back then returns to his position. Chuck frowns once James had described his situation in a rational manner)

*JAMES: [(Straight faced) As long as Chuck stays away from Penny and Alberto for the rest of the day, then both Penny and Alberto would have the time to think and to reevaluate whatever happened between the three of them. Once they have cleared their heads, just then could they understand him. (His face shifts) If I had the chance to talk to him before the challenge then I would have subjected him to another delicate intervention similar to Alberto’s. (Nods. … You call that DELICATE?!)]

*CHUCK: [(Sighs) Lead is right... I NEED to let Penny have a break from me. (Shifts) It-It's just AGAINST my nature to LEAVE her, or ANYONE, unsatisfied! I DON'T want her to get the wrong picture but... she had already set her mind... (Fearfully) I-I-I’m D-DEAD t-to h-her! (Facepalms while cringing) UGH! HOW do I FIX this?! H-How do I also make amends with ALBERTO?! … (Sighs) All they want to do is to KICK me in the a**… … … (His eyes suddenly widens a bit. A thought has dawned upon him) It’s useless to HURT a dead person... right? … … ... I think I have an irrational idea…]

(Trishna is busy on coming up with her dares. Connor, on the other hand, is busy GUSHING over her. He's supporting a sly lovestruck gaze over her. It's a rather unnerving sight... Trishna finally notices Connor)

Trishna: Ugh, EW! Get lost you TOOTHPICK! (Scoffs. Connor sighs romantically)

*CONNOR: [(Smiling and giggling as if he's jacked in potpourri. It's VERY weird. Sighs romantically) Have you EVER seen a woman who's EVER so HOT and RUDE at the SAME time? The way that she just looks down on others is... SO ATTRACTIVE! (Giggles and hugs himself)]


(Each team had passed their own papers to Ivy)

Ivy: Alright, just wait for the announcement and prepare yourselves for the WORST! See ya!

(Ivy leaves the dining hall. Penny sighs restlessly)

Penny: I'm going to take a shower (Throws a shade) since SOMEBODY prevented me from doing so.

(Penny scoffs. Chuck jolts in position then sighs. She leaves to take a shower)

Trishna: SO! (Turns to James. ... Oh boy. “Seductively”) It seems that (Pokes his chest) YOU are the leader figure in this team, pretty boy! (Glosses her fingers against his pecs) Would YOU mind showing me the ropes?!

James: (Unaffected) Of course I can. I aspire the welfare of my teammates. If you need help with something, you can always approach me. (Makes a look of reassurance)

Trishna: So, you WOULDN'T mind if I CLING on you?! In times of need that is! (James nods) Perrrfect!

(Trishna attempts to scoot in closer but she accidentally SLIPS. Her face FALLS on his LAP. James nonchalantly helps her up)

Trishna: Oh gosh, THANKS! (Puts her palm on his cheek) I could really be clumsy at times!

(James shrugs. Trishna hides a blush… and a smirk. Connor witnesses EVERYTHING...)

*CONNOR: [W-Wait, what is my FAIR PRINCESS doing with JERRY?! (Gasps horrendously) Is Jerry trying to STEAL her away from ME?! NO! I'm the PERFECT man for HER! We're both PERFECT with each other! Perfect people GO together! (GLARES) I am gonna BEAT him up if he EVER makes his move!]

*TRISHNA: [(Smirks devilishly) PERFECT! MY James is EASILY persuadable! Yeah, I slipped ON PURPOSE! (Fawns) He is SUCH a gentleman!]

(Connor watches James and Trishna closely. Chuck walks away in the background. After he had just passed Alberto, he SLIPS on the floor. He lands on his BACK. Alberto reacts to his accident)

Chuck: AUGH! (Sees a wet floor sign. Sighs) Should had seen this coming... (Stands up and walks away)

*ALBERTO: [(Rubbing his temples) Just don’t mind him Soccer Guy, just don’t mind him. (Sighs a breath of relief) Leader-dude told me to AVOID Hawaiian Dude and the Lavender Lady today. He said that I NEED to have a break with them as they NEED a break from ME. … I should trust Leader-dude’s advice (Short smile) that’s what Lorenzo would have advised me too… (Frowns for some reason…)]

(Robby walks to the Hoodlum’s table. Rudy immediately sees Robby and rejoins him. They both smirk and walk to a corner of the dining hall)

Robby: Sup ya hoodlum? (Smirks)

Rudy: (Snarks) Like I'm preppy to be once called a Schmuck.

(They both SNICKER in good fun. They both continue to have their conversation in private)

*RUDY: [(DEATH GLARES) WE AIN’T SCREWING F*****S. Robby's the manliest chap here sans James. ... And I need no introduction.]

(Meanwhile, the Schmucks are having a mini trial of their own. The guys, sans Robby who slinked away, are being accused by Maggie. Carly is trying to defend them. They have just declared Cooper NOT YET GUILTY... for the time being. ... Let's just skip them for now)

(Cooper, who's extremely FIDGETY, walks away from them. He's not looking to where he's going up until he bumps with something, or rather, some dog... PICKLE! Dun Dun Dun!)

(Pickle barks in absolute JOY that she INSTANTLY GLOMPS on Cooper. Prudence sees this and gasps! She tries to act but she was TOO LATE. R.I.P. Cooper...)

Cooper: (… Catches Pickle's glomp) Oh... Hello Pickle...

(Wait wait wait WHAT NOW?! Prudence GASPS horrendously. Her pet dog makes herself comfortable in Cooper's arms)

Prudence: C-COOPER?! (Cooper tiredly looks at her) WHAT the, y-you're holding PICKLE!

Cooper: … (Wakes up from his daze) W-Wuh?! (Sees PICKLE resting in his arms) ... AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!

(Pickle JUMPS to her Prudence’s arms the moment Cooper freaks out. He SHIVERS)

Prudence: (Delicately) C-Cooper? Are YOU alright?!

(Cooper’s still shivering but manages to sheepishly smile)

*PRUDENCE: [(With Pickle) Okay, something's DEFINITELY wrong with Cooper today. (Worried) M-maybe it is because of the team swap? (Sighs)]

*COOPER: [(Still fidgety) I'm NOT sure if the surveillance cameras have captured what has transpired early in the morning BUT... (He pulls out a note… with a THREAT in it…) I-I found this u-under my pillow while I was sleeping... It said that I should SHUT UP… or I’d be ROCKET FOOD! (Stutters) I-Is t-this even f-for M-ME?! I mean, I just SWITCHED teams on the same night… Maybe it’s for Rudy? (Shifts) I’d have to have a conversation with him at some point. (Shivers) I-I don’t aspire to get THREATS…]

(Sarge Fan, Radlynn, and Clarisse are talking casually... whatever is casual with Sarge Fan is still a mystery)

Sarge Fan: Yup! That's RIGHT! (Ugh, stop it!)

(Sarge Fan RASPBERRIES in front of the camera. Rude! He resumes his conversation with Radlynn and Clarisse)

Mitch: (Snickers at the sight) They should be a couple.

(Tohru smiles and nods. She then hears Zachary receiving a vote of “NOT YET GUILTY”. She looks while Zachary's back is turned away...)

(Zachary INSTANTLY WHIPS around and GRINS CREEPILY at her. It sends SHIVERS down her spine again)

Tohru: (Helplessly) Oh no...

(Zachary stands up without moving his creepy grin which only makes him EVEN MORE creepier. He walks to her-)

???: HEY! (An ARM clings on Zachary’s shoulder) Mind if we could talk?!

(Zachary looks at his perpetrator… He sees MITCH with the friendliest of faces)

Zachary: (Confused) Uh, what for?! (Mitch effortlessly drags him away from Tohru) H-HEY!

*TOHRU: [(Smiles appreciatively) Aww! That is SO NICE of Mitch! He’s keeping to his word of helping ME out of this fix. (Smiles) He's a great leader!]

(Mitch drags Zachary are in a corner in a headlock)

Zachary: (Annoyed) HEY! What is your BEEF with ME?! We HAVEN’T even interacted in this island! (As a matter of factly) I would know because I’ve hacked this island’s surveillance cameras.

Mitch: (Pauses) … Okay… (Smirks) But WHO do you think is RESPONSIBLE with your BLACK EYE?

(Zachary feels his left eye under his goggles. He received a black eye from a moving tree trunk last challenge... … Go read the last episode... It’s in part 3 :P)

Zachary: (GASPS horrendously) IT WAS YOU?! WHAT?! HOW?! WHY?!

Mitch: YUP! (Smiles in a friendly manner) Tohru told us that she was bothered by a creep like YOU. So, don't come to her again, alright?! (Smiles)

*ZACHARY: [Hmm. So it seems that Tohru has hired Mitch to be her BODYGUARD. But I KNOW what I felt this morning! (GRINS creepily) She REALLY WANTS to play 'HARD TO GET'! Interesting! And if she hired Mitch, (GRINS) then she MUST have wanted a THR- (Gets cut off)]

*MITCH: [I can see myself as physically fit. I mean everyday I ALWAYS have to RUN away from my bodyg- (Pauses) 'Fitness Instructors'! ... (Chuckles nervously) Yeah...]

(Maggie's currently GRILLING Marty who refuses to speak)


(Marty's SCARED witless. Carly tries to restrain Maggie)

Carly: Stop! Please! This is ALL a BIG misunderstanding!

Maggie: (Lets go of Marty for a second. Sweetly) I respect your opinion Carly, but I CANNOT let IT go! That SCUM had something to do with ITS SISTER'S condition!

(Maggie DEATH glares Marty who's REALLY feel guilty...)

???: I can say that they BOTH have dealt such emotional pain to each other…

(Maggie whips to the source of the MASCULINE voice)


(Before Rita could GLOMP Carlo, Carly RESTRAINS her in her seat. Carlo is about to get the heck away from there but sees their precaution)

Carlo: (Sighs) Thank you Carly.

Maggie: Thank you?! (Furrows her brow. HARSHLY points) So YOU'RE the one responsible for Rita's LAMENT! STAY AWAY FROM HER MANIPULATOR!

(Carlo INSTANTLY jolts in position at the mention of the word)

*CARLO: [I-I just REALLY want to resolve the ISSUES I have LEFT with my previous team. (Tenses up) T-That’s N-NOT MA-MANIPULATIVE! (Stutters) I-I’m a-an H-HONEST mu-musician! (Exclaims) I-I’VE D-DONE N-NOTHING W-WRONG P-P-PAPA!!! (FREEZES in place) … … … (Calmly walks away with a blank expression)]

*MAGGIE: [(Reels with disgust) Just as expected, the ROOT cause of my girls' problems are the GUYS! (Clenches her fists) Soon, SOON! I’LL deliver JUSTICE to THEM!!!]

Ivy: {Attention EVERYONE! The preparations have been SET! PLEASE proceed to the campgrounds right NOW! Prepare thems BODIES!}
TDCI Ep 7: Dare to Spare Your Despair (Pt 1)
WARNING: Harsh swearing

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.
Whiff Armstrong - Ultimate Bodybuilder
Welp, I've gone crazy again and conceptualized a Danganronpa fanfic that would feature characters from Flipline Studios... and made some art from it... again. Hehehe. But the idea's been deferred and it's now a question mark. In the end, this just became a Whiff fanart :P

Whiff comes from Flipline Studios.

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Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 3)

___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST HEART___ Interestingly, there's nothing that interesting is happening at the current scenario... Up until Tohru arrives, running…


(Tohru reaches the mighty redwood. She begins looking around for some place to hide. She sees a bunch of leaves on the floor)

(Tohru attempts to hide there... but it MOVES on its own)

Tohru: (Frazzled) AAAUUUGGGHHH!

(Tohru moves to the exotic blue flowers... but it SNEEZES at her)

Tohru: (Frazzled) AAAUUUGGGHHH!

(Tohru moves back to the mighty redwood… but now it seems to HAVE EYES! ... It BLINKS...)

???: Tohru?!

(Tohru GASPS horrendously. IT KNOWS HER NAME!!!)

???: It's me, MITCH!

(… Wut? The 'tree bark' moves away from the tree. It has very familiar figure: MITCH’S body shape! It IS Mitch. He's body painted to LOOK like the tree)

Tohru: (Fearful) M-MITCH?! (Mitch nods. Sighs in relief) Thank goodness! Wait... what about-

(The blue flowers and the pile of leaves moves. They're revealed to be PRUDENCE and SARGE FAN in disguise)

Prudence: (Apologetically) Sorry, did we scare you?

Sarge Fan: (Smiles gleefully) That means SARGE FAN'S camouflages WORK!

(Tohru gets relieved. We DON'T need yet ANOTHER crazy weirdo)

*SARGE FAN: [(In his camo outfit) What about CRAZY WEIRDOS?! Is that the theme of episode 6 of TDCI? If so, Sarge Fan thinks the weirdos are WEIRD and AWESOME! (Toothily smiles)]

Prudence: Say, you were running before you stumbled upon us. Are you afraid of something?

(Before Tohru could say anything, Zachary's CREEPY laughter filters the air. Tohru GASPS horrendously)

Mitch: … Is that what you are trying to hide from? (Tohru nods) Alright, we'll HELP you. After all you're a CRETIN now, one of US!

(They all hear Zachary getting closer to them)

Mitch: QUICK! Hide with Prudence!

(Tohru nods and goes to Prudence. They all return to their previous stances)

(Zachary enters the forest heart. He had already cleaned his face. There are still some stains left on his swim shirt)

Zachary: Oh Tohru! Come out, come out wherever you ARE! (The forest heart looks deserted. Thinks) Hmm...

(Zachary sniffs the air... and DETECTS something. He puts on his creepy cheshire-like GRIN. He rubs his hand maliciously)

Zachary: Alright, it seems like NOBODY's around...

(He moves over to the exotic blue flowers. The flowers SHIVER a bit... Zachary GRINS. He then grabs his swim trunks and he begins to pul-)


(The flowers MOVE. Prudence and Tohru RUNS the heck out away from Zachary. They both run towards the tree. Zachary GRINS)

Zachary: (Predatorily) GOTCHA-

(The pile of leaves suddenly GRASPS Zachary)


Sarge Fan: (Reveals his face) NEVER!!! Zachary's done HORRIBLE things to Tohru. Sarge Fan, Radlynn, Clarisse, Mitch, and Prudence shall AVENGE TOHRU!!!

(Zachary tries to wiggle out of Sarge Fan but he fails. He then sees a TREE BARK coming to him)

Zachary: (Confused) WHAT?!

(WHAM!!! Mitch PUNCHES Zachary in the FACE. It's enough for him to FAINT. OH-KO!)

Mitch: And DOWN you go! (Mitch looks at Tohru) Hey Tohru, you alright? (Smiles sincerely)

*TOHRU: [(JAW DROPS) WHOA! Just, WHOA! He took down that HENTAI with just ONE PUNCH like SAITAMA-SAMA?! WHOA! ... That or that hentai’s just WEAK...]

(Mitch's eyes are shut in a cute fashion. Prudence is clutching on Tohru’s arm. She stares in amazement)

Tohru: Y-YES! Oh guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for SAVING ME from that HENTAI!

