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"I'm.... confused."

"Can you explain why?"

"You... did a work out.... and yet I see no sweat on you... Care to explain?"

"... Um. We alicorns have very high endurance and I am exercising regularly."

"Wow. That is a lot of horseshit!"

"What?! You dare accusing me of cheating?"

"Yep. I've seen Celestia and she was swimming in sweat. And you now... barely wet?"

"Am I this fit!"



"Prove it."

"I'm too exhausted."

"Oh. That's what the spell does. It makes your sweat disappear."

"... *sigh* Fine. I hate sweating. It's sticky and gross. So I put a spell about it. So, don't ask me to gallop, I'm tired."

"Still you really looking good in that work-out outfit and that mane style."

"Um. Thank you?"

"Can I hug you since you are not sweaty?"


"Awww... Come on. Please?"

"Go fetch me another water bottle and I'll think about it."

"Great! *runs toward the water fountain.*

"Cheat number two: shortcut to the shower without a weird pony asking for a hug when you can barely move. *flash*"

Wonderful work. I love the outfit

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rautamiekkaStudent Artist

Woona <3

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Very nice
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mistypine01Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Royal break time.

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AquilaTEagleHobbyist General Artist

So fun! Is she realizing someone is watching her workout?

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Best Princess works out.

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After a session of "Push it to the Limit" no doubt. =P

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GrapefruitFace1Hobbyist General Artist

Even the princess of the night needs to take a little rest after a good workout <3

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