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[ BnHA OC ] | Katsura Tachibana



1000000 years later... I'm finally done with my bby's ref sheet ;u;
Trying to draw in BNHA style was HARD AF

This is what I imagine Katsura was/is like during her time at U.A before she became a pro

██ General Information

Name : Katsura Tachibana  (塩崎茨, Tachibana Katsura )

Nickname(s) : Katsu/Kat

Alias: Hairess

Epitaph: The Hair-Dressed Heroine

Occupation: Student 

Class: 2-A

Age: 16

Nationality: Filipino/Japanese

██ Quirk Information

Quirk: Animated Hair
Quirk Type: Mutant

Animated Hair : Katsura possesses a long, thick head of hair that CAN NOT be controlled and its shown to have a mind of its own. It moves as if it were countless thin appendages growing from her head, bares a resistances similar to iron and exercises super strength. It can perform large feats such as a lengthy whip, a shied, even armor and can also complete complex act of coordination such as writing or lock picking if it wanted to. Katsura's scalp, skull, and neck do not support the weight of an object that her hair lifts, however she does have to constantly take into account of the momentum that her form has to alleviate and therefore tends to get knocked around or dragged a lot.

If cut, the hair regrows extremely quickly and though it is not completely resistant when forced it tries to regenerate as fast as possible to compensate for the loss of fibers. Katsura's hair is known to act on its own emotion and has since grown very attached to its host, therefore protecting the user at all times even if that requires some offensive techniques.

Katsura does often share one-sided dialogue with her hair, and seems to enjoy the relationship very much. While her hair does not talk or even make sounds, it does express itself through small actions such as wagging like a tail, waving, twirling, tapping on surfaces or even curling about.
Sometimes it seems like the two are on the same page when it comes to combat and other times it is noted that Katsura out loud says what she is planning to do so her hair can confirm and comply. There are even moments of miscommunication between the two— such as Katsura wanting to leave the house and her hair tieing her back to her bed so the two could sleep in.

Katsura refers to her hair as "she" and "her", which sometimes confuses others. Her hair likes to be brushed daily and loves the days when it gets to be deep conditioned. It's intelligence level is unknown.

Weakness : While if cut, her hair will regrow back instantly, the one major downfall to her quirk is the short black lock of baby hairs at the nape of her neck, if snipped or shaved, then her quirk is temporarily destroyed until that particular patch naturally grows pass it's original length, therefore rendering her quirkless for some months. Her hair can also only take so much damage at a time; over a course of damage like extensive heat or friction, ends will fray and lessen in strength and elasticity. Due to this, Katsura's mother spends A LOT of money on expensive shampoos and conditioners (lol). Another minor weakness is the small miscommunication between the two, if Katsura wanted to stay in a battle where her hair knew it was outmatched, and etc.


  Power  [4/5] B
  Speed  [4/5] B
  Technique[5/5] A
  Intelligence [4/5] B
  Cooperativeness[1/5 ] E

*Low scoring in cooperativeness is due to Katsura's hair not always complying with plans whether on a team or just with Katsura herself. 

██ Personality

Katsura is surprisingly known for befriending many students of the various classes at U.A— regardless of her cooperation scores, outside of combat, she is known to be very open-minded and accepting, despite her unapproachable aura. She is shown to be calm, clever, and perhaps at times, apathetic. Despite being rather quiet, when riled up or agitated she can get mouthy and snide. She seems to be bored with certain activities at U.A and therefore isn't in any clubs. Though seemingly unapproachable, she keeps the friends she has close to her and is seen as very protective over them. Katsura gets easily embarrassed when talking about personal things like feelings and ideas but isn’t afraid to do things her way if she feels it is right, with no care whether or not of what others will think or if they will follow.

██ Trivia

- She genuinely thinks mental-based quirks are the neatest thing since sliced bread
- Still has a bit of her Filipino accent
- Speaks both Tagalog and Japanese
- Currently, variations of the hair quirk is known to be passed down to only the females in the family
- She originally wanted her hero name to be Medusa but her classmates talked her out of it

I'll add her history, hero equipment, family, relationships, etc. another day! >.<
I have it but really, who wants to read ALL of that

Boku no Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi
Katsura Tachibana by katsuraolivia

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ngl gives me entrapta vibes from she-ra

Do you still use this OC? I'm asking because I'm interested in adopting this character if it comes to it.
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Yes I still use her and am still active with her on Instagram.
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She looks amazing! And yes BNHA style is HARD. Although I drew Bakugo....its still hard :,( but awesome drawing! I like Medusa tbh 😅

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What if someone cuts her hair

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Hey! Im writing a BNHA Fanfic Au called the next gen. Cliché I know. In this however im taking peoples OC’s and adding them into the class. I have currently 10/20 students, so I was wondering if I could add yours into the fanfic.

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Can she swing using her hair? Like Tarzan 😂
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That would be epic lmao
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Washing that must be a nightmare lol
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She's so beautiful ^^

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Her hero costume reminds me of Medusa of the Inhumans.
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That’s what I was gonna say.
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Hairy Situation to face her as a Villain :XD: :D
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I like the word play with the hero name.  The outfit also gives me some ideas for the hero attire for one of my OCs.
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Thanks! It sorta just hit me one day.
and thats really cool! It took me ages to come up with hers,
even then I sometimes think redesigning it 
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Are there any fabrics?
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Sorry, auto correct.
I love your OC so much! She is so stunning and I love her costume design. You are so talented! <3
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She's gorgeous in her hero suit
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a girl that uses her hair to fight whare have i seen that before HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 
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Everywhere : )
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a girl that uses her hair to fight whare have i seen that before HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 
Hrm. A girl with red hair, that is extremely long and very powerful. Who also just happened to want her Hero Name to be Medusa...

Is that a Marvel reference my eyes do see?
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