(Mitch prepares to say something… but he gets HIT by some kind of gunky and searing YELLOW projectile. They all GASP in horror, except from Mitch)

Sarge Fan: NOPE! Sarge Fan is OUT OF HERE!

(Sarge Fan pulls a vine from his disguise and uses it as a lasso. He soars in the air BUT he gets SHOT by the same substance. He screams as he CRASHES down in front of Tohru and Prudence)

(... Something rustles behind the bushes...)

Prudence: (Frenzied) AAAUUUGGGHHH! STAY BACK!

(The figure comes into the light and reveals... COOPER!)

Prudence: C-COOPER?! (Cooper walks up to the girls)

Cooper: Greetings Prudence! And to you too Tohru. (Looks at Mitch and Sarge Fan) Umm... Sorry!

(Mitch and Sarge Fan moans on the ground. Prudence sighs in relief)

Prudence: Good thing that it was just YOU Cooper! I was getting worried that I’ll be SHO-

(Cooper immediately BLASTS Prudence... on her feet. Prudence FREEZES)

Cooper: I very much acknowledge YOU as my acquaintance but alas, my apologies... I hope you'd understand…

Prudence: ... ... (Eye twitch) ... ... ... ... ... (Turns to Tohru) ...  ... ... BLAST HIM!

(Tohru obliges. Cooper is BLASTED. Prudence whistles. PICKLE arrives)

Prudence: (POINTS at Cooper) SICK HIM!

(Pickle barks happily and outright GLOMPS Cooper. He SCREAMS in fear)

*PRUDENCE: [(She has Pickle with her. She's smiling) I actually HATE getting messy so Cooper should know NOT to mess me up. (Smirks) I have PICKLE! (She happily pats her. Pickle barks)]

*COOPER: [(He's huddled in a corner. He's PETRIFIED. He's rocking back and forth) ... Never mess with Prudence... Never mess with Prudence… NEVER mess with Prudence!]

___CALYPSO BEACH SHORE___ The beach is shown. The edge of the forest is on the background. The diving cliff is westward while the campground is eastward…

(Robby arrives on screen. He pants from probably getting CHASED by Clover)

Clover (Voice): OH ROBBY! WHERE ARE YA?!

(Robby GASPS. Clover is about a few yards away. He needs to HIDE, FAST!)

???: (Whispers) Hey… Robby...

(Robby turns to the direction of the voice. He sees MARTY hiding behind the nearby trees. He motions for him to come. Without a choice, Robby hides with him. The camera zooms to their hiding spot)

Marty: Hey Robby, I NEED t-

(Robby shushes Marty. They see CLOVER arriving on screen. She can't see them... yet…)

Clover: Come on Robby! (GRINS) Give me what I WANT!

(Clover giggles quite… differently... She inspects the rocky area first)

Robby: (Whispers) Not now, let that B**** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) move away first!

Marty: (Slightly insulted) HEY!

(Robby covers Marty's mouth to shush him. Marty removes Robby's hand)

Marty: (Whispers) Okay, okay, I get it but... can I ask you a FAVOR? (Robby looks at him and raises a brow) I want settle things with Clover. She listens to YOU, so... can you TALK-

(Robby cuts Marty off accompanied by his DEATH GLARE)

Robby: (Whispers) NOT for a chance of snow in H***! (CENSORED as ship engine sounds)

(Marty tries to talk but Robby cuts him off AGAIN)

Robby: NO! I will NOT talk to that SL***Y (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) SISTER of YOURS! She had dealt me NO GOOD since that B**** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) first laid her eyes on ME! (Furiously) NEVER, so go and F*** (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) OFF!!!

(Marty GASPS horrendously. Robby raises an eyebrow while maintaining his glare)

???: (DEVIOUS smile) FOUND YOU!!!

(Clover INSTANTLY HUGS Robby. He outright SCREAMS)

Clover: Oh, I'M gonna make this CAPTURE COUNT!

(Before Robby could push her away for freedom... Clover INSTANTLY plants her LIPS into HIS. Robby's STUNNED. His EYE SOCKETS are moving in EVERY possible direction at a RAPID rate. Marty GASPS horrendously)

(Clover's CLEARLY ENJOYING HER TIME. She's trying her best to make the kiss LONGER. Robby's eyes TWITCH RAPIDLY while his eye sockets are STILL on the go. Robby's pupils are starting to RECEDE... but he uses ALL of his MIGHT TO PUSH HER DOWN)

(Clover GASPS horrendously. Her session is OVER. Robby starts to spit EVERYWHERE. He DESPERATELY tries to CLEAN his mouth. … He’s looking a bit... green from it…)

(In Clover's perspective, HE'S DISTRACTED! She stands up to GLOMP on him. Robby looks at her… like SHE’s a PREDATOR and HE’s her PREY…)


Marty: (On top of his lungs) STOP!!!

(Robby and Clover GAPE in SHOCK. Marty's SEETHING in RAGE)

Marty: (Authoritatively) CLOVER!!!

(Clover gets STUNNED by MARTY'S BOOMING VOICE. Ooopsie... big brother's MAD)


(Clover stutters. She DID NOT expect Marty to lash out)


(Marty shuts his eyes. This confrontation is already overwhelming HIM)

Marty: (Furious tone) THIS ISN'T MY SISTER! YOU'RE NOT CLOVER SO… (Marty starts to tear up) WHO THE HECK EVEN ARE YOU?!?!

(Clover's just… STUNNED! Her eyes are WIDE. She is backed up in a tree. She is just staring a her brother who's now trying to wipe his endless tears away. She's just looking at him with no emotion. She just stands there full in shock...)

*ROBBY: [(He's brushing his teeth with a toothbrush. He gargles and spits on the toilet. He wipes his mouth) DANG! Big brother sure GOT HER! (Nonchalantly procures a BIG bottle of mouthwash)]

(A single teardrop glides on Clover’s emotionless face…)



(A BLUE gunky substance hits MARTY. He's too exhausted. He falls down to the ground, unconscious. Robby gasps)


(A second one is fired. Clover's HIT but she remains emotionless. Her body starts to slide down the tree until her knees hit the ground. ... She's still staring in space…)

(… Rudy arrives at the scene. He and Robby stare at each other…)

Rudy: ... (Sighs) You're a good chap so... I'm not going to blast you...

(Rudy smiles lightly. He then picks up Clover on his shoulder. She's NOT protesting, just… blank…)

Rudy: Just help me get them to the infirmary...

*ROBBY: [You know, even though I've been HARASSED by that B****… (CENSORED as ship engine sounds) I'm GLAD to have entered this show. (Smiles) I get to meet people like Rudy. ... (Suddenly turns SERIOUS) And I’m NOT gonna mess this up THIS time…]

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS PORCH___ Alberto and Penny arrive at their cabin. They are currently standing on the porch. Alberto makes his way to the boy’s side. Instantly, Penny gets ALARMED…

Penny: (Alarmed) W-WHAT?! You’re taking me to the BOY’S side of the cabin?! I-It’s in THERE?!

(Alberto, without looking at Penny, places a hand on the boy’s doorknob. Penny immediately gets more nervous)

Penny: (Nervous) N-No! I-I CAN’T go in THERE! T-That’s y-your SANCTUARY!!! (Covers her eyes) I-I’m N-NOT supposed to SEE a-anything t-that happens t-there! (Exclaims) I CHANGED MY MIND!

Alberto: (Sharply) Why?

(Penny pauses in shock. Alberto doesn’t turn to her. His hand is resting on the doorknob. He doesn’t open the door yet)

Alberto: (Without looking back) Don’t you ‘trust’ that esc-… him? If you know what he’s doing right now… then you wouldn’t have to choke up in his mess any longer...

Penny: (Turns GREEN in nausea) W-WHAT are you talking about?! (Nervously) H-HE’S NOT like T-THAT!

(Alberto finally turns to Penny. His sullen expression sends jolts to her body)

Alberto: (Sullen) Then you don’t know how much of a SL** THAT ESCORT REALLY IS!

(Alberto KICKS the door open. Penny SCREAMS and immediately tries to cover her face… but she freezes up before she could do so… She sees what’s happening inside…)

(Kissing noises… Chuck is STILL making out with the female intern. On the floor are THIRTEEN empty water bottles)

(Chuck, on the first glance, seems to be REALLY invested on kissing the intern. His hands are gently placed on her head and on her waist, the same way how he held Penny when they kissed just yesterday… His eyes are closed and seems to be in pure bliss. His partner is also way into their activity)

(Penny’s eyes WIDEN as her pupils SHRINK. They began to water until it breaks and it glides across her face…)

Penny: (Stutters her breath) Ch-Ch-CHUCK?!

(Chuck continues to make out with the intern. The intern’s eyes WIDEN as she sees Penny and Alberto by the doorway. She jolts out of position and into the ground, breaking her incredibly long make out session with Chuck)

(The intern immediately recognizes Penny, Chuck’s supposed love interest, and she immediately runs away from the scene. Penny was too focused on Chuck to even bother her)

(Chuck slowly comes back to his senses after his make out session. He yawns audibly and looks around. He sees Penny inside the room. Alberto spectates from outside)

Chuck: … (Smiles. Cheerfully) Eisup Penny! What are you doing here? Is it time for the chal-

(Chuck pauses when he finally notices her crying)

Penny: (Teary eyed) W-W-Why? (Sniffles as her tears break) H-How c-could y-you D-DO t-this to m-me? I-I t-thought t-that y-you l-LIKE ME!

(Chuck immediately cringes. His odd cheery demeanor breaks right just NOW for some reason)

Chuck: (Bites his lip) O-Of course I like you! (Looks to the side) b-but-

Penny: (YELLS) BUT WHAT?!?!?! (Chuck JOLTS from his position) I’m NOT ENOUGH?! Is THAT it?! You have to- (Tears up) You HAVE to find some RANDOM GIRL to MAKE OUT WITH?!

Chuck: (Blank face) … (Confused) Some random chick?

(Penny’s eyes WIDEN. Chuck’s statement just made something BOIL within her. Clenching her fist, she steps forward and-)


(Penny, seething in rage, outright PUNCHED Chuck on the cheek. He stumbled down to the floor upon impact. Both of them looks at one another in shock… until Penny tears up and CRIES. She runs out the room… but she faces another obstacle… Alberto’s blocking the door…)

Alberto: (Sullen) Don’t you see now… your so called ‘lover’ is a DISGUSTING SL** who CAN’T keep his tongue from MAKING OUT with OTHER GIRLS!!!

(Chuck’s eyes grow WIDE. His eyes have SHRUNK and his breathing changes. The most baffling thing is… why is he just doing this just NOW?)

Alberto: (Angered) He’s a PLAYER! A SCUM! A SL**! (Exclaims) You SHOULDN’T had CHOSE him but M-


(Alberto’s STUNNED! Penny just SLAPPED him across the cheek. He failed to notice while he’s in his spiel that she has been grossly CRYING. She just got emotionally HURT… and all Alberto cared was how DISGUSTING Chuck was…)



(Alberto jolts from an impact. There’s now a yellow gunk dripping on his backside but he fails to budge from his stunned expression)


(MAGGIE high jump KICKS Alberto DOWN to the floor. Maggie has a FURIOUS expression)

Maggie: (Furiously) WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE?!

(Maggie sees that Chuck is fearfully shaking on the ground but, most importantly… PENNY is on her knees, grossly crying her heart out)

Maggie: (Shocked) P-PENNY!

(Maggie drops her blaster and immediately consoles Penny with a genuinely sympathetic expression. Penny, through her tears, looks up and sees her caring face. She immediately embraces Maggie and cries on her shoulders. Maggie hugs her back and consoles even more)

Maggie: (Delicately) W-Who did this to YOU Penny?!

(Penny continues to cry and doesn’t answer. Maggie puts two and two together when she sees CHUCK with a FEAR and GUILT ridden all over his face)

Maggie: (Points HARSHLY at Chuck) YOU!!!

(Maggie quickly grabs her blaster and POINTS it to Chuck. She contemplates to make him talk… but she waves it and instantaneously BLASTS his chest with the spicy projectile)

(Chuck slides over after being hit. He cringes but his overall expression doesn’t change. Maggie, blinded in fury, BLASTS him again, and AGAIN, and AGAIN! The combined impact glues Chuck to the wall. He CRINGES from the searing heat but he doesn’t protest knowing that he had it coming)

(Maggie tries to BLAST him once again… but… her blaster’s now EMPTY. She had used ALL of her shots. Filled with rage, she outright CHUCKS it over to Chuck. It manages to CLONK him in the head, rendering him unconscious…)

(Maggie continues to console the crying Penny in the middle of all this mess…)


(… This is getting depressing… let’s switch to the LOLZ!)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, INFIRMARY___ The infirmary is white, whhhhiiiiiiittttteeee, white. There are two interns behind the counter. One of them is the original clerk while the other is the one who was the one who made out with Chuck. That intern is crying her heart out while the other one is consoling her… while hiding a satisfied smirk.

(Suddenly, the entrance door opens. A BLACK BALL coming outside rolls at the center of the room. The two interns get confused. They approach the ball to inspect it. The clerk holds it up and finds a timer on its surface. Both of them GASP horrendously)


(The timer reaches to ZERO. It beeps and EXPLODES! The two interns huddle in FEAR!!!)

(... But instead of a deadly explosion... the bomb diffuses some COLORFUL SUBSTANCE?! The infirmary now looks as if it has been SPLOTCHED in PAINT! It's as if a unicorn VOMITED RAINBOWS in there!)


(Coming from outside the infirmary, the SKULL-FACED MAIDEN makes a POWERSLIDE! She slides over the colorful goop on the floor and right before the TERRIFIED interns)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Enthusiastically) WHY keep your BORING old life if you could take a bucket of PAINT and SPLOTCH IT EVERYWHERE?!?!

(The skull-faced maiden sees the two interns huddled in FEAR. Their clothes are splotched in PAINT. Their HAIR is colorful and apparently STYLED. The clerk's hair is straight and silky and DYED in a rainbow-esque sequence. The other one now has a black AFRO with colorful POLKA DOTS)

(The skull-faced maiden GASPS horrendously. She SMILES with TEARS forming in her eyes)

Skull-Faced Maiden: Now THAT'S some PRETTY HAIR! (She looks around) Huh, now where could UTAH be?!

(The skull-faced maiden turns to the freaked out interns)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Enthusiastically) Hi there! Have you seen a petite luau lady with dirty blonde pigtails?! I NEED TO CHEER HER UP!

(The intern clerk nervously points up to the hallways)

Skull-Faced Maiden: THANKS! (Makes a heart with her hands. Whispers) LOVE DA HAIR!

(The skull-faced maiden ominously backs away to the hallway while facing the interns. She also makes her hand move as if it was beating)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Grins) SEE YA PEEPS! (Waves then turns around)

*SKULL-FACED MAIDEN: [(Smiling in GLEE) BP had OUTDONE herself! A BOMB that diffuses HAIR DYE?! GENIUS! It screams 'LET THEM DYE'!]

(The skull-faced maiden reaches UTAH's room. She turns the knob and KICKS the door open)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (YELLS) WHO'S READY TO DYE?!

(The room is very dark. No one seems to be there)

Skull-Faced Maiden: An empty room? AGAIN?! (Enters the room) HEY UTAH?! ARE YOU IN HERE?!

(The skull-faced maiden’s body blocks the door in camera's perspective)

???: So you came here... One has predicted this occurrence...

(The skull-faced maiden turns around and sees WILLOW outside the door)

Skull-Faced Maiden: … (Smiles) WILLOW! GURL, have you seen Utah around?! (Willow grabs the doorknob) Willow?

(With one FORCEFUL action, Willow SHUTS the door closed. It's now PITCH BLACK)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Gasps) HEY! DON'T leave me in h-

(The skull-faced maiden TRIPS over something. She hits the floor)

Skull-Faced Maiden: OUCH! Huh?!

(The skull-faced maiden pulls her leg... but it SOMETHING PULLS HER BACK!)


(Suddenly, the room gets illuminated, though dimly. It's revealed that the skull-faced maiden is SUSPENDED in the air! Her foot is stuck to a rope twisted like a noose. Her sombrero falls)

(A figure forms behind her...)

???: ... I've finally caught you... You've been pestering me... for a while...

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Gasps) … I recognize that voice! (Smiles) You're UTAH! (Tries to turn around by wiggling) GURL! I've been LOOKING for you EVERYWHERE!

Utah (voice): I know...

(Utah walks in front of the skull-faced maiden... and she looks like a MESS! Her hair's messy and unruly. Her eyes are BLOODSHOT)

(In blink of an eye, Utah B**** SLAPS the skull-faced maiden. Utah GLOWERS OVER the skull-faced maiden making her eyes widen FEAR)


(Utah ruffles her hair in utter madness)


(Utah HARSHLY pokes the skull-faced maiden's sniffer)

Utah: (Yells) -YOU SHOWED UP! WHO! THE! H***! ARE! YOOOOUUUUUU?!???!?!?!

(Utah HARSHLY pokes the skull-faced maiden for every word. She GLARES at her and it's pretty INTIMIDATING. The skull-faced maiden turns more and more fearful for each passing second)

Skull-Faced Maiden: (Nervously) Uhh-uhh-uhh... (Pulls out a card) B-business card?

(Utah SWIPES the card to get a good look of it. The card reveals the skull-faced maiden’s identity and its…)


(MINDY!!! ... Duh)

Utah: (Shocked) ... M-Mindy?

(The skull-faced maiden or better yet MINDY nods slowly. Utah turns her back away from her)

Utah: It… makes… SENSE! It was YOU all along... It was YOUR plan to make me PARANOID! YOU CRUSHED MY CHARM ON PURPOSE! (GRIPS the business card TIGHTLY) Why would you do it Mindy... (Turns around and yells) WHY?!?!?!

(Utah SEES Mindy using one of her business cards to SLICE the rope. SUCCESS! Mindy falls down)

Utah: (Gasps) N-NO!!! (With anger) STAY CAPTURED!!!

(Mindy runs the HECK away. She grabs the doorknob)

Mindy: (Fearful) SORRY gurl but YOU'VE gone FR-REAKY!

(Mindy opens the door but she sees WILLOW still standing there. She GASPS horrendously)

Willow: One cannot let you (NARROWS her eye) LEAVE...

(Mindy then hears Utah's voice: a BATTLECRY. Mindy SCREAMS. She DODGES the pouncing Utah just in time. Utah COLLIDES with Willow)

Mindy: (With real fear) AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!

(Mindy RUNS to the curtains. She pans it to reveal the WINDOWS. She sees Utah recovering. Instinctively, she GRABS a nearby chair then uses it to SMASH the windows)

(Mindy hears Utah's BATTLECRY again. Mindy books it and LEAPS through the broken window to escape. Utah LEAPS and follows her in hot pursuit...)

Willow: (Nonchalantly stands up) … So many crazies...

*SARGE FAN: [(Throws his hands) Sarge Fan READ the word CRAZIES! (W-What the?! HOW did you READ that?!) FOURTH WALL AWARENESS!!! (W-Wuh?! Ugh, I shouldn’t had given YOU that.) TOO LATE! (Ugh...)]

Ivy: {TIME'S UP EVERYONE! Please report back to the campgrounds, over! It's time to have a BODY count so SHOW up!}

___CALYPSO ISLAND, CAMPGROUNDS___ Ivy walks to the campgrounds. No one’s there but… you can hear some soft cries coming from the Hoodlum’s cabin. The door to the boy’s side is half open. Ivy get curious and… … The bottomline is, Ivy walks to see what’s going on... And what she sees is NOT what she’s expecting…



(The camera ERRATICALLY captures the scene. It slowly glides over Ivy’s shoulder… then SWIFTLY focuses on a YELLOW gunk on someone’s backside, then SWIFTLY focuses on the victim’s head which reveals to be ALBERTO who’s lying almost motionlessly, then SWIFTLY focuses to a YELLOW BLASTER, then SWIFTLY focuses on MAGGIE and PENNY with the former holding Penny in her arms, and the latter crying in anguish, then SWIFTLY focuses on ANOTHER yellow gunk almost covering someone’s torso, the SWIFTLY focuses on the victim’s head which reveals to be CHUCK with BLOODSHOT EYES and opened mouth…)

Ivy: … I think I don't like chili mango wings anymore…

(Expected casualties of the game of tag. Thank GOODNESS Maggie didn’t switched to the Cretins. Maggie looks at Ivy DEAD in the eye while hugging Penny)

Maggie: (Serious face) Ivy, I wish to sleep on the girl’s side of the Blue Team’s cabin for the night. Dear Penny needs emotional support and I will NOT let her go astray…

(Ivy sees Maggie’s utmost dedication. She’s NOT taking no for an answer)

Ivy: (Sighs) Provided that none of you two will be eliminated tonight… then I would gladly allow you to do so… (Maggie’s expression softens and nods) You may stay in the girl’s side while I’m judging the results.

(Maggie smiles appreciatively and gently drags the crying Penny over to the girls side. Once they have closed the doors, Ivy pulls out her megaphone)


(Momentarily, Rico arrives with a few interns and some stretchers. Rico is curiously holding a VACUUM CLEANER)

Ivy: … (Blinks) What’s that one for?

Rico: (SMIRKS) These UNGRATEFUL maggots’ DINNER.

(Rico approaches Alberto who had just been placed into a stretcher by the interns. Rico outright VACUUMS the sauce that SPILLED on Alberto’s swim shirt and shorts. Ivy BLANKLY stares at the activity)

???: I don't like chili mango wings too…

(Ivy outright JOLTS out of position. She turns around to see… a, a small tree? … Wuh?)

???: It’s just a disguise… and it's an effective one…

(The ‘small tree’ unveils its top portion which reveals to be a HOOD decked with leaves. The disguise also separates vertically as it reveals… RADLYNN! And Clarisse too!)

Radlynn: (Shrugs) I like sewing. (Smiles) Isn’t that right Clarisse? (Radlynn turns to Clarisse who ‘nods’)

(Before Ivy could question her further, she’s cut off by someone’s gasp. Yet ANOTHER walking pile of leaves enters the campgrounds)

???: Radlynn ALSO thought of Sarge Fan’s DISGUISE?! Radlynn’s AWESOME!!!

(The pile of leaves, who’s obviously Sarge Fan, runs up to Radlynn and Clarisse. They both smile at Sarge Fan’s presence. Sarge Fan immediately high fives Radlynn)

Radlynn: (Smiles cheerfully) Check THIS out Sarge Fan! It ALSO doubles as a CAPE!!!

(Radlynn FLIPS her camouflage cloak in one swift motion. She rests it on her shoulders. It’s NOW a BLACK CAPE! COOL!)

Sarge Fan: (Nods) Sarge Fan agrees, it's SO COOL! (Faces the camera) That's what Radlynn was sewing in 5 deviations ago!

(Sarge Fan smiles toothily. Ivy and Radlynn looks confused at him. What deviations?)

Ivy: … I’m just gonna ignore that and-OH MY GOSH! There’s MORE OF YOU?!

(Mitch, Prudence, Cooper, and Tohru arrives after Sarge Fan. Mitch and Prudence are still in their disguises and, for some reason, Tohru’s ALSO wearing something nature themed-ish. Her skin is dyed green while her hair is straight and dyed red like the mighty redwood. She wraps her jacket around her waist. She looks like a space alien of some sort)

*TOHRU: [(Shrugs) I DID say that I COSPLAY when I’m stressed. (Smiles) Mitch, Prudence, and Sarge Fan wore disguises and I just HAVE to partake with the activity! (Turns more confident) I’m a CRETIN now and AWAY from that hentai. This is like a BONDING moment with them. (Giggles) I feel like we’re the Guardians of the Forest!]

(ZACHARY’S also with the group but he’s knocked out unconscious thanks to Mitch. He gained a BLACK EYE as well. As an additional precautionary measure, they have used his tank top to constrict his limbs. He’s NOT touching Tohru anytime soon)

Sarge Fan: (Enthusiastically) Mitch! Prudence! Cooper! Tohru! (Smiles WIDELY) Sarge Fan MISSED Mitch, Prudence, Cooper and Tohru!

Cooper: Uhh, we were just walking ADJACENT wit-OOF!

(Sarge Fan drags Radlynn and Clarisse and pulls the six-erg, seven of them into a GROUP HUG! His friends get SQUISHED… but they all smile by Sarge Fan’s playfulness. Sweet boy)

Ivy: (Dries a tear on her eyes) I love happy reunions.

(Momentarily, Rudy and Robby, who’s towing the siblings, Clover and Marty respectively, enter to the campgrounds from the western portion of the island. The two stoic guys look nonchalant at the Cretins’ celebration)

(Ivy prepares to speak to the guys but Rudy cuts her off)

Rudy: (Stoically) B**** and her bruv needs medic.

(Ivy nods and gestures them to the Hoodlums cabin where there are interns ready with the stretchers. Rico’s now vacuuming the sauce that spilled on Chuck’s torso. He has TONS. Rudy and Robby shrug and tow the siblings there)

(The next to arrive are Carlo, Carly, and the unconscious Rita, who came from the eastern portion of the island. Rita is being towed by the two with each arm on their shoulder. Rudy IMMEDIATELY death glares Carlo who CRINGES)

Carlo: (Instantly TENSED. Stutters) I-I-It w-w-was a-an-a-an A-ACCIDENT! S-Sh-S-She-

Carly: Carlo, (Politely cuts him off) I’ll take it from here.

(Carlo looks at Carly with worried eyes… before sighing and looks away, still nervous that he might get blamed for this… Carly looks at Ivy and REFRAINS from looking directly at Rudy. She’s also intimidated by him but she holds it better than Carlo)

Carly: Rita accidentally RAN into a tree when she was, well, chasing Carlo… I did some checks and she wasn’t really bruised or anything, just… exhausted… (Sighs) We would like to escort her to the infirmary as well.

(Upon hearing this, Rudy turns away from them and walks away to a corner… but not before gesturing to his chap to follow. Robby lightly smiles and follows him. That’s emo bruvs in the making people)

Ivy: Oh my, these challenges are getting DANGEROUS! (Nods) Very well, the interns will take care of her.

(Two male interns walks over to them with a stretcher. They place Rita and escorts her to the infirmary. Rico then approaches Carlo with his vacuum cleaner)

Rico: (Authoritatively) HOLD YAR ARMS UP! NOW!!!

(Carlo immediately gets INTIMIDATED and raises his arms while he sweats in fear. Rico just proceeds to vacuum the sauce off of him. Carly looks awkwardly at the two. Ivy stares BLANKLY at them)

(Finally, James, who’s covered in mud, Connor, who’s covered in yellow gunk, and Roy, who’s covered in HORNET STINGS arrive next)

(Connor looks SO out of character. He’s SMILING and just generally CHILL. Momentarily, he GASPS at the sight of someone… Trishna…)

(Trishna exits the Cretin’s cabin after she saw JAMES’ arrival. She sits on the porch to FAWN over him. Connor mindlessly approaches her. ... She sees him)

Trishna: ... (Groans) Get LOST toothpick!

(Connor sighs ROMANTICALLY at her rudeness to him. He obliges. They both FAWN at their crushes from a distance)

*CONNOR: [(Lovestruck) The RUDER she is to me... (Sighs romantically) The HOTTER she gets! (FAWNS over her) Trishna~...]

James: (Objectively) Ivy, I would like to have Roy treated for his injuries and to have Connor spiffed up.

(Ivy nods and her interns take the fidgeting Roy in a stretcher. Rico is now vacuuming Connor up who’s just utterly lovestruck at Trishna)

Rico: (Mumbles) Maggot di’int even held his arms up!

(James begins to look around for his other teammates… but he can’t see them anywhere… He instinctively walks up to their cabin and hears someone… crying… He immediately deciphers the person. He clenches his fists as he hears PENNY’S soft but anguished cries…)

*JAMES: [(DEATH GLARES. Oh boy, that’s SCARY!) The ONE thing that I F***ING told him NOT to F***ING do and he F***ING DOES IT ANYWAY! (Clenches his fists. He GNASHES his teeth) Doesn’t he F***ING KNOW how he F***ING FELT when that ESCORT F***ING KICKED HIM IN THE B***S?! A******S! (Presses the bridge of his nose and breathes heavily to destress… … James is getting more and more BRASH in contrast with his stoic leader type demeanor…)]

(Willow then nonchalantly arrives at the scene. She heads over to the Hoodlums porch where she sees James standing by. James’ fists are clenched TIGHTLY and she can feel that there’s something wrong with the situation… She doesn’t pry his affairs and just nonchalantly sits on the porch)

Ivy: (Looks around) Has everyone arrived or were they-

(Suddenly, a SPARKLING light occurs. Everyone’s attention is drawn…)

Ivy: H-Hey! Who lit some sparklers-

(Ivy’s eyes grow WIDE. She recognizes where the sparkling light originates…)


(The rocket has TAKEN OFF!!!)

<Ten minutes ago...>

___ROCKET OF SHAME___ The ominously weather's sultry. The breeze's strong. The rocket is locked and ready. It just needs a victim to take off. A scream is heard nearby...


(The skull-faced maiden, A.K.A. MINDY, runs up the cliff while flailing her arms. She STOPS before falling over)

Mindy: (Shocked) AUGH! TRAPPED!

(Mindy's face contorts. Her face blocks the camera…)

???: This ends NOW!

(Mindy GASPS. The camera pans to reveal Utah who’s ten feet behind her. She has Mindy CORNERED...)


(Mindy RUNS to the side of the rocket. Utah TACKLES her before she could escape. They both land right next to the chains that is used to TIE the loser to the rocket)

(Without hesitation, Utah picks Mindy up and SLAMS her against the rocket. She immediately TIES the chains around Mindy)

Mindy: (Flails helplessly) W-WHAT?! AUGH! NO! S-STOP! (Utah SUCCESSFULLY ties her down) HALP!

(Mindy desperately WIGGLES for her freedom BUT FAILS. Utah breathes HEAVILY)


(Utah DEATH GLARES Mindy. Her hair is blocking her right eye making her more INTIMIDATING)

Utah: (Yells) You will NOT MESS ME UP ANYMORE! ALOHA! Haha... HAHA... (Contorts her fingers maniacally) AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Mindy feels for a mode of escape. Her hands feels the CHAINS! She grasps it and discovers that it can be moved freely. She raises it up and uses it as a LASSO)

(Utah notices this. She tries to do something but Mindy manages to LASSO her LEFT ARM. She gasps horrendously. Mindy PULLS the chains making Utah SMACK against her. Mindy uses her free arms to GRASP Utah)

Mindy: (Freaking out) UNTIE ME OR WE BOTH GETS IT!

(Suddenly... the rocket mysteriously SPARKS TO LIFE! The girls both notice it. They GASP horrendously. Before they could do something, the rocket SOARS to the sky, dragging BOTH girls away...)


___CALYPSO ISLAND, CAMPGROUNDS___ Ivy and the cast are DUMBFOUNDED on what has just transpired…

Ivy: Well THAT happened... (Faces the cast and acts professionally) Unfortunately for them, we CAN'T retrieve them anymore! (They all gasp) Thems the rules! We've actually been planning a DOUBLE elimination soon, never thought it would be imposed THIS soon. Moreover, it seems that the Hoodlums have LOST for the FIRST TIME!

(Everyone GASPS. The present Hoodlums are nonchalant or too preoccupied of something… except for JAMES. His eyes WIDEN. His previous almost dark demeanor gets switched into PURE shock…)

Ivy: Rudy we have reviewed the footage and you have SHOT down CARLO! That cost you TWO negative points, a SINGLE point away from the Cretin’s score.

(Rudy nonchalantly shrugs. There’s nothing they can do at this point. James looks at him… but instead of showing signs of non-apparent anger, his expression… neutralizes)

*JAMES: [(Straight faced) Our loss hinged on the team swap which is beyond my assessment. I need to rethink my team’s strategy… because of the ONE thing that I have proven today. (Looks at the camera with utmost SERIOUSNESS) Vendettas are destructive…]

Ivy: And by the looks of it, the Secret Schmucks have WON!

(The Schmucks lighten up but they're still dumbfounded from what just happened and their earlier situations...)

Ivy: (Faces the camera) WHAT will happen next?! HOW would the taggers cope up with their NEW teams?! Do you think the love triangle would EVER get FIXED?! What will transpire to this season's CRAZIES?! What's WRONG with Sarge Fan?! Finally, WHO is responsible for today's ELIMINATION?! (Ivy shifts) Try and FIND out the answers NEXT TIME on Total Drama Calypso Island!

*COOPER: [W-Wait... In order for the mechanics of the combustion process of the said rocket... Ivy would require a REMOTE... So… WHO pushed it...]

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TDCI Ep6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt3)
WARNING: Involves kissing, swear words, a bit more intense drama than usual, and tons of spicy condiments.

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 2)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, HOODLUMS CABIN___ The guy's side of the cabin is neat and tidy. All of the previous litter has been swept. The blankets and mattresses are properly folded and arranged in their respective beds. It's the spitting image of CLEANLINESS... If you would exclude Chuck who is somehow STILL making out with the intern...

(Chuck STILL looks like as if he's hypnotized as he makes out with the intern. He’s now SHIRTLESS but he looks a bit dehydrated though. He sweats profusely. The HEAT is on!)

(The INTERN, still fully clothed, doesn't seem to mind AT ALL. Why? Because she's KISSING some random HUNK! For almost THREE HOURS… She does feel the dry sensation in his mouth though... again. She gets a bit worried, should she stop making out with him? ...)

(… NOT EXACTLY! The female intern procures a bottle of water. She stops making out with Chuck… then SHOVES the opened water bottle between his lips. She lets him drink half of it then drinks the rest to herself)

(Chuck pants and starts to come back to his senses… only for the female intern to PLANT her lips onto his. Chuck INSTANTLY becomes dazed and they start making out… again)

(The intern places the empty bottle next to FIVE empty bottles and beside TEN more. DISASTER AVERTED! She then takes out her phone and takes a SELFIE with Chuck, all while STILL making out with him…)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, INFIRMARY___ The infirmary, as always, is freaking clean and freaking white. The reception counter is shown. A female intern in a nurse's outfit is behind it. She seems to be texting on her phone. The infirmary doors then open. Alberto, Penny and Utah, who is carried by Alberto, enters the infirmary...

Penny: (Goes up to the counter) We would like to make a DEPOSIT please! Our friend here just needs somewhere SAFE to rest.

(Penny gestures to Utah who's LIFELESS in spirit while hunched up in Alberto's backside. The intern shrugs and gives them a key)

Penny: (Smiles) Thank you so much! (The trio then moves down the hallways)

(The intern then resumes to her texting. PING! The intern GASPS at the message she received. She looks PEEVED and continues to text, but aggressively this time)

(Anyway, focus back to the trio. Penny, Utah, and Alberto have managed to arrive at the room they’ve borrowed. Yup, it's still vomiting in pure whiteness. Alberto lays Utah in a white bed. She curls up into a ball)

Penny: (Pats Utah’s back) There, there Utah... (Turns to Alberto) Thanks for escorting us here! (Smiles)

(Alberto gets STARTLED. He stutters. He awkwardly rubs the back of his head)

Alberto: (Nervous) N-no prob! I didn't care-NO... MIND it anyway! It's what a REAL FRIEND does!

Penny: (Smiles) Yeah! S-speaking of friends... H-have you seen CHUCK?! (Alberto flinches. He FREEZES) He should had FINISHED taking the washrooms by now! (Blushes) Ohhhh... WHERE could he be?! (Looks back to Alberto) Hey Alberto, you're his close friend right? Does he take really this long?!

Alberto: (NERVOUS) I-I-I DON'T know... I d-don't usually have GOOD REASONS when I L-LOOK at him w-when he's using his S-STICK! (Blushes in embarrassment) Hehehe!

(... Uhh.. WHAT did this boy just SAY? ... Alberto REALIZES what he just said... Penny takes a step back... looking nauseated)

Alberto: (BLUSHES in embarrassment) ... T-that came out WRONG!

*ALBERTO: [(PUNCHES himself) W-WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT! (Stutters) I-I-I'm a WRECK! W-WHY is this SO HARD?! ... (Sighs) I kinda wish Hawaiian Dude would help me right now... (His eye twitches. He PUNCHES himself again) NO! I DON'T need his "HELP"! Just! Just... (Breathes in) Calm yourself... (Gets tensed) And hope she DOESN'T misunderstand!]

*PENNY: [… Was Alberto INTO Chuck? I THOUGHT he was into ME! … That notion feels wrong… but they ARE always together… But Chuck KISSED ME back yesterday. (Shakes her head) I think Alberto just had a CRUSH on Chuck and he was just either too timid or well, haven’t really came out of the closet yet. Either way, I don’t really mind his infatuation, (Blushes) Chuck chose ME after all!]

Penny: O-kay... I-I'm just gonna ignore that. (Alberto gets relieved) Alberto, could you help me LOOK for him instead? (Worried) I just don't want him to be targeted!

Alberto: (Blushes in embarrassment) Uhh, S-SURE! Sure!

(Penny looks suspiciously… but smiles appreciatively to him. She walks over to Utah to pat her gently. She nods at Alberto. They both leave Utah in the room)

(Now alone in the room, Utah's scared WITLESS. She's looking outside the window...)

(... The mysterious entity or more vividly, the SKULL-faced maiden is looming behind it. It smirks DEVIOUSLY. Utah's pupils shrink...)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The taggers are lounging in the dining hall. They are sitting on the table of their NEW team. Each of them are talking...

Maggie: (Sitting with Cooper) You know, you're LUCKY that I don't see you much of a THREAT! (Scoffs) You're TOO LANKY to DEFY ME!

Cooper: On the CONTRARY, my previous team had chosen me as our most TACTICAL player. The prerequisite of being tactical isn't-

Maggie: (CUTS him off. Glares) So let me get this straight, YOU'RE saying that a WOMAN was chosen to be the LANKY COUNTERPART?! (LEERS) IS THAT?!

Cooper: (Instantly NERVOUS) I-I-It WASN'T an individual discernment! T-The TEAM voted for her UNANIMOUSLY!

Maggie: Oh, I see...

(Maggie SWIFTLY grasps COOPER’S tank top. She LEERS at his face with closer proximity. Cooper's scared WITLESS)

Maggie: (Intimidatingly) If MEN like you THINKS that the female race is INCOMPETENT, or in this scenario, LANKY! (Leers EVEN CLOSER) I'll MAKE SURE that we would ERADICATE such thought from your UNCULTURED MIND!

*COOPER: [(Scared) T-That's some FRIGHTENING LADY! I’m NOT the only ones responsible for such appointment! (Shivers)]

(Rudy is sitting stoically on his new team's table, per usual. TRISHNA, on the other hand, tries to catch his attention. We pray for you Rudy)

Trishna: (“Seductively”) HEEEEEEY there hot TAMALE!

(Trishna puts her LEGS on the table. Bad table manners. She's trying to show them off to Rudy in order to somehow ATTRACT him)

Trishna: (“Seductively”) Have you been LOOKING at some (Starts caressing her legs) LOCAL ATTRACTIONS?! (Continues caressing) HMMMMM?!

(Rudy... continues to IGNORE HER. Attempt 1: FAILED)

Trishna: Oh, (Smirks) I see, you are playing HARD to GET! (Retracts her legs) Very INTERESTING!

*TRISHNA: [He's HOT, that's a plus, but if he's just gonna IGNORE ME, then I'll put him on my LONG-TERM plans! (Crosses her arms) I'm just gonna WOO some other HUNK! Hopefully, that emo will SEE what he had LOST, AKA ME! (Daydreams) Then I'll have TWO HOT BODYGUARDS!]

(Tohru and Roy are just sitting there idly. They're barely addressing each other due to awkwardness... … I can't describe them any further…)

*ROY: [(Frowns) I'm not like most people who could interact with ANYONE anytime. I'll probably get weeded out later on. (Sighs) So much for training.]

Ivy: (Walks inside) Alright taggers! The targets' hiding time is OVER so all of you better hop to it!

(The taggers nod. Rudy walks out with Trishna on his trail. Maggie bolts away immediately. Cooper and Tohru moves out. Roy prepares to follow them but…)

???: Psst. (Roy hears a sound. He stops walking)

???: Psst! (Roy gulps. He looks around)

???: PSST! (Nobody's there. Roy starts to shiver)

???: PSST!!!

Roy: (Grabs his head) AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

???: OH FOR F***'S SAK-

(Roy WHIPS at the direction of the sound and he FIRES his gun THREE TIMES while screaming)


(The camera pans to the direction of the voice. It was CONNOR. He dodged Roy's onslaughts perfectly… but he's posing as if he was doing ballet. His right foot reaches the frekin CEILING. He retracts his foot and arms)

Connor: (Groans) You're LUCKY I'm AGILE Rhonda!

(Roy open his eyes and sees Connor TOWERING over him. He yelps and falls on his back. Connor roughly picks him up)

Connor: Okay Rhona, here's the DEAL! You'll PROTECT ME during the challenge. Aida said taggers WON'T be out when shot. Is that alright, (Leers) MEAT SHIELD?!

(Roy gulps and weakly nods. Connor smiles)

Connor: GOOD! DON'T worry about the PAIN, just think that it's all for the sake of TRAINING! Let's move out Rue!

*ROY: [(Smiles) I guess switching teams doesn't affect our agreement. I'm both happy (His pupils shrink) and TERRIFIED! (Sighs) Yay pain...]

*CONNOR: [That squirt STILL needs to learn his LESSON! (Scoffs) Mocking me for my SINGING, UNFORGIVABLE! Roxie should BETTER behave!]

___CALYPSO FOREST, OPEN LAKE___ The lake is as serene as always. Its clear blue waters just makes you want to take a dip under the hot sunny day. Robby is on the side, working on something. He's using a vine to tie down thick sticks together. He's making a raft out from scratch. Crafty. He's finishing up one end...

(Robby's tugging the vine with his TEETH while holding the sticks in place. He pins down the edge of the raft with his right hand. His left hand is trying to reach a sharpened stone to cut the vine… except he can't reach it. He still tries to extend his arm to reach for it...)

???: Eryago!

(Someone gives Robby the stone. He slices the vine)

Robby: Thanks.

(Robby moves over to the other side... but then he freezes... He goes WIDE EYED. He WHIPS his head around and sees CLOVER with the BIGGEST GRIN she could offer. ... Run. ... Robby BOLTS away from Clover)

*CLOVER: [(With a somewhat crazed look) Even if that HOT BOD yelled at me yesterday... (Love crazed) I'D STILL FOLLOW HIM AROUND! (Giggles unnervingly)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, WASHROOMS___ Everything seems to be normal. Floor is organized, bathroom stalls are closed, Rita is a wreck on the sink... … Wait a minute...

(Rita's crying all over the sink. It's HORRIBLE)


(Carly's trying her best to cheer Rita up. Boy was she cheering up people all day. She pats Rita's back)

Carly: (Supportive) Come on Rita, it's not your fa-


(Rita SHARPLY turns to Carly, making her startled. She DEATH GLARES at her)

Rita: (Aggressively) ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT IT'S MINE?! (Leers) ARE YOU?!

(Carly backs away a bit. Rita changes her temperament again...)

Rita: (Cries) SUCH A CRUEL TWIST OF FATE! MY CARLO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! (She faceplants the sink)

*CARLY: [(She sighs. It then turns into a groan) This is going to be PAINFUL. (Sighs) I've never seen a person able to switch back from being all happy, to being downtrodden, then have BLAZING FURY, back to downtrodden, then to blazing fury again, etc... (She looks to the side) This is NOT good for her! All her obsession for Carlo has resulted to THIS! (Looks to the other side) Carlo is getting frenzied left and right and RUDY'S... (She looks at the camera. Looks to the side) Well... (Blushes) He's... misunderstood... (Sighs) My friends...]

(Rita's still being a WRECK. Carly doesn't know what to do... until it hits her...)

Carly: (Fake gasps) Is that CARLO over THERE?!

Rita: (GASPS with a fit of FRENZY) WHERE IS HE?!

(Rita GRABS Carly and starts to AGGRESSIVELY shake her)

Rita: (Yells) WHERE IS MY CARLO?!?! (Desperately) TELL ME!

(Carly points at a random direction outside. Rita BOLTS her way to that direction)

Carly: (Sighs) Best thing I can do for the moment. (Follows Rita outside)

(The camera still stays filming the washrooms)

???: Are they GONE?!

(The stall door in the middle suddenly opens. It's revealed that the SKULL-FACED MAIDEN is inside)

Skull-Faced Maiden: It's GETTIN' CRUMMY in there! (Stretches) This Victorian-esque SKIRT is a PAIN to wear... But DANG!

(The skull-faced maiden poses to get a look at her dress in the mirror)

Skull-Faced Maiden: Do I look VILLAINOUS! And HOT! Huh, who knows that I ROCK in BLACK! (Squees) And THAT HAIR! I WUV IT!

(The skull-faced maiden goes to the stall door to the right. She knocks on it)

Skull-Faced Maiden: Hey BP! (Giggles) That’s short for business partner. Come on out! Let's prance the island! (GASPS horrendously) … Maybe I COULD even STYLE YOUR HAIR! Then we'll BOTH be VILLAINOUS AND HOT!

???: Hey Chuck! Are YOU in HERE?!

(The skull-faced maiden GASPS horrendously. They start to FRANTICALLY search for an exit. Their heels are making NOISES. They see a nearby window. The camera pans at the entrance door)

*SKULL-FACED MAIDEN: [BP told me that this costume could just CHEER UTAH up! That is so SWEET of BP! (Giggles) It'll be a SURPRISE so I CAN'T get CAUGHT!]

???: Hey Chuck?!

(The door creaks open. Penny peers inside. … No one's inside...)

Penny: Huh, I could had sworn I heard some FOOTSTEPS here!

(Penny goes inside. Alberto subsequently follows her. On a nearby window, a trail of black cloth is being pulled... The two don't notice it)

Penny: (Confused) He's not here?

Alberto: (VERY nervous) Well he DOESN'T usually use the URINAL! (Stifles a laugh) He ALWAYS uses the STALLS!

(Penny knocks on a stall. It's the SAME stall the skull-faced maiden's business partner is presumably using)

Penny: Chuck?!

(The stall door creaks open. NO ONE'S THERE! Alberto opens the other stalls. It’s only just the two of them…)

Penny: (Sighs with a fit of worry) Where IS he?! (Looks left and right) Maybe he's hiding already?

Alberto: Y-y-YEAH! T-That could be it! (More composed) Maybe he's with LEADER-DUDE! It's TOO RISKY to look for us. Leader-dude's VERY STRICT you know!

Penny: (Smiles a little) Yeah, but... Can we still LOOK for him though? I mean the washroom's also kind of hard to escape. Let's go outside.

Alberto: S-sure! (His face brightens) Hey! I know a GREAT place to HIDE! Me and Hawaiian-dude used to go behind the BIG ROCKS near the beach! We used to go there alone.

(Penny looks at Alberto. ALONE he said?)

Alberto: (Nervous) W-Wanna come?

(Penny nods. She faces the door… then looks suspicious)

*PENNY: [(Suspiciously) … What were they doing behind the rocks? …]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS PORCH___ Tohru's approaching the porch with her big Atomic Sauce spitting gun. She's looking left and right many times. She's wary...

Tohru: Okay Tohru, you have your ARSENAL! You'll be fine if you ever come across that HENTAI!

(Tohru reaches the girl's door. She pauses first to take a deep breath. She grabs the knob and opens the door...)

(… ZACHARY’s behind the door... He breathes audibly with a smile in his CREEPY FACE... Did I mention that it's the GIRL'S SIDE OF THE CABIN?!)

Tohru: ... (Charges up her gun and points at him) STAY BACK!

Zachary: … (Steps forward anyway) Want me to li-

(Tohru DOESN'T let him finish his thought. She BLASTS his FACE with Atomic Sauce. He FALLS down to the ground then SCREAMS in AGONIZING PAIN)

Tohru: THAT'S what you get for trying to HIT ON ME!

(Tohru attempts to leave him Zachary, but before she could leave... he GRABS her JACKET SLEEVE at LIGHTNING SPEED. Tohru GASPS as she falls down as well)

Zachary: (Screams because of the sauce) YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET AWAY FROM ME SO EASILY!

(Zachary LAUGHS CREEPILY. Tohru SCREAMS. She KICKS his face, making him let go of her. She stands up RUNS the heck away from him)

(Zachary stands up after recovering. He looks at the direction to where she fled. ... He grins CREEPILY)

*TOHRU: [(Shivers in the corner) W-WHY does he like ME in the FIRST PLACE! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO I DESERVE THIS? ... (Helplessly) Why me?]

___CALYPSO FOREST, FORKED ROAD___ Trishna just enters the scene. Just a reminder: Left = Forest, Middle = Swamp, Right = Lake. ... Trishna forgot that...

Trishna: UGH! Where's the LAKE again?! (Groans and kicks the dirt) This WOULDN'T had happened if that HOT MOHAWKED EMO just FELL for my own BEAUTY OFF THE BAT! (Groans) I HATE being the tagger! I'll be all TIRED and SWEATY! NOT good for my SKIN!

???: SALUTATIONS FELLOW INDEPENDENT WOMAN! (Maggie approaches her) How are you handling this challenge today miss?!

Trishna: Oh, it's just you. (Crosses her arms) Hey there. (Groans) I don't like WORKING! Hmm, If only I could find someone, like a HOT GUY, then I'll-


(Maggie GRABS Trishna's shoulders, which startles her more)

Maggie: You should act INDEPENDENTLY! BELIEVE in YOURSELF that you can DO it! That you're WORTH it! (Eases her grip) I BELIEVE that a WOMAN SHOULDN'T be A SHADOW behind (With disgust) THEM! STAND up for YOURSELF!

(Maggie looks at Trishna with tantamount amount determination)

Trishna: ... Are you like, a LESBIAN or something?! (Maggie FACEPALMS) Hey look, I've already heard a speech in lines with that from YOU. I am like, ALREADY enlightened by that motion of yours.

(Maggie raises an eyebrow. She looks intrigued)

Trishna: I'm NOT just gonna FALL for just some random guy, I have like, a LONG list of CREDENTIALS for him to fill! (Smirks) But those other PEONS of my BEAUTY... (Casts a DEVILISH look) Their HEARTS are MINE TO PLAY WITH! (Goes back to normal) So yeah, thanks or whatever. (Maggie STARES at her)

*MAGGIE: [(Smiles WIDELY) THAT'S what I WANT to SEE! A RUTHLESS woman who has MEN caught on her FINGER! (Smirks) Well done!]

Maggie: (Smiles) OUTSTANDING! I'm OVERJOYED to meet a WOMAN of such great CALIBER! (Makes a fist) Let's make a PACT to bring them DOWN to our HEELS!

(Before Trishna could agree or disagree, Connor and Roy enters the area from the right path)

Connor: (Scoffs) WHERE are those LOSERS?!

(Connor then looks before him. He sees the girls with the blasters... He GASPS horribly)


(Connor puts Roy BEFORE him. Maggie doesn't think twice, she BLASTS BOTH of them. Roy screams. He DUCKS. Connor gets HIT. The IMPACT left him stuck to a tree)


(Before Roy could do anything, MAGGIE towers over him. She GLARES at him)

Maggie: DO IT and the NEXT ONE WON'T MISS!

(Roy SCREAMS. He immediately runs away from them. Roy runs to the SWAMP. Maggie looks over to Connor)

Maggie: And as for YOU FIZZLE POUFFE!

(Maggie prepares to threaten him but-)

Trishna: (CUTS her off) HEY! I WANT to DO the NEXT ONE!

(Maggie turns to Trishna. She SMIRKS and allows it. Trishna walks over to Connor, face to face)

Trisha: (Cutthroat) LOOK over here you PEASANT! I DON'T know why she's AGITATED BUT if YOU do it AGAIN (Leers) YOU'LL TASTE THE WRATH OF INDIA!

*TRISHNA: [(Flips her hair) It's TIME for me to get some allies and Independence Girl is willing! (Scoffs) That STICK WASN’T hot or anything! PLUS! (Smiles) Yelling's FUN!]

(Connor JAW DROPS. Maggie smirks)

Maggie: Wow. You have managed to SHUT IT UP! SPLENDID work Trishna! (Trishna just flips her hair) I think WE should WORK together. WE can HUNT those conceited MEN side by side!

(Trishna just shrugs. She doesn't realize yet that Maggie's the tagger of her NEW team)

Maggie: I'll say, let's HUNT that little RUNT! We've got some UNFINISHED BUSINESS with IT!

Trishna: (Shrugs) Whatever. I’ve got nothing better to do.

(The two ladies nod and follow Roy. They walk down the middle road. They leave Connor stuck in the tree)

Connor: … (Makes a dopey SMILE) T-Trishna~...

___CALYPSO BEACH, CLIFF COVE___ The cove is nice and peaceful. Carlo then comes alone. He seems to be wary of something... Oh wait, RITA, nevermind...

Carlo: Okay I've made it here! (Looks around) This seems to be a good place to hide. (Sees the cove) And if ever I need to flee, I CAN!

(Carlo sighs in relief. He then frowns. He sits on the sand. He sighs in a gloomy manner)

Carlo: (Contemplates) What have I been doing wrong? I'm NICE to my team! I'm trying to empower them with OPTIMISM. I'm trying to be a kind and gentle LEADER... But I'm FAILING them... My previous team...

(Sighs) I DIDN'T manage to RESOLVE Marty and Clover's FEUD... Rudy's FURIOUS of me... And now Rita's turning to be my WORST NIGHTMARE! (Sighs) My efforts are NOT ENOUGH... … Papa's going to be ashamed of me... again...

(Carlo sighs again. He then hears some footsteps. A pair of pale feet stops beside him. Carlo looks up and sees… RUDY. Rudy has a PIERCING LOOK in his EYES. He has his blaster ready)

Carlo: (Fearfully) R-RUDY?!

(Rudy's piercing look doesn't change. He holds his blaster... down? His glare softens a bit, but yeah, it's still a glare)

Rudy: You mentioned your... Papa... (Carlo slowly nods) You also mentioned that he would be (Gives a SHARP look) ashamed...

Carlo: Yeah… B-BUT I'm SURE that Papa just wants for me to be the BEST that I can BE!

(Rudy seems to be, despite his stoic disposition, just, somehow, EMPATHETIC. Carlo picks up a 'Tell me more' vibe from him)

Carlo: W-well... Yeah, Papa is just, VERY STRICT. All I can say was that... Papa had a LOT of EXPECTATIONS from me. He ALWAYS instructs me to have some 'USE' in my life. I assume that he meant that I SHOULDN'T live life to the fullest and to NOT take things for granted... Like MAMA...

(Rudy flinches at the word. Carlo sighs somberly)

Carlo: (Morose) Papa used to BLAME ME for her sudden, 'disappearance'… I CAN'T even remember her... (Looks sullen) All that I have left is her picture...


(SPLAT! Carlo gets HIT by a BLUE gunky substance. Rudy's STILL pointing his blaster at him. He's breathing HEAVILY with his DARK EXPRESSIONLESS EYES)

(Carlo looks at him in PURE TERROR. But instead of backing down... he GLARES at him this time)


(Carlo GASPS and puts his palms before his lips immediately after)

Carlo: (Fearfully without looking) I-I-I-I’m s-so-s-sorr-

(Rudy CHARGES up his blaster. Carlo stops and looks up. Rudy looks at him DEAD IN THE EYE)

Rudy: (Coldly) Your father is RIGHT to be ASHAMED. YOU'RE DISGUSTING!

(Rudy points the blaster at Carlo one more time. Carlo attempts to shield himself... It's over... Kind of… cuz Rudy already blasted him and-)


(Rita outright DIVES for the projectile that Rudy just blasted. IT HITS HER. Rudy gasps in SHOCK! Rita lands on CARLO. Carlo FREEZES)

Rita: (Slightly crazy) I have SAVED YOU my love... Now you SAVE ME! (Giggles) again…

(Rita EMBRACES Carlo with a DEATH GRIP. Carlo SCREAMS. He WIGGLES out from her grasp. Rita lands on the sand… and IN FRONT of the cove. Carlo's mode of ESCAPE!)

(Carlo DOESN'T risk it. He runs to the SIDE of the cliff. He bypasses a STIFF Rudy. Rita manages to stand up. He sees Carlo ESCAPING)

Rita: (GASPS horrendously) CARLO!


(Rita CHASES after Carlo. The two have fled the scene. Momentarily, Carly arrives from the forests)

Carly: RITA! Wait for me!

(Carly pants. She stops to catch her breath. She looks up to see RUDY standing stiffly before her)

Carly: GAH! (Falls over) R-Rudy?! What are you- (Sees his blaster. It's BLUE. She gasps) PLEASE don't hurt ME!

(Rudy finally notices her. He flinches and backs away...)

Carly: Y-You... you DON'T want to BLAST me? (Blushes)

(Rudy turns his back without changing his expression. He prepares to leave but-)

Carly: W-WAIT! LOOK… I know you have a LOT of bad memories... (Sighs) I've heard you sing by the lake and-

(Rudy COMPLETELY STOPS from his tracks. His back is turned. He slowly and ominously TILTS his head. He has a sullen expression emphasized by his SOULLESS eyes)

Rudy: (Without breaking from his expression) … you… heard… nothing…

(Carly’s eyes grow WIDE after getting intimidated. She instinctively backs away then weakly nods)

(Rudy slowly tilts his head back WITHOUT changing his expression. It’s a VERY UNNERVING sight. He leaves her alone)

*CARLY: [Y-Yeah… Rudy's pretty SCARY! … But I just can't get that song out of my head... He didn’t exactly specific what happened to his mother but… I just know that somewhere deep down... Rudy's got a wounded heart...]

*RUDY: [(Looks DIRECTLY at the camera with a sullen expression along with his SOULLESS eyes) ... … … … … …]

___CALYPSO BEACH, BIG ROCKS___ Alberto and Penny are now hiding behind the rocks. They don't see any peculiar activities but they still keep quiet... Penny’s quite nervous…

Alberto: H-HEY! (He prepares to talk but all he can say is-) Uhh...

(Alberto begins to SWEAT. He DOESN’T know what to do)

Penny: (Sighs deeply) Where is HE?! It's-It's like he's just suddenly GONE! I don't know him that much but… t-this's… just abnormal.

Alberto: (Mumbles audibly) What did you even see in that dude?

(Penny looks at Alberto. His eyes WIDEN as he realizes that she heard him)

Alberto: (Nervously) I-I m-mean… Y-yeah! I mean, what even DREW you to him? What makes him SO much SPECIAL to you? (With a little anger) And WHY did you CHOOSE HIM ov-… …

(Alberto holds back that last thought. Penny stares blankly at him with lingering suspicion)

Penny: (Blinks) Umm... Well... (Blushes) He was just there for me. He actually talked to me in the previous days. He's VERY nice and VERY friendly! You could just SEE the INNOCENCE in HIS EYES! And he was so AWESOME! (Grins) Just LOOK at him on the DANCE FLOOR!

Alberto: T-that's it?! (Penny nods) So you're just basically judging him for his OUTER appearance and APPARENT mannerisms?!

Penny: (Raises a brow) Uh, what do you mean by that? I've personally seen him doing nice acts like when he broke the poolside fight between Connor and that, Mitch guy. He helped me save Robby and Clover from drowning. He also protected ME when we bellyflopped on the same day. I can tell you without a doubt (With conviction) he IS nice!

(Alberto looks at the side with furrowed brows. Penny gets intrigued)

Penny: (Incredulous) Is there something that would make think otherwise? (Throws some shade) Yesterday, everyone saw that he chose ME!

(Alberto FLINCHES. Penny eyes him more closely)

Penny: (Turns more serious) Alberto, is there SOMETHING that I’m suppose to know? Is there something that YOU want to express? (Narrows her eyes) Is there something that YOU want to DO that involves HIM?!

