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Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge!

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Hehe I joined the bangwagon hehe

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BuXiXNew Deviant

This is an epic pixel :D

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moaiboiiNew Deviant

so nice


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twilycoreNew Deviant
this is so cute!
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LunaW0lfeNew Deviant

This is super cool! :p

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Marichat1111New Deviant

it looks the same as the other sailor moon drawing like what's the deal with that?😑😷😒

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WitchedhourNew Deviant

Please respect artists and what they do. It's amazing how much they can do and it's really rude to just downright disrespect the artwork. It's okay to give constructive criticism on the other hand but just not downright disrespect the creator. Not cool

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Marichat1111New Deviant

Who like sailor moon that show is soooo last century.

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GlitchyDogNew Deviant

lol why is this a trend

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BloodyWingHobbyist Digital Artist

I love this entry for the _bangwagon_ moistplz

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xxetheralNew Deviant

This is adorable!

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DazzzlesKissUwUNew Deviant


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sophixartNew Deviant

this is so good!!!

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Pearly-DreamHobbyist General Artist

very nice! I haven't seen any pixel style redraws before now, it's great! :D

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BlueRainArtistryHobbyist Digital Artist
#31 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 
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Thank you <3

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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
Nice! ^^
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I have a question about this. When was this a thing? Because I'm seeing more of these on this site.
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It's always been a thing apparently, but this image in particular spiked in popularity a few days ago. You can see it in the hashtag #sailormoonredraw
I am dominantly on twitter, and that was where it was most popular!I just want to keep my DA to have all my art on it, so I dump even if its not relevant ahah
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Do you know who came up with this idea?

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Not a clue, I just started to see it all of the sudden. But like I have said its always been a thing?

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this redraw is soo good omfgggg 
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WEEEPPS TYSMMM-- I die for the hairr
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