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Comissions (open)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2019, 5:26 PM
Full body shaded: 700 points

Ex: [At] fluxittu by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Full body flat: 500 points
Ex:[Art Trade] Rainbow Doodledrop by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Bust sketch colored: 200 points 
Ex: Resdrawn by OhFlaming-Rainbow Pinkie pie human by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Bust Shaded: 400 points
Ex:Flamung by OhFlaming-Rainbow Babalon by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Chibi colored: 300 points
Ex:[Ych] Athena by OhFlaming-Rainbow

thank you to support me! <3

Art trades are open!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 7, 2019, 4:01 PM
I'm bored so why not lol 

send me 3 examples of your art and the oc that you want <3

Art Trades!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 7, 2018, 4:30 PM
eyyyy art trades are open! (for some time) I want something to draw soo TADAAAA!!!

comment here in the journal the examples of his art, the character that you would like me to draw and what you could do for me, such as a full body, headshot etc.
Tell me why you want an art trade with me.

remember mama flaming love all her little rainbows s2

Comissions: New prices available! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2018, 8:44 PM

Surprise Contest!

Wed May 9, 2018, 4:03 PM
Well at a time ago (almost 2, 3 months? Lol I do not remember xD) we got to 700 watchers <3
thank you to all who followed me and liked my art, (I try my best) <3

Yes I'm SUPER late with this oml I'm sorry, I did not do anything, I did not even show up because, well, school is taking all my time lately, I can not eat or sleep, let alone leave or draw lol

Well, come on, I'll do a contest to celebrate this milestone;

~ Rules ~

-Only watchers can participate (if you are not a watcher and want to participate, just follow me and you can automatically participate in this !!)

-If you participate, please spend your time on this, devote yourself to what you are doing, do not show a 'badly done' art, if you will do it, please do not even participate, I want my little rainbows to do the best of they <3

-Compartise this journal

-Mark some friends (this is optional, you mark if you want)

-If you comment that you are going to participate, please take your word for
Cute Pink Bow Divider by RavynDarkwood

  The contest will be closed on 08/09/18 (August 9, 2018)

  You will have 3 months to make your entries, so dedicate yourself to the maximum, I want to see the best of you my little rainbows

  Cute Pink Bow Divider by RavynDarkwood
  ~My Oc's~   
Be creative, you can do more than one of my oc's, can make them interacting with yours or each other, it's up to you !!
  -Flaming Raibow-
  Flaming refsheet by OhFlaming-Rainbow
  -Bayonetta & Scar-
  Flaming's parents
Bayonneta and Scar Refsheet by OhFlaming-Rainbow
  he is Flamig's boyfriend
Scott Reference Sheet 3.0 by OhFlaming-Rainbow
  scott's younger sister
Shawna Oc by OhFlaming-Rainbow

  -Eclipse Raven- 
[New Oc] Eclipse Raven by OhFlaming-Rainbow   

  -Alex Moon-
Alex Moon by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Amber by OhFlaming-Rainbow

  -Yukki Chan-
Yukki Chan Reference Sheet 2.0 by OhFlaming-Rainbow

  -Sunshine Apple Shy-

  Sunshine Apple shy by OhFlaming-Rainbow


Drahar Reference Sheet 2.0 by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Lawliet Reference sheet 1.0 by OhFlaming-Rainbow


[Ponysona] Rafaella refsheet 2018 by OhFlaming-Rainbow


1st place: 1 Full body Detailed like this: Luv  [Gift] by OhFlaming-Rainbow  2 chibis shaded like this: (Oc) Sunshine Apple Shy [Chibi] by OhFlaming-Rainbow

2nd place: 1 full body shaded like this:  Please by OhFlaming-Rainbow  1 headshot shaded like this: Tumblr Boy by OhFlaming-Rainbow

3rd place: 2 headshot linelles flat like this:  [C] Sebastian by OhFlaming-Rainbow

4th place: 1 Sketch colored like this: Tiny Rainbow by OhFlaming-Rainbow

Thank you guys to participate!
I can't wait to see the entrys! 

Love youu <3

Created by KathleenMitch

Furrys\Human Requests (YEAH FREE ART)

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2018, 5:14 PM
I'm sad.. and I wanna practice something.. so Let your characters humans and furrys here.. 

(p.s. only watchers)

I came back from the hospital a few hours ago ... (I do not know if you'd like to know this ... but ... hmmm ... I'm sorry to bother you all...)

I'm not very well, I can not sleep, I can not eat ... I'm weak and shaking ... I've been crying for days and I'm having thoughts that everyone around me is tired of me and wanting to let me .. (this includes my parents and my boyfriend)
I just feel like staying in my room, crying, I feel hurt, hurting so fucking ...