(Alberto looks at the side with his fists curled up. Penny gets some signals of resentment. She furrows her brow at him...)

Alberto: (Without looking at Penny) ... I NEED to show you something…

(Penny furrows her brow more... but it slowly softens and even turns into shock when Alberto finally looks at her… His face displays a serious... yet melancholic… yet… genuine expression…)

*PENNY: [Umm, (Worried) What’s going on? Does he know something BAD that Chuck's doing?! Well, no one’s perfect, but… why would Alberto tell me this? And doesn’t he like, ‘LIKE’ him? … Does he even? (Shifts and looks to the side) He was just… so SERIOUS of something. (Looks to the camera) Well, whatever it might be, I hope it's nothing TOO SERIOUS. (With conviction) Chuck's TOO SWEET to hide something grossly bad!]

*ALBERTO: [(Sullen expression) … She needs to know… who he really is…]

___CALYPSO FOREST, MUDDY SWAMP___ The swamp seems normal. Muddy, grimy, yucky, swampy... Yeah... Maggie and Trishna arrives at the scene...

Trishna: (Groans) UGH! THE SWAMP! THIS is what EXACTLY I am trying to AVOID! Can we GO now?! This place REEKS!

(Trishna smells the swamp. She revolts subsequently. It DOES reek)

Maggie: The scent of this swamp may be pungent...

(Maggie STOMPS the ground. She pulls her arm up for emphasis)

Maggie: But it WOULD NOT DETER us from reaching our objective! WE ARE WOMEN! WE SHALL SUCCEED!

Trishna: ... Whatever, the swamp's STILL ICKY! I'm out so, like, good luck or something.

(As Trishna prepares to walk away, they suddenly hear Roy screaming from a distance)

Maggie: (Groans) Alright TWERP! SHOW YOURSELF!

(On cue, Roy emerges from the trees. It appears that he was running from HORNETS. Maggie gasps then DIVES to the side to evade his path. Trishna however FAILS to dodge, obviously)

(Roy PILE DRIVES Trishna to the GROUND when they bumped. He runs back to the campgrounds with the hornets continue to chase him)

(Trishna stands up then GASPS horrendously. Her swimsuit is DIRTY! The HORROR!)

Trishna: AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! (She then TRIPS over a root) AUGH!

(Trishna tilts her hear and SEES that she's gonna fall to the MUDDY WATER! Dun dun dun!)

(SLOW MOTION: Trishna tilts her head back. She tries to somehow grasp the air but we know that her actions would be futile…)

Trishna: (Slow motion) NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(SLOW MOTION: Maggie gasps while lying on the ground on her knees. Tears are starting to leave Trishna's eyes as she thinks of the inevitable...)

(WHOOSH!!! A mysterious shape EMERGES from the swamp water RIGHT BEHIND HER)

*IVY: [This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of EXTREME stunts performed by ANIMATED TEENS. DO NOT try any of what you see here at home. SERIOUSLY, you could get REALLY messed up. ... (Looks to the side) Can anyone check if she was EATEN by an ALLIGATOR already?!]

(Anyway, back to our usual program)


(The mysterious shape... INTERCEPTS Trishna's fall with its… hands? Trishna regains her balance)

Trishna: (Shocked) W-what?

(Trishna turns around and looks FEARFULLY at the mysterious shape… … Then furrows her brows…)

Trishna: (Agitated) W-WHAT THE?! (She GASPS horrendously) EWWW! You TOUCHED ME! (Wails) GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HUMONGOUS DIRTY FR-

(Trishna’s eyes suddenly WIDEN… She BLUSHES as she gets to have a good look at the mystery figure)

(We start at its THICK thighs covered in a light amount of hair which is then covered by mud that's slowly dripping away. We can see its dirty DENIM shorts then to its WASHBOARD abs CHISELED into PERFECTION. Next comes its MUSCULAR pecs and its BULGING biceps. The mud dripping off its body GLISTENS and HIGHLIGHTS its STUNNING figure. Its BROAD shoulders connects to its MEATY neck which shows its FIRM Adam's apple. We see its HANDSOME face, PROMINENT jaw line, HOT lips, SHARP sniffer, ALLURING eyes, and short SILKY light brown hair)

James: (Normal DEEP voice) Are you alright, miss?

(Yup, it was JAMES!!!)

Trishna: (TANTALIZED. Blushes) … Wow~…

James: (Shrugs nonchalantly) Look, you need to be wary of your surroundings when yo-

(KACHICK! James NARROWS his eyes. THU! He DODGES the gunky YELLOW projectile with his REFLEXES. SPLAT! It HITS a nearby tree. A SMIRK forms in his face)

James: Too slow... (Turns his head to the direction Of the projectile) MAGGIE...

(Maggie had her blaster AIMED at him. She gasps as she is discovered. She glares and stands up. James runs away from a smitten Trishna)

(KACHICK! James takes a DIVE to the grimy water. THU! James swims away. SPLASH! The gunky projectile hits the water. Maggie missed AGAIN! James has gotten away for GOOD)


(Maggie groans and stands up. She walks up to Trishna)

Maggie: (Irritated) COME now Trishna, we've got BIGGER FISH TO FRY!

(Maggie walks past Trishna. Trishna STILL has her love struck face)

MAGGIE: [(GLARES) It continues to be a THORN in MY plans even though I have already switched teams! (Looks to the side) My alliance with Penny and Utah had already terminated (Looks to the camera and GLARES) all because of its WORTHLESS LACKEY! (Intensifies her glare) It was RESPONSIBLE for pairing ME with that SL**! (DEATH GLARES) It’s always THEIR FAULT! THEY’RE the ones to BLAME!!!]

*JAMES: [(TOTALLY muddy) Now that Maggie's on a different team, the challenges are bound to get much tougher. (Shrugs) It doesn't bother me. (Smiles) It evens out the playing field. Us clashing together would only sharpen our wits until either one of us succeeds on reaching our own objectives. (Straight faced) As long as it stays objective.]

*TRISHNA: [(She stares into space then sighs romantically) James~... (She grins DEVIOUSLY at the camera) I SWEAR that I'LL make that HOT BOD ALL MINE!]

To be continued…
TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 2
WARNING: Involves kissing, and unhinged characters :P

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 1)

Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! It was a RAUNCHY Wild West challenge as EACH and everyone of them are tested for what they have, or what they DON'T HAVE! (Chuckles) Roy got pierced by NEEDLES, Radlynn made a DOLL made out of HAY, Prudence got help from her trusty pet PICKLE, Mitch DEVOURED his meal in SECONDS, ALBERTO SHOWED OFF HIS MUSCLES, (Ivy makes some… sounds...) Willow's a SHARPSHOOTER, Connor GOT OWNED by a horse, James had his KIWIS PULVERIZED, Rita ENJOYED her time with Carlo AND, of course, Chuck OWNED the dance floor! (More sounds... It’s becoming unnerving...)

In the end, Penny had chosen CHUCK, thereby ANGERING Alberto because Chuck had broken their agreement! That's not ALL, sweet little Penny OPPOSED Maggie for her apparent insensitivity.HOW will Chuck FIX this situation?! How would Penny react? Will Clover FINALLY learn her lesson? How will Carlo HANDLE a passive yet persistent Rita? What will Carly do after HEARING Rudy's soulful song?! And WHAT will TOHRU do to her-Wait W-WHAT?! He did WHAT?! EW! EW! EEEEEWWWWWWW! T-That's VILE! (She almost hurls) T-try to find these answers on Total Drama Calypso Island! (Runs to vomit)

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN___ It's broad daylight. The Hoodlums are fixing their own beds. Utah, who's STILL anxious, is being comforted by Penny. Maggie tries to interact with them but she only gets some HARSH glances from Penny. Willow and Mindy are currently absent from the premises.

(Penny is tending the frazzled Utah. The FEAR that Utah emanates is clear that she's STILL bothered by the mysterious entity. She's in a fetal position, soulless and shivering)

(Maggie approaches them but Penny stops her before she could come any closer)

Penny: Look, I can see that you want to comfort Utah (She sharply looks at her) But if YOU'RE here just to FORCE me to come back, I'll have to decline. (Glares)

Maggie: (Surprised. Stutters) B-but WHY do you even BELIEVE IN THEM?! Just because they're NICE to you now, it DO-

Penny: (Cuts her off) Please Maggie, STOP it!

(Maggie does so with a bit of shock. She doesn't want to agitate Penny any further)

Penny: I am going to be pacifistic with our, disagreements. I hope that you can RESPECT all of the decisions that I make. Yes, you were RIGHT to point out that SOME boys may be troubling, but you are forgetting that NOT all of them might be a bad influence.

(Penny looks at Maggie critically)

Penny: The way that I view it, you have probably BEEN in a tight spot around them. You're trying to avenge the FALLEN HONOR by creating a movement against ALL of them. But keep in mind, there are INNOCENT people that could come in between the crossfires. They'll be in a position... That YOU were in. (Gentler) What I'm trying to point out is that if you are planning to stop FIRE with FIRE, then you're just as CRUEL and DETESTABLE as them.

(Maggie tries to retort back but she just bites her lip)

Maggie: T-that's a very GOOD observation Penny (Sighs) I just want to prove that WE have what it takes END their tyranny. ... I think I may need to have some rethinking to do (Turns to Penny and bows) I bid you farewell.

*MAGGIE: [(Groans but it turns to a sorrowful moan. She sighs) There goes a VALUABLE alliance mate (She crosses her arms and legs and then glares) I'm STILL BLAMING it on them! IT just HAVE to charm her with it's SMOOTH words and FAKE promises! If I want to REMAIN CIVIL with Penny, I'd have to tone it down BUT the moment that IT BREAKS HER HEART, (Brashly sweet) I shall STILL welcome her with open arms!]

(In the boy's cabin, Chuck is still asleep. Upon closer look, he's sleeping in a CHAIR with an intricate set of ropes tied TIGHTLY against his chest. The ropes are forcing him to sit upright while he’s still asleep. He's still wearing his western outfit from yesterday)

(Alberto is siting in a chair of his own before Chuck. He silently, but grumpily, watches his every move. James is siting in the bunk before the two. He is nonchalantly overseeing them. Connor and Roy are currently absent from the premises.)

*JAMES: [(Straight faced) The only reason that Chuck is tied up is because of two things: I do not want him to escape this intervention; and to make sure that his posture would not suffer. (Shrugs) He often slouches.]

(After a few moments of peaceful slumber, Chuck slowly wakes up. He yawns audibly. He then feels the tightness around his chest and sees his predicament. He then looks around and sees Alberto and James before him)

Chuck: ... Morning? ... Is this some sort of hazing for a frat-

Alberto: (Agitated) THIS IS NOT A HAZING-

James: (DOMINEERING tone) Both of you, SHUT UP!!!

(Chuck and Alberto FREEZES before James. He’s currently DEATH GLARING at the two. He simmers down once he controlled the atmosphere)

James: (Straight faced) You two are here to talk to the other man about what happened yesterday.

(Chuck quizzically looks at James… then it CLICKS. His eyes SHRINK once more. His breathing begins to change. He slowly looks at Alberto with a FEARFUL expression. Alberto is NOT looking happy at him)

James: (Straight faced) I want to make it clear that this is an intervention. (Glares at the two) Strictly NO fighting. I do NOT want to see ANY of you two throwing a single punch or kick to the other man. Do. I. Make. My. Self. Clear?

(Alberto furrows his brows and STARES through Chuck’s soul. He nods without moving his head. Chuck, fearful of what may ensue, nods as well)

James: (Nods) Alright. Alberto, (Turns to Alberto) since you were injured first, you are going to start. You are free to say whatever you want to say. My only condition is that you CANNOT have ANY form of physical contact with him? Am I clear?

(Alberto nods without changing his expression. James nods at him as a signal that he could start. Alberto breathes in…)


James: (Interjects. Authoritatively) ENOUGH!!!

(Alberto pipes down and grumbles. He sits down while STILL looking at Chuck dead in the eye)

James: (Authoritatively) Chuck, speak.

(Chuck bites his lip… then sighs. He looks down to the ground with guilt stricken eyes and a melancholic expression)

Chuck: F-fine... (Glumly) Back home I was known for my... services...

(James raises an eyebrow. Alberto’s expression didn’t change)

Chuck: (Glumly) Most of them know me as the server of my uncle's luau shack... but that's not all what I do... I'm also an… ESCORT…

(James shows a bit of shock but it’s more of a look of intrigue. Alberto’s face twitches a bit)

Chuck: Before you ask, I’m a DAY escort and NOT a NIGHT escort. I’m ALWAYS at my uncle’s luau bar during the night, serving drinks to our customers.

(James’ expression has neutralized. Alberto seems to be much more attentive than before)

Chuck: My day job is to CHEER a specific person up from whatever's bothering them. I'm just being there for them, for them to have a shoulder to lean on. But they just grew FOND of me... They often extend my services so they could just have me to comfort them.

(James is mentally taking down all of this. Alberto scowls after his last sentence)

Chuck: (Smirks a little) I'm having a fun time too just by interacting with them. Of course, KISSING is in the package. My uncle taught me HOW be a GOOD kisser. They are LOVING it! My experience just grew that it became my second nature, that when someone kisses me, I would ALWAYS kiss them back…

(James skeptically dissects his explanation. Alberto’s now SHAKING in his seat)

Chuck: (Vulnerably) I-I-I just CAN'T just disappoint them... I want to cheer them up... I-I... (Sighs) Bert… I'm sorry. I'm REALLY sorry that I don't have the courtesy to come to my senses... … (Sorrowfully sighs) Just do it... I deserve it...

(Chuck closes his eyes and awaits his punishment. James looks at Alberto, ready to STOP him if he ever unleashes his rage. Alberto, on the other hand, is just expressionlessly staring at Chuck...)

(… Alberto immediately LEAVES the cabin. James, who is confused by his action, attempts to follow him but Alberto comes back inside with someone in tow…)

(Alberto comes back carrying a FEMALE INTERN. With him. He immediately places the intern on Chuck's lap. Chuck is STARTLED and jolts out from his position. The intern is SO CONFUSED but BLUSHES MADLY at the three studs in the room)

Alberto: You WANT me to BELIEVE you?! (Narrows his gaze) PUCKER UP SLEAZEBAG!

(Alberto SHOVES the female intern against Chuck. Their LIPS meet. The intern BLUSHES MADLY which makes her eyes BUG OUT)

(Chuck's eyes WIDEN… but it begins to get drowsy as if he was… HYPNOTIZED by his predicament. His eyes droop down as he KISSES the intern back. The intern is LOST in pleasure. She HUGS him as they make out)

(James tries to speak but Alberto CUTS him off)

Alberto: (Agitated) If what he said was TRUE, then I would consider what happened yesterday as an ACCIDENT and I would NOT batter him up.

(James looks at Alberto. Alberto looks as SERIOUS as he can get. James looks at Chuck. He’s STILL making out with they intern. James looks back to Alberto)

James: Your terms are reasonable, but this is still a risky plan. When Penny sees this-

Alberto: (CUTS him off. Agitated) I would NEVER let her see THIS! (DETERMINED look) This would CRUSH her heart and I would NEVER let that happen!

James: Hmm… (Thinks) They cannot make out forever as both of them are going to be bound to be dehydrated. The chances of Penny seeing this is slim, but it is NOT impossible.

(James looks at Alberto DIRECTLY in the eye. Alberto’s determined look does NOT falter)

James: (Straight faced) Alright. But I will hold YOU accountable for anything that happens between the three of you. (Serious face) Do I make myself clear?

(Alberto nods without moving an expression)

*JAMES: [If things go smoothly between the two of them, then their problem would be absolved and their wounds would slowly heal. Still, this is a risky plan… but higher risks always tend to give higher returns.]

*ALBERTO: [(Arms crossed) I DON'T CARE if that ‘escort’ has to make out with her for the REST OF THE DAY! Let me see him use his TONGUE to get out!]

___CLOAKED CRETINS PORCH___ Prudence and Pickle are in the front porch of their cabin. Cooper's also there with them. Their usual morning routine...

(Prudence is telling Cooper the story of how she first laid her eyes on her sweet, sweet Pickle. From the moment she started, she had smiled, cried, delighted, laughed, 'aww'ed and 'Eee'ed. Pickle, who is listening to her owner, is OVERJOYED in reminiscing their FIRST moments)

Prudence: And that's HOW me and my sweet Pickle INTERNALLY BONDED! (She nuzzles Pickle against her nose) Oh Pickle!

(Prudence and Pickle both enjoy the company of each other. Meanwhile, Cooper's taking notes from the contents of her story)

Cooper: That's a very endearing story Prudence!

Prudence: True! My bond with her has been TESTED FOR YEARS, NOTHING can SEPARATE US!

(Prudence holds Pickle up. She stares at Pickle for a while… then giggles and embraces her for the N'th time)

(Cooper's contemplating. He looks at Prudence and Pickle's way and then to his notes. He breathes in deeply to gather confidence. He puts on a serious face…)

Cooper: All right, (Turns to Prudence) I'm READY for this!

(Prudence looks at Cooper. He nods while maintaining his straight face. Prudence smiles and nods as well. She then holds Pickle up)

*PRUDENCE: [(Smiles sweetly) That was SO BRAVE of Cooper! I LIKE that he is having COURAGE to face his fear! … (Looks at the camera) We're just FRIENDS you shippers!]

(Pickle is on Cooper's lap. Cooper is VERY uneasy but at least he's NOT in the verge of fainting this time)

Prudence: Okay Cooper, let's TRY a DIFFERENT tactic this time!

(Cooper just sits still. Prudence smiles)

Prudence: Alright! Just look at Pickle's FUR! So smooth and velvety. Don't you just wanna CUDDLE her? So SILKY that you could just sleep with her instantly! Her petite form just DRAWS your emotions to ADORE her natural ADORABLENESS! Notice those FLUFFY ears, CUTE nose, and, of course, those BEADY EYES, GLIMMERING under the morning sun and just HYPNOTIZES you to LOVE HER! (Looks at the camera) Platonically.

(Prudence looks back then sighs happily. Pickle barks and wiggles her tail. She smiles)

Prudence: Can you SEE now what I'm talking about? THIS is the BEAUTY of NATURE! Does it make you feel HAPPY?!  

(Cooper doesn't respond. … Prudence pokes him. … He falls over…)

*PRUDENCE: [… (Smiles) At least the nurse said that it WASN'T as worse as yesterday! That means he's IMPROVING! Sort of... (Prudence shrugs) Baby steps!]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN___ The Schmucks have already cleaned up. On the girl’s side, Tohru is being comforted by Rita and Carly. Clover is noticeably sulking on her bed. Her teammates doesn't even bother her. She just revels in her sorrow. Such a cruel world...

(Tohru is STILL shaken from her... encounter with Zachary yesterday. She's anxious but at least it is nowhere near from Utah's condition. Carly is rubbing her back)

Carly: Come on Tohru, you have got to at least TELL us what's bothering you. (Frowns) You might end up like the charm maker from the other team.

Tohru: (Sighs) It-it's alright girls, I'm fine. I just had a VERY UNSETTLING encounter with someone. Can you please, hand me my sketchpad?


(Rita BEAMS in joy as she gets the sketchpad from Tohru's drawer and hands it to her)

Rita: Here you go! ENJOY!

(Rita’s shift from her bossy to jubilant attitude is mildly... unnerving)

Tohru: Uhh... T-thanks Rita!

(Tohru smiles a little then proceeds to work her anxiety out with her sketchpad. Momentarily, someone knocks on the door)

Carly: I'll get it. (Carly walks to the door and opens it. She gasps) M-Marty?!

Marty: (Serious face) I know that I MAY had made some... inappropriate actions against all of you ladies but... I just want to talk with Clover.

(Carly sweats. She's unable to decide if she would let Marty inside. Thankfully for her, Rita approaches them. Marty maintains a serious face)

Marty: I promise that I WON'T do any inappropriate actions while I'm inside your quarters IF you would let me talk with my sister.

(Marty prepares himself to get scolded by Rita...)

Rita: (Smiles WIDELY at him) WHY OF COURSE MARTY! COME RIGHT IN! Clover's on her bed!

(… The WHAT now?!)

*CARLY: [... Huh. I thought she would at least THREATEN Marty back there. I guess Carlo had a positive EFFECT on her! (Smiles) This is a GOOD THING! Not to say that she was worse before, but… if she could condone Marty's actions immediately, may be she could FINALLY understand Rudy! … (Shifts) He’s just misunderstood you know…]

(Rita smiles sweetly. Carly and Marty are left dumbfounded)

Marty: I uhh... t-thank you for TRUSTING me Rita. (Smiles. Turns to Carly) Carly. (Carly nods)

(Marty makes his way to Clover. Rita and Carly goes back to Tohru's side. Clover's covered in sheets. Marty sits on her bed. She uncovers herself and looks at her brother. Her EYES are inflamed from sobbing)

Clover: (Glares) WHAT do you want now MARTY?!

Marty: (Sweetly) Hey Clover, how are you feeling right now? Are you okay by now? Do you want some company because I can-

Clover: (CUTS him off) JUST STOP IT! STOP IT ALREADY! (Marty's taken aback. Clover groans) WHY did YOU even COME HERE?! You're already LOADED! I had already PLANNED EVERYTHING! (She GLARES at him) WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR ME?!

(Clover SCREAMS in frustration. She takes her pillow and she buries herself underneath it)

Marty: (Sighs restlessly) Why... does it have to be this way?

*CLOVER: [(Arms crossed, groaning) EUGH! I CAN handle MYSELF perfectly fine! He's just, just... (Groans and ruffles her hair) just TOO MUCH!]

*MARTY: [(Sighs) I SHOULDN’T had pushed her AWAY. I CAN'T bear it to see Clover like THIS! (He looks down) WHAT happened to us?!]

(Zachary's alone in their quarters in his sleepwear. The lighting in the room is DARK but the LIGHT coming from his laptop shines in his face. He smiles in a Cheshire-esque style. Combined with the lighting and his face projects a SINISTER GRIN. His underside is covered in sheets. He seems to be watching something. The bed rumbles a bit...)

Zachary: Tohru...

(Zachary laughs CREEPILY. He then talks in a creepy tune)

Zachary: I'm gonna have a cute waifu, a cute waifu, a cute waifu! I'm GONNA HAVE a CUTE WAIFU, and NO ONE'S gonna STOP ME! (Laughs CREEPILY)

ZACHARY: [I've NEVER felt this with ANYONE before! It's just PERFECT! She is going to be mine, MINE, ALL MINE! (Laughs CREEPILY. He GRINS predatorily)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, WASHROOMS___ The camera focuses on a thick shower curtain indicating that someone seems to be using the showers at the time. The person then stops the showers and after a few minutes, the shower curtains then open.
Mindy is revealed to be the one showering. She has a turquoise towel over her body and a magenta one over her hair. She then puts TONS of shampoos and conditioners to a basket with the soaps. She faces the camera and screams while trying to cover herself...

Mindy: AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHH- (Opens her eyes) OHHHHH! It's just YOU! You seem to be FOND of this place!

(Mindy moves to the mirrors to fix her hair. She unravels the magenta towel revealing her SMOOTH and SILKY hair. DANG! This girl's got some good locks. There's a shadowy silhouette behind her. It's the person she's talking to)

Mindy: So, is this where we're gonna, like, meet for some business meeting or something?!

(Mindy’s business partner puts a red box in the sink. Mindy raises an eyebrow. She holds it to try to peek at what's inside. She GASPS HORRENDOUSLY on what she sees...

Mindy: (Fearfully) It's... It’s… (She GRINS) It's SO EVIL!  SO BEAUTIFUL! (Looks at her business partner) Is this for ME?!

(The figure's shadow nods. Mindy SQUEALS in delight)

Mindy: Being in a partnership ALREADY have these kinds of perks! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'mma put it on now!

(Mindy excitedly moves off camera. The silhouette moves after her. Suddenly, a stall door opens. WILLOW is revealed to be sitting there)

*WILLOW: [(As stoic as ever) The stylist appears to be up to something... One predicts that it's something CATASTROPHIC... (Shrugs) Oh well...]

*???: [(There's a woman wearing an intricate black dress and a designed Mexican sombrero. IT'S THE SKULL-FACED MAIDEN) It FITS me! (Claps enthusiastically)]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN, HOT TUB___ Rudy and Robby are occupying the hot tub. Robby has his arms on the rails and his head facing up. He's smiling. SMILING! He NEVER smiles... well all the time. Rudy, on the other hand, is stoic. He's slouching with his torso almost submerged under the water. Just... normal...

(Rudy's staring at his own reflection. It has a blank expression... His eye twitches... He utters a low grunt. Robby notices)

Robby: Uh, you okay?

(Rudy turns to Robby. His head is slouched)

Rudy: (Monotone) I'm fine...

(Robby frowns. He retracts his arms and puts an arm on Rudy's left shoulder but Rudy instinctively JERKS it away from him, startling Robby. Rudy flinches a little. He looks at Robby)

Rudy: … S-Sorry... chap...

Robby: (Sighs) You still look stressed. I thought inviting you here would relieve you from it. ... (Awkward pause) D-do you want to... talk… about it?

*ROBBY: [(Cringes) DANG, that was PAINFUL to say. (Stoic) Guys are NOT up for some EMOTIONAL sappiness. What more for EMOs?!]

Rudy: (Stoic) It's... personal... I don't... want to talk about it...

(Robby nods and gives him some space. Rudy gives off a faint SMILE)

Rudy: Thanks chap...

(Rudy and Robby resumes to their peacefu-)

???: HEY! THERE you guys are!

(Carlo appears in his swimming attire. Welp, so much for that)

*RUDY: [(Shrugs) I like to hang around with Robby. He understands the concept of personal space... (LEERS) Unlike SOME manipulators...]

Carlo: (Engagingly) Hey guys, mind if I join in?!

(Rudy prepares to ward Carlo off with his body language but he already steps inside. Rudy groans)

Carlo: (Smiles) COOL!

*CARLO: [I think it's time for me to patch things up with Rudy. (Vulnerably) I CAN'T just let this misunderstanding go on and hope it would go by. (With determination) I need to ACT!]

Carlo: Hey Rudy, is it alright with you if I'd KILL some time in here?! (Rudy flinches) I mean, all of us are just CHOKED up from yesterday's events! (Rudy's eye twitches) Like what my MAMA-err Nona used to tell me.

(Rudy shoots a DEATH GLARE at Carlo who's oblivious about it. Robby notices this)

Carlo: (Obliviously) Don't let PAPA catch you with a MOURNFUL frown!

(Rudy TOWERS before him. He's wearing his MOST FURIOUS OF FACE! DANG! It’s SCARY)


(Rudy GRABS Carlo's suspenders and brings his FREAKED OUT face in front of HIS. Carlo gulps in FEAR...)

(Rudy's eye twitches. He DROPS Carlo to the tub. He then walks away ANGRILY)

*RUDY: [(He's SEETHING) ONE more word from his wordhole and I'll... (He BREATHES in heavily. He repeats it a few more time before he starts to calm down) ... I... detest violence...]

Carlo: (Frazzled) ... W-WHAT did I do?!


(Carlo looks back. Robby's also FUMING)

Robby: (Glares) Must you just come and BOTHER him AGAIN? REALLY?

Carlo: (Stutters) I-I-I j-just w-want t-t-to C-CLEAR O-OUT o-our m-m-misunderstandings! (Grabs his head) I HAVE projected myself in a CALM disposition! (Releases his head) A-AM I TOO MUCH?!

Robby: (Groans) I really CAN'T understand him at times but you know WHAT I do?! NOT bother him! DON'T bother him! He will just EXPLODE at YOU!

*CARLO: [(Afraid) I-I S-S-SERIOUSLY d-don't kn-now WW-WHAT h-have I-I d-done t-to A-A-ANGER h-him! H-HOW do I FIX this?! (Sighs) M-maybe I could take on Robby's advice?!]

Ivy: {Attention to ALL campers! Please go to the beach NOW! And you guessed it, it's SWIMSUIT TIME! Come and show them’s BODIES!}

___CALYPSO BEACH___ The entire cast starts to arrive at the beachfront in their swimsuits. Tohru’s considerably wearing a more CONSERVATIVE swimsuit. She dons a familiar open red jacket and some shorts above a sleeveless white shirt. ... Someone is unnoticeably MISSING from the crowd...

Ivy: Settle down people, this is going to be an EXCITING challenge! This challenge is called CAMOUFLAGE TAG! Every team will be sending out TWO players to tag the other teams but here's the TWIST, you must send out your MOST PROFICIENT player… and your LANKIEST player. I’m going to be the judge of that. Also, you have to pick them of OPPOSING GENDERS! I'll give you TEN minutes!


Trishna: PFFT! (Scoffs) This challenge would be EASY af! Let's just send out MITCH and SOMEONE else!

(She smirks at Mitch's direction. Mitch smirks back at her)

Mitch: Whoever agrees that TRISHNA'S our LANKIEST member, raise your hand!

(EVERYONE but Trishna raises their hand. Sarge Fan raises BOTH of his hands. Trishna GASPS horrendously)

Mitch: The team has spoken Trishna! (Mitch pokes Trishna’s shoulder) YOU'RE IT!

*TRISHNA: [WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It's WAY easier to be a target! I'll just have to HIDE! Being the tagger means that I have to RUN! (Groans)]

(Trishna groans in the background)

Radlynn: Right, now we must pick for the most TACTICAL member of the team. I know that MITCH would be our most viable candidate but I think that we NEED him to lead us from being caught. I think we must pick someone ELSE for the job!

Cooper: (Nods) Those are VALID points you've expressed to us Radlynn. To be proficient connotes someone displaying enough mastery and skill but, however, must also display a tantamount knowledge in physics to optimally hit the targets!

(Everyone’s all looking at Cooper. He pauses. Mitch smirks)

Mitch: Whoever here that agrees that COOPER'S out MOST PROFICIENT member, raise your hand!

