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I've been far too inactive lately, and that's going to change, I promise. I moved to Seattle, WA, so I've been trying (and mostly failing) to adjust.

I got new lenses for Christmas so I'm desperate to get out and shoot. If you want to shoot with me, or know good places to go take pictures, let me know. I need photography buddies. For real. Especially if you like having your picture taken and you're willing to work TFP/TFCD. By the way my new lenses are pretty pretty pretty. My 50mm f/1.4 is quickly becoming my favorite - fast as hell, and the compact-ness means that I don't mind that it's prime. Though my 24-70mm f/2.8 has the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen.
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So hows the move treatin ya??? I moved almost a year ago to the area.. theres so many possibilities in Seattle for photography I wouldn't even know where to tell you haha, just wonder around and opportunity will find you...
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Discovery Park is a great place to shoot outdoors. It's huge and there are some old army buildings around as well (but there's still an active army base nearby -- small, but make sure to be careful which buildings are occupied!). Also, at the end of summer there are more blackberries than you can eat :faint:

A lot of people like Gasworks Park for photography, but I've never been there myself so I can't recommend it.

Otherwise, walk the streets with your camera and have fun! Seattle's gorgeous ^^

(I used to live there and still miss it sometimes)
Oh man!!! Did you really head to the Pacific Northwest?? Something crazy - my arrival date is February 13th. I'm moving to Olympia, WA. Where in Seattle are you? <3