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Dr Strange by MaxGrecke Dr Strange :iconmaxgrecke:MaxGrecke 520 17 More Than 200 Historical Weapons by AtriellMe More Than 200 Historical Weapons :iconatriellme:AtriellMe 224 76 Tahu by Just-Rube Tahu :iconjust-rube:Just-Rube 283 17 takanuva by Just-Rube takanuva :iconjust-rube:Just-Rube 217 23 Akamai Trio by Just-Rube Akamai Trio :iconjust-rube:Just-Rube 167 36
Den Man-Den: Pt. 2
Genjutsu Master: All of Higakure is thankful that Den changed his path in life and pursued his natural talents in Genjutsu, as he is now among the most accomplished masters in his age-range. In all likelihood, he will continue to fulfill his potential and rise to the top of the Jōnin rank, a title he is guaranteed as soon as the Age of Remembrance Tournament concludes. He is capable of overpowering all but the strongest wills, inventing innovative jutsu that go beyond normal illusions, forcing the bodies of his enemies and allies to activate or deactivate natural bodily functions. His skill combines with his willpower and his own body awareness to give him an exceptional immunity to other Genjutsu users; they find him particularly difficult to fool, even those who use Dōjutsu. Although he has never encountered the Hosokugan, considered to be the most potent illusionary Dōjutsu in the Southern Lands, he has trained extensively against its lesser r
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 7 0
Isseki Gendo Takadai: Pt. 2
Zanpakutō Name: Oyasuminasai (Goodnight)
Zanpakutō Appearance:
As Warden of the Maggot’s Nest, Isseki Gendo Takadai is bound by the laws of the unit that he oversees. His Zanpakutō spends most of its time sealed within the highest floor of the prison alongside the sealed forms of other guards and Shinigami prisoners. No weapons are allowed in the complex below, a safeguard meant to the occasional riots from turning fatal, and Isseki follows these guidelines to the letter, leading his men by strict example. Outside of his personal time, sparring matches, or declarations of open war, the Executioner is entirely unarmed. Unfortunately for those who would see this as a weakness, Takadai’s tremendous strength and mastery of Hakuda more than make up for his lack of weaponry. His Zanpakutō is almost exclusively used for the pacification potential of his Shikai, a potent power used to protect Soul Society and put a swift end to any insurrections ha
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 8 13
Isseki Gendo Takadai: Pt. 1
Name: Isseki Gendo Takadai
Nickname(s): The Executioner; the Nightmare; the Warden of the Maggot’s Nest
Age: 401
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 2nd Division Lieutenant (Lieutenant of the Onmitsukidō, Warden of the Maggot's Nest)
Appearance: Isseki Gendo Takadai, now respected and feared as the executioner of the Gotei 13 and a powerful member of the Lieutenant-class, was born into the dust and destitution of outer Rukongai. His parents provided when they could, taking odd-jobs and seasonal work in lieu of steady income. This earned them just enough to afford a meager home and the occasional toy for their beloved son. Though wracked by poverty, the young Takadai was a bright and energetic child who was loved and accepted by the hard-working folk of his district. He was appreciative of all that he had, however little it was, and this positive attitude—along with his friendline
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 7 4
Carrion Lagurr: Pt. 2
Zanpakutō Name: Ostra (Oyster)
Zanpakutō Appearance: A visually striking Zanpakutō with a unique form and function, Ostra, the whip-like weapon of Carrion Lagurr, is known and feared among the masses of Hueco Mundo. It is the sealed Hollow-form of an Espada, and within it rests the atmospheric powers of an Adjuchas that managed to single-handedly amass an army that changed the face of the renaissance, securing a privilege that would one day be known as the epicenter of the plane’s military forces. Thankfully for the people of La Gran Sala, Carrion is prone to kindness, and this fearsome weapon is never used against his followers. Instead, it sees itself released upon the foolish Hollow who refuse to join the new age. To them, Ostra is a sign of a coming apocalypse, and the rare survivors of Carrion’s hunting trips tell sobering, terrible stories of the weapon that slaughtered their comrades and the emotionless sadist who wielded it.
Ostra takes
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 8 11
Tii: Pt. 2
Incredible Speed: Though Tii is—without question—best known for his outstanding skills with a blade, many agree that his true ‘talent’ lies in his speed, which has always been far beyond that of his peers, regardless of how much focus it received during his training. He can almost effortlessly outpace roughly half of his village’s Jōnin, and only a shallow handful can overtake him when he puts forth his full effort. His speed is so awesome that many of his duels with other Kenjutsu masters are won before his opponents have a chance to draw their weapons. This overwhelming skill—which is well-documented in the Age of Remembrance Tournament’s public materials—has made many spectators question how he could possibly be a Chūnin. In truth, he was specifically held back from promotion so that he could qualify for the tournament, a common practice in the Land of Fields; Kemro, the Kage of Nunogakure, has all-bu
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 5 9
Tii: Pt. 1
Name: Tii
Nickname(s): The Razor Wind Shinobi; the Vorpal Swordsman; ‘T’
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Alliance: Nunogakure (Village Hidden in the Cloth)
Rank: Chūnin (A-Rank)
Chakra Type(s): Wind, Lightning
Mission Stats:
D-Rank: 127
C-Rank: 52
B-Rank: 22
A-Rank: 13
S-Rank: 2
Appearance: Tii, the Kenjutsu specialist whose talent, ambition, and fierce determination have taken the world by storm, was born into a rather unique family; one of dogs. Both of his parents made their living as kennel-keepers and dog-breeders, and Tii, along with his older sister, spent much of his childhood learning the ins and outs of the demanding family business. He quickly developed an affinity for the trade. With an indomitable work ethic and a love for dogs, Tii—then known by the name Watoro Ginto—shadowed his mother during her rigorous training rounds
:iconnexusyuber:NexusYuber 27 8
Foo dog by Bluedibi Foo dog :iconbluedibi:Bluedibi 7 3 Takanuva by CorNocte Takanuva :iconcornocte:CorNocte 439 65 Monster Hunter by wlop Monster Hunter :iconwlop:wlop 13,757 400 Masterpiece by RandomCrap123 Masterpiece :iconrandomcrap123:RandomCrap123 3 0 Safety First by rufftoon Safety First :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 15,333 1,768


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