I'm on treatment

Anyway, do not worry about me ...
Guys, I'd like to thank all of you for caring about me,
Thank you for the notes and comforting comments, I love you all so much, you are like a family to me, They are the best people I could have in my life, I do not know if I deserve it!
And for that reason, I would like to say that hmm I think I'm going to stay here for a while with you .. with my family <3
Today I feel a little better, because well .. today was a good day, I spent the day with my boyfriend .. we celebrated today 7 months of dating, it was good, it comforted me, and made me feel safe, happy .. And that's why I'm going to stay, my parents have been helping me a lot these last days, they've done everything for me, and I do not think it's fair to go now, I do not want to hurt you, neither my boyfriend, nor my parents. For you, my parents, and my boyfriend, I'll stay ..
Once again I thank you for your concern and for the affection of you, know that you live in my heart, forever <3

hey .. hmm I'll take a break here ..
I'm kind of depressed .. I'm sorry ..
see you soon...

Anthro Commissions (Open) (2\4 slots)

Sat Dec 30, 2017, 10:46 AM
hmm anthro commissions are open, it will only be 4 slots! Sorry

To order, your comment will need the following information:

-What Oc you want for the commission?
-What pose you want
-Other (Things I might have to know)

at the moment I only accept points!

I prefer do only female oc's in anthro form  ;^; 


-Detailed: 600 points
-Shaded: 500 points
-Flat: 400 points
-Linelles Flat: 300
-Sketch coloured: 200



Chrysi Galaxy by OhFlaming-Rainbow 

Slot 1-(CLOSED)
Slot 2-(CLOSED)
Slot 3-(Open)
Slot 4-(Open)

Thanks, Bye Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] 

Created by KathleenMitch

Flaming Rainbow's Saga [Chapter 1]

Fri Dec 15, 2017, 9:08 AM
Flaming Rainbow, is the result of the cross between a pegasus and a unicorn, so she is not a princess!
She was born in the forest of freedom on July 12. When she was born a burning rainbow crossed the sky,
causing flaming wings to change color and start catching fire!
That's why her parents named her Flaming Rainbow!
Flaming was always a quiet, shy pony with a small semblance in her face.
She started going to school very young, there her classmates teased and assaulted her,
because of its extremely small size, its shy and lonely climate, because it has no friends, because it lives in the forest of freedom, and because it is the most intelligent,
Flaming suffered so much abuse at his school that he developed a deep depression.
In one of these episodes of abuse and aggression Flaming fled to the bathroom to cry, while weeping one of his tears fell on his flank and a strong light
white came up there, when the light ceased flaming managed to look at his flank with his eyes half stunned by the tears and saw a pink heart with six crossed lines
in him, his cutie mark had come, and its meaning was that the whole heart of flaming was being held up by the line of hope, the hope that one day it would end
the hope that one day she would be happy.
After this happened Flaming returned home and showed his parents his cutie mark, they were proud of their little pony! And they also decided to change it from school,
so they enrolled her in the celestial princess' young talent school, for they recognized that her daughter was indeed a very talented and focused pony
in learning about magic, both white and black, and as was to be expected she easily passed her examination, shocking her parents and the evaluators with all their magic
and power. How could such a small pony be so powerful? how did she supply all her magic within herself? the answer is simple, Flaming spent every afternoon with Alex the daughter
adopter and apprentice of Zecora, she knew all about magic, she taught flaming all sorts of magic and spells in the world, and taught her how to keep
the total control of all that magic, through yoga and relaxing activities, that would take your thoughts away from the world.
After a flaming time she graduated from the school of young talents with honor at only eight, but even after graduating she went to another school of spells, she wanted to learn more,
so she enrolled in a school of black magic and demonology, and at only 12 years old she graduated with honors again.
So do not underestimate her, Flaming is a small poney but possesses an immeasurable power!

[end of the first chapter]

-Chapter Two: How Flaming Unleashed her Other Sides: Angry, Possessed and Vampire.

Created by KathleenMitch

I will stay

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 18, 2017, 3:56 PM
Well .. aan .. you were so lovely and cozy with me .. that aan I decided to stay .. I'll try to keep me strong .. I promise .. thanks for caring for me  <3 I love you Guys <33

OMG I'm so happy, I can not believe it !!!triggered yandel :bademoticon: :bademoticon: My icon 

My dog is walking again <333 [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. Markiplier yeah okay :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 
I think I may have a chance to be a little happy !! At least until something else happens, but finally I thank you very much for having worried about me and helped me, I really wanted to give a hug to all of you who caredHuggle! :bademoticon: :bademoticon: , you are incredible !!! I wish I had more friends like youHeart :bademoticon:  :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

THANK YOU SO MUCHH MAH SWEETS:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon:  :bademoticon: