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space channel 5

yet again, another half assed cosplay we only wore once during the con. it was probably one of my favorites though, due to the fact i used to love the game on dreamcast, and we had BUBBLES.
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We’re on a baby hunt, and don’t think we don’t know how to weed them out.
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OMG there's someone else that knows what a dreamcast is! I that I was one of the few people left that knew of it (you know, minus the major gamer people) and BUBBLES are awesome, I find them to be a good way to attract attention to yourself.
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I saw you guys in a newspaper a while back and I think I still have it! but man, I was staring at it and i was like hey they look familiar!
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OMG this is awesome XDDDD
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this is so damn awesome!
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I like that this is your standard for "half assed". Am so grape jelly.
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Oh man, this is such a cool shot with the bubbles.
You all look great! :heart:
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hotness alllll over
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Your group was fantastic <3 I was so excited to see Space Channel 5.
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BUBBLES! Great shot!! Such a cute Ulala tooo! (:
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