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TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 2
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 2)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, HOODLUMS CABIN___ The guy's side of the cabin is neat and tidy. All of the previous litter has been swept. The blankets and mattresses are properly folded and arranged in their respective beds. It's the spitting image of CLEANLINESS... If you would exclude Chuck who is somehow STILL making out with the intern...
(Chuck STILL looks like as if he's hypnotized as he makes out with the intern. He’s now SHIRTLESS but he looks a bit dehydrated though. He sweats profusely. The HEAT is on!)
(The INTERN, still fully clothed, doesn't seem to mind AT ALL. Why? Because she's KISSING some random HUNK! For almost THREE HOURS… She does feel the dry sensation in his mouth though... again. She gets a bit worried, should she stop making out with him? ...)
(… NOT EXACTLY! The female intern procures a bottle of water. She stops making out with Chuck… then SHOVES the opened water bott
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TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice,and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 1)
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! It was a RAUNCHY Wild West challenge as EACH and everyone of them are tested for what they have, or what they DON'T HAVE! (Chuckles) Roy got pierced by NEEDLES, Radlynn made a DOLL made out of HAY, Prudence got help from her trusty pet PICKLE, Mitch DEVOURED his meal in SECONDS, ALBERTO SHOWED OFF HIS MUSCLES, (Ivy makes some… sounds...) Willow's a SHARPSHOOTER, Connor GOT OWNED by a horse, James had his KIWIS PULVERIZED, Rita ENJOYED her time with Carlo AND, of course, Chuck OWNED the dance floor! (More sounds... It’s becoming unnerving...)

In the end, Penny had chosen CHUCK, thereby ANGERING Alberto because Chuck had broken their agreement! That's not ALL, sweet little Penny OPPOSED Maggie for her apparent insensitivity.HOW will Chuck FIX this situation?! How would Penny react? Will Clover FINALLY learn her lesson? How will Carlo HANDLE a
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Mature content
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 3) :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses (Part 2)
___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ Everyone’s gathered before the HUMONGOUS crate in the middle of the clearing. Ivy moves over to the side of a crate where a rope hanging from the top of it.
Ivy: You all might wanna step back!
(Ivy pulls the rope with all her might. The front of the crate comes loose. The cast runs away before the wooden board CRUSHES them)
Ivy: Here is your FIRST CHALLENGE!
(The cast glowers over the contents of the crate)
Penny: ... ... THAT... Is a CONSPICUOUS mound of HAY!
(The mound of hay is HUGE. It's about the size of FIFTY hay bales)
Ivy: It's pretty OBVIOUS what the first task is, the "Needle on a Haystack" challenge BUT we're AMPING it up by changing it to finding the GOLDEN marble in this "Hay AND Needle-stack"! (She looks at the three lists) And by the looks of it, it would be ROY, SARGE FAN, and NINJOY to battle for the marble!
(The two boys gulp. Ninjoy's motionless)
==Challenge #
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TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses [Part 1]
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! The cast had a BLAST in their time as they compete in SCOOTER'S CHALLENGE, the most DREADED challenge our cast has ever faced! Seriously, we had a MULTITUDE of incapacitated and hospitalized contestants namely: Robby, Clover, Cooper, Prudence, Sarge Fan, Mitch, Chuck, Utah, Marty, Trishna, and, sadly, our very own Bombshell Cowgirl, Peggy! That's a total of ELEVEN out of TWENTY-SEVEN characters!
Will Clover finally get the note that Robby DESPISES her existence?! How are things handling within the Carlo, Rita and Rudy fiasco? Do you think Penny and Chuck will HAPPEN?! What about Alberto?! Will we finally see Maggie and James clash?! What will happen to Utah?! How about the Connor and Roy alliance?! WHAT will be in store for the Cretins now that their ONLY hope in winning is OUT of the game?! Not that they have EVER won! And WHAT is the pesky ninja girl DOING in this island?
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Mature content
TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 3) :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 4: Parkour Paradise (Part 2)
___CALYPSO BEACH, DIVING CLIFF___ The pairs are running to the top of the cliff. They're all struggling because they're bound to each other...
(Peggy runs at her TOP speed. Trishna's lagging behind, in fact, she is getting DRAGGED up hill)
(Peggy's TOO focused on running to even focus on Trishna. They're bolting their way up... one way or another. The other racers CRINGE)
Alberto: ... That has got to HURT! Poor girl.
(Alberto is running as fast as James. They’re moving perfectly in synch)
Alberto: Good thing we got to do this smoothly in tandem! (James just nods) Say, what held you back a while ago? We were counting on YOU dude! YOU'RE Leader-Dude! YOU make the shots!
James: (Smirks) Social experiment...
(Alberto raises an eyebrow but he drops the subject in favor of the race. They GREATLY surpass Rudy and Rita)
(Rita and Rudy are clearly struggling while running)
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TDCI Ep 4: Parkour Paradise (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 4: Parkour Paradise (Part 1)
WARNING: Contains detailed physical description but nothing more than that.
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island, the teams are sent to the dense Calypso Forest in search for a 'POSSIBLE' remedy for their terminally DYING' teammates who we, I repeat, DID NOT poison them on purpose! They SHOULD HAD DODGED that dart. It's their OWN fault for their carelessness, not ours! (Smiles) With OUR goodwill and initiative, we have allowed one helper for the disabled members per team, however, it seems that these so called "helpers" had dealt more harm than good!
Anyway, as the others search deeper into the forest to obtain their designated ingredients, their tolerance for each other diminishes by each minute! James felt left out, Maggie is STILL a femi-nazi, Connor's been manipulating poor Roy into submission, Clover's crushing her brother AND Robby, literally, Rita's outraged by Rudy's alleged actions against Carlo, Trish
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Zaxel Tribute by Ohjo18 Zaxel Tribute :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep3: Pick Your Poison (Pt. 3)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 3)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, OPEN LAKE___ The lake is peaceful and serene. Trishna's in one end. Penny and Utah are by the shore. Carly and Clover are by the reeds.
(Trishna's just looking at the sand, doing nothing productive)
Trishna: EUGH! Why are this challenge SO HARD! WHERE are the hermit crabs?!
(Trishna KICKS her foot in the sand revealing a handful of hermit crabs)
Trishna: THERE YOU ARE! (The crabs glares at her) OH, So you think you can play this game?!
(Trishna LEERS at them but one of the crabs PINCHES her nose)
(All the other crabs LUNGES at her. She RUNS away screaming. Peggy reemerges and sees this)
Peggy: (Tips her soaked hat) A'right! Way ta be go der Trishie!
(Peggy gets up and chases Trishna)
(Meanwhile, Maggie reemerges with a poor octopus constrained by one of its tentacles)
Maggie: (Pridefully) THE VICTORY IS OURS! (Swims up to Penny and Utah)
Utah: Uhh, do yo
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TDCI Ep 3: Pick Your Poison (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 2)
___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The poisoned cast are gathered in the dining hall. They each occupy a single table along with their helpers. Zachary sits on their buffet table. Prudence and Cooper sits on the next table, applying gauze all over him. Willow and Mindy are on the last one. Mindy's inspecting her hair.
(Prudence is bandaging Cooper like a mummy)
Cooper: Prudence, I think you're putting way too much gauze on me! Basic first aid only requires gauze to be wrapped around the infected area after rinsing it with water, applying anti bacterial cream and cleansing it with alcoho-
Cooper: Poison USUALLY have side effects such as swelling of a body part, severe itchiness, changing of the epidermal pigment, hallucination, changing of body temperature, diarrhea, fever, temporary blindness and or speawrickli
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TDCI Ep 3: Pick Your Poison (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 3: Pick Your Poison (Part 1)
Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island, it was a BATTLEFIELD of exceedingly gorgeous hunks and beauties including and especially MOA, battling on a challenge heavily inspired by the very first victim of the Rocket of Shame! There were tons of impressive maneuvers, display of high stamina, amazing reflexes, very PAINFUL “BULLSEYES” (Laughs), superb strategies, not-so-superb strategies, and of course, the EXPLOSION of maximum ATTRACTIVENESS just to score major points for their teams! In the end, it was the mysterious rain of baseball BOMBS, presumably rigged by NICK, proven wrong by Prudence and her dog, and uncared nonetheless by Scooter topped them all! So, what's in store for the cast today?! And what would Nick have in his sleeve?! SERIOUSLY, WHAT can he do?! (Laughs wholeheartedly) Well, if you really want to find out, you better stay tuned for the third and super exciting episode here on Total Drama C
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TDCI Ep 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Pt 3)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Part 3)
___ROUND THREE: HOODLUMS VS CRETIN BATTERS___ Everyone's intently spectating the game. They’re all miffed from their recent assault. Connor & Maggie have already taken their positions.
Ivy: Alright, ready to begin?! And this time, please DO NOT show off your bodies and hijack the show! We have wasted enough footage from these VERY AMUSING follies but were now running behind, M’KAY?!
(The cast is still miffed with Ivy. She shrugs)
Ivy: ANYWAY, since the Cloaked Cretins are short of a player, either Scooter or Peggy will have to participate as a batter for their team!
(Peggy is still knocked out)
Ivy: Scooter it is! (Scooter shrugs) Alright who's the first batter who would mark their way to make a point for the Cretins?!
*NICK: [The equipment that we’re gonna use MIGHT be DANGEROUS! As the HEAD of the Junior League Safety Patroller’s Union, it is a MUST for the LEADER to reassure SAFETY f
:iconohjo18:Ohjo18 1 0
TDCI Ep 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 2: Shells, Bombs, and Bombshells (Part 2)
(Rudy and Robby swims to their respective rafts silently. The Cretins start to disperse to the seas.)
James: I'll go first to see what's in store for us. Connor and Maggie, STAND BY. (Swims away)
Ivy: Alright, let the Water Baseball Games COMMENCE!
(Rudy throws the ball with his left hand in a very very very fast pace but James reacts quickly enough and manages to hit it just in time)
James: Commendable shot but NOT ENOUGH. (Smirks. Rudy just shrugs. James swims back)
Ivy: And we have our first point! My, my, that's one AMAZING reaction time there James! Yes, EXCELLENT!
*CONNOR: [(Scoffs) If you wanna see excellence, just you wait for MY pitching turn! He's NOTHING compared to MY prowess! (Grins widely)]
James: (Arrives on their raft) Alright, Rudy's a flighty one. You need to act quickly but not TOO quickly as he can try to deceive you. Got it?
Mindy: Right! GOTCHA
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Mugshot: Tohru by Ohjo18 Mugshot: Tohru :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 3 0 Mugshot: Rita by Ohjo18 Mugshot: Rita :iconohjo18:Ohjo18 2 0


Hellbent by Mannievelous Hellbent :iconmannievelous:Mannievelous 167 16 Lilycove Contest Looks [SPOILERS] by CoGreen20
Mature content
Lilycove Contest Looks [SPOILERS] :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 11 11
RT:Hoenn - Pros And Contests - Pt3
HOENN HAVOC - Episode 11
CAROL (Rock) - MINNIE (Fighting) - NIGHTSHADE (Poison) - KALI (Bug) - AMAR (Ground) - OLLIE (Ghost) - LUDWIG (Steel) - DOUGLAS (Normal) - MISHAL (Fire) - SKY (Fairy)
=== Performance Time - Team Beauty === (The stage is dark save for colorful spotlights. Eventually, the stage lights up, forming a runway line with the illusion of flash photography)
Juan: (loudspeaker) Ladies and gentleman. Carl Barnet from Mauville City, Hoenn, and Azalea Ericaceae from Floaroma Town, Sinnoh! TEAM BEAUTY! Huehuehehue.
(The show begins… )
(Loud music plays. Vogue music. Fashion show jams. Two lights shine on opposite sides of the stage. On one side, Carol Barnet. On the other side, Nightshade)
(The two elegantly walk to meet one another in the center. Carol holds out an arm and allows Nightshade to cling to it. The two girls walk down the center runway and disperse to opposite sides of the stage closest to the audience)
Carol: (has a mic attached to her collar) Welcome eve
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 4 9
RT:Hoenn - Pros And Contests - Pt2
HOENN HAVOC - Episode 11
CAROL (Rock) - MINNIE (Fighting) - NIGHTSHADE (Poison) - KALI (Bug) - AMAR (Ground) - OLLIE (Ghost) - LUDWIG (Steel) - DOUGLAS (Normal) - MISHAL (Fire) - SKY (Fairy)
=== Outside Trailers === (The trailers are parked on the southern most area of Lilycove City. Along the outside, heavy construction is underway. Amar has managed to intimidate multiple staff members from the Lilycove Department Store to aid them on their project)
(Ludwig and Amar are making a big cardboard and steel creation. Ludwig is standing inside of it. It’s able to fit his legs, torso and arms, and likely half of another person)
(Ludwig has a welding mask and is working. Amar is painting the side of it)
(Amar turns to the staff members, who are making small buildings out of cardboard with paint. They’re working frantically)
Ludwig: Are we paying them for this?
Amar: We only pay if we lose! Besides, if either of us become champion, they’ll have a story to
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 5 8
RT:Hoenn - Pros And Contests - Pt1
HOENN HAVOC - Episode 11
CAROL (Rock)
MINNIE (Fighting)
KALI (Bug)
AMAR (Ground)
SKY (Fairy)
OLLIE (Ghost)
LUDWIG (Steel)
DOUGLAS (Normal)
10 Contestants Left...
=== Lilycove City === (An elaborate, beautiful city with many different landmarks such as its museum, department store, the pokemon fan club headquarters, contest hall, lighthouse, and bi-weekly satanic cult gatherings on the beach that are always mistaken for the pokemon fan club by uninformed tourists. They are not the fan club)
=== Lilycove Department Store === (Lilycove City’s Department Store is the best in all of Hoenn. It has multiple floors for one to shop to their heart’s desire. Currently on the perfume floor, Ollie and Kali are together)
(Nearby Kali is one of her Pokemon, out of its Pokeball. Kali just recently caught it in the Safari Zone after she returned to the game)
(Heracross. Heracross is snooping around, looking wary and suspicious of everything. Heracross
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 5 10
Mature content
Danganronpa: Yakuza Arc - Part 1: Chapter 4 :iconhumble-chad:Humble-Chad 4 0
Region Trotters: Sinnoh Shenanigans by CoGreen20 Region Trotters: Sinnoh Shenanigans :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 28 77 Art Revamp - Logan Diamond by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Logan Diamond :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 1 Art Revamp - Simun Sun by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Simun Sun :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 7 Art Revamp - Jackson Bo'lal by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Jackson Bo'lal :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 2 Art Revamp - Keira Nguyen by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Keira Nguyen :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 0 Art Revamp - Gareth Roach by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Gareth Roach :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 4 Art Revamp - Rise Senwil by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Rise Senwil :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 3 Art Revamp - Seymour Vallis by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Seymour Vallis :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 11 1 Art Revamp - Yuri Hanazawa by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Yuri Hanazawa :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 11 9 Art Revamp - Ruth Denning by CoGreen20 Art Revamp - Ruth Denning :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 2


Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 2)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, HOODLUMS CABIN___ The guy's side of the cabin is neat and tidy. All of the previous litter has been swept. The blankets and mattresses are properly folded and arranged in their respective beds. It's the spitting image of CLEANLINESS... If you would exclude Chuck who is somehow STILL making out with the intern...

(Chuck STILL looks like as if he's hypnotized as he makes out with the intern. He’s now SHIRTLESS but he looks a bit dehydrated though. He sweats profusely. The HEAT is on!)

(The INTERN, still fully clothed, doesn't seem to mind AT ALL. Why? Because she's KISSING some random HUNK! For almost THREE HOURS… She does feel the dry sensation in his mouth though... again. She gets a bit worried, should she stop making out with him? ...)

(… NOT EXACTLY! The female intern procures a bottle of water. She stops making out with Chuck… then SHOVES the opened water bottle between his lips. She lets him drink half of it then drinks the rest to herself)

(Chuck pants and starts to come back to his senses… only for the female intern to PLANT her lips onto his. Chuck INSTANTLY becomes dazed and they start making out… again)

(The intern places the empty bottle next to FIVE empty bottles and beside TEN more. DISASTER AVERTED! She then takes out her phone and takes a SELFIE with Chuck, all while STILL making out with him…)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, INFIRMARY___ The infirmary, as always, is freaking clean and freaking white. The reception counter is shown. A female intern in a nurse's outfit is behind it. She seems to be texting on her phone. The infirmary doors then open. Alberto, Penny and Utah, who is carried by Alberto, enters the infirmary...

Penny: (Goes up to the counter) We would like to make a DEPOSIT please! Our friend here just needs somewhere SAFE to rest.

(Penny gestures to Utah who's LIFELESS in spirit while hunched up in Alberto's backside. The intern shrugs and gives them a key)

Penny: (Smiles) Thank you so much! (The trio then moves down the hallways)

(The intern then resumes to her texting. PING! The intern GASPS at the message she received. She looks PEEVED and continues to text, but aggressively this time)

(Anyway, focus back to the trio. Penny, Utah, and Alberto have managed to arrive at the room they’ve borrowed. Yup, it's still vomiting in pure whiteness. Alberto lays Utah in a white bed. She curls up into a ball)

Penny: (Pats Utah’s back) There, there Utah... (Turns to Alberto) Thanks for escorting us here! (Smiles)

(Alberto gets STARTLED. He stutters. He awkwardly rubs the back of his head)

Alberto: (Nervous) N-no prob! I didn't care-NO... MIND it anyway! It's what a REAL FRIEND does!

Penny: (Smiles) Yeah! S-speaking of friends... H-have you seen CHUCK?! (Alberto flinches. He FREEZES) He should had FINISHED taking the washrooms by now! (Blushes) Ohhhh... WHERE could he be?! (Looks back to Alberto) Hey Alberto, you're his close friend right? Does he take really this long?!

Alberto: (NERVOUS) I-I-I DON'T know... I d-don't usually have GOOD REASONS when I L-LOOK at him w-when he's using his S-STICK! (Blushes in embarrassment) Hehehe!

(... Uhh.. WHAT did this boy just SAY? ... Alberto REALIZES what he just said... Penny takes a step back... looking nauseated)

Alberto: (BLUSHES in embarrassment) ... T-that came out WRONG!

*ALBERTO: [(PUNCHES himself) W-WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT! (Stutters) I-I-I'm a WRECK! W-WHY is this SO HARD?! ... (Sighs) I kinda wish Hawaiian Dude would help me right now... (His eye twitches. He PUNCHES himself again) NO! I DON'T need his "HELP"! Just! Just... (Breathes in) Calm yourself... (Gets tensed) And hope she DOESN'T misunderstand!]

*PENNY: [… Was Alberto INTO Chuck? I THOUGHT he was into ME! … That notion feels wrong… but they ARE always together… But Chuck KISSED ME back yesterday. (Shakes her head) I think Alberto just had a CRUSH on Chuck and he was just either too timid or well, haven’t really came out of the closet yet. Either way, I don’t really mind his infatuation, (Blushes) Chuck chose ME after all!]

Penny: O-kay... I-I'm just gonna ignore that. (Alberto gets relieved) Alberto, could you help me LOOK for him instead? (Worried) I just don't want him to be targeted!

Alberto: (Blushes in embarrassment) Uhh, S-SURE! Sure!

(Penny looks suspiciously… but smiles appreciatively to him. She walks over to Utah to pat her gently. She nods at Alberto. They both leave Utah in the room)

(Now alone in the room, Utah's scared WITLESS. She's looking outside the window...)

(... The mysterious entity or more vividly, the SKULL-faced maiden is looming behind it. It smirks DEVIOUSLY. Utah's pupils shrink...)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The taggers are lounging in the dining hall. They are sitting on the table of their NEW team. Each of them are talking...

Maggie: (Sitting with Cooper) You know, you're LUCKY that I don't see you much of a THREAT! (Scoffs) You're TOO LANKY to DEFY ME!

Cooper: On the CONTRARY, my previous team had chosen me as our most TACTICAL player. The prerequisite of being tactical isn't-

Maggie: (CUTS him off. Glares) So let me get this straight, YOU'RE saying that a WOMAN was chosen to be the LANKY COUNTERPART?! (LEERS) IS THAT?!

Cooper: (Instantly NERVOUS) I-I-It WASN'T an individual discernment! T-The TEAM voted for her UNANIMOUSLY!

Maggie: Oh, I see...

(Maggie SWIFTLY grasps COOPER’S tank top. She LEERS at his face with closer proximity. Cooper's scared WITLESS)

Maggie: (Intimidatingly) If MEN like you THINKS that the female race is INCOMPETENT, or in this scenario, LANKY! (Leers EVEN CLOSER) I'll MAKE SURE that we would ERADICATE such thought from your UNCULTURED MIND!

*COOPER: [(Scared) T-That's some FRIGHTENING LADY! I’m NOT the only ones responsible for such appointment! (Shivers)]

(Rudy is sitting stoically on his new team's table, per usual. TRISHNA, on the other hand, tries to catch his attention. We pray for you Rudy)

Trishna: (“Seductively”) HEEEEEEY there hot TAMALE!

(Trishna puts her LEGS on the table. Bad table manners. She's trying to show them off to Rudy in order to somehow ATTRACT him)

Trishna: (“Seductively”) Have you been LOOKING at some (Starts caressing her legs) LOCAL ATTRACTIONS?! (Continues caressing) HMMMMM?!

(Rudy... continues to IGNORE HER. Attempt 1: FAILED)

Trishna: Oh, (Smirks) I see, you are playing HARD to GET! (Retracts her legs) Very INTERESTING!

*TRISHNA: [He's HOT, that's a plus, but if he's just gonna IGNORE ME, then I'll put him on my LONG-TERM plans! (Crosses her arms) I'm just gonna WOO some other HUNK! Hopefully, that emo will SEE what he had LOST, AKA ME! (Daydreams) Then I'll have TWO HOT BODYGUARDS!]

(Tohru and Roy are just sitting there idly. They're barely addressing each other due to awkwardness... … I can't describe them any further…)

*ROY: [(Frowns) I'm not like most people who could interact with ANYONE anytime. I'll probably get weeded out later on. (Sighs) So much for training.]

Ivy: (Walks inside) Alright taggers! The targets' hiding time is OVER so all of you better hop to it!

(The taggers nod. Rudy walks out with Trishna on his trail. Maggie bolts away immediately. Cooper and Tohru moves out. Roy prepares to follow them but…)

???: Psst. (Roy hears a sound. He stops walking)

???: Psst! (Roy gulps. He looks around)

???: PSST! (Nobody's there. Roy starts to shiver)

???: PSST!!!

Roy: (Grabs his head) AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

???: OH FOR F***'S SAK-

(Roy WHIPS at the direction of the sound and he FIRES his gun THREE TIMES while screaming)


(The camera pans to the direction of the voice. It was CONNOR. He dodged Roy's onslaughts perfectly… but he's posing as if he was doing ballet. His right foot reaches the frekin CEILING. He retracts his foot and arms)

Connor: (Groans) You're LUCKY I'm AGILE Rhonda!

(Roy open his eyes and sees Connor TOWERING over him. He yelps and falls on his back. Connor roughly picks him up)

Connor: Okay Rhona, here's the DEAL! You'll PROTECT ME during the challenge. Aida said taggers WON'T be out when shot. Is that alright, (Leers) MEAT SHIELD?!

(Roy gulps and weakly nods. Connor smiles)

Connor: GOOD! DON'T worry about the PAIN, just think that it's all for the sake of TRAINING! Let's move out Rue!

*ROY: [(Smiles) I guess switching teams doesn't affect our agreement. I'm both happy (His pupils shrink) and TERRIFIED! (Sighs) Yay pain...]

*CONNOR: [That squirt STILL needs to learn his LESSON! (Scoffs) Mocking me for my SINGING, UNFORGIVABLE! Roxie should BETTER behave!]

___CALYPSO FOREST, OPEN LAKE___ The lake is as serene as always. Its clear blue waters just makes you want to take a dip under the hot sunny day. Robby is on the side, working on something. He's using a vine to tie down thick sticks together. He's making a raft out from scratch. Crafty. He's finishing up one end...

(Robby's tugging the vine with his TEETH while holding the sticks in place. He pins down the edge of the raft with his right hand. His left hand is trying to reach a sharpened stone to cut the vine… except he can't reach it. He still tries to extend his arm to reach for it...)

