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2PM Animals

Here, we have Okcat doing some aegyo that he loves so much just as his new suit. He doesn’t care what others say because he knows he’s just so goddamn cute in it. Thus, he is off on cloud nine when Chanana is showing off his treat. His love for bananas is known worldwide, and a single banana can brighten up his day. From waving his arms about wildly from joy he accidently hits the Emperor. In a fetal position from having no leg space, he topples over easily. Unable to move freely and quickly like the others, he actually has to waddle around.

On the other hand, the Tibetan Fox was howling loudly in sadness for unknown reasons. It’s was though he was calling out for someone.. Not knowing what to do, Meerkhun tried to calm him down with a pink stuffed bunny that they all decided to name Leadja. Thinking the bunny would help, the fox just cried louder. Going unnoticed, Pansu slept. He had exhausted himself by running around cuddling each member and interrogating them in dialect non-stop. With all the noise surrounding him he was unmoved except for subtle movements and his deep snores.


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;w; That's so cuteeee! I love Junsu! and the description is so sweet! <3
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if you've read the description i've already implied who the members are in order, but if you didn't catch that then from left to right it's: taecyeon, chansung, junho, wooyoung, nichkhun, and junsu in the front.
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OMG! This is so cute I don't even have the right words! They are all so cute! I love Chan and his banana showing Taec!!!
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haha thank youu X)
this is cute! i like :) haha
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This is adorable.
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haha cute story plot ^^
they all look adorable~ :meow:
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this is the cutest thing ever! and i loved reading the text too :) please draw more pictures like this!
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