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I woke up today thinking "I could do a simple something for the Alumni theme this week if really wanted to today..." and so I did, Lyra and Bon-Bon, as fillies, awesome. I drew a simple little thing for a infatuated pony. I think it came out pretty cute, I love Lyra's little awkward expression.

Edit: [link] :iconexcitedlaplz:
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This is so cute, I'm gonna have a heart attack!

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Too heart...its gonna*heart explodes from cuteness*
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CUTEEEEEEEEEPinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Eyebrows Wiggle Huehue 
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So cute....too cute, even~ 
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Lyra and Bonnie actually almost always hang out
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The sweetness is clogging my arteries.
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This is so cute~ Also, I thought I might add that someone IRL pointed me here because of an artwork of mine that apparently reminded them of this...? I don't really know what they were on at the time because apparently my art skill is equal to yours or something when it's actually light-years behind... But either way, this is adorable and awesome and I love it. :heart:
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This is too cute. I can't....I....can'
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I think I'm having a heart attack from the cuteness
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i wont lie, i thought she was holding a condom in her mouth through the thumbnail
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As did I.

The internet has ruined me.
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Not a fan of shipping myself, but this is too cute to resist. D'aawww
And congratulations on getting into a drawfriend!
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Thank you, I dont care about ships for the most part, but Lyra and Bon-Bon I really love.
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Why? Why do I love Lyra and Bon Bon so?

I don't know, but this has the perfect balance of awkward and precious.
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There so awkwardly adorable when they're little. Who cant love a good Lyra and Bon-Bon picture?
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Communists. In Soviet Russia, Lyra and Bon Bon love pictures of you.

Wait, would that really be so bad? Hmm.
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