???: Eryago!

(Someone gives Robby the stone. He slices the vine)

Robby: Thanks.

(Robby moves over to the other side... but then he freezes... He goes WIDE EYED. He WHIPS his head around and sees CLOVER with the BIGGEST GRIN she could offer. ... Run. ... Robby BOLTS away from Clover)

*CLOVER: [(With a somewhat crazed look) Even if that HOT BOD yelled at me yesterday... (Love crazed) I'D STILL FOLLOW HIM AROUND! (Giggles unnervingly)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, WASHROOMS___ Everything seems to be normal. Floor is organized, bathroom stalls are closed, Rita is a wreck on the sink... … Wait a minute...

(Rita's crying all over the sink. It's HORRIBLE)


(Carly's trying her best to cheer Rita up. Boy was she cheering up people all day. She pats Rita's back)

Carly: (Supportive) Come on Rita, it's not your fa-


(Rita SHARPLY turns to Carly, making her startled. She DEATH GLARES at her)

Rita: (Aggressively) ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT IT'S MINE?! (Leers) ARE YOU?!

(Carly backs away a bit. Rita changes her temperament again...)

Rita: (Cries) SUCH A CRUEL TWIST OF FATE! MY CARLO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! (She faceplants the sink)

*CARLY: [(She sighs. It then turns into a groan) This is going to be PAINFUL. (Sighs) I've never seen a person able to switch back from being all happy, to being downtrodden, then have BLAZING FURY, back to downtrodden, then to blazing fury again, etc... (She looks to the side) This is NOT good for her! All her obsession for Carlo has resulted to THIS! (Looks to the other side) Carlo is getting frenzied left and right and RUDY'S... (She looks at the camera. Looks to the side) Well... (Blushes) He's... misunderstood... (Sighs) My friends...]

(Rita's still being a WRECK. Carly doesn't know what to do... until it hits her...)

Carly: (Fake gasps) Is that CARLO over THERE?!

Rita: (GASPS with a fit of FRENZY) WHERE IS HE?!

(Rita GRABS Carly and starts to AGGRESSIVELY shake her)

Rita: (Yells) WHERE IS MY CARLO?!?! (Desperately) TELL ME!

(Carly points at a random direction outside. Rita BOLTS her way to that direction)

Carly: (Sighs) Best thing I can do for the moment. (Follows Rita outside)

(The camera still stays filming the washrooms)

???: Are they GONE?!

(The stall door in the middle suddenly opens. It's revealed that the SKULL-FACED MAIDEN is inside)

Skull-Faced Maiden: It's GETTIN' CRUMMY in there! (Stretches) This Victorian-esque SKIRT is a PAIN to wear... But DANG!

(The skull-faced maiden poses to get a look at her dress in the mirror)

Skull-Faced Maiden: Do I look VILLAINOUS! And HOT! Huh, who knows that I ROCK in BLACK! (Squees) And THAT HAIR! I WUV IT!

(The skull-faced maiden goes to the stall door to the right. She knocks on it)

Skull-Faced Maiden: Hey BP! (Giggles) That’s short for business partner. Come on out! Let's prance the island! (GASPS horrendously) … Maybe I COULD even STYLE YOUR HAIR! Then we'll BOTH be VILLAINOUS AND HOT!

???: Hey Chuck! Are YOU in HERE?!

(The skull-faced maiden GASPS horrendously. They start to FRANTICALLY search for an exit. Their heels are making NOISES. They see a nearby window. The camera pans at the entrance door)

*SKULL-FACED MAIDEN: [BP told me that this costume could just CHEER UTAH up! That is so SWEET of BP! (Giggles) It'll be a SURPRISE so I CAN'T get CAUGHT!]

???: Hey Chuck?!

(The door creaks open. Penny peers inside. … No one's inside...)

Penny: Huh, I could had sworn I heard some FOOTSTEPS here!

(Penny goes inside. Alberto subsequently follows her. On a nearby window, a trail of black cloth is being pulled... The two don't notice it)

Penny: (Confused) He's not here?

Alberto: (VERY nervous) Well he DOESN'T usually use the URINAL! (Stifles a laugh) He ALWAYS uses the STALLS!

(Penny knocks on a stall. It's the SAME stall the skull-faced maiden's business partner is presumably using)

Penny: Chuck?!

(The stall door creaks open. NO ONE'S THERE! Alberto opens the other stalls. It’s only just the two of them…)

Penny: (Sighs with a fit of worry) Where IS he?! (Looks left and right) Maybe he's hiding already?

Alberto: Y-y-YEAH! T-That could be it! (More composed) Maybe he's with LEADER-DUDE! It's TOO RISKY to look for us. Leader-dude's VERY STRICT you know!

Penny: (Smiles a little) Yeah, but... Can we still LOOK for him though? I mean the washroom's also kind of hard to escape. Let's go outside.

Alberto: S-sure! (His face brightens) Hey! I know a GREAT place to HIDE! Me and Hawaiian-dude used to go behind the BIG ROCKS near the beach! We used to go there alone.

(Penny looks at Alberto. ALONE he said?)

Alberto: (Nervous) W-Wanna come?

(Penny nods. She faces the door… then looks suspicious)

*PENNY: [(Suspiciously) … What were they doing behind the rocks? …]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS PORCH___ Tohru's approaching the porch with her big Atomic Sauce spitting gun. She's looking left and right many times. She's wary...

Tohru: Okay Tohru, you have your ARSENAL! You'll be fine if you ever come across that HENTAI!

(Tohru reaches the girl's door. She pauses first to take a deep breath. She grabs the knob and opens the door...)

(… ZACHARY’s behind the door... He breathes audibly with a smile in his CREEPY FACE... Did I mention that it's the GIRL'S SIDE OF THE CABIN?!)

Tohru: ... (Charges up her gun and points at him) STAY BACK!

Zachary: … (Steps forward anyway) Want me to li-

(Tohru DOESN'T let him finish his thought. She BLASTS his FACE with Atomic Sauce. He FALLS down to the ground then SCREAMS in AGONIZING PAIN)

Tohru: THAT'S what you get for trying to HIT ON ME!

(Tohru attempts to leave him Zachary, but before she could leave... he GRABS her JACKET SLEEVE at LIGHTNING SPEED. Tohru GASPS as she falls down as well)

Zachary: (Screams because of the sauce) YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET AWAY FROM ME SO EASILY!

(Zachary LAUGHS CREEPILY. Tohru SCREAMS. She KICKS his face, making him let go of her. She stands up RUNS the heck away from him)

(Zachary stands up after recovering. He looks at the direction to where she fled. ... He grins CREEPILY)

*TOHRU: [(Shivers in the corner) W-WHY does he like ME in the FIRST PLACE! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO I DESERVE THIS? ... (Helplessly) Why me?]

___CALYPSO FOREST, FORKED ROAD___ Trishna just enters the scene. Just a reminder: Left = Forest, Middle = Swamp, Right = Lake. ... Trishna forgot that...

Trishna: UGH! Where's the LAKE again?! (Groans and kicks the dirt) This WOULDN'T had happened if that HOT MOHAWKED EMO just FELL for my own BEAUTY OFF THE BAT! (Groans) I HATE being the tagger! I'll be all TIRED and SWEATY! NOT good for my SKIN!

???: SALUTATIONS FELLOW INDEPENDENT WOMAN! (Maggie approaches her) How are you handling this challenge today miss?!

Trishna: Oh, it's just you. (Crosses her arms) Hey there. (Groans) I don't like WORKING! Hmm, If only I could find someone, like a HOT GUY, then I'll-


(Maggie GRABS Trishna's shoulders, which startles her more)

Maggie: You should act INDEPENDENTLY! BELIEVE in YOURSELF that you can DO it! That you're WORTH it! (Eases her grip) I BELIEVE that a WOMAN SHOULDN'T be A SHADOW behind (With disgust) THEM! STAND up for YOURSELF!

(Maggie looks at Trishna with tantamount amount determination)

Trishna: ... Are you like, a LESBIAN or something?! (Maggie FACEPALMS) Hey look, I've already heard a speech in lines with that from YOU. I am like, ALREADY enlightened by that motion of yours.

(Maggie raises an eyebrow. She looks intrigued)

Trishna: I'm NOT just gonna FALL for just some random guy, I have like, a LONG list of CREDENTIALS for him to fill! (Smirks) But those other PEONS of my BEAUTY... (Casts a DEVILISH look) Their HEARTS are MINE TO PLAY WITH! (Goes back to normal) So yeah, thanks or whatever. (Maggie STARES at her)

*MAGGIE: [(Smiles WIDELY) THAT'S what I WANT to SEE! A RUTHLESS woman who has MEN caught on her FINGER! (Smirks) Well done!]

Maggie: (Smiles) OUTSTANDING! I'm OVERJOYED to meet a WOMAN of such great CALIBER! (Makes a fist) Let's make a PACT to bring them DOWN to our HEELS!

(Before Trishna could agree or disagree, Connor and Roy enters the area from the right path)

Connor: (Scoffs) WHERE are those LOSERS?!

(Connor then looks before him. He sees the girls with the blasters... He GASPS horribly)


(Connor puts Roy BEFORE him. Maggie doesn't think twice, she BLASTS BOTH of them. Roy screams. He DUCKS. Connor gets HIT. The IMPACT left him stuck to a tree)


(Before Roy could do anything, MAGGIE towers over him. She GLARES at him)

Maggie: DO IT and the NEXT ONE WON'T MISS!

(Roy SCREAMS. He immediately runs away from them. Roy runs to the SWAMP. Maggie looks over to Connor)

Maggie: And as for YOU FIZZLE POUFFE!

(Maggie prepares to threaten him but-)

Trishna: (CUTS her off) HEY! I WANT to DO the NEXT ONE!

(Maggie turns to Trishna. She SMIRKS and allows it. Trishna walks over to Connor, face to face)

Trisha: (Cutthroat) LOOK over here you PEASANT! I DON'T know why she's AGITATED BUT if YOU do it AGAIN (Leers) YOU'LL TASTE THE WRATH OF INDIA!

*TRISHNA: [(Flips her hair) It's TIME for me to get some allies and Independence Girl is willing! (Scoffs) That STICK WASN’T hot or anything! PLUS! (Smiles) Yelling's FUN!]

(Connor JAW DROPS. Maggie smirks)

Maggie: Wow. You have managed to SHUT IT UP! SPLENDID work Trishna! (Trishna just flips her hair) I think WE should WORK together. WE can HUNT those conceited MEN side by side!

(Trishna just shrugs. She doesn't realize yet that Maggie's the tagger of her NEW team)

Maggie: I'll say, let's HUNT that little RUNT! We've got some UNFINISHED BUSINESS with IT!

Trishna: (Shrugs) Whatever. I’ve got nothing better to do.

(The two ladies nod and follow Roy. They walk down the middle road. They leave Connor stuck in the tree)

Connor: … (Makes a dopey SMILE) T-Trishna~...

___CALYPSO BEACH, CLIFF COVE___ The cove is nice and peaceful. Carlo then comes alone. He seems to be wary of something... Oh wait, RITA, nevermind...

Carlo: Okay I've made it here! (Looks around) This seems to be a good place to hide. (Sees the cove) And if ever I need to flee, I CAN!

(Carlo sighs in relief. He then frowns. He sits on the sand. He sighs in a gloomy manner)

Carlo: (Contemplates) What have I been doing wrong? I'm NICE to my team! I'm trying to empower them with OPTIMISM. I'm trying to be a kind and gentle LEADER... But I'm FAILING them... My previous team...

(Sighs) I DIDN'T manage to RESOLVE Marty and Clover's FEUD... Rudy's FURIOUS of me... And now Rita's turning to be my WORST NIGHTMARE! (Sighs) My efforts are NOT ENOUGH... … Papa's going to be ashamed of me... again...

(Carlo sighs again. He then hears some footsteps. A pair of pale feet stops beside him. Carlo looks up and sees… RUDY. Rudy has a PIERCING LOOK in his EYES. He has his blaster ready)

Carlo: (Fearfully) R-RUDY?!

(Rudy's piercing look doesn't change. He holds his blaster... down? His glare softens a bit, but yeah, it's still a glare)

Rudy: You mentioned your... Papa... (Carlo slowly nods) You also mentioned that he would be (Gives a SHARP look) ashamed...

Carlo: Yeah… B-BUT I'm SURE that Papa just wants for me to be the BEST that I can BE!

(Rudy seems to be, despite his stoic disposition, just, somehow, EMPATHETIC. Carlo picks up a 'Tell me more' vibe from him)

Carlo: W-well... Yeah, Papa is just, VERY STRICT. All I can say was that... Papa had a LOT of EXPECTATIONS from me. He ALWAYS instructs me to have some 'USE' in my life. I assume that he meant that I SHOULDN'T live life to the fullest and to NOT take things for granted... Like MAMA...

(Rudy flinches at the word. Carlo sighs somberly)

Carlo: (Morose) Papa used to BLAME ME for her sudden, 'disappearance'… I CAN'T even remember her... (Looks sullen) All that I have left is her picture...


(SPLAT! Carlo gets HIT by a BLUE gunky substance. Rudy's STILL pointing his blaster at him. He's breathing HEAVILY with his DARK EXPRESSIONLESS EYES)

(Carlo looks at him in PURE TERROR. But instead of backing down... he GLARES at him this time)


(Carlo GASPS and puts his palms before his lips immediately after)

Carlo: (Fearfully without looking) I-I-I-I’m s-so-s-sorr-

(Rudy CHARGES up his blaster. Carlo stops and looks up. Rudy looks at him DEAD IN THE EYE)

Rudy: (Coldly) Your father is RIGHT to be ASHAMED. YOU'RE DISGUSTING!

(Rudy points the blaster at Carlo one more time. Carlo attempts to shield himself... It's over... Kind of… cuz Rudy already blasted him and-)


(Rita outright DIVES for the projectile that Rudy just blasted. IT HITS HER. Rudy gasps in SHOCK! Rita lands on CARLO. Carlo FREEZES)

Rita: (Slightly crazy) I have SAVED YOU my love... Now you SAVE ME! (Giggles) again…

(Rita EMBRACES Carlo with a DEATH GRIP. Carlo SCREAMS. He WIGGLES out from her grasp. Rita lands on the sand… and IN FRONT of the cove. Carlo's mode of ESCAPE!)

(Carlo DOESN'T risk it. He runs to the SIDE of the cliff. He bypasses a STIFF Rudy. Rita manages to stand up. He sees Carlo ESCAPING)

Rita: (GASPS horrendously) CARLO!


(Rita CHASES after Carlo. The two have fled the scene. Momentarily, Carly arrives from the forests)

Carly: RITA! Wait for me!

(Carly pants. She stops to catch her breath. She looks up to see RUDY standing stiffly before her)

Carly: GAH! (Falls over) R-Rudy?! What are you- (Sees his blaster. It's BLUE. She gasps) PLEASE don't hurt ME!

(Rudy finally notices her. He flinches and backs away...)

Carly: Y-You... you DON'T want to BLAST me? (Blushes)

(Rudy turns his back without changing his expression. He prepares to leave but-)

Carly: W-WAIT! LOOK… I know you have a LOT of bad memories... (Sighs) I've heard you sing by the lake and-

(Rudy COMPLETELY STOPS from his tracks. His back is turned. He slowly and ominously TILTS his head. He has a sullen expression emphasized by his SOULLESS eyes)

Rudy: (Without breaking from his expression) … you… heard… nothing…

(Carly’s eyes grow WIDE after getting intimidated. She instinctively backs away then weakly nods)

(Rudy slowly tilts his head back WITHOUT changing his expression. It’s a VERY UNNERVING sight. He leaves her alone)

*CARLY: [Y-Yeah… Rudy's pretty SCARY! … But I just can't get that song out of my head... He didn’t exactly specific what happened to his mother but… I just know that somewhere deep down... Rudy's got a wounded heart...]

*RUDY: [(Looks DIRECTLY at the camera with a sullen expression along with his SOULLESS eyes) ... … … … … …]

___CALYPSO BEACH, BIG ROCKS___ Alberto and Penny are now hiding behind the rocks. They don't see any peculiar activities but they still keep quiet... Penny’s quite nervous…

Alberto: H-HEY! (He prepares to talk but all he can say is-) Uhh...

(Alberto begins to SWEAT. He DOESN’T know what to do)

Penny: (Sighs deeply) Where is HE?! It's-It's like he's just suddenly GONE! I don't know him that much but… t-this's… just abnormal.

Alberto: (Mumbles audibly) What did you even see in that dude?

(Penny looks at Alberto. His eyes WIDEN as he realizes that she heard him)

Alberto: (Nervously) I-I m-mean… Y-yeah! I mean, what even DREW you to him? What makes him SO much SPECIAL to you? (With a little anger) And WHY did you CHOOSE HIM ov-… …

(Alberto holds back that last thought. Penny stares blankly at him with lingering suspicion)

Penny: (Blinks) Umm... Well... (Blushes) He was just there for me. He actually talked to me in the previous days. He's VERY nice and VERY friendly! You could just SEE the INNOCENCE in HIS EYES! And he was so AWESOME! (Grins) Just LOOK at him on the DANCE FLOOR!

Alberto: T-that's it?! (Penny nods) So you're just basically judging him for his OUTER appearance and APPARENT mannerisms?!

Penny: (Raises a brow) Uh, what do you mean by that? I've personally seen him doing nice acts like when he broke the poolside fight between Connor and that, Mitch guy. He helped me save Robby and Clover from drowning. He also protected ME when we bellyflopped on the same day. I can tell you without a doubt (With conviction) he IS nice!

(Alberto looks at the side with furrowed brows. Penny gets intrigued)

Penny: (Incredulous) Is there something that would make think otherwise? (Throws some shade) Yesterday, everyone saw that he chose ME!

(Alberto FLINCHES. Penny eyes him more closely)

Penny: (Turns more serious) Alberto, is there SOMETHING that I’m suppose to know? Is there something that YOU want to express? (Narrows her eyes) Is there something that YOU want to DO that involves HIM?!

(Alberto looks at the side with his fists curled up. Penny gets some signals of resentment. She furrows her brow at him...)

Alberto: (Without looking at Penny) ... I NEED to show you something…

(Penny furrows her brow more... but it slowly softens and even turns into shock when Alberto finally looks at her… His face displays a serious... yet melancholic… yet… genuine expression…)

*PENNY: [Umm, (Worried) What’s going on? Does he know something BAD that Chuck's doing?! Well, no one’s perfect, but… why would Alberto tell me this? And doesn’t he like, ‘LIKE’ him? … Does he even? (Shifts and looks to the side) He was just… so SERIOUS of something. (Looks to the camera) Well, whatever it might be, I hope it's nothing TOO SERIOUS. (With conviction) Chuck's TOO SWEET to hide something grossly bad!]

*ALBERTO: [(Sullen expression) … She needs to know… who he really is…]

___CALYPSO FOREST, MUDDY SWAMP___ The swamp seems normal. Muddy, grimy, yucky, swampy... Yeah... Maggie and Trishna arrives at the scene...

Trishna: (Groans) UGH! THE SWAMP! THIS is what EXACTLY I am trying to AVOID! Can we GO now?! This place REEKS!

(Trishna smells the swamp. She revolts subsequently. It DOES reek)

Maggie: The scent of this swamp may be pungent...

(Maggie STOMPS the ground. She pulls her arm up for emphasis)

Maggie: But it WOULD NOT DETER us from reaching our objective! WE ARE WOMEN! WE SHALL SUCCEED!

Trishna: ... Whatever, the swamp's STILL ICKY! I'm out so, like, good luck or something.

(As Trishna prepares to walk away, they suddenly hear Roy screaming from a distance)

Maggie: (Groans) Alright TWERP! SHOW YOURSELF!

(On cue, Roy emerges from the trees. It appears that he was running from HORNETS. Maggie gasps then DIVES to the side to evade his path. Trishna however FAILS to dodge, obviously)

(Roy PILE DRIVES Trishna to the GROUND when they bumped. He runs back to the campgrounds with the hornets continue to chase him)

(Trishna stands up then GASPS horrendously. Her swimsuit is DIRTY! The HORROR!)

Trishna: AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! (She then TRIPS over a root) AUGH!

(Trishna tilts her hear and SEES that she's gonna fall to the MUDDY WATER! Dun dun dun!)

(SLOW MOTION: Trishna tilts her head back. She tries to somehow grasp the air but we know that her actions would be futile…)

Trishna: (Slow motion) NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(SLOW MOTION: Maggie gasps while lying on the ground on her knees. Tears are starting to leave Trishna's eyes as she thinks of the inevitable...)

(WHOOSH!!! A mysterious shape EMERGES from the swamp water RIGHT BEHIND HER)

*IVY: [This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of EXTREME stunts performed by ANIMATED TEENS. DO NOT try any of what you see here at home. SERIOUSLY, you could get REALLY messed up. ... (Looks to the side) Can anyone check if she was EATEN by an ALLIGATOR already?!]

(Anyway, back to our usual program)


(The mysterious shape... INTERCEPTS Trishna's fall with its… hands? Trishna regains her balance)

Trishna: (Shocked) W-what?

(Trishna turns around and looks FEARFULLY at the mysterious shape… … Then furrows her brows…)

Trishna: (Agitated) W-WHAT THE?! (She GASPS horrendously) EWWW! You TOUCHED ME! (Wails) GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HUMONGOUS DIRTY FR-

(Trishna’s eyes suddenly WIDEN… She BLUSHES as she gets to have a good look at the mystery figure)

(We start at its THICK thighs covered in a light amount of hair which is then covered by mud that's slowly dripping away. We can see its dirty DENIM shorts then to its WASHBOARD abs CHISELED into PERFECTION. Next comes its MUSCULAR pecs and its BULGING biceps. The mud dripping off its body GLISTENS and HIGHLIGHTS its STUNNING figure. Its BROAD shoulders connects to its MEATY neck which shows its FIRM Adam's apple. We see its HANDSOME face, PROMINENT jaw line, HOT lips, SHARP sniffer, ALLURING eyes, and short SILKY light brown hair)

James: (Normal DEEP voice) Are you alright, miss?

(Yup, it was JAMES!!!)

Trishna: (TANTALIZED. Blushes) … Wow~…

James: (Shrugs nonchalantly) Look, you need to be wary of your surroundings when yo-

(KACHICK! James NARROWS his eyes. THU! He DODGES the gunky YELLOW projectile with his REFLEXES. SPLAT! It HITS a nearby tree. A SMIRK forms in his face)

James: Too slow... (Turns his head to the direction Of the projectile) MAGGIE...

(Maggie had her blaster AIMED at him. She gasps as she is discovered. She glares and stands up. James runs away from a smitten Trishna)

(KACHICK! James takes a DIVE to the grimy water. THU! James swims away. SPLASH! The gunky projectile hits the water. Maggie missed AGAIN! James has gotten away for GOOD)


(Maggie groans and stands up. She walks up to Trishna)

Maggie: (Irritated) COME now Trishna, we've got BIGGER FISH TO FRY!

(Maggie walks past Trishna. Trishna STILL has her love struck face)

MAGGIE: [(GLARES) It continues to be a THORN in MY plans even though I have already switched teams! (Looks to the side) My alliance with Penny and Utah had already terminated (Looks to the camera and GLARES) all because of its WORTHLESS LACKEY! (Intensifies her glare) It was RESPONSIBLE for pairing ME with that SL**! (DEATH GLARES) It’s always THEIR FAULT! THEY’RE the ones to BLAME!!!]

*JAMES: [(TOTALLY muddy) Now that Maggie's on a different team, the challenges are bound to get much tougher. (Shrugs) It doesn't bother me. (Smiles) It evens out the playing field. Us clashing together would only sharpen our wits until either one of us succeeds on reaching our own objectives. (Straight faced) As long as it stays objective.]

*TRISHNA: [(She stares into space then sighs romantically) James~... (She grins DEVIOUSLY at the camera) I SWEAR that I'LL make that HOT BOD ALL MINE!]

To be continued…
TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 2
WARNING: Involves kissing, and unhinged characters :P

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 6: Sugar, Spice, and Everyone Crazy! (Part 1)

Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! It was a RAUNCHY Wild West challenge as EACH and everyone of them are tested for what they have, or what they DON'T HAVE! (Chuckles) Roy got pierced by NEEDLES, Radlynn made a DOLL made out of HAY, Prudence got help from her trusty pet PICKLE, Mitch DEVOURED his meal in SECONDS, ALBERTO SHOWED OFF HIS MUSCLES, (Ivy makes some… sounds...) Willow's a SHARPSHOOTER, Connor GOT OWNED by a horse, James had his KIWIS PULVERIZED, Rita ENJOYED her time with Carlo AND, of course, Chuck OWNED the dance floor! (More sounds... It’s becoming unnerving...)

In the end, Penny had chosen CHUCK, thereby ANGERING Alberto because Chuck had broken their agreement! That's not ALL, sweet little Penny OPPOSED Maggie for her apparent insensitivity.HOW will Chuck FIX this situation?! How would Penny react? Will Clover FINALLY learn her lesson? How will Carlo HANDLE a passive yet persistent Rita? What will Carly do after HEARING Rudy's soulful song?! And WHAT will TOHRU do to her-Wait W-WHAT?! He did WHAT?! EW! EW! EEEEEWWWWWWW! T-That's VILE! (She almost hurls) T-try to find these answers on Total Drama Calypso Island! (Runs to vomit)

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN___ It's broad daylight. The Hoodlums are fixing their own beds. Utah, who's STILL anxious, is being comforted by Penny. Maggie tries to interact with them but she only gets some HARSH glances from Penny. Willow and Mindy are currently absent from the premises.

(Penny is tending the frazzled Utah. The FEAR that Utah emanates is clear that she's STILL bothered by the mysterious entity. She's in a fetal position, soulless and shivering)

(Maggie approaches them but Penny stops her before she could come any closer)

Penny: Look, I can see that you want to comfort Utah (She sharply looks at her) But if YOU'RE here just to FORCE me to come back, I'll have to decline. (Glares)

Maggie: (Surprised. Stutters) B-but WHY do you even BELIEVE IN THEM?! Just because they're NICE to you now, it DO-

Penny: (Cuts her off) Please Maggie, STOP it!

(Maggie does so with a bit of shock. She doesn't want to agitate Penny any further)

Penny: I am going to be pacifistic with our, disagreements. I hope that you can RESPECT all of the decisions that I make. Yes, you were RIGHT to point out that SOME boys may be troubling, but you are forgetting that NOT all of them might be a bad influence.

(Penny looks at Maggie critically)

Penny: The way that I view it, you have probably BEEN in a tight spot around them. You're trying to avenge the FALLEN HONOR by creating a movement against ALL of them. But keep in mind, there are INNOCENT people that could come in between the crossfires. They'll be in a position... That YOU were in. (Gentler) What I'm trying to point out is that if you are planning to stop FIRE with FIRE, then you're just as CRUEL and DETESTABLE as them.

(Maggie tries to retort back but she just bites her lip)

Maggie: T-that's a very GOOD observation Penny (Sighs) I just want to prove that WE have what it takes END their tyranny. ... I think I may need to have some rethinking to do (Turns to Penny and bows) I bid you farewell.

*MAGGIE: [(Groans but it turns to a sorrowful moan. She sighs) There goes a VALUABLE alliance mate (She crosses her arms and legs and then glares) I'm STILL BLAMING it on them! IT just HAVE to charm her with it's SMOOTH words and FAKE promises! If I want to REMAIN CIVIL with Penny, I'd have to tone it down BUT the moment that IT BREAKS HER HEART, (Brashly sweet) I shall STILL welcome her with open arms!]

(In the boy's cabin, Chuck is still asleep. Upon closer look, he's sleeping in a CHAIR with an intricate set of ropes tied TIGHTLY against his chest. The ropes are forcing him to sit upright while he’s still asleep. He's still wearing his western outfit from yesterday)

(Alberto is siting in a chair of his own before Chuck. He silently, but grumpily, watches his every move. James is siting in the bunk before the two. He is nonchalantly overseeing them. Connor and Roy are currently absent from the premises.)

*JAMES: [(Straight faced) The only reason that Chuck is tied up is because of two things: I do not want him to escape this intervention; and to make sure that his posture would not suffer. (Shrugs) He often slouches.]

(After a few moments of peaceful slumber, Chuck slowly wakes up. He yawns audibly. He then feels the tightness around his chest and sees his predicament. He then looks around and sees Alberto and James before him)

Chuck: ... Morning? ... Is this some sort of hazing for a frat-

Alberto: (Agitated) THIS IS NOT A HAZING-

James: (DOMINEERING tone) Both of you, SHUT UP!!!

(Chuck and Alberto FREEZES before James. He’s currently DEATH GLARING at the two. He simmers down once he controlled the atmosphere)

James: (Straight faced) You two are here to talk to the other man about what happened yesterday.

(Chuck quizzically looks at James… then it CLICKS. His eyes SHRINK once more. His breathing begins to change. He slowly looks at Alberto with a FEARFUL expression. Alberto is NOT looking happy at him)

James: (Straight faced) I want to make it clear that this is an intervention. (Glares at the two) Strictly NO fighting. I do NOT want to see ANY of you two throwing a single punch or kick to the other man. Do. I. Make. My. Self. Clear?

(Alberto furrows his brows and STARES through Chuck’s soul. He nods without moving his head. Chuck, fearful of what may ensue, nods as well)

James: (Nods) Alright. Alberto, (Turns to Alberto) since you were injured first, you are going to start. You are free to say whatever you want to say. My only condition is that you CANNOT have ANY form of physical contact with him? Am I clear?

(Alberto nods without changing his expression. James nods at him as a signal that he could start. Alberto breathes in…)


James: (Interjects. Authoritatively) ENOUGH!!!

(Alberto pipes down and grumbles. He sits down while STILL looking at Chuck dead in the eye)

James: (Authoritatively) Chuck, speak.

(Chuck bites his lip… then sighs. He looks down to the ground with guilt stricken eyes and a melancholic expression)

Chuck: F-fine... (Glumly) Back home I was known for my... services...

(James raises an eyebrow. Alberto’s expression didn’t change)

Chuck: (Glumly) Most of them know me as the server of my uncle's luau shack... but that's not all what I do... I'm also an… ESCORT…

(James shows a bit of shock but it’s more of a look of intrigue. Alberto’s face twitches a bit)

Chuck: Before you ask, I’m a DAY escort and NOT a NIGHT escort. I’m ALWAYS at my uncle’s luau bar during the night, serving drinks to our customers.

(James’ expression has neutralized. Alberto seems to be much more attentive than before)

Chuck: My day job is to CHEER a specific person up from whatever's bothering them. I'm just being there for them, for them to have a shoulder to lean on. But they just grew FOND of me... They often extend my services so they could just have me to comfort them.

(James is mentally taking down all of this. Alberto scowls after his last sentence)

Chuck: (Smirks a little) I'm having a fun time too just by interacting with them. Of course, KISSING is in the package. My uncle taught me HOW be a GOOD kisser. They are LOVING it! My experience just grew that it became my second nature, that when someone kisses me, I would ALWAYS kiss them back…

(James skeptically dissects his explanation. Alberto’s now SHAKING in his seat)

Chuck: (Vulnerably) I-I-I just CAN'T just disappoint them... I want to cheer them up... I-I... (Sighs) Bert… I'm sorry. I'm REALLY sorry that I don't have the courtesy to come to my senses... … (Sorrowfully sighs) Just do it... I deserve it...

(Chuck closes his eyes and awaits his punishment. James looks at Alberto, ready to STOP him if he ever unleashes his rage. Alberto, on the other hand, is just expressionlessly staring at Chuck...)

(… Alberto immediately LEAVES the cabin. James, who is confused by his action, attempts to follow him but Alberto comes back inside with someone in tow…)

(Alberto comes back carrying a FEMALE INTERN. With him. He immediately places the intern on Chuck's lap. Chuck is STARTLED and jolts out from his position. The intern is SO CONFUSED but BLUSHES MADLY at the three studs in the room)

Alberto: You WANT me to BELIEVE you?! (Narrows his gaze) PUCKER UP SLEAZEBAG!

(Alberto SHOVES the female intern against Chuck. Their LIPS meet. The intern BLUSHES MADLY which makes her eyes BUG OUT)

(Chuck's eyes WIDEN… but it begins to get drowsy as if he was… HYPNOTIZED by his predicament. His eyes droop down as he KISSES the intern back. The intern is LOST in pleasure. She HUGS him as they make out)

(James tries to speak but Alberto CUTS him off)

Alberto: (Agitated) If what he said was TRUE, then I would consider what happened yesterday as an ACCIDENT and I would NOT batter him up.

(James looks at Alberto. Alberto looks as SERIOUS as he can get. James looks at Chuck. He’s STILL making out with they intern. James looks back to Alberto)

James: Your terms are reasonable, but this is still a risky plan. When Penny sees this-

Alberto: (CUTS him off. Agitated) I would NEVER let her see THIS! (DETERMINED look) This would CRUSH her heart and I would NEVER let that happen!

James: Hmm… (Thinks) They cannot make out forever as both of them are going to be bound to be dehydrated. The chances of Penny seeing this is slim, but it is NOT impossible.

(James looks at Alberto DIRECTLY in the eye. Alberto’s determined look does NOT falter)

James: (Straight faced) Alright. But I will hold YOU accountable for anything that happens between the three of you. (Serious face) Do I make myself clear?

(Alberto nods without moving an expression)

*JAMES: [If things go smoothly between the two of them, then their problem would be absolved and their wounds would slowly heal. Still, this is a risky plan… but higher risks always tend to give higher returns.]

*ALBERTO: [(Arms crossed) I DON'T CARE if that ‘escort’ has to make out with her for the REST OF THE DAY! Let me see him use his TONGUE to get out!]

___CLOAKED CRETINS PORCH___ Prudence and Pickle are in the front porch of their cabin. Cooper's also there with them. Their usual morning routine...

(Prudence is telling Cooper the story of how she first laid her eyes on her sweet, sweet Pickle. From the moment she started, she had smiled, cried, delighted, laughed, 'aww'ed and 'Eee'ed. Pickle, who is listening to her owner, is OVERJOYED in reminiscing their FIRST moments)

Prudence: And that's HOW me and my sweet Pickle INTERNALLY BONDED! (She nuzzles Pickle against her nose) Oh Pickle!

(Prudence and Pickle both enjoy the company of each other. Meanwhile, Cooper's taking notes from the contents of her story)

Cooper: That's a very endearing story Prudence!

Prudence: True! My bond with her has been TESTED FOR YEARS, NOTHING can SEPARATE US!

(Prudence holds Pickle up. She stares at Pickle for a while… then giggles and embraces her for the N'th time)

(Cooper's contemplating. He looks at Prudence and Pickle's way and then to his notes. He breathes in deeply to gather confidence. He puts on a serious face…)

Cooper: All right, (Turns to Prudence) I'm READY for this!

(Prudence looks at Cooper. He nods while maintaining his straight face. Prudence smiles and nods as well. She then holds Pickle up)

*PRUDENCE: [(Smiles sweetly) That was SO BRAVE of Cooper! I LIKE that he is having COURAGE to face his fear! … (Looks at the camera) We're just FRIENDS you shippers!]

(Pickle is on Cooper's lap. Cooper is VERY uneasy but at least he's NOT in the verge of fainting this time)

Prudence: Okay Cooper, let's TRY a DIFFERENT tactic this time!

(Cooper just sits still. Prudence smiles)

Prudence: Alright! Just look at Pickle's FUR! So smooth and velvety. Don't you just wanna CUDDLE her? So SILKY that you could just sleep with her instantly! Her petite form just DRAWS your emotions to ADORE her natural ADORABLENESS! Notice those FLUFFY ears, CUTE nose, and, of course, those BEADY EYES, GLIMMERING under the morning sun and just HYPNOTIZES you to LOVE HER! (Looks at the camera) Platonically.

(Prudence looks back then sighs happily. Pickle barks and wiggles her tail. She smiles)

Prudence: Can you SEE now what I'm talking about? THIS is the BEAUTY of NATURE! Does it make you feel HAPPY?!  

(Cooper doesn't respond. … Prudence pokes him. … He falls over…)

*PRUDENCE: [… (Smiles) At least the nurse said that it WASN'T as worse as yesterday! That means he's IMPROVING! Sort of... (Prudence shrugs) Baby steps!]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN___ The Schmucks have already cleaned up. On the girl’s side, Tohru is being comforted by Rita and Carly. Clover is noticeably sulking on her bed. Her teammates doesn't even bother her. She just revels in her sorrow. Such a cruel world...

(Tohru is STILL shaken from her... encounter with Zachary yesterday. She's anxious but at least it is nowhere near from Utah's condition. Carly is rubbing her back)

Carly: Come on Tohru, you have got to at least TELL us what's bothering you. (Frowns) You might end up like the charm maker from the other team.

Tohru: (Sighs) It-it's alright girls, I'm fine. I just had a VERY UNSETTLING encounter with someone. Can you please, hand me my sketchpad?


(Rita BEAMS in joy as she gets the sketchpad from Tohru's drawer and hands it to her)

Rita: Here you go! ENJOY!

(Rita’s shift from her bossy to jubilant attitude is mildly... unnerving)

Tohru: Uhh... T-thanks Rita!

(Tohru smiles a little then proceeds to work her anxiety out with her sketchpad. Momentarily, someone knocks on the door)

Carly: I'll get it. (Carly walks to the door and opens it. She gasps) M-Marty?!

Marty: (Serious face) I know that I MAY had made some... inappropriate actions against all of you ladies but... I just want to talk with Clover.

(Carly sweats. She's unable to decide if she would let Marty inside. Thankfully for her, Rita approaches them. Marty maintains a serious face)

Marty: I promise that I WON'T do any inappropriate actions while I'm inside your quarters IF you would let me talk with my sister.

(Marty prepares himself to get scolded by Rita...)

Rita: (Smiles WIDELY at him) WHY OF COURSE MARTY! COME RIGHT IN! Clover's on her bed!

(… The WHAT now?!)

*CARLY: [... Huh. I thought she would at least THREATEN Marty back there. I guess Carlo had a positive EFFECT on her! (Smiles) This is a GOOD THING! Not to say that she was worse before, but… if she could condone Marty's actions immediately, may be she could FINALLY understand Rudy! … (Shifts) He’s just misunderstood you know…]

(Rita smiles sweetly. Carly and Marty are left dumbfounded)

Marty: I uhh... t-thank you for TRUSTING me Rita. (Smiles. Turns to Carly) Carly. (Carly nods)

(Marty makes his way to Clover. Rita and Carly goes back to Tohru's side. Clover's covered in sheets. Marty sits on her bed. She uncovers herself and looks at her brother. Her EYES are inflamed from sobbing)

Clover: (Glares) WHAT do you want now MARTY?!

Marty: (Sweetly) Hey Clover, how are you feeling right now? Are you okay by now? Do you want some company because I can-

Clover: (CUTS him off) JUST STOP IT! STOP IT ALREADY! (Marty's taken aback. Clover groans) WHY did YOU even COME HERE?! You're already LOADED! I had already PLANNED EVERYTHING! (She GLARES at him) WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR ME?!

(Clover SCREAMS in frustration. She takes her pillow and she buries herself underneath it)

Marty: (Sighs restlessly) Why... does it have to be this way?

*CLOVER: [(Arms crossed, groaning) EUGH! I CAN handle MYSELF perfectly fine! He's just, just... (Groans and ruffles her hair) just TOO MUCH!]

*MARTY: [(Sighs) I SHOULDN’T had pushed her AWAY. I CAN'T bear it to see Clover like THIS! (He looks down) WHAT happened to us?!]

(Zachary's alone in their quarters in his sleepwear. The lighting in the room is DARK but the LIGHT coming from his laptop shines in his face. He smiles in a Cheshire-esque style. Combined with the lighting and his face projects a SINISTER GRIN. His underside is covered in sheets. He seems to be watching something. The bed rumbles a bit...)

Zachary: Tohru...

(Zachary laughs CREEPILY. He then talks in a creepy tune)

Zachary: I'm gonna have a cute waifu, a cute waifu, a cute waifu! I'm GONNA HAVE a CUTE WAIFU, and NO ONE'S gonna STOP ME! (Laughs CREEPILY)

ZACHARY: [I've NEVER felt this with ANYONE before! It's just PERFECT! She is going to be mine, MINE, ALL MINE! (Laughs CREEPILY. He GRINS predatorily)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, WASHROOMS___ The camera focuses on a thick shower curtain indicating that someone seems to be using the showers at the time. The person then stops the showers and after a few minutes, the shower curtains then open.
Mindy is revealed to be the one showering. She has a turquoise towel over her body and a magenta one over her hair. She then puts TONS of shampoos and conditioners to a basket with the soaps. She faces the camera and screams while trying to cover herself...

Mindy: AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHH- (Opens her eyes) OHHHHH! It's just YOU! You seem to be FOND of this place!

(Mindy moves to the mirrors to fix her hair. She unravels the magenta towel revealing her SMOOTH and SILKY hair. DANG! This girl's got some good locks. There's a shadowy silhouette behind her. It's the person she's talking to)

Mindy: So, is this where we're gonna, like, meet for some business meeting or something?!

(Mindy’s business partner puts a red box in the sink. Mindy raises an eyebrow. She holds it to try to peek at what's inside. She GASPS HORRENDOUSLY on what she sees...

Mindy: (Fearfully) It's... It’s… (She GRINS) It's SO EVIL!  SO BEAUTIFUL! (Looks at her business partner) Is this for ME?!

(The figure's shadow nods. Mindy SQUEALS in delight)

Mindy: Being in a partnership ALREADY have these kinds of perks! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'mma put it on now!

(Mindy excitedly moves off camera. The silhouette moves after her. Suddenly, a stall door opens. WILLOW is revealed to be sitting there)

*WILLOW: [(As stoic as ever) The stylist appears to be up to something... One predicts that it's something CATASTROPHIC... (Shrugs) Oh well...]

*???: [(There's a woman wearing an intricate black dress and a designed Mexican sombrero. IT'S THE SKULL-FACED MAIDEN) It FITS me! (Claps enthusiastically)]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN, HOT TUB___ Rudy and Robby are occupying the hot tub. Robby has his arms on the rails and his head facing up. He's smiling. SMILING! He NEVER smiles... well all the time. Rudy, on the other hand, is stoic. He's slouching with his torso almost submerged under the water. Just... normal...

(Rudy's staring at his own reflection. It has a blank expression... His eye twitches... He utters a low grunt. Robby notices)

Robby: Uh, you okay?

(Rudy turns to Robby. His head is slouched)

Rudy: (Monotone) I'm fine...

(Robby frowns. He retracts his arms and puts an arm on Rudy's left shoulder but Rudy instinctively JERKS it away from him, startling Robby. Rudy flinches a little. He looks at Robby)

Rudy: … S-Sorry... chap...

Robby: (Sighs) You still look stressed. I thought inviting you here would relieve you from it. ... (Awkward pause) D-do you want to... talk… about it?

*ROBBY: [(Cringes) DANG, that was PAINFUL to say. (Stoic) Guys are NOT up for some EMOTIONAL sappiness. What more for EMOs?!]

Rudy: (Stoic) It's... personal... I don't... want to talk about it...

(Robby nods and gives him some space. Rudy gives off a faint SMILE)

Rudy: Thanks chap...

(Rudy and Robby resumes to their peacefu-)

???: HEY! THERE you guys are!

(Carlo appears in his swimming attire. Welp, so much for that)

*RUDY: [(Shrugs) I like to hang around with Robby. He understands the concept of personal space... (LEERS) Unlike SOME manipulators...]

Carlo: (Engagingly) Hey guys, mind if I join in?!

(Rudy prepares to ward Carlo off with his body language but he already steps inside. Rudy groans)

Carlo: (Smiles) COOL!

*CARLO: [I think it's time for me to patch things up with Rudy. (Vulnerably) I CAN'T just let this misunderstanding go on and hope it would go by. (With determination) I need to ACT!]

Carlo: Hey Rudy, is it alright with you if I'd KILL some time in here?! (Rudy flinches) I mean, all of us are just CHOKED up from yesterday's events! (Rudy's eye twitches) Like what my MAMA-err Nona used to tell me.

(Rudy shoots a DEATH GLARE at Carlo who's oblivious about it. Robby notices this)

Carlo: (Obliviously) Don't let PAPA catch you with a MOURNFUL frown!

(Rudy TOWERS before him. He's wearing his MOST FURIOUS OF FACE! DANG! It’s SCARY)


(Rudy GRABS Carlo's suspenders and brings his FREAKED OUT face in front of HIS. Carlo gulps in FEAR...)

(Rudy's eye twitches. He DROPS Carlo to the tub. He then walks away ANGRILY)

*RUDY: [(He's SEETHING) ONE more word from his wordhole and I'll... (He BREATHES in heavily. He repeats it a few more time before he starts to calm down) ... I... detest violence...]

Carlo: (Frazzled) ... W-WHAT did I do?!


(Carlo looks back. Robby's also FUMING)

Robby: (Glares) Must you just come and BOTHER him AGAIN? REALLY?

Carlo: (Stutters) I-I-I j-just w-want t-t-to C-CLEAR O-OUT o-our m-m-misunderstandings! (Grabs his head) I HAVE projected myself in a CALM disposition! (Releases his head) A-AM I TOO MUCH?!

Robby: (Groans) I really CAN'T understand him at times but you know WHAT I do?! NOT bother him! DON'T bother him! He will just EXPLODE at YOU!

*CARLO: [(Afraid) I-I S-S-SERIOUSLY d-don't kn-now WW-WHAT h-have I-I d-done t-to A-A-ANGER h-him! H-HOW do I FIX this?! (Sighs) M-maybe I could take on Robby's advice?!]

Ivy: {Attention to ALL campers! Please go to the beach NOW! And you guessed it, it's SWIMSUIT TIME! Come and show them’s BODIES!}

___CALYPSO BEACH___ The entire cast starts to arrive at the beachfront in their swimsuits. Tohru’s considerably wearing a more CONSERVATIVE swimsuit. She dons a familiar open red jacket and some shorts above a sleeveless white shirt. ... Someone is unnoticeably MISSING from the crowd...

Ivy: Settle down people, this is going to be an EXCITING challenge! This challenge is called CAMOUFLAGE TAG! Every team will be sending out TWO players to tag the other teams but here's the TWIST, you must send out your MOST PROFICIENT player… and your LANKIEST player. I’m going to be the judge of that. Also, you have to pick them of OPPOSING GENDERS! I'll give you TEN minutes!


Trishna: PFFT! (Scoffs) This challenge would be EASY af! Let's just send out MITCH and SOMEONE else!

(She smirks at Mitch's direction. Mitch smirks back at her)

Mitch: Whoever agrees that TRISHNA'S our LANKIEST member, raise your hand!

(EVERYONE but Trishna raises their hand. Sarge Fan raises BOTH of his hands. Trishna GASPS horrendously)

Mitch: The team has spoken Trishna! (Mitch pokes Trishna’s shoulder) YOU'RE IT!

*TRISHNA: [WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It's WAY easier to be a target! I'll just have to HIDE! Being the tagger means that I have to RUN! (Groans)]

(Trishna groans in the background)

Radlynn: Right, now we must pick for the most TACTICAL member of the team. I know that MITCH would be our most viable candidate but I think that we NEED him to lead us from being caught. I think we must pick someone ELSE for the job!

Cooper: (Nods) Those are VALID points you've expressed to us Radlynn. To be proficient connotes someone displaying enough mastery and skill but, however, must also display a tantamount knowledge in physics to optimally hit the targets!

(Everyone’s all looking at Cooper. He pauses. Mitch smirks)

Mitch: Whoever here that agrees that COOPER'S out MOST PROFICIENT member, raise your hand!

(Everyone but Cooper raises their hands. Sarge Fan raises BOTH of his hands, again)

Cooper: (Frazzled) N-NO! I DON'T have any battling skills! PICK SOMEONE ELSE! PICK SOMEONE ELSE!

Prudence: Come on Cooper, like you've said, we need someone like YOU for this round! You just gotta BELIEVE in yourself that YOU can do it!

Mitch: Prudence is right Cooper, you can do it!

(Cooper sighs and agrees. Mitch raises an arm)

Mitch: FOR THE CRETINS! (The rest of them follows)

*SARGE FAN: [(Faces the screen) Hey there READER, does the reader ROOT for Sarge Fan's team to WIN this round?! Get the COMMENTS rolling!]


Rita: (Cheerfully) Today is such a WONDERFUL DAY! The sun is shining, birds are flocking, what a RELAXING day to just HAVE FUN ALL DAY!

(The Schmucks become UNNERVED of RITA'S sudden cheerfulness. She leans over to CARLO and WRAPS her arms around his chest which startles him)

Rita: (Looks at him with ANIME-ESQUE EYES) I have a proposition, could you be my knight in shining armor today?!

Carlo: (Startled) W-WHAT?! D-did you mean t-that I should b-be the t-tagger? (Rita nods, she tightens her embrace) T-that's n-nice of y-you...

*CARLO: [(Scratches the back of his head) Y-yeah... FANGIRLS just FREAK me out! Rita's showing SIGNS of being one! (Nervously) S-should I be WORRIED?]

*RITA: [(Clasps her palms and lays it adjacent to her face) I can SEE my FUTURE WITH HIM so VIVIDLY! (Fawns) Henrietta ROMANO!]

(Rita still has her DEATH GRIP over Carlo. He looks uneasy in his position. His eyes are BEGGING for someone to do something. He looks at Rudy's direction by chance. Rudy glares and averts his gaze. Robby notices)

Robby: I have a counterargument. What if we pick RUDY instead?

Rita: (Violently) WHAT?!

(Carlo CRINGES from Rita’s volume. She sharply retracts her grip. Carlo's RELEASED)

Rita: (LEERS at Robby. Cnfrontational) Do you THINK that CARLO CAN'T DO IT?! (Agitated) DO YA?!

*CARLY: [Rita's getting... temperamental... I am getting WORRIED for her... 'impulses'. She's my friend! (Sighs) I hope she won't go overboard.]

Robby: (Looks at Rita lethargically. Deadpan) You can BE with Carlo ALL DAY if we choose someone else you know.

Rita: (Blinks) … YOU'RE RIGHT! RUDY IT IS!

(Rita PICKS up Carlo and returns to their original position. Carlo's even more FREAKED out. Rudy turns to Robby. They both smirk then do a secret handshake)

Marty: I guess that Rudy would be our tactical player. Who would be the OTHER one?

(Clover outright SMACKS Marty across his face)

Clover: (Agitated) So you're THINKING that of ME being the WEAKEST member HUH?! YOU'RE such a BRUTE!

(Marty GASPS. He prepares to speak back but-)

Robby: (Sneers) Pathetic B****! (CENSORED as ship engine sounds)

(Clover GASPS. She gets teary eyed and eventually cries gain. Marty's torn. He knows whatever he'd do, it would only make it worse. Nobody else give a sh*t)

(Zachary moves over to Tohru…)

Tohru: (Before Zachary could say anything at all) I VOLUNTEER!

(Everyone looks at Tohru. She’s quite petite. Everyone either shrugs, nods, cringes, cries, or hugs someone to death. Point is, she made herself a center of attention… and Zachary CAN’T make a move on her)

*ZACHARY: [Tohru's a SMART babe! (He GRINS creepily) I LOVE me a SMART babe! (He makes GROSS SLURPING SOUNDS) I should better get a RULER!]

*TOHRU: [I can't BELIEVE it! That FREAK'S INTO ME! (Shivers) If I WANT to SURVIVE I'd need some PROTECTION! (Serious face) Bring on the ARTILLERY!]


James: Alright team, let's be strategic today. Considering that the ninja lady has just been eliminated, we better expect some tricks are coming up. In my own opinion, we should pick a level-headed and competent player who's also capable of exploiting tricks themselves.

The way I see it, there are only FOUR individuals here who can pull such feat. I believe that either Chuck, Willow, Maggie, or myself should parti-

Maggie: (Interjects) UGH! YOU'RE just ENDORSING YOURSELF and those LACKEYS so you can DOMINATE THE- ... (Pauses) Y-You included ME in it?

*MAGGIE: [(Somehow vulnerable) I-It called me LEVEL-HEADED and COMPETENT?! ... No guy had told me that before... (Scoffs) PFFT! OBVIOUSLY, this is just a PLOY! … (Unconvincingly) W-Without a doubt!]

James: (Nods) Indeed. Additionally, I'm not demoralizing anybody here. The rest of you are nimble on your own. We will all manage as elusive targets.

Connor: Wait a minute, WHY am I NOT included in the list of COMPETENT people?! HELLO?! I'm our team's SPORTS HERO! I'm QUALIFIED!

Mindy: Aww, don't be so arrogant Connor! The STRESS will go over your head... AND YOUR POUFFE! (Admires his afro) So PRETTY! (Connor scoffs at her)

Penny: Anyway, I vote for CHUCK to be our tagger! He's so- (Looks for around) … H-Hey, W-WHERE is he?!

(Huh, Chuck IS missing from the group. Penny warily looks at Alberto)

Alberto: (Alarmed. Nervously) UHHH... He had to, uh... Use… the… washroom? (Fake laughs) Y-yeah! That dude's got a TINY bladder!

*ALBERTO: [UGH! I feel BAD for LYING to her! (Furrows his brows) But it's for her OWN GOOD! (Scowls) That dude's a DEADBEAT 'ESCORT'!]

*PENNY: [(Worried) It's just so unlike him to NOT show up. He loves the company of his FRIENDS! (Blushes) Yup, he told me that!]

Roy: I guess we should pick a different candidate. (Gets an idea) Hey! What about YOU James?! (Smiles) You can WIN this for us for SURE!

(Connor GASPS. He GLARES at Roy’s direction)

*CONNOR: [(Glares) I took that DEADWEIGHT as my little runt and he picks JERRY over ME? He also disrespected my SINGING! Rogelio is SO DEAD!]

(Maggie notices Roy. Her eyes WIDEN. She smirks)

Maggie: Listen everyone! Instead of picking the tactical one first, let's pick the LANKIEST one!

Connor: HA! That would be RUDOLPH!

(Connor points at Roy... then GLARES at him. Roy gets tensed and instantly agrees)

Maggie: SEE that?! It even AGREES with ME! (Coyly) So, here's the mind teaser. Ivy will LOOK for the lankiest one. We've agreed it's IT! SO! If the LANKIEST one is a GUY... (Smirks) Then the TACTICAL one MUST be a WOMAN!

Mindy: OHHHHH! NICE analogy there Maggie! YEAH! The women will TAKE OVER this world!

(Mindy holds up a high five. Maggie smirks and high fives her back)

Willow: One refuses to partake on such... hunting activities... (Looks at Maggie's direction) One now bestows you the burden of winning...

Maggie: (Smirks and faces James) So, do we have an agreement?!

(James walks up to Maggie... He shakes her hand. Maggie SMIRKS)

*MAGGIE: [(Celebrates) YES! YES! RESPECT! (She crosses her legs) I can now PROVE my WORTH in front of those USELESS men! (Grins) Be prepared!]

*JAMES: [(Shrugs) Like I said, she is competent for the job. Her motivation on becoming a leader should propel her forward. (Nods) Good.]

*PENNY: [(Lightly groans) Maggie’s STILL an over the top feminist. (Ponders) Well I guess I don’t expect anyone to change in an instant, (Looks to the camera) But she still needs to LEARN that guys are also (Narrows her eyes) people… Yeah, I’ve picked up that she tends to call guys as “it” ALL the time… (Smiles) But enough of that, I WANT to hang around with CHUCK today! … (Turns unsure) Once I’ve stumbled upon him. (Worried) WHERE is he?]


Ivy: So, has everyone picked their TAGGERS?! (Everyone nods) Alright now step forward! (The taggers do so) RICO! Give them the GUNS!

(Rico comes in while carrying the guns. He tosses them one each. They were able to catch it... more or less… *Cough*Trishna*Cough*)

(The guns look like super powered water guns but instead of water, it appears to contain PAINT… and LOTS of those. Cooper and Maggie gets the YELLOW ones. Rudy and Trishna gets the BLUE ones. Roy and Tohru gets the RED ones)

Ivy: Inside those guns might look like paint but NO! The guns are loaded with either: (Points to the red) ATOMIC SAUCE! (Points to the yellow) HABANERO MANGO SAUCE! (Points to the blue) And BLAZEBERRY SAUCE! (The cast gasps) YUP! SPICY!

Maggie: (Raises her hand) I have a question. Why are we given guns of a DIFFERENT color from our team?!

(Ivy coyly looks at her, hinting her of something. Maggie GASPS horrendously after getting it)

Ivy: You have basically answered your query, dearie. (Throws her hands) SURPRISE! TEAM SWAP! (Everyone GASPS)

*MAGGIE: [NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO-WAIT! This is PERFECT! I'm OFF the team that's DOMINATED by HOODLUMS!!! (Grins) Oh I'll SHOW them! … (Her smile falters) A-And I WILL LIBERALIZE my fellow Blue Team Ladies! (Stabilizes her smile)]

*TOHRU: [Yes, YES! I can now be SEPARATED from Zachary! Just TRY and CATCH me now hentai! (Grins) ... (Turns nervous) T-That WASN'T an invitation by the way!]

*TRISHNA: [I'm switched to the WINNING TEAM?! (Smirks) Mitch may try to CRIPPLE me but he can't just get rid of the PRIME JEWEL OF INDIA! PLUS! That team is FILLED with HOT BOYS! ATTRACTIVE, STRONG, EXPLOOOOOOITABLE BOYS! (Grins) Oh THIS will be FUN!]

Ivy: Yes, a TEAM SWAP! Now move along, we STILL have an exciting challenge to get under way! Come on, RELISH all of that DRAMA!

Maggie: (Turns to her team. Smiles sweetly) It has been an HONOR serving you all! I hope we cross paths someday ladies! (SCOWLS) Boys you SUCK! (Smiles) I bid you adieau!

(Roy prepares to say something but he sees Connor glaring at him. He gets scared and runs away)

(Rudy walks away without any other word for his team. He passes by Robby but he puts an arm on his shoulder first. They exchange faint smiles before Rudy heads on)

(Tohru hugs everyone in her team. Zachary's waiting for his turn, creepily. Tohru sprints before even acknowledging him)

(Cooper and Mitch shake hands. Prudence approaches him with Pickle. They BOTH have their puppy dog eyes on)

Prudence: Promise we would still be FRIENDS?! (Pickle moans)

Cooper: (Smiles) Affirmative! After all, I would STILL need your advice for my zoophobia! And of course we're FRIENDS! That's a GIVEN!

(Prudence sniffles and then hugs him. Cooper hugs her back. Yup. FRIENDS)

Trishna: So long PEASANTS! (Trishna walks away from her old team)

(The taggers have now OFFICIALLY switched teams. Maggie and Cooper are now Schmucks. Tohru and Roy are now Cretins. Trishna and Rudy are now Hoodlums. … That sounds demeaning to say…)

Ivy: Alright! Now let me explain to you the mechanics! The taggers must BLAST the targets. It will constitute you a point per tag but to make things interesting, taggers may only blast the targets... of their PREVIOUS TEAM!

(The taggers GASPS. They can only hit their previous FRIENDS? Maggie actually SMIRKS at this rule. She can BLAST her previous MALE teammates)

Ivy: You'll get TWO MINUS points if you DON'T! Friendly fires will give you NO point BUT the targets would be OUT. Also, each gun only contains TEN SHOTS so use them WISELY! Additionally, only the TAGGERS may shoot at the targets! Any TARGET who STEALS or even USES the gun also gets NEGATIVE points!

(Ivy turns to everyone)

Ivy: Before I forgot, it is time to give out the advantages and disadvantages! The Hoodlums and the Schmucks must send forth ONE target to receive them!

(Before anyone from the Hoodlum targets can talk, WILLOW outright steps forward with no emotion)

Willow: (Strangely dominant) One shall do it…

(Connor prepares to argue but Willow DIRECTS her ominous gaze to him. Connor freezes in shock. The rest of the Hoodlums either nod, shrug, didn’t really mind, too much preoccupied, or were just outright MISSING)

Rita: (Vigorously) I’ll say that we let CARLO do it!

(The Schmucks look oddly at Rita. She’s sending Carlo to get the DISADVANTAGE? Rita releases Carlo from her grip. He takes the chance and STEPS forward… and with considerable DISTANCE from her)

Ivy: Alright Willow and Carlo. I’ve always believed in equity so… CONGRATS! (DEVIOUS smile) You two are now PART of the CLOAKED CRETINS from now on!

(Everyone GASPS. MORE team switches?! Carlo’s SHOCKED. Willow just shrugs. Rita, oh my gosh, SHRIEKS)


(Rita cries on Carly's shoulder who awkwardly comforts her. Carlo looks at his previous teammates… then at Rita. He gets a mixed feeling of regret... and a BIT of relief)

Willow: ... Meh... One has kind of figured it...

*RITA: [(Sad) CARLO! NO! My dreams are RUINED! WHY do you have to leave! (Instantly ANGRY. Glares) IT'S ALL RUDY'S FAULT! (Instantly becomes SAD) WAAAHHHH!]

Ivy: Now that the TWISTS are sent out. The targets will now HIDE! The taggers will have to STAY at the dining hall for a while! Let's get all his jazz startled! GO!

(The targets start to disperse. Carly struggles to drag a very emotionally distraught Rita. They all now go offscreen)

Ivy: (Looks at the camera) Who's sanity will get BROKEN next?! How will the swappers now manage their NEW TEAMS?! Stay tuned for more drama AFTER the break!

To be continued...
TDCI Ep 6: Sugar, Spice,and Everyone Crazy! (Pt 1)
WARNING: Involves Kissing

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses (Part 3)

___CALYPSO FOREST, OPEN LAKE___ We're back at the lake. It's revealed that this is the place where RUDY has headed to. He's on the water, bathing himself...
Behind the trees is Carly. She's hiding from Rudy's point of view. She's nervous and sweating. All of these change when she heard him talking, no, SINGING...

(Rudy sings in a reserved and almost melancholic tone)

Hush, my child, you don't, have to meddle;
I'm fine, don't worry, stand down, be idle;
Come, my dear, and lend me, your ear;
While I'm, still here, you've got nothing, to fear…;

(Pauses) No...
(Rudy SLAMS his arm against the water) NO!
You were used, abuse, and got used to his sh**;
I don't understand why you ever let him beat;
(Emphasizes) YOU who deserves nothing but all your wealth;
(Yells) Why do you even let him POISON your health?;

I beg you please (Clenches his fist) STAND UP against him;
(Helpless tone) It's NOT good for you to get used to this grim;
(Grows impatient) But if you can't do what's best for you mother;
I'll make every effort to (With conviction) STAND AGAINST FATHER;

(Voice softens) You stopped me, begged, Don't do this my son;
There's nothing you can do, to make it undone;
(Tenses up) But I WANT to free you from this TYRANT, I said;
I WANT to make you feel EVERYTHING instead;
But when I looked over, someone's on the corner;
The moment he GROPED you, he said, (His voice deepens) It's all OVER;
Little runt, DONT' make me END your mother's LIFE;
Now stop all your meddling because SHE’S MY WIFE!;
But I said NO!  (ANGRY) Why do you EVEN have to be THIS rude;
All you have EVER DONE to her is MALICIOUS AND CRUDE;
WHY can't you MUSTER mother's SERVICE, YOU JERK?!;
(Pauses and pants. His voice tones down and gets deeper…)
(Emotionless) He stood up before me and whipped up his tazer;

Mother screamed when I felt his weapon's j-jolt;
My nerves began pounding through every v-volt...;
(Voice softens...) Mother wailed, shoved him but got battered...;
… He trashes mother and gave her a concussion...;

I'm still shaking... But I can still see with my vision...
T-The sight of m-mother...

(Tears are now pattering against the water's surface…)

(We now witness a rare moment of Rudy’s vulnerability... He sobs miserably before finishing his song...)
(He swims up to shore...)

CARLY: [(She's in the verge of tears) T-T-That is a l-lot to take in… (Her lip quivers) I knew Rudy had a stand... I didn’t know that it was… this heavy...]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ Everyone’s spectating on the sides to watch the dance competition. The participants enter the dining hall one by one wearing their western attires)

(Mitch dons some plaid orange long sleeves, a leather vest, brown pants, studded boots, golden belt, and a leather cowboy hat)

(Prudence is wearing an embroidered carnation blouse and a white skirt. She also dons a pale yellow vest, a white cutesy cowboy hat, and some leather boots. Her’s and Mitch’s outfit matches)

(Carlo is wearing some olive green long sleeves, black suspenders, a golden belt buckle, black slacks and studded boots)

(Rita is wearing a long beige dress with embroidered floral designs and green highlights on her sleeves. Her’s and Carlo’s outfit matches)

(Chuck is wearing some tight regal black long sleeves, tight black pants, silver buckle, boots, a bolo tie, and a white cowboy hat that he drapes on his back)

(Maggie is wearing a crimson dress with black frills on her shoulders and at the bottom. Her’s and Chuck’s outfit matches… to her dismay)

*TRISHNA: [(Groans) WHY didn't I land on THIS challenge? I'm PRACTICALLY BORN to dance and to LOOK GOOD in a dress! (Scowls) UNFAIR!]

*MITCH: [(Smiles) I’m actually a FAN of western movies! Eatin’ beans, shootin’ at high’ noon, and ridin’ on yer horse to the sunset! It’s one of the reasons why I’m attracted to PEGGY! … (Sighs sadly) Oh Peggy…]

*PRUDENCE: [(Tips her hat. She speaks in a TEXAN accent) Ah be HOPES dat dis yer fancy schmancy dancin’ session’ be a good ol’ omen fo MAH team! Dat’a’way, der be NONE amongst’ mah team to rad’ dat CITYFO’K’S flyin’ DEATH contrapt’n! (Giggles. Normal voice) I kinda just imitated Peggy. (Smiles) You can get the hang of it once you got to hand with her! … (Sighs) I hope she’s doing fine now.]

Ivy: Positions people! Follow the steps and the rhythm because you're doing SQUARE DANCING today! Last pair standing WINS! Also, to make it easier for you to follow, RICO here will be improvising MOST of the steps.

(Rico comes out from the dining hall while carrying a banjo)

Rico: ALRIGHT ya wimps, are ya READY ta DANCE?!

(The six dancers just nod)

Rico: … I CAN'T HEAR YA!


Rico: (Shrugs) WORKS for me!

Ivy: (Nods) All you got to do is to follow his lead! You MUST perform the dance moves BEFORE Rico sings again. Failing to do so would would get you two DISQUALIFIED. Good luck peeps! RICO, SING IT!

==Challenge # 9 & 10: Improv Square Dancing==

(Rico starts playing his banjo a country tune. He sings rather IMPRESSIVELY in a Texan accent)

Rico: Hold yar pardner's hand DEN bow!

(Mitch and Prudence platonically hold hands. Rita holds Carlo’s hand rather excitedly. Maggie scowls as she holds Chuck’s hand)

Rico: Left foot forward, DO IT NOW!

(They all follow this step. This seems to be easy)

Rico: Side step rightward, GLIDE and back! Side step leftward, GLIDE and back!

(Carlo and Rita are doing fine. Maggie tries to upstage Chuck. Prudence starts to struggle and Mitch looks a little green, for some reason...)

Rico: TWIRL yar lady, round and round!

(Carlo and Rita move in perfect synch. Maggie’s dragged into Chuck’s enthusiastic spin. Mitch and Prudence’s movements are fine… but Mitch clutches his stomach in mid spin)

Mitch: Hold her, RAISE her, SPIN around!

(Carlo raises Rita gently. Rita felt LIGHT as a feather as they spin)

(On the other hand, Maggie’s ALARMED when Chuck holds her waist. She tries to slap him but Chuck SWIFTLY and quite skillfully drags her to the next steps)

(Mitch tries to raise Prudence but he MISSTEPS when his stomach gurgles. They both fall down to the ground. They’re OUT! Mitch immediately RUNS to find the nearest bathroom to vomit. The Cretins help Prudence get up)

Rico: Put her down, make sure she's FINE!

(The remaining dancers gently puts their partners down)

Rico: Move now forward CONGA LINE!

(The dancers pauses in confusion. Chuck shrugs and puts his hands on Carlo’s shoulders and dances. Carlo immediately follows his lead and holds Rita’s who SQUEALS in excitement. Maggie begrudgingly puts her hands on Chuck’s shoulders. They all dance in a conga line)

Rico: (Nods) Twirl her back to MAMBO, JAZZ HANDS then POWERWALK!

(Carlo, Rita, and Maggie gets SO confused but Maggie gets ALARMED when Chuck twirls her. Carlo gasps and twirls Rita immediately. They all then perform the jazz hands while powerwalking. The ‘dance’ moves are getting more RANDOM)

Rico: Back in tam’, to da RHYME’, now do the MOONWALK!

Carlo, Rita, & Maggie: (Confused) Wuh?!

(Carlo, Rita, and Maggie comes back to their senses when Chuck SMOOTHLY and EFFORTLESSLY moonwalks right past them with a smile on his face. DANG! This boy can DANCE! The three gasp and tries to catch up. They’re struggling with their moonwalks)

Rico: Arm in arm, face em face ya!

(The dancers swiftly finds their partners and hold each other arm and arm. They swiftly faces the crowd then faces each other. Rita’s smiling WIDELY at Carlo which surprises him. Maggie SCOWLS at Chuck but he only retorts with a mellow smile)


(The dancers performs a short waltz. Carlo and Rita performs the cha cha SHARPLY but also passionately. Maggie shows her DOMINANCE over Chuck by dragging him to the dance moves. Chuck’s a bit startled)

Rico: Glide step leftward, sashay right! Face each other, hold her TIGHT!

(Rita squeals in delight as she's up close with Carlo which makes him more wary. Maggie scowls when she's forced to be up close with Chuck)

Rico: Hold her hands, don't make some room! Sway around for a BALLROOM!

(Carlo nobly leads Rita to a ballroom. She MELTS in his arms. Maggie, on the other hand, LEADS Chuck and performs the boys’ steps. Chuck is startled but he follows her lead)

Rico: Face da crowd, don't break yar SMILE!

(The dancers faces the crowd, varying in emotions)

Rico: (Smirks) DON'T be shy now, GANGNAM STYLE!

(Once again, Carlo, Rita and Maggie gets CONFUSED. Before they can even verbally react, Chuck immediately dances the Gangnam Style. He’s smiling WIDELY and he’s having the TIME of his life! He’s in his element)

(Rita and Maggie immediately gets the connection and dances it. Carlo gets MEGA confused. He DOESN’T seem to know it. He just copies what the others are doing. Chuck is now performing the moonwalk like horse kick steps)

Rico: (Smirks) Back step, RUN forward, SWING around, JUMP, make a SPIN!

(The four dancers pause. That’s a TALL ORDER!)

(Chuck nods after he gets the dance steps. He immediately holds both of Maggie’s hands, his left with her right and vice versa. Maggie YELPS in surprise. He immediately pulls her by stepping back. Chuck then runs forward with his left arm in front. He then swings his right arm backwards while lowering his left arm)

(Chuck then JUMPS while SWINGING his arms forward! He then lets go of his left arm from Maggie’s right arm to SPIN while in MID AIR! The momentum causes Maggie to SPIN as well. He then lets go of Maggie they can both turn 360 DEGREES but he immediately LINKS his left arm with Maggie’s right and his right arm on her left. He then uses his left foot as a BRAKE when they fall down. Chuck has a DEVIOUS SMILE on while Maggie’s just UTTERLY FRAZZLED)

(Everyone CANNOT believe what they just saw! Those dance moves were just so EXTREME. Carlo starts to get ALARMED. They NEED to get this right. They NEED to get this done before Rico sings again)

(Carlo hold Rita’s arms and she SQUEALS in delight. They both SWIFTLY copy Chuck and Maggie’s dance steps up to the jump part. Unfortunately, while trying to make the spin, their momentum was TOO MUCH that they ended up SKIDDING against the floor. They’re OUT!)

(Carlo moans in defeat while Rita’s just SMILING at him. They haven’t exactly fully unlinked yet, which means that they are STILL HOLDING each other’s hand. The Schmucks immediately help them up)

Rico: (Nods) TWIRL her, DO THE TANGO, take a DIP to claim your WIN!