(Everyone but Cooper raises their hands. Sarge Fan raises BOTH of his hands, again)

Cooper: (Frazzled) N-NO! I DON'T have any battling skills! PICK SOMEONE ELSE! PICK SOMEONE ELSE!

Prudence: Come on Cooper, like you've said, we need someone like YOU for this round! You just gotta BELIEVE in yourself that YOU can do it!

Mitch: Prudence is right Cooper, you can do it!

(Cooper sighs and agrees. Mitch raises an arm)

Mitch: FOR THE CRETINS! (The rest of them follows)

*SARGE FAN: [(Faces the screen) Hey there READER, does the reader ROOT for Sarge Fan's team to WIN this round?! Get the COMMENTS rolling!]


Rita: (Cheerfully) Today is such a WONDERFUL DAY! The sun is shining, birds are flocking, what a RELAXING day to just HAVE FUN ALL DAY!

(The Schmucks become UNNERVED of RITA'S sudden cheerfulness. She leans over to CARLO and WRAPS her arms around his chest which startles him)

Rita: (Looks at him with ANIME-ESQUE EYES) I have a proposition, could you be my knight in shining armor today?!

Carlo: (Startled) W-WHAT?! D-did you mean t-that I should b-be the t-tagger? (Rita nods, she tightens her embrace) T-that's n-nice of y-you...

*CARLO: [(Scratches the back of his head) Y-yeah... FANGIRLS just FREAK me out! Rita's showing SIGNS of being one! (Nervously) S-should I be WORRIED?]

*RITA: [(Clasps her palms and lays it adjacent to her face) I can SEE my FUTURE WITH HIM so VIVIDLY! (Fawns) Henrietta ROMANO!]

(Rita still has her DEATH GRIP over Carlo. He looks uneasy in his position. His eyes are BEGGING for someone to do something. He looks at Rudy's direction by chance. Rudy glares and averts his gaze. Robby notices)

Robby: I have a counterargument. What if we pick RUDY instead?

Rita: (Violently) WHAT?!

(Carlo CRINGES from Rita’s volume. She sharply retracts her grip. Carlo's RELEASED)

Rita: (LEERS at Robby. Cnfrontational) Do you THINK that CARLO CAN'T DO IT?! (Agitated) DO YA?!

*CARLY: [Rita's getting... temperamental... I am getting WORRIED for her... 'impulses'. She's my friend! (Sighs) I hope she won't go overboard.]

Robby: (Looks at Rita lethargically. Deadpan) You can BE with Carlo ALL DAY if we choose someone else you know.

Rita: (Blinks) … YOU'RE RIGHT! RUDY IT IS!

(Rita PICKS up Carlo and returns to their original position. Carlo's even more FREAKED out. Rudy turns to Robby. They both smirk then do a secret handshake)

Marty: I guess that Rudy would be our tactical player. Who would be the OTHER one?

(Clover outright SMACKS Marty across his face)

Clover: (Agitated) So you're THINKING that of ME being the WEAKEST member HUH?! YOU'RE such a BRUTE!

(Marty GASPS. He prepares to speak back but-)

Robby: (Sneers) Pathetic B****! (CENSORED as ship engine sounds)

(Clover GASPS. She gets teary eyed and eventually cries gain. Marty's torn. He knows whatever he'd do, it would only make it worse. Nobody else give a sh*t)

(Zachary moves over to Tohru…)

Tohru: (Before Zachary could say anything at all) I VOLUNTEER!

(Everyone looks at Tohru. She’s quite petite. Everyone either shrugs, nods, cringes, cries, or hugs someone to death. Point is, she made herself a center of attention… and Zachary CAN’T make a move on her)

*ZACHARY: [Tohru's a SMART babe! (He GRINS creepily) I LOVE me a SMART babe! (He makes GROSS SLURPING SOUNDS) I should better get a RULER!]

*TOHRU: [I can't BELIEVE it! That FREAK'S INTO ME! (Shivers) If I WANT to SURVIVE I'd need some PROTECTION! (Serious face) Bring on the ARTILLERY!]


James: Alright team, let's be strategic today. Considering that the ninja lady has just been eliminated, we better expect some tricks are coming up. In my own opinion, we should pick a level-headed and competent player who's also capable of exploiting tricks themselves.

The way I see it, there are only FOUR individuals here who can pull such feat. I believe that either Chuck, Willow, Maggie, or myself should parti-

Maggie: (Interjects) UGH! YOU'RE just ENDORSING YOURSELF and those LACKEYS so you can DOMINATE THE- ... (Pauses) Y-You included ME in it?

*MAGGIE: [(Somehow vulnerable) I-It called me LEVEL-HEADED and COMPETENT?! ... No guy had told me that before... (Scoffs) PFFT! OBVIOUSLY, this is just a PLOY! … (Unconvincingly) W-Without a doubt!]

James: (Nods) Indeed. Additionally, I'm not demoralizing anybody here. The rest of you are nimble on your own. We will all manage as elusive targets.

Connor: Wait a minute, WHY am I NOT included in the list of COMPETENT people?! HELLO?! I'm our team's SPORTS HERO! I'm QUALIFIED!

Mindy: Aww, don't be so arrogant Connor! The STRESS will go over your head... AND YOUR POUFFE! (Admires his afro) So PRETTY! (Connor scoffs at her)

Penny: Anyway, I vote for CHUCK to be our tagger! He's so- (Looks for around) … H-Hey, W-WHERE is he?!

(Huh, Chuck IS missing from the group. Penny warily looks at Alberto)

Alberto: (Alarmed. Nervously) UHHH... He had to, uh... Use… the… washroom? (Fake laughs) Y-yeah! That dude's got a TINY bladder!

*ALBERTO: [UGH! I feel BAD for LYING to her! (Furrows his brows) But it's for her OWN GOOD! (Scowls) That dude's a DEADBEAT 'ESCORT'!]

*PENNY: [(Worried) It's just so unlike him to NOT show up. He loves the company of his FRIENDS! (Blushes) Yup, he told me that!]

Roy: I guess we should pick a different candidate. (Gets an idea) Hey! What about YOU James?! (Smiles) You can WIN this for us for SURE!

(Connor GASPS. He GLARES at Roy’s direction)

*CONNOR: [(Glares) I took that DEADWEIGHT as my little runt and he picks JERRY over ME? He also disrespected my SINGING! Rogelio is SO DEAD!]

(Maggie notices Roy. Her eyes WIDEN. She smirks)

Maggie: Listen everyone! Instead of picking the tactical one first, let's pick the LANKIEST one!

Connor: HA! That would be RUDOLPH!

(Connor points at Roy... then GLARES at him. Roy gets tensed and instantly agrees)

Maggie: SEE that?! It even AGREES with ME! (Coyly) So, here's the mind teaser. Ivy will LOOK for the lankiest one. We've agreed it's IT! SO! If the LANKIEST one is a GUY... (Smirks) Then the TACTICAL one MUST be a WOMAN!

Mindy: OHHHHH! NICE analogy there Maggie! YEAH! The women will TAKE OVER this world!

(Mindy holds up a high five. Maggie smirks and high fives her back)

Willow: One refuses to partake on such... hunting activities... (Looks at Maggie's direction) One now bestows you the burden of winning...

Maggie: (Smirks and faces James) So, do we have an agreement?!

(James walks up to Maggie... He shakes her hand. Maggie SMIRKS)

*MAGGIE: [(Celebrates) YES! YES! RESPECT! (She crosses her legs) I can now PROVE my WORTH in front of those USELESS men! (Grins) Be prepared!]

*JAMES: [(Shrugs) Like I said, she is competent for the job. Her motivation on becoming a leader should propel her forward. (Nods) Good.]

*PENNY: [(Lightly groans) Maggie’s STILL an over the top feminist. (Ponders) Well I guess I don’t expect anyone to change in an instant, (Looks to the camera) But she still needs to LEARN that guys are also (Narrows her eyes) people… Yeah, I’ve picked up that she tends to call guys as “it” ALL the time… (Smiles) But enough of that, I WANT to hang around with CHUCK today! … (Turns unsure) Once I’ve stumbled upon him. (Worried) WHERE is he?]


Ivy: So, has everyone picked their TAGGERS?! (Everyone nods) Alright now step forward! (The taggers do so) RICO! Give them the GUNS!

(Rico comes in while carrying the guns. He tosses them one each. They were able to catch it... more or less… *Cough*Trishna*Cough*)

(The guns look like super powered water guns but instead of water, it appears to contain PAINT… and LOTS of those. Cooper and Maggie gets the YELLOW ones. Rudy and Trishna gets the BLUE ones. Roy and Tohru gets the RED ones)

Ivy: Inside those guns might look like paint but NO! The guns are loaded with either: (Points to the red) ATOMIC SAUCE! (Points to the yellow) HABANERO MANGO SAUCE! (Points to the blue) And BLAZEBERRY SAUCE! (The cast gasps) YUP! SPICY!

Maggie: (Raises her hand) I have a question. Why are we given guns of a DIFFERENT color from our team?!

(Ivy coyly looks at her, hinting her of something. Maggie GASPS horrendously after getting it)

Ivy: You have basically answered your query, dearie. (Throws her hands) SURPRISE! TEAM SWAP! (Everyone GASPS)

*MAGGIE: [NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO-WAIT! This is PERFECT! I'm OFF the team that's DOMINATED by HOODLUMS!!! (Grins) Oh I'll SHOW them! … (Her smile falters) A-And I WILL LIBERALIZE my fellow Blue Team Ladies! (Stabilizes her smile)]

*TOHRU: [Yes, YES! I can now be SEPARATED from Zachary! Just TRY and CATCH me now hentai! (Grins) ... (Turns nervous) T-That WASN'T an invitation by the way!]

*TRISHNA: [I'm switched to the WINNING TEAM?! (Smirks) Mitch may try to CRIPPLE me but he can't just get rid of the PRIME JEWEL OF INDIA! PLUS! That team is FILLED with HOT BOYS! ATTRACTIVE, STRONG, EXPLOOOOOOITABLE BOYS! (Grins) Oh THIS will be FUN!]

Ivy: Yes, a TEAM SWAP! Now move along, we STILL have an exciting challenge to get under way! Come on, RELISH all of that DRAMA!

Maggie: (Turns to her team. Smiles sweetly) It has been an HONOR serving you all! I hope we cross paths someday ladies! (SCOWLS) Boys you SUCK! (Smiles) I bid you adieau!

(Roy prepares to say something but he sees Connor glaring at him. He gets scared and runs away)

(Rudy walks away without any other word for his team. He passes by Robby but he puts an arm on his shoulder first. They exchange faint smiles before Rudy heads on)

(Tohru hugs everyone in her team. Zachary's waiting for his turn, creepily. Tohru sprints before even acknowledging him)

(Cooper and Mitch shake hands. Prudence approaches him with Pickle. They BOTH have their puppy dog eyes on)

Prudence: Promise we would still be FRIENDS?! (Pickle moans)

Cooper: (Smiles) Affirmative! After all, I would STILL need your advice for my zoophobia! And of course we're FRIENDS! That's a GIVEN!

(Prudence sniffles and then hugs him. Cooper hugs her back. Yup. FRIENDS)

Trishna: So long PEASANTS! (Trishna walks away from her old team)

(The taggers have now OFFICIALLY switched teams. Maggie and Cooper are now Schmucks. Tohru and Roy are now Cretins. Trishna and Rudy are now Hoodlums. … That sounds demeaning to say…)

Ivy: Alright! Now let me explain to you the mechanics! The taggers must BLAST the targets. It will constitute you a point per tag but to make things interesting, taggers may only blast the targets... of their PREVIOUS TEAM!

(The taggers GASPS. They can only hit their previous FRIENDS? Maggie actually SMIRKS at this rule. She can BLAST her previous MALE teammates)

Ivy: You'll get TWO MINUS points if you DON'T! Friendly fires will give you NO point BUT the targets would be OUT. Also, each gun only contains TEN SHOTS so use them WISELY! Additionally, only the TAGGERS may shoot at the targets! Any TARGET who STEALS or even USES the gun also gets NEGATIVE points!

(Ivy turns to everyone)

Ivy: Before I forgot, it is time to give out the advantages and disadvantages! The Hoodlums and the Schmucks must send forth ONE target to receive them!

(Before anyone from the Hoodlum targets can talk, WILLOW outright steps forward with no emotion)

Willow: (Strangely dominant) One shall do it…

(Connor prepares to argue but Willow DIRECTS her ominous gaze to him. Connor freezes in shock. The rest of the Hoodlums either nod, shrug, didn’t really mind, too much preoccupied, or were just outright MISSING)

Rita: (Vigorously) I’ll say that we let CARLO do it!

(The Schmucks look oddly at Rita. She’s sending Carlo to get the DISADVANTAGE? Rita releases Carlo from her grip. He takes the chance and STEPS forward… and with considerable DISTANCE from her)

Ivy: Alright Willow and Carlo. I’ve always believed in equity so… CONGRATS! (DEVIOUS smile) You two are now PART of the CLOAKED CRETINS from now on!

(Everyone GASPS. MORE team switches?! Carlo’s SHOCKED. Willow just shrugs. Rita, oh my gosh, SHRIEKS)


(Rita cries on Carly's shoulder who awkwardly comforts her. Carlo looks at his previous teammates… then at Rita. He gets a mixed feeling of regret... and a BIT of relief)

Willow: ... Meh... One has kind of figured it...

*RITA: [(Sad) CARLO! NO! My dreams are RUINED! WHY do you have to leave! (Instantly ANGRY. Glares) IT'S ALL RUDY'S FAULT! (Instantly becomes SAD) WAAAHHHH!]

Ivy: Now that the TWISTS are sent out. The targets will now HIDE! The taggers will have to STAY at the dining hall for a while! Let's get all his jazz startled! GO!

(The targets start to disperse. Carly struggles to drag a very emotionally distraught Rita. They all now go offscreen)

Ivy: (Looks at the camera) Who's sanity will get BROKEN next?! How will the swappers now manage their NEW TEAMS?! Stay tuned for more drama AFTER the break!

To be continued...
TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice,and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 1)
WARNING: Involves Kissing

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.

I CAN'T believe that my Chuck fanart made it to Peggy's Fan Art Round Up!

I'd like to THANK the Flipline Browsing Committee! : DDD


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I'm a freelance wannabe 'artist' who's currently suffering in the tragically beautiful art of Accounting.

I like Pokemon, Steven Universe, Danganronpa, Total Drama, Detective Mysteries, and Flipline Studios.

I'm watching CoGreen20's works for a long time and thems content is GOOOD Literature!

By the way, this pic looks NOTHING like me.


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FlippingOcFanatic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Congrats on having your art featured.
Ohjo18 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa thanks! Congrats to you as well! :D
FlippingOcFanatic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome, and thanks.
Mannievelous Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!Nice flipline art from you! :love:
Ohjo18 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa! Thanks! :)))

Your art is so AMAZING and so DIVERSE! :)))
Mannievelous Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problems-woah muchas gracias:D (Big Grin) 
TheStupidFox Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! 😊😊
Ohjo18 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art just looks so COOL! :))) Thanks for the Llama! :))
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