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Slave For You

Love and Lust and Lies.
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Seria sexy si no le pusieras ese collar de perra

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Très jolie photo pleine de délicatesse! Bravo
das Kehlchen würde ich gerne mal zuschnüren

yes you would. I'm very sure of that. You could choke the girl with it and watch her slowly suffocate. Go to the psychiatrist boy.

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awesome pic you have sexy lips 
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Yes... And as Master I would be pleased in taking good care and domaining you till you would be pleased and totaly gentlly knock out.
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I mean, :/ isn't that cold?
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Envy is our biggest asset.
Nice body,sensual pose, and we all are animals. 
to the average commenter: since you are on the nett, watching naked bodies, and I bet you jerked off in your lifetime, what gives you the moral superpower to judge others?
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Sexually explicit, contains mild nudity and sexual themes :/
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Someone (nice) convince me why having big breasts is ...
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I saw  the thumbnail for this pic and i see the pic. But i can't seem to find her morals.
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Weirdo it's just a goddamn picture. She could do charity work for all you know. You can't prove from a picture she has no morals.
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Yes she could do charity for all i care,  and yes i can't prove from a picture she has no morals. Though this isn't even the real person that which she claims to be this is just some weirdo thatp osts pictures of her. I can still state my opinon that she it odesn't look like she has any morals. Just because she does charity does also not mean that she has no morals she could do it for attention, exposure, and many other things. This is only hypotetical though since the likelyhood of her doing charity is low from what i've observed. Pardon me for not answering for such a long time, i'm never really online. You prove a fair point she could do charity.
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I'm not arguing with the I'm entitled to my opinion brigade, because your lot think you have a right to be wrong do it's pointless
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That's really hot dude.
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Artforfree2018's avatar
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Is this Deviantart or a porn magazine?
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Go cry to your Mummy you weirdo hater
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