(Chuck TWIRLS the frazzled Maggie RAPIDLY. He glides back and claps his hands. He then catches Maggie pulling her into a SHARP dip. He makes a KILLER SMILE!)


Ivy: CHUCK AND MAGGIE WINS the challenge, making the HOODLUMS to be today's winner!

*MAGGIE: [(Frazzled and dizzy) I-IT’S going to BE paying me UP! (She holds the walls so she can sit stable)]

*CHUCK: [(Mellow smile) I guess I just showed off today. Haha! (Shrugs while smiling) That’s like one of my SPECIALTIES in my job! The other one’s guesstimating. (Smirks) You gotta have some CHARM! (Smiles cheekily) Buuuuuuuut hearing me SING might CHANGE all of that. (Laughs heartily) Haha! (Wipes the tear in his eye) That would be like, the WORST decision you would EVER make!]

*MINDY: [(She’s holding a MINI electric fan that BLOWS her hair) OML! I’m surrounded by HAWTIES!!! (Yells) HOW could I be so BLIND?! (She puts her fan in FULL BLAST)]

*CONNOR: [PFFT! (Scoffs) I can dance BETTER than Chip! I can even SING be- (A HORSE’S neigh is heard outside. Connor SCREAMS in a HIGH pitched note)]

*PENNY: [(Looks solemnly at the camera) … I think I made a choice…]

(The Hoodlums are cheering for Chuck and a frazzled Maggie. The Cretins cheer as well. They're NOT going through elimination today)

(The Schmucks, however, are downtrodden with the sole exception of Rita. She sighs happily, not stressing nor minding about their loss)

*RITA: [(Grins widely) I have danced with HIM today... I HAVE TOUCHED HIM TODAY! THIS'S PERFECT! (Fangirl screams) SO PERFECT!]

Penny: CHUCK!

(Penny TACKLES Chuck into an embrace. Chuck catches her before they tumble. She giggles profusely)

Penny: You were AMAZING!

Chuck: Gee Penny, THANKS!

(Chuck closes his eyes and rubs the back of his hair. He smiles cutely. Penny blushes madly at him. She closes in and TIGHTENS her grip around him)

(Time slows down in Penny’s perspective. She makes a move. She leans in her face against his. Chuck opens his eyes. He looks bewildered at Penny. She closes her eyes and lets her body drift into passion... Chuck only had little time to react...)

(Their lips meet...)

(Chuck's eyes WIDEN... He can't take his lips off of her... He glances sideways and sees ALBERTO in a state of shock. Chuck's eyes began to water as he looks upward, almost as if HE's lost in passion as well. He CAN'T control it! His eyes slowly MELT... He puts his arms around her waist and begins to KISS HER BACK!)

(The entire cast "AWW"s. Maggie’s too frazzled to OBJECT Chuck. ALBERTO though… He looks like an ICE BUCKET has been dumped all over him. He clenches his FISTS. His eyes have SHRUNKEN! He's SEETHING in FURY!)

*ALBERTO: [(He is SOOO confused) W-WHAT THE?! (He GLARES at the camera) WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?! (Growls) DUDE! WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?! He tried to SET me up with HER, FED me information until I go CRAZY FOR HER, SMOOTH TALKED me into WANTING HIM to be my WINGMAN, then he SWOOPS down and KISSES the girl of my DREAMS?!?! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?!?!?! (His face goes RED) WHAT THE F***!]

(Penny breaks the kiss. She blushes MADLY at Chuck. Chuck tries his best not to lose composure, knowing that he F***ED UP BAD)

*PENNY: [I’ve decided to not waste myself by prolonging my decision. (Solemnly) I was just actually craving for someone because all of my friends have experienced relationships and some of them REALLY made happy. (Squints her eyes) I’m just too conservative or timid to open one… but I can’t help looking… (Smiles) But with CHUCK, he just seemed to be a REALLY friendly guy and I actually LOVE to hang around him. I can just feel that he won’t mess me up unlike… jocks… (Shifts) Alberto’s ATTRACTIVE… but he’s kind of a show off… (Looks at the camera) Chuck just looked like he’s having the TIME of his life and (Blushes) well… (Smiles) He sure CAUGHT me in his web.]

*CHUCK: [(He's as pale as he can get. His eyes have SHRUNKEN in size) I, uh, ... I SCREWED UP... VERY BAD! (Grasps his head) OH G-GOSH! HOW am I gonna FIX THIS?! It's just... (Sighs) I've been TRAINED not to break a KISS. I just... I... (He gulps) Bert is gonna KILL ME!]

Ivy: While I'm HAPPY to see some love to BLOSSOM,

(Ivy gestures to Chuck and Penny's direction. Penny's smiling widely. Chuck looks VERY uneasy)

Ivy: I have to BREAK the news that the SCHMUCKS are going to ELIMINATION tonight!

(The Schmucks sigh once more)

___CLOAKED CRETINS PORCH___ The Cretins are lounging at their cabin's porch. They are still celebrating for their FIRST NON-elimination challenge

Prudence: Oh my gosh, YES! FINALLY! We have BROKEN THE CURSE! We SURVIVED today!

(Prudence gleefully smiles. She hugs Pickle in joy who, in turn, barks happily)

Cooper: Our battles may be dark but our puissance and amalgamation stands firm! (Nods affirmative)

Sarge Fan: Sarge Fan may NOT know what Cooper is saying but Sarge Fan is EXPLODING in BEMUSEMENT! TALLY HO! (Poses heroically)

Radlynn: (Shrugs) I am just happy that NONE of us is going home. (Cheerfully) I can feel a BRIGHT future ahead of us under MITCH'S leadership!

(Everyone looks at Mitch. He blushes in embarrassment)

Mitch: Aww, GUYS! ALL of us made some contribution to help ENSURE our placement today. If there is someone to thank, it's YOU guys! We're ALL acquainted for! (They all smile) Well, we better get some rest for tomorrow's challenge!

(They all nod with each other and they enter their cabins)

(Mitch follows them, but someone grasps his arm. He turns around to see who stopped him. It was TRISHNA, who is coyly smirking. He glares at her and claims his arm back abrasively)

Mitch: What do you want NOW Trishna?

Trishna: (Smirks) I was just going to CONGRATULATE you for ACTUALLY pulling through for today's challenge. Was it such a nefarious thing to do?

(Mitch still glares at Trishna. She smirks)

Trishna: Oh well, I'm NOT going to play you now that we're safe. I'm just pulling some strings for this team!

Mitch: You have proven yourself to me that you're CAPABLE of ACTING yourself out of trouble!

(Trishna smirks before entering the cabins)

*TRISHNA: [Mitch has SOME potential. UNFORTUNATELY, all I see from him is RAGE that is directed to me. THAT'S... unattractive. HOWEVER, I could USE his rage to my advantage. All I have to do is to FIND a BETTER guy! He'll see me get VERBALLY ABUSED by Mitch! (Smirks) You see, now that that PEASANT'S GONE, I could FULLY utilize my BEAUTY! I'll play EVERY, boy, around here! (GRINS)]

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN, BOYS' SIDE___ The boy's quarters is in RUINS. Alberto is being RESTRAINED by James. He's trashing wildly. Chuck, without changing from his attire, is BOWING DOWN on the ground before Alberto. Roy is scared witless of what's happening around. Connor's watching all of the commotion that's happening. He’s enjoying it...

(Alberto’s trashing wildly from James' grip. He fails to get out)


James: (Struggles to hold Alberto) KEEP it together Alberto. Cannot you see that he is penitent? Just CALM DOWN.

Alberto: (Furious) NO! HE USED ME! HE made ME THINK that I had SOMETHING going on with LAVENDER LADY! (Points harshly at Chuck) But THAT SCUM KISSED HER!

(Chuck’s bowing down kneeling on the ground before Alberto. His eyes have SHRUNK)

Chuck: (Vulnerably) I-I-I'm SORRY that you're DISSATISFIED of m-my S-SERVICE!

(James is getting tired on restraining Alberto. Alberto sees and opening and SQUIRMS his way out. James tumbles as Alberto frees himself)

(Alberto began to ATTACK Chuck. He unleashes his very POWERFUL KICK which manages to land on Chuck's JAW. Chuck FLIES over to their cabinet, leaving a DENT)

(Alberto RUNS to him at a breakneck SPEED and begins to KICK Chuck on the GROIN, REPEATEDLY. Chuck WINCES at every KICK. James regains his stance and restrains Alberto once more)

James: (Glares. Authoritatively) ENOUGH! BOTH of you. STOP destroying each other!

(Alberto prepares to retort but James cuts him off)

James: (Glares. Authoritatively) I DON'T care if it is HIS fault or not! Just STOP this SENSELESS fight!

Alberto: (Glares at James) Didn’t you SEE what that SCUM did to ME?!?!

(Alberto makes a short disoriented laugh. He sweep’s his hair due to stress)

Alberto: He MESSED ME UP! (His eyes begins to water) He MADE me FEEL that I was FINALLY LOVED and he did what?! (Yells) HE TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME!!! HE DID-


(Alberto looks back and sees Chuck’s aftermath)



(The camera erratically shivers as it displays Roy’s FEARFUL face, then SWIFTLY changes to James’ STRAIGHT fa-)

James: (Cuts the drama) He’s FINE. He’s just exhausted.

(Distortion Music UNplays?)

(James walks over to Chuck who’s slumped unconscious against the cabinet in a disoriented fashion. His eyes are restlessly shut and his slightly bleeding mouth is stuck into a frown. It is clear that he passed out from exhaustion)

(James carries Chuck by his arm and limps him to his bed)

Alberto: (BLANK faced) I-

James: (DOMINEERING tone) SHUT UP!!!

(James DEATH GLARES Alberto who steps back in SHOCK cuz DANG! Mr. Straight Face just made a SCARY death glare! Roy outright FAINTS on his bed from just looking. Even Connor’s a bit unnerved)

James: (DEATH GLARES. Yells authoritatively) You have gone TOO FAR Alberto! While an EMOTIONAL jab hurts like H*LL, a PHYSICAL jab F****NG hurts like a B****!

(Oh my gosh, he’s SWEARING now! Things are-)

James: (YELLS authoritatively) AND FURTHERMORE! (Harshly POINTS at Alberto) You NEVER gave him the F****NG CHANCE to EXPLAIN his F***CK*D UP SH*T! (POINTS at Alberto) You DID NOT give him his RIGHT to DUE PROCESS. EVEN CRIMINALS F****NG GET THAT!

(Alberto just stares BLANKLY. That’s enough to say that he’s FEARFUL of the outcome. Connor’s now ON POINT unnerved)

(James tones down his death glare to a normal glare)

James: (Glares. Straight faced) Honestly, I DO NOT care whatever you agreed upon but this feud is TEARING DOWN your friendship with him. You two had been so CLOSE ever since this competition began and I would HATE for it to get crumbled over a MISUNDERSTANDING.

(Alberto’s just staring blankly…)

(James’ expression have neutralized to a nonchalant look)

James: (Authoritatively) You two will talk it out in the morning and I will be there to oversee everything. End of discussion.

(James lays Chuck on his bed. Afterwards, he walks over to the cabinet to see what he can do to the dent)

(There is a sense of fear inside the boy’s cabin and the blank faced Alberto is in the middle of it…)

*CONNOR: [(Scoffs) PFFT! (Crosses his arms) I’m NOT scared of JERRY! (He opens the confessional door and sees JAMES in a GRUMPY expression. Connor outright SCREAMS in a high pitched tone)]

*JAMES: [(Pinches the bridge of his nose while his eyes are shut. He breathes in grumpily) I just lost my composure just because of their feud. I promised myself NOT to do that now that I am away from Jonathan! (He breathes in heavily then restlessly sighs)]

*ALBERTO: [(Blank expression) … … … … … .. . (Furrows his brows. Softly but grumpily) It’s all his fault…]

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN, GIRLS SIDE___ The girls have just returned to their cabin. Penny's assisting Utah, who still feels downtrodden, to her bunk. She’s smiling WIDELY from earlier events. Willow and Maggie follows them inside. Maggie has her perma-frown on. She closes the door and stands before them...

Maggie: (Groans) UGH! Today's events are AGGRAVATING! That wretched JAMES is BEATING me at my OWN game and I had the UTMOST DISPLEASURE of DANCING with our team's (REELS in disgust) SIGNATURE FLOOZY!

(Penny sighs romantically to the person she’s referring to)

Penny: Oh, come on Maggie, he's not that bad, HE'S SUPER NIC-

Maggie: PENNY!

(Maggie SHARPLY turns to Penny. Her love daze is abruptly cut as she jumps in fright)

Maggie: I acknowledge your own feminine mindset and prowess but WHAT have you INSINUATED WITH IT?!

(Penny gulps. She prepares to gently answer Maggie back but she cuts her off again)

Maggie: (Yells) WHAT have I TOLD you about THAT, STUPID piece of OBJECT?!

(Penny’s nervous look turns… blank)

Maggie: IT is a MANIPULATIVE ONE, remember?! IT is just USING YOU to help ITSELF get ahead of everyone in here! YOU'RE just its TOY!

(Penny… blankly looks down to the ground... ... She clenches her hand on the mattress)


(Penny’s eyes WIDEN at Maggie’s last jab. Something builds up within her and it’s NOT going to be dainty…)

Maggie: I CAN’T just comprehend WHY would you WASTE your preciou-


(Maggie's STUNNED by Penny’s opposition)

Penny: (Glares. Confrontational) You know NOTHING of HIM! All of these things that you say are just MERE SPECULATIONS! I mean, how can you POSSIBLY know ALL of these things when YOU are TOO REPULSED to EVEN THINK of them! Do YOU EVEN have SOME VALIDATION to your THEORIES?!

(Maggie is TOO STUNNED to even retort to Penny)

Penny: NONE!!! (Leers) You know WHAT?! I don’t want to listen to YOU anymore! You’re ALWAYS berating ME for EVERY TIME I even THINK of them! You ALWAYS say that my opinions are WRONG! (Helpless tone) I don’t want THAT! (Sniffles)

(Maggie, while still stunned, tries to reach up to her, but-)

Penny: (Sniffles) Well I’m done. I found someone who ALWAYS supported me and even though I’ve just known him for a few days (GLARES) he has CERTAINLY treated me BETTER than, than, (POINTS at Maggie) YOU!!!

(Maggie GASPS in horror after Penny just compared her to a GUY, and LOST!)

Penny: (Glares) Utah and I are NOT in the alliance anymore. Go find some other IDIOTS to FOOL!

(Penny turns away from her. Maggie is at a loss of words. She didn't expect Penny, one of her ‘friends’, to have this outburst. She just stands there… stunned…)

*PENNY: [(She's feeling her throat) Yelling hurts... but it HAD to be said. (Looks at the camera) She’s getting overboard and I just had ENOUGH when she started dissing my relationship with CHUCK! (Palm to her heart) This is one of the major decisions in my life that I myself had actually decided on my OWN. She’s essentially mocking ME. (Sighs) I didn’t just came to this island to win… I also came to this island so I can be FREE to choose my OWN path. ... (Bitterly looks down the floor…)]

*MAGGIE: [I, I, (Helpless tone) W-WHAT?! B-but... I was RIGHT! ... (GROWLS furiously) N-NO! NO! GRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (She RUFFLES her hair) W-WHY are they even LISTENING TO THEM! THEY ARE SCUMS! THEY DESERVE NOTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD! (Looks to the side and clenches her fists) We were so peaceful until HE came… And now I’m getting BERATED for what I STAND for! (BREATHES heavily) Why can't I WIN?!]

(Utah has gotten more tensed from Penny's outburst. Willow gently rubs her back)

Utah: … (Tensed) I-It's s-st-s-starting...

(All of the girls look at her in bewilderment. Utah is rocking back and forth in a fetal position)

Utah: (Tensed) T-The APOCALYPSE is c-coming... There is DESTRUCTION around ME... (Grabs her head) MAKE IT STOP!!!

(Utah looks over the window. The figure who had assaulted her is standing behind it... It smiles a Cheshire-like grin. Utah has TEARS coming down from her eyes. Penny and Maggie gasps at her CRUMBLING state. Penny and Willow comforts her. Maggie just stands there idly)

___BONFIRE CEREMONY___ It's nighttime. The Secret Schmucks are seated in the logs provided. Carlo is sulking for their first loss. Rita is beside him, cheerful and unmindful like she WASN'T even stressed from hours ago. Rudy sits farthest from the others. He looks even more stoic than before. He's also glaring at Carlo. Robby is seated next to him, uncaring of what's going to happen to them. Clover is near him, closely eyeing the love of her life... in her perspective.

Carly's nearby them. She glances at Rudy from time to time, worried of his condition from what he had unleashed earlier on. Marty sits far from Clover. Tohru eyes Clover from a distance. Beside her is Zachary who's frantic of his close proximity to the girl he's interacting with. Ivy finally comes in with a plate of nine marshmallows...

Ivy: Good evening Schmucks! How are you handling your FIRST LOSS EVAH?! (The Schmucks groan) SO... any VERBAL THOUGHTS?!

Carlo: (Sighs) Fine...

(Carlo stands and faces his teammates)

Carlo: Fellow friends... I would like to humbly apologize that I didn't deliver enough for today.

Marty: Hey man, don't put all the blame on you. We all did the challenges individually, we are ALL acquainted for! DON'T beat yourself to it!

Rita: (Smiling WIDELY) TOTALLY! WE were FANTASTIC back there! If I were to judge the while competition, I'd pick YOU of course! YOU'RE SO PERFECT!

(Rita HUGS Carlo like the avid fangirl she is. Carlo gets startled by her sudden movements and her proximity with him)

Carlo: (Nervously) T-thanks, Rita!

*RUDY: [... Oh good lord, she's BRAINWASHED... Well, I warned her... (He tries to be stoic about it) ... (His face twitches) ... ... ... (WHAM! HE FURIOUSLY PUNCHES THE WALL! He breathes HEAVILY while SEETHING in RAGE) WHY won't they EVER listen to ME! WHY?!]

Tohru: YEAH! You ACTUALLY did well. It just happens that they are more, coordinated. At least you DIDN'T sabotaged us... unlike SOMEONE!

(Tohru sharply turns to Clover's direction. Everyone looks at Clover. Some of them glares)

Clover: (Quizzically) Excuse me?

*TOHRU: [(Determined) THIS is it! I'm RATTING out Clover! Her irresponsibility is not only hurting her relationship with her brother, it ALSO affects our team!]

Tohru: (Glares) Like you DIDN'T sabotaged ROBBY'S run! We all know what YOU are capable of!

(Tohru, Robby and Rudy glares at her. Clover GASPS horrendously)


(Tohru, Robby, and Rudy are still glaring at Clover. The others are either looking at her shamefully or not even paying attention. Marty's one of the latter...)

Clover: (Groans) It's not MY fault! It's, it's... (Hastily points at Marty) IT'S MARTY'S!

(Marty's attention is caught, but before he could do anything else...)

???: NO IT’S NOT!!!

(Clover felt a bone chilling jerk all over her body. She nervously turns around and sees Robby TOWERING over her with the MOST FURIOUS glare he could give. His EYEPATCH somehow makes him look EVEN MORE TERRIFYING)

Robby: (Domineering tone) NO! It has ALWAYS been YOUR FAULT!

(Robby HARSHLY points at Clover. She stares in FEAR and SHOCK)

Robby: (Confrontational) It was YOU who had SABOTAGED me, causing me to get BRUISED from the BULL TODAY! It was YOU who had IMPRISONED me and ALMOST DROWNED me YESTERDAY! It was YOU who had been CAUSING so many MISFORTUNES to me that includes BLINDING ME OF MY GOOD EYE!

(Robby POINTS at his eyepatch for emphasis)

Robby: DON'T ever blame SOMEONE ELSE for YOUR RECKLESSNESS! Take RESPONSIBILITY, B****! (Censored as dolphin noises)

(Robby LEERS at Clover. Everyone's watching on the drama unfolding before them. Clover's staring to space. A single teardrop glides over her face... She begins to CRY uncontrollably...)

(Clover runs away from her team, away from the island and into the waterway up until she reaches the beach. Everyone looks at her as she runs away from them)

(Marty, who tries to ignore her... ... ... CAN’T take it anymore. He follows his crying sister)

*MARTY: [I-I-I can't help it! (Sighs) She's my sister no matter what. I LOVE her unconditionally. I ALWAYS DO! (Sighs sorrowfully) Clover...]

*ROBBY: [(He's not batting an eye. His arms are crossed) Just because she cried DOESN'T mean I'd drop it! She STILL did those things to me! She NEEDS to learn how her actions have CONSEQUENCES, especially if it hurts OTHER people.... (Glares harshly) and MULTIPLE times!]

*TOHRU: [... (Sighs) Maybe I became a bit TOO HARSH on her... I don't even know WHY am I doing this in the first place anymore... I mean, yeah, she holds NO regard to Marty. I just don't know why am I trying to make her LOOK worse when she's has ALREADY dug her hole... (Shifts) Maybe I just got too affected with what Zachary had ALWAYS been telling me to discipline her... I guess I just believed in Zachary too much...]

Ivy: Such a shame that she's acting so impulsively. She would had been a CANDIDATE for the rocket this time around! Nevertheless, be STILL have to eliminate ONE of you for tonight! But before you could say anything else, (She GRINS) The LOSER has already been decided!

(Everyone is bearing their confused faces. They don’t know what Ivy is up to)

Ivy: Everyone, FOLLOW ME to the Rocket of Shame!

(Ivy walks to lead everyone to the rocket. Everyone’s just curious to what she’s pertaining. Everyone… except Zachary)

(Zachary stays on the bonfire ceremony… but he’s NOT planning to stay ALONE... He eagerly grabs TOHRU’S arm before she could follow everyone. Zachary's wearing the CREEPIEST of faces he could wear)

(… This is happening…)

Tohru: (Bewildered) Uhh, Zachary? The rest of the team's leaving! We should-

Zachary: (Cuts her off) Oh don't bother them anymore, I just want to talk with you… (Deeper voice) ALONE!

(Zachary chuckles CREEPILY. Creepiness is now APPARENT. Dun Dun Dun!)

Tohru: Well what do you want to tell me? (Sighs) If it's about Clover, I don't feel I'd want to implicate her anymore... Can I have my arm back?!

(Zachary's still grasping Tohru’s arm, She starts to feel uneasy with him)

Zachary: I have waited TOO LONG for THIS to happen! So CLOSE yet so FAR AWAY!

(Zachary leans his FACE adjacent to TOHRU's. They're practically nose to nose right now. He’s still griping her arm so she CAN’T escape...)

Tohru: (Warily) Y-YOU'RE WAY TOO CLOSE!

(Zachary GRINS WIDELY, supporting a CHESHIRE-LIKE SMILE but like, WAY MORE CREEPIER... Tohru's now SCARED of what Zachary can do to her right now…)

(... Zachary gently pets Tohru’s cheeks. She instinctively turns away. He smirks)

Zachary: You were always so CUTE with way you act. But now... (He SWIFTLY cups her face against his face) Let's make it HOT!

(Tohru's now TERRIFIED to bits. She can BARELY talk some sense out of him. Zachary begins to PUCKER UP. Tohru starts to SHAKE VIOLENTLY...)




(Tohru SPAT on Zachary’s face! The camera is focusing on Tohru’s face and thankfully AWAY from Zachary’s face)

(Zachary gets STARTLED by Tohru’s action… but he unnervingly waives it off. He then loosens his grip... and displays SOMETHING that makes Tohru PETRIFIED in SHOCK!)

(Tohru begins to TRASH AROUND, screaming. Luckily, Zachary’s NOT as strong as she thinks. She breaks free and RUNS the heck away from him. Zachary wipes his face and looks at her... He GRINS PREDATORILY as she runs...)


*ZACHARY: [(He dons his TWISTED GRIN. He chuckles MANAICALLY in an, of course, CREEPY FASHION) SHE'S gonna be MINE! MINE! ALLLLL MIIIIINE!]

___ROCKET OF SHAME___ Ivy, Carlo, Rita, Carly, Rudy and Robby are gathered before the rocket. NINJOY, unconscious, is constrained by chains on the rocket...

Carly: … Huh, I can't believe that we have FORGOTTEN all about her... … Wait, is she ELIMINATED already?!

(Ivy smiles and then approaches the rocket)

Ivy: YUP! And that's because NINJOY is DISQUALIFIED from this competition!

(Carlo, Carly and Rita GASPS in shock. Robby and Rudy couldn't care less)

Ivy: It's just so TIMELY that you guys have just LOST today! No more PESKY ninja to STEAL MY BELONGINGS!

Robby: (Groans) Can we have a DOUBLE ELIMINATION?!

(Everyone but Rudy turns to Robby)

Robby: (Nonchalantly) I'm pretty sure that we would ALL vote for that B****! (Censored as dolphin noises)

Ivy: (Turns to Robby) Sorry dearie, we already have one LOSER riding the rocket today! (Robby grumbles)

(Ivy pulls out her remote control and presses the button. The rocket SPARKS to life and launches while carrying the unconscious ninja)

Ivy: Bon Voyage and NEVER come back!

(Ivy turns to the camera)

Ivy: How will the siblings' relationship unfold? How will Carlo handle a passively smitten Rita? What could Rudy be hiding under all that nonchalance? What about the whole Clover ordeal? Will the Cretins STAY stable? What is Trishna up to? What about the Hoodlums? Any thoughts on the love triangle? What IS Chuck’s JOB and HOW CAN I AVAIL-I mean... How will Maggie handle Penny's opposition? WHAT is in store for Utah? (Smiles) Find it all next time on Total Drama Calypso Island!

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TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 3)
WARNING: Contains a dark backstory, violence, intense swearing, shouting, cringeworthy stuff, and something VERY disturbing that I did my best to censor it.

Also, it oddly contains singing, rapping, and dancing couples. :P

Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses (Part 2)

___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ Everyone’s gathered before the HUMONGOUS crate in the middle of the clearing. Ivy moves over to the side of a crate where a rope hanging from the top of it.

Ivy: You all might wanna step back!

(Ivy pulls the rope with all her might. The front of the crate comes loose. The cast runs away before the wooden board CRUSHES them)

Ivy: Here is your FIRST CHALLENGE!

(The cast glowers over the contents of the crate)

Penny: ... ... THAT... Is a CONSPICUOUS mound of HAY!

(The mound of hay is HUGE. It's about the size of FIFTY hay bales)

Ivy: It's pretty OBVIOUS what the first task is, the "Needle on a Haystack" challenge BUT we're AMPING it up by changing it to finding the GOLDEN marble in this "Hay AND Needle-stack"! (She looks at the three lists) And by the looks of it, it would be ROY, SARGE FAN, and NINJOY to battle for the marble!

(The two boys gulp. Ninjoy's motionless)

==Challenge # 1: Marble on a Hay and Needle Stack==

Ivy: You have TEN minutes to search for the marble! First one to do so WINS! SO, on your mark... GO!

(Ivy blows her air horn. The two poor boys run for the haystack)


(Everyone from the cast winces. Some are cheering for them, some are chuckling at their misfortune, while some, well, they still haven't entered the haystack)

(Ninjoy hasn’t entered the haystack. Ivy and her teammates are looking at her quizzically)

Carlo: ... Maybe she needs some push of encouragement?!

Rita: ...

(Rita casually walk up to Ninjoy... She outright LIFTS her up with her own might as she proceeds to THROW her inside the stack)

Rita: (BREATHES in) ... That'll do it.

(Ninjoy soars through the air and disappears onto the haystack)

Ivy: Anyway, let's now start the SECOND challenge while they keep on searching! Those who are involved, FOLLOW ME!

(Ivy walks at the other side of the crate. The other side of the crate is still sealed up until Ivy yanks the cord to spill the contents. What's inside are three wooden stakes, a smaller box, and, of course, STILL HAY)

Ivy: Come forward RADLYNN, TOHRU, and MINDY! Your challenge is to make a SCARECROW!

*JAMES: [(Nods while his arms are crossed) I called it.]

Ivy: Do you think that it’s too easy? It won't be if you'll do it in a BLINDFOLD!

==Challenge # 2: Extreme Blind Scarecrow Make-Over==

(Ivy gives Tohru, Mindy, and Radlynn each a blindfold)

Tohru: I have to make a scarecrow...

(Tohru's eyes SPARKLE in an anime-esque style)


Mindy: (Smirks) You may be the clothing expert in our partnership but you are not the ONLY fashion expert in this game!

(Tohru tilts her head in confusion at Mindy’s statement. She shrugs and puts on the blindfold as the rest of them)

Ivy: You'll only have TWELVE MINUTES to complete this task! On your mark, get set, GO! (The three began to work)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, MAKE UP BOOTH___ There's a TON of jewelry scattered all over the floor. We can see NINJOY rummaging through IVY's stuff... Wuh?

Ninjoy: These things must've worth BILLIONS!

(A dark figure looms behind her. It throws a SHURIKEN at her. With reflexes, Ninjoy catches the shuriken using her fingers)

Ninjoy: (GASPS horrendously) This is the NINJA's WEAPON... -eth! Who DARETH DISTURBETH THE NIN-

(Another shuriken thrown at Ninjoy. She catches it again)

Ninjoy: HA! Nice try BUT the ninja's a MASTER-eth in-

(Ninjoy’s foot hits something on the ground... It's a small canister. It immediately diffuses its SMOKE)

(Ninjoy GASPS. BAD idea, she inhales MORE of the smoke. She gets drowsier and weaker by the minute)

Ninjoy: G-good strate-

(Ninjoy passes out. The figure in the shadows glowers over her... It leaves her unconscious...)

___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ The two challenges are starting. The haystack is rumbling, producing different sound effects to indicate the chaos ensuing inside.
On the other hand, the three girls are quickly forming their own scarecrows. Tohru's working VERY fast even with a blindfold on. Her's is looking GREAT. Mindy matches up her speed and skill but seems to be focusing on the scalp region. Radlynn's going at a much slower pace, carefully building her work)

Everyone: COME ON GUYS! / WURK IT GURL! / THAT LOOKS PAINFUL! / YUP! / WHAT IS SHE DOING?! / (Duck noises) / (Bull noises) / (Dolphin noises?) / DOLPHIN?! Where did you get a dolphin?! / FASTEN THE PACE! / HUSTLE! / QUICK! / DON'T LOSE! / Meh... / GO GO GO!

Sarge Fan (voice): TALLY HO!

(Everyone looks at the source of the last one. At the haystack, Sarge Fan successfully finds the marble! He raises it up, making it sparkle under the sun)


(Sarge Fan team comes to him to congratulate him)

Sarge Fan: THANKS Radlynn, Clarisse, Mitch, Prudence, Cooper, and Trishna! (Giggles) Sarge Fan is SHOWING what Sarge Fan has GOT in front of Ivy, Roy, Ninjoy, Mindy, Tohru, Carlo, Rita, James, Maggie, Connor, Rudy, Marty-

(Sarge Fan goes on to LITERALLY say ALL of their names. Everyone’s just looks at him as he does so)

*MITCH: [… Sarge Fan has a LOT of devotion.]

(Roy weakly crawls out from the haystack. Roy looks up, Connor GLOWERS over him. He shakes his head)

Connor: Weakling.

(Connor turns his nose and leaves him. Maggie then arrives)

Maggie: (Satisfied smirk) You're pathetic!

(Maggie leaves. Roy looks down and sighs. James comes and places a hand in his shoulder)

James: (Straight faced) You did good kiddo. (Offers his hand)

*ROY: [I know that I failed the challenge but... (Light smile) it's just nice to hear that my efforts are still recognized (Smiles warmly) I have to thank James for that!]

(Carly walks over to the haystack where she sees Ninjoy's foot jutting out)

Carly: You can come out now Ninjoy. We already lost.

(Carly tugs her foot... it POPS OUT...)


(Ivy walks up to Carly)

Ivy: What do we have in here? (Sees the foot) ... Isn't that the ninja girl's foot?! ... Can someone FISH HER OUT of the haystack?!

(Rudy walks and pulls Ninjoy out and carries her bridal style)


(The camera erratically as it captures Rudy’s VERY stoic face. It then SWIFTLY shifts to Ninjoy’s HAND which is covered in NEEDLES, then SHIFTS to her RIGHT LEG which is ALSO covered in NEEDLES, then to her LEFT ANKLE where her FOOT is MISSING, the her NECK where her HEAD IS NOT ATTACHED TO HER FREKIN BODY!!!)

(Everyone SCREAMS!)


(Carly FAINTS. Marty catches her. Everyone stares in fright)

Rudy: (Stoic) ... What's the scuz? It's just a mannequin...

(They look at the body. It is INDEED just a mannequin. There’s NO blood that’s coming out from it.)

Ivy: Oh thank goodness, no lawsuit! ... But wait, if she's NOT HERE... WHERE IS SHE?! ... (Her eyes shrink) N-no... It CAN'T be!

*IVY: [M-MY JEWELS! (Groans) I have reviewed the footages and I SAW Ninjoy BROWSING through MY JEWELRY! If she's going to pull a 'Robin Hood', I'LL KICK HER OUT! (Glares) It’s time to pull the HEAVY ARTILLERY! (Pulls her phone) RICO! I have a proposition!]

(Tohru walks up to Ivy's voice. She’s still in a blindfold)

Tohru: ... Umm, is this an inappropriate time cuz... I just finished the challenge!

(Tohru showcases her masterpiece)

(It is an averagely crafted scarecrow with a plaid shirt, leather vest, cowboy jeans, golden belt buckle, and a cowboy hat. Ivy decides to keep her inner turmoil and host the show as a professional)

Ivy: It looks VERY nifty! I've seen MOST of your work so I can presume that you haven't cheated, which means that Tohru WINS the second challenge!

(The Schmucks cheers for their win after recovering from the mannequin scare)

Mindy: WHAT?! Aww... I was, like, SO CLOSE!

(Mindy’s STILL doing the head which is, oh boy, SO INTRICATE with the design of the hair. She hasn’t even made the BODY yet.)

(On the other hand, Radlynn has just only finished the padding. It looks like a life sized VOODOO DOLL...)

Radlynn: (Shrugs) I like dolls (Clarisse 'smiles')

Ivy: Alright everyone, let's head over to the NEXT venue for our THIRD and FOURTH challenges! COME FOLLOW ME!

(Ivy leads them out of the forest and to the next venue)

___CALYPSO FOREST, OPEN LAKE___ On the lakefront is a long table draped in a white cloth covering what's inside. There's also a small but thin crate beside it

*JAMES: [(Nods) I called another one. (Smiles)]

Ivy: Let's get moving people! The next challenge is FISHING! So please step forward UTAH, CARLY and PRUDENCE!

(Prudence and Carly does so. Utah's still fidgety. Penny comes to her)

Penny: Come now Utah, don't be so scared of your lost charm. Just BELIEVE in YOURSELF like you BELIEVED in them!

(With a little push of encouragement, Utah steps forward. She gives a light smile to Penny)

Ivy: Your challenge is simple, you just got to fish a bucket with these fishing rods!

(Ivy breaks the crate revealing the rods. She gives Prudence, Carly, and Utah one each.)

Ivy: But where's the bucket you all say? (Chuckles) Well that's the problem, it's right over THERE!

(Ivy points to the buckets. It's floating about two hundred meters from the shore)

*MITCH: [Aww... I would have LOVED the fishing challenge! My GRANDPA's a fisherman. He often abducts me to go fishing when I was a kid. It was AWESOME!]

Ivy: Also, you STRICTLY CAN'T go over the lake else you're disqualified! You have all the time to finish this challenge, ladies. GO!

==Challenge # 3: Bucket Fishing===

(Without a word, the three ladies nod. They're using all of their might to yank the long fishing line to REEL in the bucket. Their teammates are cheering for them)

Ivy: While they are at it, I'd like to call PENNY, MARTY, and MITCH for the next one!

(Ivy gestures Penny, Marty, and Mitch to the table. The three gets behind it. Ivy pulls the sheet to reveal three covered trays)

Ivy: This is going to be an EATING challenge!

==Challenge # 4: Person Vs Food===

Ivy: Hope you're HUNGRY, it's gonna be a ride!

Clover: (Scoffs) My brother has an appetite of a VULTURE! He once ate my unattended GRILLED CHEESE sandwich! Like MANNERS people!

(A lot of people are glaring at Clover, including Marty. Ivy blares her airhorn)

Penny: ... I might be on a self imposed diet but BRING IT ON!

(Penny lifts the tray cover to reveal about TWENTY pieces of PEPPERS inside. Penny and Marty looks at each other then gulps)

(Mitch, on the other hand, smiles WIDELY. He begins to SCARF DOWN the platter at a BREAKNECK PACE. Penny and Marty just STARES at him)

(He finishes the platter under FIFTY SECONDS! Penny and Marty haven't even TOUCHED their peppers)

Marty: ... Dang dude, you sure can EAT!

Mitch: (Burps FIRE) … Thank’s dude! (Smiles contently)

(Everyone who watches them are SHELL SHOCKED by his skill)

Ivy: ... Well I be darned, I wouldn't had believed it if I weren't there to SEE it. Nevertheless, Mitch WINS the fourth trial!

(The Cretins lift Mitch up and cheer for their leader)

Ivy: This is GREAT! Now if ONLY the fishing challenge would be THIS quick, we would've-huh? What is that?!

(Everyone looks at the lake. Near where the three buckets are, PICKLE is adorably swimming while pushing a bucket forward. It's close enough for Prudence to fish it)


Cooper: TECHNICALLY, it is a LEGAL move. The rule is just for Prudence to STRICTLY reel in the bucket without going over the lake. We are to compete individually so human intervention is not permitted. But, HOWEVER, (Smirks) There are NO RULES against DOGS to intervene! (Pickle barks happily)

Ivy: The rules are to be taken literally so... PRUDENCE and her dog WINS the third challenge!

(The Cretins CHEER again. This is their THIRD win!)

*PRUDENCE: [(Smiles) It’s a GOOD thing we have COOPER around. He is VERY RESOURCEFUL! He even included YOU in it PICKLE! (Pickle barks. Prudence giggles)]

MAGGIE: [(Groans) I'm GLAD that a WOMAN has brought in her ingenuity at play. What I'm disappointed about is James' INCOMPREHENSIBLE DECISION! SEE what happens if we put the girls at first?! It should had been the GUYS to get OUTSHINED! (Growls) So INCOMPETENT!]

*JAMES: [(Shrugs) I tried to find the most suitable position to where my teammates would likely flourish. The other teams were just specially skilled that it gave them the win. (Hand on chin) I guess I should had considered their prowess as well. (Shrugs are he looks at the camera) I can admit that I am wrong at times.]


___CALYPSO FOREST, MUDDY SWAMP___ The swamp is now barricaded with a five hundred by two hundred meter fence. About half of it is drenched in swamp water. There's also a fifty by fifty meter fence in the bottom right corner of the bigger fence near where the land touches the water. There's a crate in each fence

Ivy: Welcome to the swamp! Let's get this starting! COOPER, ALBERTO, and RUDY, please come forward!

(Rudy nonchalantly steps forward. Chuck winks at Alberto before he steps forward. Prudence gives a thumbs up for Cooper. He smiles)

(The interns enter the swamp, positioning themselves near a crate. It fairly huge, has breathing holes, and it rumbles every five seconds)

Ivy: Your challenge for today is to... CATCH these PIGGIES!

(The interns break the crate revealing three pigs. They all run aimlessly at the huge fence but they fail to get out of it)

Ivy: All you have to do is to put them on the fence over there (She points over to a barren fence) OH, there is ONE, MORE, THING!

(Ivy grins DEVIOUSLY which gives SHIVERS to the cast. She provocatively licks her lips. Uh oh… you know what THAT means…)


Ivy: Since you three are BOYS, you three will HAVE to do this trial...

(Alberto and Cooper GULPS. Rudy’s just stoic)

Ivy: (Throws her arms) WITHOUT A SHIRT ON!

==Challenge # 5: Shirtless Pig Wrangling==

(Alberto sighs in relief while Rudy just shrugs)

*ALBERTO: [THIS IS IT! Hawaiian dude told me to IMPRESS the Lavender Lady SUBTLY through the challenge! (Grins WIDELY) I can totally do that!]

(COOPER on the other hand is TERRIFIED to bits)

Ivy: All I'll say is that this is a TRADITIONAL rule. You have twenty minutes to do so. On your marks, get set… TAKE THOSE SHRITS OF-I mean, GO!

(Ivy blares her airhorn)

(Rudy takes off his garbs until he's down to his boxers. He gives his clothes to Robby who smiles because it shows that he trusts him. Carly blushes at this sight but quickly turns away before he notices)

(Rudy approaches a pig. It wails and SHIVERS at his sight. It RUNS away)

Rudy: … They always run away...

Carlo: (Yells) GO RUDY! Bring home the BACON!

(The Schmucks LOOK at Carlo. He just blinks. Rudy gives him a DEATH GLARE)

*CARLO: [… I just want to show my support to Rudy so he would find me GENUINE! (He’s cute when he’s confused)]

(Rudy ignores Carlo and just walks to the pig’s direction)


*RITA: [(Calmly) I just want to clarify that I’m naught agitated with British people… (Instantly GLARES) EXCEPT FROM THIS SPECIFIC INCOMPETENT BRIT!!! (Growls)]

(Rudy continues to do his thing. Rita DEATH GLARES. The Schmucks cheer for him)

(Alberto looks at Chuck and Penny first before slooooowly taking his shirt off)

*MINDY: [(Fans herself) HAAAAWWWWTTTTTIIIIEEEE ALERT! I was just so focused on how am I gonna STYLE his HAIR that I forgot how HOT he naturally IS! (Continues fanning herself)]

Chuck: Ya got this dude! ROCK this challenge!

(Alberto sees Penny smiling. He salutes first before chasing a pig)

Chuck: (Smiles) Just LOOK a him GO! (Turns to Penny) He’s totes COOL! Right Penny?

(On the background, Alberto's being RAG DOLLED by the pig. He is barely holding onto it until he slips and falls and PILE DRIVES against the mud. Chuck and Penny cringes)

Penny: Umm...

(Alberto rises up in FURY. He full on TACKLES the pig. He WRESTLES the pig while he's drenched in MUD. His muscles are GLISTENING under the sun. Penny blushes a bit. Chuck smirks)

(Alberto grabs the pig with all his might, which is just enough for him to catch it and put it in the smaller fence)

Ivy: And Alberto brings home the bacon!

(Alberto clicks his tongue at Penny’s direction)

*PENNY: [(Blushes) W-Was Alberto CHECKING on ME? What about CHUCK?! I LIKE him! But... he DID saved me from almost drowning a few days ago… … (Looks at the camera) W-Why am I stuck with this kind of problem? (Sighs and frowns) I feel inadequate for feeling this... … Just like what Maggie warned me about boys… …]

(Cooper is PETRIFIED on the ground. A friendly pig is panting near him. It's waiting to get pet. Cooper HASN'T even changed his garbs and enter the fence)

(Prudence approaches Cooper and pats him. She also pets the pig. The pig squeals in delight the runs away. She sighs)

Prudence: Oh Cooper...

*PRUDENCE: [(Frowns) This is WAY WORSE than I thought! I thought he was JUST afraid DOGS! (Sighs) He needs to find the BEAUTY of these creatures!]

(Alberto is drying himself with his shirt)

Alberto: Yo Mrs. Host Woman! Can I show-

(Alberto notices Chuck giving him some signals. He looks at Penny who’s looking somehow drawn to him)

Alberto: … I mean, can I SHUCK my shirt after this? (Continues to dry himself) These swamp stains MAY be hard to wash off.

Ivy: (BLANKLY stares at Alberto) Must… abide… by contract… (Shakes her head and smiles at Alberto) Sure thing sweetie!

Alberto: Thanks!

(Alberto discards his shirt. He opts to go SHIRTLESS. This catches Penny AND Ivy’s attention. Chuck SMILES)

*ALBERTO: [To be fair, the swamp water kinda itches when it made contact with my skin. (Shrugs) I must be allergic or something. I HAD to discard my shirt… (SERIOUS face) but NOT my shorts! ... (He instantly becomes uncomfortable and begins scratching his legs) It ITCHES so bad! I’m gonna take a LOOONG shower after this!]

*CHUCK: [(Grins) The whole ‘Oops I can’t use my shirt anymore’ stunt is GOLDEN! (Smirks) Bert’s becoming a REAL charmer in my books! (Smiles warmly) Just like what I ALWAYS do in my job!]

*PENNY: [(Pouts) … Can one of them just tell to me straight that they just want to be friends with me?]

Ivy: Alright people, schedule’s a schedule! Next's PISTOL SHOOTING so come forward Zachary, WILLOW and TRISHNA!

(Trishna smirks. Her teammates gulp in fear. Zachary's apparently shaking in glee. Maggie had just given Willow an encouraging talk. She’s just stoic. Ivy gives them each a pistol)

Ivy: Those pistols are filled with BLANKS! (The others sigh in relief) You have only TEN blanks so save your shots! Your objective is to hit your team's tin can.

==Challenge # 6: Sharpshooter==

(Three tin cans, each with the Team’s logo, fall from the trees thanks to the interns. They're each held by a rope)

Ivy: First on to do so WINS! On your mark, get set, GO! (Blares her airhorn)

(Zachary immediately loads his gun and tries to shoot. He's still shaking making his shots miss)

(Trishna does the same but it is CLEAR that it's the skill she is lacking)

(Willow aims her gun but she DOESN'T fire right away)

(Their teammates cheer)



(Everyone gasps. The Hoodlums' can got shot. Willow has done it... WITH JUST ONE SHOT. Her teammates cheer for her)

Willow: (Stoic) ... (Shrugs)

*WILLOW: [(Shrugs) Father was a military general… (Looks to the side) Father goaded one when one was younger...]

*JAMES: [(Smiles) I knew I could rely on Willow.]

*MAGGIE: [(Groans) I HATE every instance that that INCOMPETENT FOOL is right! It MUST’VE been just a COINCIDENCE! … (Suddenly sweet) I REALLY admire how Willow pulled off our FIRST win for today. That’s the power of FEMININITY to you! (Smirks)]

*RITA: [I-I-IMPOSSIBLE! (Groans) My team is FULL of incompetent duds! (Scowls) IT'S ALL RUDY'S FAULT! GRAH! I HATE THIS STRESS!]

Ivy: And WILLOW delivers! Seems like the Hoodlums are catching up! Anyway, onwards to the next challenge!

(Everyone follows Ivy… except for Rudy. He silently walks over to a different direction. Carly sees this)

Carly: R-Rudy! That's not...

(Rudy has already left... … Carly decides to follow him)

___CALYPSO ISLAND, CAMPGROUNDS___ On the campgrounds are three live horses. One's black, one's chestnut and the last one's palomino. There is also a barricade on the beach side so they could roam but not flee. On the other hand, there's a LARGE box in front of the cabins. Ivy and the cast starts to arrive...

(Alberto outright RUNS to the communal washrooms. His skin is filled with BRIGHT RED spots. Everyone, especially his teammates, cringes)

*ALBERTO: [(Has just finished taking a shower) Phew! That’s much better!]

(Ivy blankly stares at Alberto’s fiasco. She waives it off and decides to act professionally)

Ivy: Anyway, HERE we are!

(Everyone coos at the sight of the majestic horses. Prudence's eyes GLISTEN. Cooper keeps a good distance away from the animals)

*PRUDENCE: [(With STARS on her eyes) HORSES! I've always want to RIDE a horse THAT BIG! I WANT to TOUCH it! (Groans) If ONLY I WASN'T ALLERGIC to HAY! (Sighs)]

Ivy: Alright, step forward CONNOR, CLOVER, and SARGE FAN! (They step forward) Your challenge for today is to SUCCESSFULLY nab a horse of your color using a LASSO!

(Ivy gives them each a lasso. Connor smirks proudly. Clover’s testing it out. Sarge Fan’s eyes GLISTEN at the sight of the lasso… Or that’s what we can assume due to his behavior. His eyes are, like, perpetually hidden underneath his helmet)

Sarge Fan: (Looks at the camera) The author is RIGHT!!! (… Umm, uhh, I’ll just ignore that one…)

Ivy: Connor, you have to lasso the chestnut one, Clover, the palomino, and Sarge Fan, the black steed. You will have TWENTY MINUTES to lasso your horse! On your mark, get set, GO!

==Challenge # 7: Lasso Your Horses==

(The three mighty steeds roam free inside the fence. Connor, Clover and Sarge Fan start to chase their respective horses. They got their lassoes ready)

*CONNOR: [Horses? PFFT! This challenge is EASY! Do you see these arms?! (IT'S VERY THIN) One hundred percent PURE MUSCLE! Can do!]

*CLOVER: [NO! Separated with MY Robby AGAIN! (Groans) MARTY did this on PURPOSE! UGH! Why can't he do ANYTHING RIGHT?! UGH!]

Ivy: While they're at it, let's go on with the next challenge shall we?! So step forward JAMES, ROBBY and RADLYNN! Your challenge is a CLASSIC ONE!

(Ivy unveils the large box. A sound of a bellowing bull is heard. Uh oh... It's the MECHANICAL BULL)

Ivy: TA DA!

(James, Robby, and Radlynn DON'T gasp... but their teammates gasp for them)

Ivy: We only have ONE mechanical bull so THIS is how we are going to judge your performances. You will each have ONE opportunity to SIEZE this bull. The player who can hold on the LONGEST WINS! You all got that?!

==Challenge # 8: Bull Ridin’==

(James, Robby, and Radlynn nod)

Ivy: Alright, let's get this challenge under way! And we shall present that... WITH A MONTAGE! Cue in the music!

===MONTAGE TIME!!!=== A swift country music is being played

(Clover is trying to sneak up to her horse. She twirls her lasso and aims it. The horse senses it and flees. Clover got startled, making her lasso herself. She GROWLS)

(Connor is trying to put the horse into submission, leering at its face. The horse gets ANGRY and raises its forelegs. Connor screams and flees. The horse chases him in hot pursuit)

(Back to the mechanical bull, Radlynn has just positioned herself onto it. The bull starts up and starts to TRASH her around. She HOLDS onto it firmly but her body's lifelessly being hoisted in the air. She's like a doll that's being rag dolled... It's weird)

(Meanwhile, Sarge Fan is lurking at the treetops above his horse. He sees an opportunity and MOUNTS the horse’s saddle. The horse is STARTLED and flees with Sarge Fan on its back)

(Clover sees a palomino's tail behind a tree. She smirks and readies her lasso. She successfully nabs it. She cheers. She pulls her lasso but gasps when she sees that she had nabbed a MOP instead. It was a DECOY! Her horse laughs at her idiocy from a distance. She growls and chases for it)

(James is holding on the horns of the bull. The bull is shaking him VERTICALLY, crushing his KIWIS at every descent. He puts on a nonchalant look. His teammates are cringing for him. Maggie’s amused by his misfortune but also annoyed by his stamina)

(Connor has sneaked up to his horse's backside. He devises a new plan, SINGING! He sings BADLY at the horse. It cringes and wails. It raises its hind legs and CRUSHES his KIWIS. He revels in pain as the horse flees. It's TRAUMATIZED...)

(Sarge Fan is still riding his horse. He is laughing like a hillbilly. He directs the horse at a certain direction, he smirks)

(Robby is now riding the mechanical bull. He seems to be good at it. A palomino runs in the background. Suddenly, a LASSO constricts his body. He GASPS. The rope gets tangled by the bull's horns. He groans as his face and body gets rag dolled by the METALLIC bull. Everyone present cringes, especially Clover who is the culprit of his misfortune, AGAIN)


(A horse's neigh is heard in the background)

===END OF MONTAGE=== The country music dies down

(Everyone looks at the source of the sound. They see a black horse TANGLED in a WEB made out of ROPES. It CAN'T move. It neighs wildly)


(Yeah, it's basically like that. Sarge Fan gently pets the horse to calm it down)

Ivy: ... You still have to lasso it you know... (Sarge Fan pulls out his rope and lassoes the horse) ... WORKS for ME! SARGE FAN WINS IT!

*SARGE FAN: [(He's SUPER ecstatic) DID THE READER READ SARGE FAN ON A STEED! Sarge Fan was AWESOME! (Gleefully smiles) TALLY HO!]

Ivy: As for the mechanical bull challenge, I have the results! (She points up to Radlynn) Three minutes!

(Radlynn shrugs. Ivy points to a battered Robby)

Ivy: Six minutes and ten seconds!

(Robby nods, before scowling at Clover. She gulps)

Ivy: And finally! (Points at James. She grins widely) ELEVEN MINUTES AND FORTY-FIVE SECONDS!

(James smiles confidently. His teammates cheer. Maggie SCOWLS at his record)

*MAGGIE: [UGH! HOW am I gonna DISPLAY my PROWESS if that RASCAL is CHEATING! (Scowls) I WILL liberate the women. WATCH ME!]

*JAMES: [(Smiles) My nether region might be in PAIN right now but I will just suck it up for my team. (Shrugs) Guess it's karma from yesterday.]

*RITA: [(She's throwing a tantrum) GRAH! My team's EVEN CLOSER TO ELIMINATION! The STRESS is getting THROUGH ME! (Screams)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The tables are moved against the walls, leaving a large open space in the middle. There's a large tarpaulin over the floor. Ivy arrives with the cast minus Carly and Rudy.

Ivy: Welcome everyone to the FINAL event for today! Please step forward, CARLO, RITA, CHUCK, MAGGIE, MITCH and PRUDENCE!

(The six individuals all step forward)

Ivy: You might all be confused why both of you are called, that's because you are BOTH going to DANCE AS PAIRS!

(The interns unravel the tarpaulin. It's revealed that a DANCE FLOOR is placed underneath)

(Carlo smiles at Rita who's, oh boy, STUPEFIED that she's partnered up with the man of her DREAMS. Maggie GASPS horrendously. Chuck GRINS at the sight of the dance floor)


*CARLO: [My sister is an EXPERT dancer! She taught me the basics of some classical dances. (Sighs) Ahh, good times! (He begins reminiscing)]

*JAMES: [(Nods and smiles) Looks like I called one again. (Smirks proudly)]

*MAGGIE: [(Dumbfounded) W-W-WHAT?! I'm partnered up... WITH A GUY?! (REELS in disgust) NO! I CANNOT BE SEEN MINGLING WITH IT! (Yells on the top of her lungs) JAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!)]

*CHUCK: [(GRINS widely) I’m gonna DANCE?! NICE! (Mellowly smiles) I often do that in my job! I’m just so glad that it’s not the other stuff that Lead speculated (Chuckles) Ahaha! I’m TERRIBLE at those!]

Ivy: By the way, since this is the FINAL event, let's make this VISUALLY INTERESTING! You six have to put on a WESTERN OUTFIT or WHATEVER FITS from our limited wardrobe! Ya’ll better get changing!

(All of the participants nod. They walk out of the dining hall to get some outfits and change into them)

To be continued…
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 2)
Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary
Total Drama Calypso Island Episode 5: Hold Your Horses [Part 1]

Ivy: Last time on Total Drama Calypso Island! The cast had a BLAST in their time as they compete in SCOOTER'S CHALLENGE, the most DREADED challenge our cast has ever faced! Seriously, we had a MULTITUDE of incapacitated and hospitalized contestants namely: Robby, Clover, Cooper, Prudence, Sarge Fan, Mitch, Chuck, Utah, Marty, Trishna, and, sadly, our very own Bombshell Cowgirl, Peggy! That's a total of ELEVEN out of TWENTY-SEVEN characters!
Will Clover finally get the note that Robby DESPISES her existence?! How are things handling within the Carlo, Rita and Rudy fiasco? Do you think Penny and Chuck will HAPPEN?! What about Alberto?! Will we finally see Maggie and James clash?! What will happen to Utah?! How about the Connor and Roy alliance?! WHAT will be in store for the Cretins now that their ONLY hope in winning is OUT of the game?! Not that they have EVER won! And WHAT is the pesky ninja girl DOING in this island?! Find out the answers to ALL of these questions HERE ON TOTAL DRAMA CALYPSO ISLAND!

___HIDDEN HOODLUMS CABIN___ It's the middle of the night. Everyone's sound asleep. Let's describe the guys now shall we because why not. Alberto's wearing a yellow tank top and green shorts with a red stripe on it, horizontal on the tank and vertical on the shorts. He's all over his unruly bed, snoring with his mouth wide open. Connor's in his usual wear, snoring loudly. Roy's wearing a maroon set of pajamas completed with a nightcap. He's seen hugging a teddy bear in his sleep. Chuck's wearing azure floral board shorts. He has his arms stretched out over his head. James has his arms crossed while he's sleeping. His lower half is covered in sheets... Moving on!
Focus on the girl's side. The girls are wearing their usual sleepwear. Mindy wears a loose tie-dye teal and magenta shirt with shoulder straps. Her hair is loose and is covering her whole face. Weird. Maggie's sleeping with proper posture on her bed, only rivaled by Willow who's not moving... at all... She's still breathing, no worries. Penny's dreaming happily. She occasionally chuckles. Utah, on the other hand, is uncomfortably turning in her sleep. Her bunkbed is across the nearest windows. It's wide open, letting the cold night breeze to circulate inside...

Utah: (Murmurs in her sleep) n-no... (Her face scrunches up as she turns) G-Get away... S-Stop...

(Suddenly, a cloaked figure walks up to her. It gently caresses her face. Utah scrunches up more. She turns her back away... The figure traces her back, sending shivers down her spine. She turns forward. It then twirls her hair)

Utah: G-get back...

... ... ..


(The figure GRABS shoulders. She DARTS awake. She swiftly rises up)

Utah: (Exclaims) GET AWAY FROM ME!

(Utah looks around. Everyone's asleep. The figure is gone. She sees the window open. She walks up to it)

*UTAH: [(Shivers) T-this had j-just been the first n-night s-since my c-charm has C-CRACKED! ... (Wails) I CAN'T SLEEP! (Moves to a fetal position) I FEEL SO VULNERABLE!]

(Utah looks out the window for anything unusual. There’re nothing out of the ordinary. She sighs and then slaps herself)

Utah: Get a GRIP Utah! (She turns her back) Just BELIEVE in yourself!

(Utah’s blocking the window in the camera angle. … A shadowy figure forms behind her)

Utah: Just don't be scared Utah! (The figure reaches up to her) Just don't be...

(The figure GRABS her body and covers her mouth!)


(The camera erratically moves. It immediately SWIFTLY shifts to its VERY PALE COMPLEXION, then to its BLACK LATEX DRESS, then to its OBSIDIAN HAIR, then to its BLACK LATEX GLOVES, and finally, it’s GHOULISH FACE! SKULL like face, BLOODSHOT eyes, intricate BLACK MARKINGS and BLOOD RED lips that makes a CHESHIRE-LIKE GRIN.)

(Utah's SCARED witless. She tilts her head to see her perpetrator and she sees something HORRIFYING.  Utah’s eyes WIDEN as she starts to HYPERVENTILATE. She the FAINTS within an instant... ...)

*WILLOW: [... One had just witnessed what just happened... Why would such a creature attack her... After the charmmaker fainted, it laid her back to her resting place and left the window... One cannot help it but to be intrigued... Maybe one can communicate with it... ... Someday...]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN___ Clover is still sleeping in her own bed, she's giggling occasionally. Tohru's managing the cabinet, organizing her clothes. On the other side, Zachary's awake, managing stuff in his laptop. Marty had just woken up. He's managing his bed. Robby's still asleep. Focus on the girls' side...

(She peacefully wakes up and yawns. She stretches up her arms while adjusting her eyes)


(Clover smiles gleefully. Tohru gets surprised and bumps her head in the cabinet)

Clover: Time to WAKE UP my HONEY BUN!

(Clover prances off her bed. As she reaches for the doorknob, Tohru grabs her arms to keep her from leaving. Tohru's noticeably glaring)

Clover: ... Can I have my arm back?! I'm gonna NEED it!

*TOHRU: [Clover's a pretty much a laid back, happy go lucky person. I think if I'd want to give her the message, I NEED to be gruff! (Poker faced)]

(Tohru shakes her head. Clover raises a brow. Tohru drags her to her bed)

Clover: H-HEY! HOW am I gonna GROPE MY ROBBY?! AUGH!

Tohru: Answer me this question FIRST! WHY do you treat your BROTHER like THAT?! (Clover raises a brow) I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!

Clover: (Shrugs) He's SUPPOSED to help me WHENEVER I want to! He's like, a LOSER, so I'm just giving him some VALUE in his LIFE! Duh!

Tohru: (Shocked) W-WHY do you do THAT?! WHO even gave you that input?! THAT is a TERRIBLE THING to say about him! Do you even LOVE him?!

Clover: (GASPS. She immediately turns green) EW! GROSS! I DON'T want a CYCLOPS for a son!

Tohru: (Groans and facepalms) That’s NOT what I meant!

Clover: Well, why so defensive of him?! Do YOU like him?! Cause, EW! GROSS!

Tohru: Listen Clover, I DON'T want to be the bad guy here but GEEZ he's your OLDER BROTHER! You've got to give him RESPECT!

(Clover furrows her brows. She stands up and GLARES at her)

Clover: (With fury) Well, I DON'T need ANOTHER sermon like I’M the BAD GUY!

(Clover PUSHES Tohru to the ground)

Clover: (Glares) You DON’T know what I feel EVERYDAY! (Yells) JUST GET OFF MY BACK!

(Clover scoffs and leaves the room. Tohru stands up and glares as well. She rubs her elbow)

*CLOVER: [(Groans) Marty's ALWAYS the lucky one! I just want my SHARE of it! So what if I boss him? I'm his little sister! He should listen to ME!]

*TOHRU: [A sudden change in Clover's temperament. There's got to be some kind of catalyst for her behavior! (Furrows her brow) She's hurting people around her!]

(This coincides with the earlier plot. Robby's still sleeping... until he heard Clover yelling. He DARTS awake)


(Robby jumps off his bed. Marty notices him and calls his attention)

Marty: WAIT! (Robby ignores him so he can flee) I want to APOLOGIZE to him...

(Marty sighs. Zachary walks up to him)

Zachary: What for? You have never done anything AGAINST him. ... Not that I know of... Hold on...

(He pulls out his laptop and unnervingly checks his files. Marty sighs and brushes it off)

Marty: No I haven't. It's about CLOVER TERRORIZING him! Poor guy...

Zachary: (Puts an arm on Marty’s shoulder) It's NOT your fault Martin Shapiro. Your SISTER'S just a tad uncontrollable. DON'T let yourself be her servant!

Marty: (Sighs) You're right Zachary.

(Marty looks at the divider wall. He glares and groans)

Marty: I'm DONE! If she wants my help, she gotta RESPECT ME!

(Zachary nods. On cue, Clover BURSTS through the door)

Clover: ROBBY! WAKE UP sleepy hea-

(Clover notices that Robby's gone. She groans)

Clover: WHERE'S MY ROBBY?! (Zachary shrugs. Marty ignores her) You know, it's pretty DISRESPECTFUL not to address to your SISTER!

(No response from Marty. He’s just nonchalantly fixing his bed as if Clover wasn’t there)

Clover: (Glares at Marty) ... WHATEVER! I can do this ON MY OWN anyway!

(Clover nonchalantly leaves. Marty sighs after she’s gone. Zachary observes this)

*MARTY: [(Arms crossed) I'm normally a nice brother but when she suddenly TURNS ME into a DOORMAT, (Passive look) niceness to her leaves the window.]

___CLOAKED CRETINS CABIN___ Focus on the girls' side. Trishna is alone in the room, brushing her hair in her nightwear. Her minor bruises are starting to heal. She smirks at Peggy's empty bed...

TRISHNA: [Before ALL of you paint me as a villain, I just want to make it clear that I'm NOT RESPONSIBLE for the peasant’s elimination... Well not ENTIRELY responsible. I'm telling the truth when I said that I didn't made her limp, SOMEBODY must've gotten to her first before I had the chance to enact my REVENGE! Am I happy that she's GONE? TOTES! Do I feel GUILTY for it? (Grins) NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!]

(Trishna continues to brush her hair. Someone knocks at the door. ... ... She shrugs and ignores it. ...)

???: … Aren't YOU gonna let me in Trishna?!

Trishna: (Groans) The door is open!

(The door opens. MITCH comes in with a scowl in his face. Trishna decides to project a nice demeanor)

Trishna: OH! MITCH! How WONDERFUL of you to visit! I do APOLOGIZE for not answering. I have just been awoken by your MELODIOUS VOICE!

(Mitch raises an eyebrow)

Trishna: What is your purpose oh BRAVE and STRONG one?! Here to take the hand of the BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS?! (Smiles seductively and pulls her hand to him)

Mitch: ... (Deadpan) Yeah, that's what... No. (Shakes his head then glares) The REAL reason of my visit is to KNOW what did you do PEGGY!

Trishna: (Eye twitch) How many times do I have to tell you that I DON'T know what happened to that PEA-... that poor poor woman...

Mitch: And I DON'T believe a word you're saying! (He closes in to her face) YOU'RE the ONLY one here who can do such DESPICABLE action!

Trishna: (Smirks) Oh, WHAT are you going to do to ME?!

(Trishna coyly traces Mitch’s chest through his shirt with her fingers. He shivers and backs away)

Trishna: (Smirks) It's VERY UNCOUTH of you to HURT ME!

Mitch: I'll, I'll... (Puts on a serious face. LEERS) I'll LEAD this team for us to ELIMINATE YOU!

(They're face to face again... Trishna straight up KISSES him. He's SHOCKED. She breaks it and stands up)

Trishna: FINE, DO IT! I'm gonna watch you FAIL!

(Trishna coyly leaves the room leaving Mitch petrified)

*TRISHNA: [(Crossed legs) THAT should awaken his INNER DRIVE! Boys like it when you play HARD TO GET! (Smirks) We'll see what happens!]

*MITCH: [(Still shocked. He snaps out of it and wipes his lips off) I... I DON'T know what she's PLAYING, but I will NOT FALL FOR HER, EVER!]

___CALYPSO BEACH, BIG ROCKS___ Radlynn is behind the big rocks. She's alone. She seems to be sewing some black fabric. She seems to be enjoying it...

(Radlynn continues to sew the fabric. She's all too quiet. The scene behind her is peacefu-)

???: ... HIYA RADLYNN! (Radlynn JUMPS in fright) WHAT's Radlynn doing?!

(Radlynn turns around to see Sarge Fan)

Radlynn: S-SARGE FAN! Y-you SCARED ME!

(Sarge Fan tilts his head. Radlynn sighs)

Radlynn: SARGE FAN has SCARED Radlynn! So rude of Sarge Fan.

Sarge Fan: (GASPS horrendously) Sarge Fan DIDN'T mean to disturb Radlynn! Sarge Fan APOLOGIZES! (Radlynn nods) Hey! Where's Clarisse?!

Radlynn: Clarisse is over there, trying to do a sunbath.

(Radlynn points over to her doll which is laid out in a smaller rock nearby)

Radlynn: See? Right over there.

Sarge Fan: OH! (He waves enthusiastically at Clarisse) HIYA CLARISSE! (The doll does... nothing. Sarge Fan shrugs) So, WHAT is Radlynn doing behind these rocks?!

(Radlynn shows her black fabric. Sarge Fan gasps excitedly)

Sarge Fan: A CAPE! YES! Radlynn's gonna be a HEROINE!

Radlynn: Sure... let's go with that! (Notices that Sarge Fan's smile looks forced) Something going with Sarge Fan? Would Sarge Fan are to tell Radlynn of it?

Sarge Fan: Radlynn NOTICED, Sarge Fan's IMPRESSED! (Sighs glumly) It's about what happened to Peggy... Peggy didn't DESERVE any of it!

Radlynn: (Walks over to him and pats his back) There, there Sarge Fan. For sure, Peggy's gonna get treated well. Sarge Fan should lighten up!

Sarge Fan: Well, There's NO USE to mope around for something that's already lost...

(Radlynn nods. Sarge Fan stands up mightily)

Sarge Fan: Radlynn's right, Sarge Fan should FOCUS on what Sarge Fan likes most! To BE Sarge Fan's to be OPTIMISTIC! (Smiles widely) To be LIVELY! (Poses heroically) To be PLAYFUL! (Makes goofy faces) And to be PUBLICLY WIERD!

(Sarge Fan combines all of his previous poses. He’s smiling, posing heroically, and making goofy faces… at the SAME time. It IS weird! Radlynn raises a brow)

Sarge Fan: It's TIME to UNVEIL Sarge Fan's POWER! (Intense camera angle) FOURTH WALL AWARENESS!

(Sarge Fan turns to the camera and waves at the camera)

Sarge Fan: HI! Sarge Fan hopes that reading Total Drama Calypso Island has been a FUN experience! Feel free to leave a comment! TALLY HO! (Smiles WIDELY. ... Umm, thanks?)

*RADLYNN: [(Has Clarisse with her) ... I just don't know what happened... WHO is he TALKING TO?! Is there SOMEONE with a GREATER power that is currently WATCHING our every step and actions?! (Looks at the camera quite disturbed) IS THERE?! ... (Pauses) And I'm talking to a CAMERA...]

___CLOAKED CRETINS PORCH___ Prudence is doing her usual morning routine, brushing Pickle's mane. She's clearly enjoying it, barking in several occasions...

Prudence: Just a few more strokes and your fur shall be the SPITING image of perfection!

(Prudence giggles. Pickle barks happily. Momentarily, Cooper exits the door behind them)

Cooper: Good Morning Prude-

(Pickle attempts to GLOMP Cooper. He immediately cowers)


(Just before Pickle succeeds in her plan, Prudence quickly holds her in place. Cooper still stumbles to the ground)

Prudence: PICKLE! We have agreed for you to NEVER do that!

(Pickle moans. Cooper sits up and rubs his noggin)

Cooper: I-I appreciate your actions before Pickle had the possibility to ATTACK me Prudence! You have my thanks! (Prudence curtsies. He smiles at bit) So... umm... you have asked for my presence?!

(He looks at her inquisitively and with tantamount awkwardness)

Prudence: I did! (Smiles engagingly) I believe that I can HELP you reconcile your phobia with the animals!

Cooper: (Instantly becomes nervous) Uh, H-HOW would you like to proceed with that... And at what degree am I supposed to get INVOLVED?!

(Prudence cutely smiles. It helps Cooper to calm down a bit)

Prudence: Just listen to my STORY!

(Cooper ponders this and subsequently nods)

Prudence: Alright! You see, animals have this... SOOTHING effect on people. In a way, it draws out the inner caring aspects of us humans. As I see it, these creatures symbolize co-existence in a nutshell. Animals are similar with humans. We are living with them, growing alongside them, creating memories together, and helping each other in times of need. All of these things, they are just so WONDERFUL! They are beings of nature! We are so CONTROLLED by technology! It makes us uncaring. But with animals, you'll know they're gonna be there for you, ALWAYS!

*PRUDENCE: [That was actually the speech I had given in an animal pageant we both entered! (Smiles) We WON that one of course! (Pickle barks)]

(Cooper's motionless... He then slowly claps and puts a big smile for her)

Cooper: That is very EDUCATIONAL and very INSIGHTFUL Prudence!

Prudence: (Smiles at him) I'm glad you liked it! I believe that you could do this one simple task for me then... Here, hold PICKLE!

Cooper: (INSTANTLY freezes) W-WHAT?!

(Prudence does the puppy dog eyes in tandem with Pickle. Cooper's FLABBERGASTED)


(Prudence instantly beams. She puts Pickle on Cooper's lap. He's still terrified. Prudence places her palm onto his shoulder. He eases up a bit)

Prudence: There, there, everything's fine!

(Pickles tilts her head in a cute manner. Cooper's breathing becomes more and more normal)

Cooper: I-I-I guess you're not so bad...

(Cooper tries to pet Pickle. Unfortunately, Pickle instantly GLOMPS him down. Prudence gasps. Cooper perpetually freezes)

PRUDENCE: [(Sighs) I guess he's REALLY traumatized with animals huh?! It would take him a while to accept them. He's STILL TERRIFIED of my Pickle! (Smiles) But at least we're able to crack him a bit! Guess we should take him to the INFIRMARY then! (Pickle barks happily)]

___SECRET SCHMUCKS CABIN, HOT TUB___ The hot tub they've won is placed at the back of their cabin. It has a wooden base filled with bubbling hot water, like, duh. There's also a machine on the side to adjust the settings. It can fit up to ten people at once. Carlo, Rita and Carly are in their swimsuits, enjoying the hot tub.

(Carlo's telling them stories of his musical career. Rita's listening to him EAGERLY. Carly's also there, listening. This goes on for a few minutes)

(After some time, and Rudy comes by in his usual garbs. Carlo notices him)

Carlo: …

*CARLO: [… Okay, trying to not mind Rudy right now but that might be interpreted as being “cold” to him. (Breathes heavily) I got to go for a different tactic. (Short smile)]

Carlo: (Smiles engagingly) Hey Rudy! Come in, the water's fine!

(Carlo tries his best to act normally. Rudy puts a stoic glare. Rita crosses her arms while glaring at Rudy. Carly looks sheepishly at him)

Carlo: ... Umm… Is that a yes or a no?

(Rudy continues to walk away, ignoring their presence)

Carlo: ... (Sighs somberly) Guess he doesn't want to...

(Rita furrows her brow. Carly seems to be worried)

*RITA: [(Crosses her arms) I could NEVER understand him. WHY does he THINK that MY CARLO'S EVIL?! (Groans) I hate undecipherable people!]

Rita: Look my dear, I'd hate to cut your endearing story but... WHAT are we gonna do with THAT BOY?! He's SUSPECTING that you're evil!

Carlo: (GASPS horrendously) ... (Sighs somberly) So my speculation with Carly of him painting me as a villain are true... (Nervous) I-I DON'T exactly even know WHAT have I done to him! BUT, in all honesty, (Puts his hand on his chest) I can reassure you that I don't have any villainous intent against ANYONE in this show.

(Rita puts an arm in his bicep… then squeezes it a little)

Rita: (Smiles genuinely) I have complete and utter faith in you. (Carlo smiles) So, what are we gonna do with him?!

Carly: (Softly) I... I could...

(Carlo and Rita looks at Carly. Carly looks SURPRISED)

Carly: (Nervously) Umm, uhh, I don't know. Maybe I could, uh, p-possibly SPY on him?! (Carlo and Rita raise their brows) Just a suggestion...

Rita: ... (Clasps her hands) That... (She then SMILES) is a PERFECT idea Carly! (Carly's surprised) That way, we could find HIS WEAKNESSES in order to ELIMINATE HIM!

(Carlo and Carly looks at her in a bit of a shock)

Rita: ... Or make him open up just even for a little bit in order for us to deal with him in a civil and judicial manner? (Carlo smiles and nods) It's settled! Carly, you NEED to follow him around!

(Carly nods... and blushes)

*CARLY: [... I can't believe I even proposed that idea... (Blushes intensively) OH WHAT DID I DO?! (Stutters while shifting) H-He's... I-I'll... B-BUT... n-no... Erg... GAH! … (Sighs)]

___CALYPSO ISLAND, DINING HALL___ The members of the Hidden Hoodlums except from Utah are occupying their table. They're getting bowlfuls of chili...

(Rico has just finished serving them the chili)

Rico: A'right ya HOODLUMS! Ya gots ta eat EVERYTHING understood?!

(The chili looks SUPER spicy. The Hoodlums are just staring at their bowls blankly)



Rico: (Puts his hands on his hips) I'd KNEW ya maggots are gonna LOVE chili!

(Everyone starts eating. Rico leaves them alone. All of them IMMEDIATELY pushes their spicy chili bowls away from them)

(James looks at everyone then stands up. Maggie glares at him)

James: Everyone. (Everyone looks at him) I would like to apologize for my... inaction in yesterday's challenge, it was... unprofessional of me… (Nobly bows)

Maggie: (Stands up as well) I'd like to cut your MEANINGLESS monologue by stating that your INACTION had cost us OUR VICTORY yesterday!

Jame: (Rises up. Sternly) Everyone plays a role in here for us to reach the goal. We just don't have some structure yesterday. All I can do is to assure-

Maggie: (Interjects) HOW can you possibly assure that in every challenge YOUR INEFFICIENCIES AS A LEADER (Leers) WON'T FALTER?!

James: (Glares) THAT is what I'm TRYING to address in this meeting. I'm ENSURING that we WILL have STRUCTURE in future challenges.

Maggie: (Arms crossed) I, like everytime, DON'T BELIEVE a word you're saying! I'll say, let the team VOTE on whether YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY!

James: FINE! (To his team) Who in here believes that I am a capable, just, competent, honest, dutiful, responsible and considerate individual?

(James, Alberto, Chuck, Roy, and eventually, Connor raises their hands)

Connor: I’d pick Jerry over MARBIE any day! (Crosses his arms)

Maggie: (Groans) And who in here thinks that James' WORTHLESS and that I'M a MUCH BETTER candidate for leadership in EVERY WAY?!?!

(Maggie, Penny, Mindy and Willow raises their hands)

Maggie: ... I, and my peers, can VOUCH for UTAH'S SUPPORT should she be in here!

James: (Nods) I presume that would most definitely be the case. I propose for the CHALLENGE to choose the APPROPRIATE leader then.

(Maggie is STILL glaring at him)

Maggie: ... For once, and just THIS once, I shall AGREE.

(Maggie and James continue to glare at each other, no one flinches. The rest have different expressions)

*JAMES: [I know deep in my heart that I'm a capable leader. Maggie's a great one too but only for women-kind. It is clearly imbalanced.]

*CHUCK: [(Shrugs) I guess Lead didn’t need my help for trying to bring order in the team. (Mellowly smiles) Lead is an AWESOME leader! He’s giving everyone a fair chance.]

*MAGGIE: [I've been giving James the spotlight but as expected, NOTHING'S IMPROVING and EVERYTHING’S UNFAIR! (Sternly) I’ll ALWAYS believe that the GUYS are the PROBLEM!]

*ROY: [Connor's right, Maggie's SCARY! (Sighs) I'm hoping all my training would pay off... though I think I might have agitated Connor a bit...]

Ivy: {Attention everyone! The challenge would start in TEN MINUTES so wrap things up and then come to the forest clearing! OVER!}

(The Hoodlums prepare to leave)

Maggie: I should better get UTAH because that's what a RESPONSIBLE LEADER SHOULD DO! (Leaves the premises)

James: Well, you heard the host. Move along team. (Leaves with the others)

(Only Alberto, Chuck and Penny remains. Penny walks over to Chuck. She doesn't notice Alberto standing next to him yet)

Penny: Hey Chuck!

*PENNY: [So I decided to approach CHUCK today. (Blushes a bit) He’s just so friendly and REALLY engaging! (Smiles genuinely) I can feel that he won’t be a bad influence and that I can stay modest like what I always strive for.]

(Penny’s eyes are wandering off, not looking directly at him. She seems to be nervous)

Penny: Wonderful day we're having huh? You... uh... I dunno... wanna walk together to the forest clearing... WITH ME?!

(Penny’s still not looking at them. Chuck and Alberto exchange some glances)

Chuck: SURE! (Mellowly smiles) You can tag along with me AND Alberto!

Penny: Wuh-huh?

(Penny finally looks at them. She blushes in embarrassment)

Penny: OH! ALBERTO! … Hi there... (Awkwardly waves)

*ALBERTO: [(Smiling WIDELY) So Hawaiian Dude DID pay off! J-! P-! K-? … I’m just gonna address to her as 'Lavender Lady'. Anyway, she just APPROACHED us today! And she BLUSHED! (Blushes a bit) That’s kinda cute. (Smiles while blushing)]

Penny: So... umm… are you still up for the offer?

(Alberto smiles WIDELY… but he talks almost TOO ecstatically)

Alberto: Of course! I mean, sure, WE don't mind! I NEVER minded your presence! (BIG grin) TOTALLY!

Chuck: ...

(Awkward silence. Penny's blushing and looking away. Alberto's sweating nervously without moving from his grin TURNED sheepish smile)

Chuck: ... You know what, the others MUST'VE been waiting for us! Let's go!

(Chuck leads the way out. The two follow him awkwardly)

*PENNY: [(Blushes in embarrassment) ... I didn't know Alberto was still there! It would be awkward to flirt WITH CHUCK if he's still there... (Her eyes widens) … Y-yeah...]

*ALBERTO: [(Fidgety) W-Was that TOO OBVIOUS?! (Gulps) I HOPE that she wouldn't find me WIERD or anything! I-I've NEVER done this before!]

*CHUCK: [Making those two work maybe tough... but it’s my job. (Mellowly smiles) Anyway, it'll all turn out to be good in the end! I KNOW there was a connection! I KNOW it!]

___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ Ivy has led them into a clearing. Open fields, cool breeze, a perfect picnic spot... Save for the GIGANTIC crate in middle. Tohru is noticeably wearing some kind of cute cowgirl costume. They all stand attentively... Except for Ninjoy who's just standing still… like a dummy… That’s suspicious...

Ivy: (Smiles) My, my, I can see the enthusiasm in your eyes (She spots Tohru) Tohru, aren't YOU an adorable little flower? (Tohru curtsies)

*TOHRU: [Whenever I feel stressed, I ALWAYS find ways to let my stress flow in a pacifistic way. COSPLAYING IS FUN! (Makes different anime poses)]

*ZACHARY: [(He nosebleeds while shivering. He grasps his beanie) AUGH! She is DRVING ME CRAZY! I-I-I don't think I can HOLD IT ANYMORE!]

Ivy: Alright, let's get this challenge underway! As you all know, PEGGY has been removed from the competition due to serious injuries.

(The Hidden Hoodlums and Secret Schmucks gasp. The Cloaked Cretins sighs)

Ivy: ... I guess NOT all of you know it... Well yeah, that happened. But anyway, we're going to do the challenge in commemoration to her.

(Ivy clasps her hands)

Ivy: (Professionally) It's going to be a Wild Wild West! There will be a total of TEN mini challenges so set your BEST players for hard ones because you can only use them ONCE!

*MAGGIE: [(She groans) THIS is so UNFAIR in multitudinous ways! HOW can I show OUR DOMINANCE if we can only participate only ONCE?!]

*JAMES: [(Shrugs) This is actually a great challenge. Here, we could assess our weaknesses so we can improve them for future trials. (Smiles)]

*MITCH: [(Grasps his head) Alright Mitch, DON'T PANIC Mitch! This is your FIRST time to try LEADING the team Mitch! NOW is the time for you to SHOW what you're REALLY made of Mitch! You CAN do this Mitch! Mitch BELIEVES in you Mitch! ... ... I'm sounding A LOT like Sarge Fan...]

*RITA: [FINALLY! A challenge where we can see WHO is REALLY helping us and WHO is ACCOUNTABLE for our losses! ... I hope it's RUDY!]

Connor: So WHAT are those challenges exactly?! (Arms on his hips) I don't want a LOUSY TRIAL! (Leers at Roy) Those are for WEAKLINGS! (Roy gulps)

Ivy: Well, as you can see, THAT'S the TWIST! I'm NOT going to tell you what these challenges are. (They all gasp) ALL of you are going to be STRATEGIC about it!
Your first task is to DELEGATE such challenges amongst yourselves. As I have mentioned earlier, we have TEN mini-challenges but to save time, you're performing them in FIVE different areas where TWO challenges are going to run simultaneously. I'm going to give you some subtle hints so your delegation won't seem to be random. There also MIGHT be some instances where the challenge MIGHT interdepend so choose your partners WISELY!

(Ivy turns to the Cloaked Cretins)

Ivy: As for the Cretins, once ALL of you have finished once, the first to fourth participants WILL participate AGAIN for the seventh to tenth challenges!

(Ivy turns to everyone. She pulls up a clipboard)

Ivy: I'm going to give you a piece of paper and pen each for you to write down your members and THIRTY MINUTES for you to strategize! Pick WISELY!


Mitch: L-l-look team...

(Mitch glances to Trishna’s direction. She's coyly smirking at him. He breathes deeply to build up his composure. He puts a serious face)

Mitch: Look, I know that PEGGY used to lead us but since she's... away, someone should step up. If it's alright with you all, I'D like to do this!

Prudence: (Smiles) Aww, Mitch! That's so VALIANT of you to look for us! (She smiles) I agree to give the LEADERSHIP to you! You DESERVE it!

(Cooper nods. Sarge Fan smiles. Radlynn shrugs. Trishna smirks)

Mitch: (Smiles) Thanks for believing in ME! Alright everyone HUDDLE up and let's strategize!

(The Cretins huddle up, squeezing in just to fit the screenshot. It looks uncomfortable. Meh)

(The paper shows FIVE icons which symbolize the hints. The first one's a piece of hay. The next one is a fish and some utensils. The next is blob of mud and a tin can. The next one is a paw print. The last one's a banjo.)

Mitch: Hmm, interesting. So Cooper, since you like puzzles, what do you think WE should do?!

Cooper: Y-you're consulting... ME?!

(Mitch smiles and nods. The rest looks to Cooper and nods as well)

Cooper: (Smiles and flushes) A-ALRIGHT!

Mitch: We can give you time for you to decipher it. (Cooper nods) I think we should also consider that Radlynn should participate more often. Not that I’m saying anything but you had to sit out yesterday in favor for me to participate. But I believe that you have a LOT to offer to us!

Radlynn: (Shrugs and nods) Me and Clarisse just slept yesterday at the cabins. I understand that I should participate more.

Prudence: (Smiles) I've seen you SO CLOSE with Sarge Fan! I think you two would make a powerful pair!

Sarge Fan: AGREE! Sarge Fan, Radlynn, AND Clarisse had been OFFICIALLY been friends five literature deviations ago. TALLY HO!

(Everyone looks at Sarge Fan in a confused manner. What literature deviations?)

Trishna: Ignoring that, can I participate in the THIRD one?!

(Mitch glares at Trishna’s direction)

Trishna: LOOK, I know my place. I'm probably the WEAKEST member of this team in terms of PHYSICAL strength. So unless you want to RELY on me for TWO challenges, you'd consider my generous offer! (Smirks)

(Mitch glares at Trishna… but it eventually softens)

Mitch: Point taken, you all got that Cooper? (He nods) Alright, let's make this challenge FUN!

(The Cretins smile and cheer)

*MITCH: [(Smiles) Leading seems to be easy when your teammates are kind and considerate... except for Trishna... (Shrugs. Smiles with more confidence) We can DO this!]

*PRUDENCE: [Mitch is a VERY efficient leader. His gentle leadership style works well to a team of down sized people. (Smiles) Which is VERY nice!]

*TRISHNA: [(Files her nails without looking at the camera) Yeah, whatevs. I’m fine with stating the facts especially when my BEAUTY’s at stake! (Rolls her eyes) Duh! Every SUPERMODEL knows that. (Blows her nails)]


Clover: Let's make this challenge a FUN and EXCITING! SO WHO'S WITH ME?!

(Robby, Rudy, Rita and Tohru are glaring at her. Marty looks away from her. Rita crosses her arms)

Rita: DON'T expect that we are just gonna forget the CALLOUSNESS you've projected yesterday!

(Clover's enthusiasm falters. She looks at Robby, he turns his nose away from her. She sighs and steps off)

Rita: Alright, HOW do we pick?!

Carlo: I think we SHOULD consider someone with a fair amount of SKILL and EXPERTISE!

(He motions his gaze over to Ninjoy. She STILL looks suspiciously still. She hasn't moved an inch... it's creepy)

Carly: Umm... That's a LOT of DEVOTION...

Tohru: ... Okay... I think that the challenges are going to get tougher as we go on and I'm not so well equipped sooo... Can I volunteer earlier?

Zachary: (Excitedly) OF COURSE YOU CAN! By the way, you are TOTALLY rocking that cowgirl getup!

(Zachary giggles profusely. He's looking at her... midsection... but goes unnoticeable due to their difference in height)

Tohru: Aww! THANKS ZACH!

(Tohru tips her hat on him. Zachary fawns over her. Marty notices Clover stalking towards Robby)


(Robby looks behind him and DODGES Clover right on time before she could SQUEEZE the life out of him. Clover gasps then GROWLS at Marty. She groans and walks away. Marty walks over to Robby)

Marty: Hey man, I'm REALLY sorry for my sister. THIS's really getting out of hand and-... Are you FILLING up the sheet already?!

(Rudy's indeed filling up the sheet. Robby helps him in doing so)

Marty: ... Wouldn't that affect the whole challenge?

(Robby and Rudy looks at him, deadpan)

Rita: WAIT, WHAT?! (Marches up to the three) WHAT are YOU THREE DOING?!

(Rita SWIPES the sheet from Rudy. Marty gasps, he's being blamed, again. Rita gnashes her teeth in front of them)


(Marty sinks. Rudy and Robby could care less. Carlo calms her down and takes a look at the sheet)

Carlo: Huh, I think they may be on to something in here!

(He lets the others have a look while he continues to calm Rita down)

Carly: It’s still unfinished, but I guess we just have to TRUST what they have already!

(Rudy looks away. Carly gulps)

*RITA: [(Rubs her temples while furrowing her brows) All of them, they are STRESSING me out! I need coffee, I need space, I need my Carlo!]


Maggie: I have a proposal. Attention to ME please! (Everyone looks at her) I say that the GUYS shall participate in the FIRST challenges! I think-

James: (Interjects) Permission to interrupt. I oppose to your proposal by stating that we must use our diversity to accomplish the challen-

Maggie: (Interjects. LEERS) How RUDE of you to interrupt a WOMAN! And are you saying that MY plan is inefficient?! Are YOU saying that the WOMENFOLK is UNRELIABLE?! ARE YOU?!

James: (Nonchalant) Not at all. I acknowledge your prowess very much. I'm just stating that there may be some challenges that would be most appropriate for each of us. Additionally, I think it’s reasonable to assume that the challenges are going to get tougher. We must reserve the skilled ones for such challeng-

Maggie: (Interjects) So you ARE UNDERESTIMATING US!

(Maggie scowls LEERS at James’ face)


James: Of course you do.

(James LEERS at Maggie as well)

James: (Intimidatingly honest) But are you're saying that you're willing to FORCE UTAH in front of a challenge that she CAN probably do BUT she would STRUGGLE with because of her CONDITION?

(Maggie GASPS horrendously. She felt the terror through her bones. She looks at Utah, she's still fidgety)

Maggie: ... S-she's an EXCEPTION! (Groans) But FINE! For Utah's sake, have it YOUR WAY! (She walks over to Utah)

*MAGGIE: [(Groans. She glares. Her arms are crossed) It was just a TEENSY miscalculation! Women are ALWAYS battered when they're LOW!]

*JAMES: [I would respect her more if she fights for equality instead of over the top feminism. (Shrugs) Until she simmers down, I would just be indifferent.]

*CHUCK: [Those two are BORDERLINE going to MAKE OUT! … If they don’t resent each other… IIIIIIII... see a spark… (Awkwardly chuckles) but it’s very very very very faint…]

Connor: (Scoffs) Let's just START already! Let me see the list!

(Connor swipes it from Willow. Willow gazes at him in an EERIE fashion. Connor just ignores her)

Connor: Hmm... Oooooooh! A banjo! (Smiles) That means SINGING! (Scoffs) I CAN SING! Watch me! L-

(Roy instinctively GRABS his head and SCREAMS instantly. Connor's interrupted)

Penny: I can vouch for Roy's protest that you... CAN'T sing. Sorry.

(Connor pauses... then LEERS at Roy)

*CONNOR: [(Groans while glaring) I took that WIMP under my wing and THIS is how he REPAYS ME?! He DESERVES some kind of punishment! NO MORE encouraging songs for him! (Crosses his arms) HMMPH!]

James: Listen, I have already made an assessment. You can always object if you do not agree.

(Maggie prepares to object but-)

James: UTAH (Maggie freezes and shuts up) and PENNY should take the second challenge. The hint suggests that the challenge shall take place in a lake, the most peaceful location of this island. I have also taken into account that Penny is Utah’s close friend so I suggested to pair them together. Additionally, it is one of the ‘earlier’ challenges and I believe that you want to participate in the latter ones Maggie.

(Maggie eyes widens. She looks at Utah who is taken care of by Penny. She groans and defeatedly nods)

James: Next, ROY and MINDY should take the first challenge. (Maggie GASPS) Mindy’s the most creative member of our team and the hint depicts hay. Hay is commonly used for feeding animals but that is a mundane challenge. Other uses of hay includes the ‘Needle on a Haystack’ game and making scarecrows. I believe that Mindy befits the latter category and Roy’s nimble body befits the former. You can always object.

(Everyone’s just SILENT. Even MAGGIE finds James’ terms reasonable and she DOES. NOT. LIKE. IT.)

James: Alright. I believe that CHUCK and MAGGIE should-

Maggie: (Furiously) HOLD IT!!!

(Everyone stares at Maggie in shock)

Maggie: I am NOT going to be PAIRED UP with-

(Maggie points to Chuck with DISGUST. Penny gasps)

Maggie: -THAT! And I’m NOT participating on the EARLIE-

James: (Continues) –take the LAST challenge.

(Maggie GASPS in shock)

James: (Turns to Maggie) You want to prove it to yourself that you want to be the leader so I am giving you the challenge that will best show your skills. I am not pairing you with myself because we would just be upstaging each other. I want to separate us so we can show to each other what we really got. Unfortunately, I can not pair you up with Willow because- (Looks at Willow)

Willow: … (Shrugs) One doesn’t like expressing emotions. The banjo looks ‘fun’. One doesn’t do things for fun…

(James nods and turns to everyone)

James: The hint could pertain singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. Chuck is our most engaging member and my gut tells me that he can provide at least one of those and if not, Maggie can compensate for his… ‘ineffectiveness’. (Shrugs) It is the LAST challenge so it must have a degree of difficulty to it.

(Chuck just shrugs and mellowly smiles. Penny blushes at his direction. Maggie’s just… speechless…)

James: Next, I will assign MYSELF with CONNOR to the fourth challenge. Though my correlation is a bit unfounded, (Looks directly at Maggie) giving Connor the spot would satisfy his cravings for professional prowess. (Bluntly) He would not pester you if he is satisfied.

(Maggie’s STILL speechless. Connor smirks, liking his spot and Maggie getting floored)

James: And lastly, by process of elimination, WILLOW and ALBERTO are left with the third challenge. Admittedly, I am quite baffled by the third hint but I believe that both Willow and Alberto can adjust to the randomness of the challenge.

(Alberto smiles contentedly. Willow just shrugs)

James: Any objections?

*MINDY: [(GRINS) DAAAAAAAAAAAANG! The HOTTEST man on this island on FIRE today! (Shrugs) I DON’T care what Maggie tells me about them. He’s HOT! Period! (Thinks) Though his hair’s kinda plain. (GRINS) He’d be HOTTER if it’s styled into a CREW CUT! OH! Or if it’s like a WISP! And that its naturally BLOND, (Daydreams) and he’s wearing a silver TANK TOP, and he has a SNAKE TATTOO on his bicep that just (Swoons) WIGGLES whenever he FLEXES! (Sighs romantically)]

*JAMES: [(Straight faced) I need to make up for my inaction yesterday. (Smiles confidently)]

*MAGGIE: [… (She’s crossing her arms while looking… vulnerable? … She then shakes her head and tries to be confident)]

(James smiles warmly. Maggie looks glum in the background)

James: Then let's prove that WHATEVER's AGAINST us, we'll FIGHT BACK full on FORCE.

Hoodlums: YEAH! / GO LEAD! / I FEEL EMPOWERED! / He NOT that great! / YES! / WE CAN DO THIS! / ... / Y-yeah... / WOOHOO! / OH YEAH! / Whatever!

___CALYPSO FOREST, FOREST CLEARING___ Ivy blares her airhorn after ten minute strategizing. Each team gives her back the list that contains their order

Ivy: Times up people, attention ME! (Chuckles) Like ALWAYS! Let's see if you had made the right choices. Lets start the first mini-challenge! AFTER the break! Find out if they made the RIGHT choices here on Total Drama Calypso Island!

To be continued…
TDCI Ep 5: Hold Your Horses (Pt 1)
Total Drama Calypso Island is a fan work inspired from the "Total Drama" franchise which belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.

Additionally, Total Drama Calypso Island is centered around the characters and an AU island all of which belongs to Flipline Studios and its creators, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.

I CAN'T believe that my Chuck fanart made it to Peggy's Fan Art Round Up!

I'd like to THANK the Flipline Browsing Committee! : DDD


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