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Pool Party


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So i get the Young 6 are probebly having a party, the 2 sisters get invited, Ember shows up, Thorax is probebly there out of shot with the other young 6. A Kiren is on a delegation to see the Sisters in their reitrement and get's invited. But i really am wracking my brain to understand the story as to how Tempest ended up at the party looking damn good in that outfit.

(guessing the school teachers minus twilight are having their own pool party next door)

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Of course Tempest would be the lifeguard. she’s got the sexy body for it.

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looks taht super

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This is nice, btw, I see ConnorNeedham down a lot of comments below me

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Clothing on these horses at a pool never made sense.

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Same with the Moomins, they never wear anything (a hat at max) unless they go swim, at which point males put on swimming shorts and females a full-body swimsuit :P

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"What? It gives me a full range of motion."

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Oh my God I love this!
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Aww... Summer Fun!

I'm watching the Fall weather outside and wonder if you're late of very early. Either way, that piece is wonderful. Great work. I bet Ember would be tempted to heat up the pool's water to a boiling level.

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Gallus, eating his watermelon slice since 2020
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Tempest lookin thicc 👀
rautamiekka's avatar

Thicc ?? Nah, that's a very reasonable size for her body.

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Hold the phone! What is Tempest wearing!? Tights? rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony

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Ok, what are you doing Spike?

And where is Silver?

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Wow, that is so fun! How long did it take with all these characters?

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I-I think I'm gay nowGay Lizard Scream Too Also, flutterdash in background!!!Flutterdash - Rainbowshy scene and poor luna needs sunscreenprincess luna

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Ain't no party without the Pinkie! ;-)

Fizzlepop looking lovely as a lifeguard, as Gallus has noticed. ;-)

With Gallus noticing tempest shadow also known as fizzle-pop berry-twist wearing a jacket with a panty when the few also complain about sunburnt princess Luna or where smolder is to spike a volley ball. Next to the waterslides had those wonder if they spot some flutter-dash shipping.

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Oooo this looks beautiful and hot too
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Is that ice cream Fizz has referenced from Kingdom Hearts?

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